Kinky Bitch Strapped into a Harness and Fucked

Kinky Bitch Strapped into a Harness and Fucked
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We started with a bath tub full of warm water, but we could have just as easily started like the day before.

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With both of us wearing open bathrobes, me sitting on her lap, facing her, my arms around her neck, her hands inside my robe, my legs wrapped around her and the thin-backed chair that she sat on.

Holding each other close, nipples to nipples, and gently kissing each other's lips. Or like it did two days later, naked in my bed, warm under the covers on a cold day, snuggling, nose to nose, softly kissing, as our hands roamed each other's body. Mmmmmmmm. Anyway, the bath was drawn, bubbles added, candles lit. We both climbed into the tub, which was so big I could float in it without touching the sides. "With a tub so big, what, are you trying to get away from me?" Tiffany Anne asked jokingly.

"Mmmmmmmmm, not at all babe," I purred, as I happily slid closer to her. "I want you,……&hellip. I need you, ……&hellip.I need this, sooooo bad," I moaned, as we gently kissed. My hand was softly playing with her breast and nipple under the water; she leaned in and started kissing my neck as her hand slipped between my thighs, stroking my bald pussy.

We had spent time before this teasing and playing with each other, just like we always do, so we were both more than ready. I tilted my head back and let out a little moan as she softly kissed and licked my neck. As her kisses moved lower, I started rising more and more out of the tub till both my breasts were above the water's surface. Oh God, she had me so turned on, anything that she wanted to do to me I was more than willing to let her do.

Working her lips down my chest, she held my breast with her hand as she gently kissed, licked, and sucked on my pink nipple.

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She then slowly and gently kissed her way to the other nipple, licking and sucking it. She had my nipples so hard that my entire body was tingling from what she was doing to me. Her kisses started going lower; I was still playing with her breasts, but had to give it up as I rose higher out of the water.

Soon I was sitting at the edge of the tub; I spread my legs for her, as she sat in between them.

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I want--no, need--her mouth on my pussy so badly. She took her time kissing down my stomach, stopping at my bellybutton to run her tongue in and around it.

With my hands on the tub platform behind me I leaned back, my head was back, eyes closed, panting, enjoying and anticipating her touch. She knew how much I needed her, so thankfully she started softly kissing my shaved mound, and without teasing me too much, she began licking my drenched pussy. Her tongue softly between my folds felt soooo good; her mouth moved up and began licking my clit.

I raised my butt off the tub edge trying to get her lick me deeper and suck my swollen clit harder. Tiffany Anne had other ideas as she grabbed my lifted ass in her hands. Her mouth went lower and she started tonguing my little butthole.

The orgasm I needed was building in me quickly, the play earlier had me all worked up and ready to cum sooner than usual. Her tongue probed around my butthole, causing shivers to ripple through my body.

She licked softly as her lips moved back to my warm, wet, pussy. "Ohhhhhh, yesssssss," I gasped. Taking the place of her tongue, she quickly inserted two fingers in my ass, and started working then in and out.

I rocked my hips, to help her fingers fuck my ass harder. I was panting, moaning, and my head was spinning. I was so close to cumming as her mouth attacked my clit again. She fucked my ass harder with her two fingers and her sucking on my clit was sending me over the edge. Oh God, I needed this. Her mouth covered my pussy as my juices flooded it, her tongue licking inside me.

Mmmmm, she knew exactly what to do; I guess by now she should have, we've been doing this for a few weeks. It was hard to believe that I was nervous, almost like a virgin doing it for the first time. Tiffany Anne was smiling and still softly licking me as I composed myself; breathing back to normal; my head quit spinning, and I could actually move. I lowered myself back into the tub and she greeted me with a happy, energetic kiss. Mmmmmm, she's so hott.

Now it was my turn. As much as I loved cumming, I so needed to have her cum for me, to give her the same pleasure she had given me. My juices tasted sooooo good on her lips as we passionately kissed and touched each other's body.

Shit, she was already turning me on again, and I think she knew it. I kissed from her mouth to her neck, kissing, nibbling, and licking as she tilted her head back to give me her neck. She was slowly rising up out of the tub, as my hands were enjoying the feeling of her breasts in them. Higher she moved as my mouth found her nipple, kissing, licking, and sucking it. She was sitting at the edge of the tub, almost draped over me; she gently moved my hair out of the way and started kissing the back of my neck, my shoulder and my back.

Her arms were wrapped around me and were playing with my breasts. I couldn't believe how much she was turning me on again. God, she was so amazing. I moaned to her, "Ohhhhhh, Babe, you're drivin' me nuts again!" With that she started to lower herself back into the tub. Once again we were passionately kissing each other's lips. I couldn't believe she was doing this to me again, as I started rising back out of the tub. She kissed across my breasts again, stopping to lick and suck at my nipples.

Shit, she had me soooo incredibly worked up again, and in no time at all. I felt like such a nympho, needing her and having her taking me for the second time, and I had not treated her once.


I was sitting at the edge of the tub, running my fingers through her hair, my entire body was tingling. She then took one finger and slid it in to my ass. God, it felt so good. After a few strokes, she added a second. I was panting, moaning, lightheaded and so turned on.

