Curvy blonde tranny masturbates her throbbing cock in bed

Curvy blonde tranny masturbates her throbbing cock in bed
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Forward. This story contains male bi-sexuality, forced feminization, and spanking. If you feel uncomfortable or do not like these subjects please do not read. Due to the length of the story, if you just want to read the sex parts, skip to chapter 5. But for those of you that wish to read it from beginning to end, I hope you enjoy.

Please leave constructive criticism and positive remarks only. Chapter 1 It began with wanting to try something different.

I had spent the last few years healing up from surgery. They had put me on some strong steroid medication, so I had put on more pounds than I wanted. It had taken 2 years just to get my weight down to 168 pounds. But to my chagrin, I still had man boobs from the rapid weight gain. Since I had been sick and recovering I had lost my career, and was unemployed. I was really hitting a depressing time in my life. I needed a change, I needed a pick me up that would get me back to where I had been.

One of the things that I started to come up with was some of my sexual fantasies that had popped in my head these last few years, but I was feeling very unattractive at this time. I went online to the meeting sites and browsed around for a few months. I had always been on the fence about becoming a bi-sexual, I had thought about it since I had reached puberty. But I had always chased those thoughts away, for Pete's sake, I was a guy!

So, I finally decided to plunge in to my deepest desires. I had placed an ad in a couple of sites, seeking a relationship with a couple. I figured that would be my safest bet, if I didn't like being with a guy, oh well, there is the wife.

Months passed by, with no response. I really became depressed, I was just too eager; I had wanted to feel good about myself again. I did get a few responses then, but it was always the same, not real, mostly a horny husband that wanted to do man on man stuff, without the wife knowing. One response never met me when we did agree to a hotel. I was even more despondent, and out 80 bucks. Jobs were almost non-existent, and my love life was going no where fast. Then I did get a promising response.

Dan and Sarah were their names and they wanted me to come over to their house to meet, and talk to see how we would get along together. The response told me they were a couple in there 40's, had no children. And they also wanted to try something new to make their relationship more "colorful" as they put it. I starred at their picture attached to the e-mail. Dan stood a good 6'1 it looked like, maybe 200 pounds, salt and peppered short hair, not a bad looking guy, Sarah was about 5'10, flaming red hair that flowed over her shoulders in waves, a thin build, and a set of piercing green eyes.

My heart skipped a beat, and I rapidly sent a response back agreeing, asking when we could meet. I sat there for 2 hours watching the screen, waiting for a reply. None came; my heart sank like a thrown stone in a dark pond. Two days later the reply came.

"Tonight, 7 PM sharp!". That's all it said. Relief and excitement raced through me, then dread. I looked at my watch and it was only 9 AM. I must have taken 5 showers, tried on 5 different shirts and pants, trying to come up with the most appealing outfit to impress them. The clock seemed to slow down to a crawl. At 6 PM, I was pacing, then it struck me, were the hell was I to go? Panic gripped me, I raced to the computer, and they had not told me where their house was!

I clicked on the email again; no; it didn't say anything on the address. I felt the pit of my stomach plummet.

Then I noticed that I had new mail. Clicking on it I beamed a broad smile, there was the address.


I arrived at the driveway to their address. It was a long drive that led up and around a corner seemingly in the middle of nowhere. A sign stood next to the driveway, "Klicker Trucking" it boasted. I wondered if I was even at the right place. I continued driving up the road.

I rounded the corner to see a large garage with several semi trucks parked around. There appeared to be an office attached to the garage.

Behind the garage I saw the driveway continue to a 2 story house in a cloister of trees. I drove to where a pick up was parked and stopped beside it. Taking a deep breath, I opened the car door and stepped out. The doorbell made a chime go on inside the house. I heard the tap tap of heals as they got to the door.

The door came open and my breath was taken away. In a tight black dress Sarah stood in front of me, her legs were wrapped in black stockings, her hair pulled back into a pony tail, her faced beamed at me. "You must be Keith, please come in" This was going great, I thought to myself. I stepped in and followed Sarah into the house. "Please have a seat; Dan will be out soon, as he had to finish up some work" I sat on the couch and watched Sarah disappear into; what I figured was the kitchen.

