Cota com vibrador no cu

Cota com vibrador no cu
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Note from author : I am not great at writing stories. Note that there may be plenty of grammatical errors.


I was dared to go in the house. Thats how it started.


The house was supposed to be abandoned, but rumor of missing people and monsters made it something out of a horro movie. I was 16, my sister and her boyfriend dared me to go to the house and take pictures of the basment, thats where it was supposed to live. My sister always dared me and seemed to make me do stuff she wouldnt do, I think it was she wanted to be alone with her boyfriend or her jealousy over me, I had developed more before her, she was pretty, 5'6'' with long beautiful brown hair, deep brown eyes, but her legs were thin, her butt was not much to write home about and her chest was only 34A, I guess I am the opposite, 5'1'', short brown hair, dull brown eyes, but my legs are toned and well shaped, my butt is high and perky, my breasts are a natural 32E, so to humor her, I took the dare.

The house looked awful in night and day but at night, more so. Her boyfriend drove us to the house, i was given a flashlight and a camera. I had to take three pictures.

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As I got out of her boyfriends car, they sped off into the night, obviously trying to scare me, it didnt work. My sisters tricks had become boring and predictable over the years, so I shrugged and walked up to the house, its huge facade looked like a closed mouth with the door shut, its windows like dark eyes. I wished I had brought my coat, instead of going in denim jeans, sneakers and a long sleeve shirt.

I crept across the porch, the wooden boards screaming in protest as I walked and touched the doorknob, it felt cold and the door also protested as I opened it. Very little light shown in from the windows, the moon wasnt full so only part of the main hall was visible, i shut the door and flicked on the flashlight, the house was bare, cobwebs left and right, dust and the occasional creaking board seemed all to be of inhabitants.

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I made my way across the hall to the basement door, looking at the wood, it seemed just like the door, old and like a mouth to great a beast. I touched the doorknob, it too felt cold. Turning the knob and opening the door, this time, there was no squeek or creek.

I turned my flashlight to the old wooden stairs, dust coating them, I took the first, the wood supported my weight and didnt creek, then the next and the next until I reached the bottom. Once there, I shown my flashlight in every direction, the basement was smaller than I imagined, i always imagined a huge basment and finding torture tools or dead bodes, instead, i found an old shelf filled with empty jars coated in dust, the jars probably used for candying and pickling.

I searched the rest of the basement, finding little else, some old trunks and a broken light bulb, but as I turned back to the stairs, I saw a hole.

a hole behind the stairs, not too big, but big enough for me to squeeze through if on my hands and knees.


I approached the hole, kneeling down, then backed away, a fetid smell struck my nostrils and drove me back, the smell of death and rot.

Then there was a noise, a scrabbling noise.

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Something was coming out of the hole. I backed up quickly but kept my flashlight pointed at the hole. Then, out of the hole slowly lumbered a great big creature, its skin was white like a fishes belly, its face was like a man and not like a man, it had a snout and bared its teeth at me, it seemed to look me up and down, it approached me slowly, at first on all fours like a dog, its clawed hands and feet striking the floor and making solid noises, I shuttered and backed up, tripping and stumbling, I fell on my ass.

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The creature approached me, I saw it then, underneath the creature, hanging between its legs was a massive member, its cock was at least a foot and a half long, with what looked like a tongue protruding out the end. The creature sniffed me, then its member hardened and it seemed to grin at me. The creature pounced and tore at my clothes, I was stunned at how strong it was as it bit and tore away shirt and bra, my breasts swinging free, then it went for my pants, I screamed out, I couldnt believe this animal wanted to have sex with me.

I tried to kick or fight but it was too strong, it yanked my pants and tore my underwear, It positioned its cock in front of my pussy and seemed to hiss a hideous laughter but it first came down to my breasts and lick my right breast, then it opened its mouth and bit down, gently at first, then a little harder, sucking and tasting my huge tit. Then it moved to the next one, biting down hard this time, I groaned, thinking it would bite it off, its teeth moved away and the creatures huge erection pushed against my tight pussy, the tongue licking me and somehow, the creatures member had teeth, the teeth bit my insides as it entered.

I moaned and screamed in pleasure and pain, the massive cock licked me, bit me and stretched my insides. The creature was animalistic, it thrusted and grunted, digging its claws into me, biting me as I moaned and screamed, the huge cock pumped me until i thought I would die, then the creature stiffened and I felt its hot release inside me, I bit my bottom lip from screaming as the liquid exploded out of me.

The creature hissed a laugh and removed its member, my pussy making a wet pop as the head of his cock came out. I remained on the floor for at least twenty or thirty minutesjust breathing. I then sat up and searched the floor, finding the flashlight and camera that had been in my pants pocket, I stood up and took three pictures but missed the hole on purpose and staggered up the stairs, my legs felt like jelly, my pussy felt hot and wet.

I snuck home, hiding behind houses and trees so no one would see me, i made it inside through the back door and was able to shower and change before my sister came home, obviously spending all night out with her boyfriend, i handed her the camera and said "Next time, you go there and you have to take three pictures." The end.

Or is it? Please comment if you wanna read more like this.