The path this time to my pussy was faster, but still just as wonderful. I gently held her head in my hands, playing with her hair, as her tongue plunged in to my warm, wet pussy. She licked me so deep, and then moved her mouth away. She replaced her tongue with two fingers in my pussy, gently stroking my G-spot. Soon she added a third, as she was still fucking me with the two in my ass.

Oh God, the orgasm was building in me and I was going to cum so hard this time. Her mouth attacked my clit as best it could, with all those fingers in my openings. I was moaning and so close to cumming when she softly said, "Cum for me Em, cum for me, Babe." That sent me over the edge. My pussy gushed. I came so hard and so long I started to tremble.

She pulled the three fingers from my pussy and covered it with her mouth, as my juices flooded her. I trembled for another 15 minutes after cumming, I don't know if it was the chill of being out of the water or the orgasm, maybe a combination of both. As I regained my composure, Tiffany Anne was gently licking me, and smiling at what she had done to me.

She really knew how to turn me on, and apparently what buttons to push. She seemed very pleased with herself. I lowered myself back into the tub, determined not to let her distract me this time. I kissed her lips covered in my juices, and relished what she had done to me, not once, but twice.

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I wanted—needed--to repay her, to give her a fantastic orgasm of her own. We passionately kissed as my hand slipped between her thighs and gently teased her clit. I kissed and licked her neck, working my way down as she started to rise out of the water.

Playing with one nipple between my finger and thumb, as my lips gently sucked the other. Her hand brushed my hair away from my neck, and she started kissing me there again. Damn it! This is where she distracted me the last time and she was starting to do it again.

I had to get her lips off of my neck, so without spending nearly as much time as I would have liked on her breasts and nipples, my mouth moved lower. She rose to the edge of the tub, and I took my place between her legs. I kissed and licked my way to panty line and since I didn't get too spend as much time on her breasts as I would have liked, I decided this is where I would tease her. I enjoy teasing, and driving her nuts. She spread her legs wide for me, an open invitation to her wet pussy, but that was going to have to wait.

I gently petted her lips with the tips of my fingers, just enough to make her take a very deep breath as she threw her head back with her eyes closed. She bit her lip and gasped as I slowly inserted a single finger in her warm, wet, and welcoming hole. It wasn't so much for her pleasure as it was for mine; I loved working her up and wanted to see how creamy that cream filled center of hers really was.


I pulled my finger from her pussy and put it in my mouth, mmmmmm, she tasted so good. After I sucked it clean I inserted it back in her and pull it out again.

This time I brought that finger to her mouth, where she wrapped lips around it, played with it with her tongue and gave it a hard suck, before I pulled it from her mouth. She grabbed my head with her hands, pulled me up and out of the tub to her, and our lips met again.

Damn, this time I felt like she was teasing me; my mouth was watering for a taste of her pussy. I sank back into the water, and took my position again. I started kissing, licking and sucking her bald mound, being careful not to give her the pleasure of my mouth on her pussy.

Everywhere my lips and tongue went, her butt tried to inch her pussy towards my mouth. I knew it wasn't fair to her as I softly put my hand over her pussy to shield it from accidently coming in contact with my mouth. I was slowly licking the smoothly shaven area between her inner thigh and pussy when she pushed hard into my hand.

She started moving up and down on it trying to gain the pleasure from it that I had refused to give with my mouth. I pulled my moistened hand away; her moan of frustration told me that I had better hurry up. I grabbed her ass with both hands and spread her ass cheeks. I softly licked her little butthole and shortly after started trying to probe it with my tongue.

Tiffany Anne was still rocking her hips and was riding on my tongue. With one long, slow, tender, lick, I licked from her butthole up to her swollen clit. She let out a big moan, realizing she was finally going to get what she wanted as I delicately spread her pussy lips with my finger tips.

I lowered my mouth to her, and dipped my tongue in.

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God, her cream filled center was so creamy, and her tensed up body melted as I licked the creaminess from her. I then worked two fingers into her ass, which she immediately sat on to plant them even deeper in her.

To say she was warmed up would be an understatement; she was on fire. I used those fingers in her ass to feed her pussy to my mouth and lick her clean, enjoying every bit of her cream filled center.

I then went to her clit, licking, and gave it a good, long, hard suck, while playing with it in my lips. She was panting, and moaning hard by now, her orgasm was quickly approaching.

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I slipped two fingers in her pussy and started fucking her with both hands, two fingers in her ass and the two in her pussy. I add a third finger to her pussy and soon after a fourth. I was pumping away with both hands and the harder I went the closer to orgasm she came.

She is so cute and hott when she's about to cum. As her orgasm exploded, her whole body tightened up, and about half way through I pulled my fingers from her pussy and covered it with my mouth. I hungrily licked, drank and swallowed her juices, all the while my fingers in her ass were still pumping away. As things slowed I removed my fingers and gently cleaned her pussy with my tongue. Tiffany Anne opened her eyes, we both laughed as she slipped back in the tub and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulled me tight and we kissed passionately.

The taste of my pussy on her lips and her taste on mine. "Damn that was sooooo hott!!!!" I said, happily and completely satisfied. "You are the hott one, Em!!!" she replied back. "Oh, yeah?" I said.

"You're the one that made me cum twice, probably three times if I would have let you!!!" We cuddled together and chatted a little longer about how lucky we both were to have been put together and how we're a nearly perfect sexual match for each other. Mmmmmm, such a perfect way to spend an afternoon.