She called out and asked if I had found the place easy to find. I lied and told her that it wasn't a problem; knew right where it was all the time. Sarah poked her head out from around the corner "You're a lousy liar" she began laughing and went back to what she was doing in the kitchen.

Sarah popped out of the kitchen again, two glasses were in her hands and she handed me one. Dan then walked in from the back room. Dan greeted me with a hearty hello, and shook my hand.

His hand shake was brutal; his hands were like steel vices. He was exactly like his picture, taller then me, a slight pouch, but nothing that made him look unfit, he had broad shoulders and the look of someone that has done hard labor all his life. We all sat down, I found out that he owned a small trucking company with a few employees. Him and Sarah had been married for 10 years, but had decided that they didn't want any kids. There was some more small chat, and then they started asking me questions.

Dan found out then I was unemployed and looking for work. "Well you know what Keith, why don't you work for me, I can use someone in the office." This was getting better and better. "Yeah, Dan, I could really use the job right now" Sarah chimed in this time handing me my fourth drink, that I just realized must have had whiskey in it, I was in the middle of a good buzz.

"There would be some really good benefits if you come work for us" Her mischievous smile took me back, and then when she winked I caught on to what she was hinting to. Dan chuckled and agreed with her. "There would be a few things you have to agree to though" I shrugged my shoulder and stated all jobs do.

"Well Keith, you have to agree to do everything Sarah and I tell you to do, no arguments about anything we ask from you. We say something, you do it." Dan went on with describing that there would be a dress code and policy and procedures that I would have to agree with.

With needing a job so bad, and the fact my rent was past due, I shrugged my shoulders and told them I was in. Dan and Sarah looked at each other and smiled. Dan excused himself, and Sarah picked up with some more small chat. The drinks were really kicking in now, my lips felt numb. I smiled, hoping it looked seductive to Sarah. Dan came back in carrying some papers. He put them before me and told me to go ahead and read them and sign them and then I would be full time employed, with housing.

The buzz was getting to me, because I didn't catch the last part. "Initial here, and here, and here, sign here&hellip.and here." His voice seemed to make me tired for some reason. I scratched my initials and signatures, looked up and smiled with Dan and Sarah smiling at me, I had the feeling though that I was looking at two very hungry wolves. Sarah reached down and stroked my cheek. "Here my pretty little sweet, let me get you a different drink" Sarah shuffled away and I looked at Dan and was about to ask what my title was going to be and when do we start working.

Sarah came back in then, interrupting the sentence coming from me, handing me one of the three champagne glasses. Tipping the glass to them, I toasted them, they smiled as I up ended the glass in one swallow.

Dan gave me a knowing look, "well Kari-Ann, you start work immediately." What a weird thing to say. I thought, and why did he call me, what was it? Oh yeah Kari-Ann, why&hellip.things were slowing down for me, things blurred and weren't making sense, I tried saying as much to Dan and Sarah, who stood above me smiling brightly.

Sarah whispered in my ear. "Go ahead sweetie, go to sleep, it will be much better in the morning." The ocean of black over took me and I knew only darkness of sleep then. Chapter 2 My mind began to struggle through the cobwebs and reality slowly entered my mind. There were thick blankets covering me, my body was sore and somewhat tingly. My head felt like mush, my body was a slug; I tried to will some strength into it. My breathing started to return to normal, and slow but sure, energy began to ebb into my legs and arms.

My eyes batted open for a few minutes and I looked at a different ceiling. My eyes shut again. Thoughts began to form in their correct order. Where the hell was I? My mind worked harder then, and then the headache started. A wave of nausea hit my stomach and I instantly sat up. Bad thing to do, I cursed. Sparks flew through my head as I tried getting the swirling world to stop.

I cracked open my eyes again and tried once again to get my bearings, I stopped when I noticed a bathroom. I immediately threw my legs over the edge of the bed and forced them to take the brunt of my weight as I tried to get to the bathroom as fast as possible. Like a newborn fawn, I managed to stumble my way to the bathroom and reached the toilet in time to empty out my stomach. After the heaving stopped, my brain seemed better capable of making rational thoughts.

That must have been a hell of a party last night, I thought to myself. I looked around the bathroom; it was small, with a tub and shower. It looked like it belonged to a girl, pink and girly things all over the place.

I then began to notice what I was wearing, or actually lack of wearing. It looked like a pink nightgown; I chuckled and thought again.Hell of a party. Then I noticed I had no hair on my body.

"What the hell." I was confused once again. I heard the bedroom door open and a female say "Kari-Ann you awake yet?" I came out of the bathroom seeing if this was Karri-Ann's room mate, and find out where the hell I was and why was I shaved bare. Instead I looked on a stunning looking redhead. Things fell into place then, well most of them anyway. "Sarah, what the hell happened last night I can't remember a thing after our toast" Sarah took two steps in and slapped me across the face as hard as she could.

Stars erupted in my head again "WHAT THE HE&hellip." Another slap across the face, "KARRI-ANN! YOU WILL NEVER RAISE YOUR VOICE TO ME AGAIN! DO YOU UNDERSTAND!" Again confusion.

Why was she yelling at me, why did she hit me, why does she keep calling me Karri-Ann? I was about to ask her again, but her hand came up and cocked itself ready to slap a filling out of my teeth.

I rubbed my cheek and remained silent. "Good girl Karri-Ann, Now I know you have some questions." She brushed past me and went to a closet. "The first thing you must know is that you signed the contract for the next year to doing whatever we tell you." "And you will do whatever we tell you! Or else!" Sarah was getting things out of the closet and placing them on the bed. "You WILL always refer to me or Dan as, "Yes Ma'am, or Yes Sir", " Its always a positive answer from you at all times, no questions from you unless we give you permission" She once again went to the closet and bent over to get something out of a drawer.

"There will be things you have to do when you go to sleep and when you awake in the morning, There is a strict regiment that you will follow, as you complete tasks given to you properly, you will earn new tasks and responsibilities" My mouth was open in awe at this orientation. I was in shock of what I was hearing. "Close your mouth dear, its un-lady like." "Now," She sighed and looked at me with a scrutinizing eye. "We will begin with your morning regiment." My tongue finally found its place in my mouth.

"Excuse me Ma'am, may I ask a question?" Her eye's burned brightly as if she was about to beat the hell out of me, but then softened. "As this is your first day I will give you a slight leeway to knowing things." I took a deep breath and began, "I don't know who you people think you are, but I want out of here, this is not what I agreed to, and I feel it is highly illegal, probably even criminal, however if you let me go now, I will never speak of this to anyone." Feeling this would bring Sarah back to her senses and I would be home soon to shower this incident off of me, God knows what they did to me when I was passed out, and I also made a note to myself, never to drink that much again.

Sarah cocked her head and stared at me for a minute, then turned on her heal and walked to the door, where she pushed a button on an intercom. "Dan, would you come down here, we are having THAT issue we were talking about." Good, I thought, I am making headway; Dan will talk sense into this woman.

I heard an outer door open, then a click as the door to the room we were in open with a rush. Dan came in abruptly, a very angry look on his face, his brown eyes almost glowing; in his hand was what looked like a paddle you would find in an old school house.

With two long strides he reached me as I was trying to back up from his charging form. In one move, he grabbed my arm in a strong hand grip, sat down on the bed, and flung me face down over his knees. I then found out what the paddle was for. WHACK! "KARRI-ANN!" WHACK! "YOU SIGNED A CONTRACT!" WHACK! "IN IT, YOU AGREED TO FOLLOW THE EXACT ORDERS OF MYSELF AND SARAH" WHACK!

Tears flowed from my eyes and I whimpered each time the paddle struck my now bare ass, which must have glowed fire engine red by this time. "IN THAT CONTRACT YOU SIGNED, YOU AGREED TO LIVE HERE FOR THE NEXT YEAR" WHACK!


WHACK! Embarrassment burned through me at what was happening, I was sobbing like&hellip.well I was sobbing like a little girl. Dan sat me up suddenly; grabbing me in another vice like hand he turned my face to meet his in a forced kiss.

I began to immediately struggle in his grasp, but he had me pinned tightly, I could not move. Soon, I realized I was not going to be able to break out of his grasp; I went limp and let him kiss me. It was a strange feeling, having a man kiss me. After a few moments he broke off the kiss and looked into my eyes. "Do you understand now what I said" he said softly, "Do you understand that you can't go anywhere?

Do you understand; that you will never question us again after this?" My sobbing was irritating me now, but I couldn't stop. I worked his words over in my head; it stopped on one of the things. "250,000 dollars?" I whispered. Dan smiled largely at me; showing his teeth. "Yes, it will be deposited in a bank account for you at the end of the year, everything is taken care of for you, you just do everything we tell you for the next year, and the money is yours." I mulled it over in my brain, which was a lot of money.

I thought about it, how bad can this be, they want me to behave as a girl, it would just be for a year, then I am out. I did 4 years in the military, how much worse could it be?

I sniffed "ok" Dan smiled, gave a wink to Sarah, and then stood me up off his lap. "You will do as you're told now?" he asked. "Yes sir." I sheepishly said. This is going to be really weird, I thought. Again the smile, then a nod to Sarah and out the door he walked. Sarah gazed at me with a cocked eyebrow.

"Ready now?" "Yes ma'am" I responded. "Good! Now as before I was rudely interrupted." She paused to give me a peeved look "You are expected to do morning and nightly regiments to keep with policy and procedures." Sarah went into the bathroom, opened a cupboard underneath the sink, and pulled out a bottle.

"Strip off your clothes" I was about to say something, then caught myself. I felt the heat of my face as I pulled off the nightgown that I had on. I let it fall to the ground. A disapproving look was instantly on Sarah's face. "Cleanliness is Godliness" She muttered. I instantly bent over and picked up the discarded clothing.

Folding it up, I gazed around to find a place to put it. Sarah cleared her throat and pointed on the wall across from her. A chute was on the wall, with a sign saying "dirty clothes".

I sheepishly grinned and walked over to it, I placed the nightgown in to it, then slipping off the pink panties I let them disappear down the chute also. Turning I covered my crotch area. To my surprise I found I really had no hair anywhere on my body. My skin felt like I had a sunburn. "Don't worry about being modest, I saw plenty last night, After all how do you think we got all that hair off you?" She lightly laughed.

I still stood with my hands covering what now felt like a very inadequate sized genitalia. "Go ahead and lay down on your back on the floor." I sat down and laid back, watching the ceiling intently as if it were going to fall on me at any time. "Relax girl, it will be much easier, you will be doing this every night before bed, each morning when you get ready and any time you have to defecate." She went on in a very clinical way, almost sterile, like it was brushing my teeth.

Grabbing my legs under the knees she lifted and folded me backward so my ass was pointing straight in the air. I felt a pinch as she inserted the tip of the bottle into my ass. Cold liquid shot into my orifice startling me.

"Hold it there for a little bit." She stood up and went into the bathroom again. I heard a rush of water into the bathtub I had seen before. After a few moments she stepped back out and looked at me for a bit. "OK sweetie, stand up, and for God's sake hold that water in." I did as she had instructed, there was a feeling of an intense urge to let loose what was being stored in my bowels.

I hurried into the bathroom and shot straight to the toilet. I needed no further instruction on what to do. I let loose and felt relief at once. I looked over to see her filling the bathtub, steam drifted up from the suds that churned in the tub.

She reached over and turned off the faucets. She then turned to the shower, opening the door, she turned it on. "Step over here, now." She shooed me into the shower unit.

"Squat down" she commanded me. Squatting down, I felt her hands push on my back until I caught myself on the shower wall. She pulled a hose that was coiled on the hook next to the faucet knobs. A long nozzle was attached, which she unceremoniously shoved right up my ass. I gasped and clenched my ass. "Relax" she cooed, and stroked my head, I tried unclenching, but it was very difficult. I noticed soon, that clear water was being flushed down the drain.

She saw it too, and re-coiled the nozzle, placing it back where she had gotten it from. "You are to do this as I said, before bed, in the morning, and anytime you shit." I grimaced at this thought.

I began the mantra in my mind, $250,000&hellip.$250,000. "Now; in the tub with you" The hot water burned as I stepped in, I was about to step out again, but Sarah grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down. I sat down. The hot water was intense on my skin. Sarah plunged her hands in the water; pulling a wash cloth from the depths, she began scrubbing me. I was wondering if I was ever going to have skin again. Sarah washed every inch of me, humming to her self as she did.

I wanted to fall asleep again. Sarah sensed this and smacked the back of my head. "Wake up!" I blinked my eyes; she stood up, and retrieved a towel. I stood up also; no longer needing the commands, I knew what was expected of me on this part.

Sarah began toweling me off rigorously. Sarah guided me back into the bedroom. Telling me to lie on the floor like last time, she went back into the bathroom to retrieve something.

I lay down and raised my legs the way I had before. Sarah came back with what looked like a giant eyedropper to me, and a bottle of baby oil. Sucking up baby oil in the giant eyedropper, she placed the tip in my ass and squeezed the bulbous end.

"The oil will help for later" Sarah told me. Getting out a lotion bottle, she went to work on coating my whole body with it. I stood there in a daze, maybe it really hadn't hit me yet, maybe I was still dreaming, a horrible dream. Going over to the table in the corner, Sarah grabbed an item then returned to me. "Now this is very important, you are to always wear this, always. We will tell you when you can take it off it off. I will show you how to put it on, and then you must always do it yourself, and maintain it properly" I looked in curiosity at what was in her hand.

At first I thought it was a weird looking eye patch, then seeing it closer, I had no idea what it was. That sheer fabric was in a small tube like thing, it looked like it had two long shoe laces attached to the underside of it.

I was intent on looking at this new thing that I didn't pay attention to what Sarah was looking at. I had dropped my hand away from crotch area, leaving my self exposed. I then noticed Sarah intently examining my cock and balls. At realizing her stare, my balls shrank as my embarrassment slammed into my bright red face again. Sarah mussed "can't put it on when it wants to crawl back in you." She took me by surprise then, she dropped to her knees in front me, her hands grasped my hips and her mouth plunged over my cock.

Blood rushed from my head to my cock in a micro-second almost making me pass out. Her mouth popped off me as my cock hardened. She smiled "There we go." She slipped on the item she had carried over to me. The cloth tube slipped over my half hard member.

The head was just poking out of the cloth tube; Sarah crossed the laces over the top, made a loop then crossed them back to the underside and made another crossed knot. She passed the 2 ends of the laces through my legs.

Holding the ends tight up my ass crack, she fingered each of my balls up into where they go when it is cold. I watched fascinated at what she was doing. She then pulled each lace around opposite sides of my waist to the front again. At the base of the tube I noticed an eyelet on each side.

Threading each lace through, she doubled back the lace to the back of my waist. Twisting my head back trying to see what she was doing, she tugged on the laces between my ass cheeks. My member was forced down in between my legs and disappeared.

I had to lean forward to see my cock, which was crammed flat against me now. Sarah made a quick bow with the remaining end of laces so that the laces went straight up through the crack of my ass. "When you have to go the bathroom, make sure you sit to pee, and if you have to shit, take it off, and do what I had told you before" I nodded my head.

She eyed me again with a raised eyebrow. "y-y-yes ma'am" I stuttered quickly. My ass was still stinging. "Now" she gave me a look of how she wanted to continue. "You already have a little bit of growth for your breasts" "But they are just formed wrong, but we can deal with that." Sarah grabbed what looked like a bra off the bed, but it looked like it was only the wire forms, no cups.

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"Raise" she tapped my arms. I lifted my arms above my head. She placed the bra form around my back then clasped it in front between my nipples. She went to work pushing the flesh under my arms and under my nipples in toward the center of the bra. In a few pushes I saw my right breast form into what I thought would be considered an "A" cup size. She worked on the left one then, with the same result.

She stood back, and looked over her handy work. She stepped up again and made a few adjustments. "I will have to help you every morning with this, until you get used to it.

But I have to say, they look good so far" A big smile crossed her lips. She poked one of the breasts and it jiggled. She giggled, and then I noticed I had giggled also. She then pulled each article off the bed and began tossing it me, telling me to put them on.

She stood by watching as I slipped each item on. The pink little panties were a no brainier. I was amazed how they looked when I got them on. My "package" was no longer there, I had a flat area, where normally it would stand out. The bra was a little bit more complicated for me.

Sarah rolled her eyes at me and helped me. "It's called a wonder bra" she informed me. I watched in fascination as my "breasts" were shoved together forming cleavage. I was lost in amazement, positioning my body in different ways to see my new breasts move. Sarah cleared her throat again, and rolled her eyes again at me. "Sorry Ma'am" Next Sarah grabbed what she called a corset. Walking behind me she reached around my back and wrapped it around my waist. It was at the top of my waist and went all the way up to almost where the bra was.

"Bend forward a tad" she told me. She yanked on the laces behind me, in short order I was being squeezed to death I thought.

I was trying to gasp for air, but finding it impossible. "Slow your breathing silly, relax" I did as she told, it became a little easier, I wasn't going to run, and that was for sure.

I would pass out, within 5 strides. "You will wear a shaper at all times; there will be a different one you wear at night." She continued her instructional conversation, through different instructions of what I could and could not do.

The blouse and plaid skirt soon were on me, and the knee high white socks with small pink bows on the top of them. Two inch high black pumps were placed on my feet. Sarah walked over to the small corner table and pulled the small chair out, and motioned me to sit in it. I sat down; it was more of a stool, than a chair. Sarah placed what look like a thin cap on my head and began bobby pinning it to my natural hair. After several pins were locked in its place, she gave it a sharp tug.

I yelped as the cap stayed put, but it sure pulled my hair. Sarah then opened another cabinet next to the small table. There were several wigs inside, she reached behind the first two and pulled out a strawberry blonde one. It was straight hair that when she attached it to my head it lightly draped over my shoulders. Sarah fussed around some more with it, before she was satisfied. "I will have to dress you for the first while" she sighed. Sarah stepped back and looked at me. She grabbed a brush off the table and began working on my newly placed hair.

Pulling the hair back she placed it into a pony tail. "We will skip the make-up for this week, after your laser treatment I don't want to risk you breaking out in acne." I stopped all thought. "What laser treatment?" I looked at Sarah. Sarah stood straight, eyes glaring down at me. Her eyes almost bored a hole through me.

"That is 10 demerits Karri-Ann, for refusing to ask permission to ask a question." She growled at me. "And soon you will find out what a demerit is." "The laser was to remove some of your hair, mainly your facial hair." She shot me a look of warning.

She reached onto the table again and picked up a strip of red lace. Placing the red lace around my neck, I knew it was to cover my adams apple. "Now, go ahead and straighten and clean your room, when you are done I will have breakfast for you before we start class." I glared up at Sarah. "Dear Karri-Ann that is 5 more demerits for giving me that attitude." She sighed at me then walked to the door, opened it and walked out.

"That's it, I am out of here" I muttered. I got up, and walked to the door, more like stumbled. I had never walked in heels before. I reached the door and tried to open the door. It was locked. I looked more closely at the door handle. There was a clear plastic part on top of it. Finger print scanner, it had to be. I slid down on the floor. I sat there looking down at myself.

What the hell did I get myself into? I would have to be patient and play along until I found my chance to get away. I gave a deep sigh, and stood up. Well, might as well play along, I hobbled over to the bed and made it up fast. I went into the bathroom then and began looking at what was there. Under the sink I found rubber gloves and cleaning supplies, as well as several other enema bottles.

Putting on the gloves I went over to the tub and pulled the drain. In about 15 minutes I had what I thought was a good job on cleaning. Chapter 3 The door opened, and Sarah came in carrying a small TV table with a platter on it. She sat it near the stool where she had put on the wig.

I then realized how hungry I was. I worked my way to the stool and sat down. "Bon apatite" she said sweetly. I looked at what I had, it was very slim pickings. One yogurt; a banana; an apple; a glass of orange juice; and some pills. I opened my mouth to ask what the pills were for. I thought better, then smiled at Sarah and asked, "May I ask a question Ma'am." Sarah smiled warmly at me.

"Yes Karri-Ann, go ahead. You are wondering about the pills, they are vitamins and protein pills, you need the proper diet, and you are way to fat right now." I frowned. Oh well, at least it is something. I finished the small breakfast quickly. Again Sarah smiled at me warmly, and told me what a good girl I was being now. Sarah told me to go brush my teeth, and she took the tray and walked out the door.

I did again as she asked, I found the tooth brush and paste and cleaned my mouth. Then I went and sat on the stool and waited to see what would happen. The door began buzzing. I went over to it and tried it. The door opened and I walked through. As the door closed I looked at where I was. It was a larger room than the sleeping quarters; a small school desk sat in the center of the room, at the other end was a larger wood desk with a globe, behind the desk on the wall was a large dry erase board.

Sitting at the desk was Sarah. Her hair was pulled back in a bun, she was wearing horn rimmed glasses, and a stern look on her face. "Have a seat please Karri-Ann." Sarah pointed to the only chair in the room.

I went to the desk and slid into it. Sarah began tapping a pencil on the desk and gazing at me over her glasses. "Forgetting anything Karri-Ann?" She sharply asked.

"ummm, no Ma'am" My mind was a flurry of anticipation as I tried figuring out what she was getting at. Sarah gave a disgusted sigh. Sarah stood and turned towards the dry erase board. Reaching up she quickly spelled in the corner "Karri-Ann" below she wrote "Demerits=" she then made 20 hash marks. She then went to the center of the board and began writing.

PROPER ETIQUETTE AND BEHAVIOR FOR THE PROPER YOUNG LADY. Sarah walked over to my seat, she held a ruler in her hand. "Posture is always paramount, Karri-Ann" she poked my shoulder with the ruler. "Shoulders back, head upright, unless talking to a superior." "And dear; we promote modesty, I know you love your new panties, but you should keep it secret until the right moment." I straightened my back and rolled back my shoulders as she wanted.

Then I looked down and tried to figure out what to do with my legs, I was sitting like any other guy would, legs spread as far apart as the skirt would allow. Sarah again rolled her eyes, and then pushed my leg in. "Keep your feet out, knees together and in." I placed my feet and knees together and angled them under the desk.

I smiled with my accomplishment, then remembered what I was doing and lost the feeling immediately. Sarah made an approving comment and returned to her desk. Sarah opened a drawer and pulled out a text book and brought it over to my desk and placed it in front of me. The title of the book matched to what was in neat penmanship on the board in front of the class. Sarah placed a notebook beside the text book with a pencil on top. Sarah returned to her seat in front and looked at me, "You will copy every word in the first lesson in the text book, when you are finished bring it to me." I looked down at the book, and opened it to the first lesson.

I scanned the first few pages quickly. It was mostly quips of good manners and comments of what was expected of a woman in good standing. My god, it looked like it was right out of the 1950's. I sighed and picked up the pencil and opened the notebook and began copying the first page. After awhile I went over what I had scrawled down into the notebook.

"Every Lady should always be courteous and respectful" "Always treat your superiors with respect by using "Ma'am and Sir"" "When attending a lesson one should always bring the teacher a gift of thanks" "A good curtsy will always make things easier" "Proper posture is always commanded" "Assumptions will always get you trouble" "Modesty is always the best policy" There were several pages of this.

I continued to write them down until I finished with the last sentence before lesson 2. I was about to stand up and take the notebook to Sarah, then thought better of it. I raised my hand. Sarah looked up and raised her eyebrow. "Yes Karri-Ann?" "I have finished writing." "Bring it to me." Sarah motioned for me to approach her desk. Standing up I wobbled to the front of the wood desk. I placed the notebook on the desk. I thought about it, then maybe it was just me being a smart ass, I curtsied.

Sarah looked at me and burst into a happy smile and clapped her hands. "Good girl! You can learn new things!" Sarah swung around and stood up, and then reaching over to the demerit side of the board she wiped a hash mark away. She turned and sat down in the chair again and picked up the notebook.


Sarah pursed her lips and began reading. Her hand began slashing away at the paper with a red pencil. "Your penmanship is horrible, and you misspelled this" She pointed to one of the words she had slashed. "You will write this lesson one hundred times, spell correctly, and perfect your penmanship" She waved me back to my desk. I returned to the desk, sitting down like I was shown I opened the book again, and began writing. Sarah stood up, told me to continue, and went into the room I had been in first.

After what seemed like an hour I stopped and stretched my arms, rolled the soreness out of my neck. The door opened and Sarah stepped back into the room.

I hurriedly picked up my pencil and delved back into my work. I looked over my pencil and watched as Sarah went to the board and placed 5 more hash marks on the demerit side.

Sarah sat in the chair again and began reading something. The hours seemed to roll by until I finished. My fingers were cramped, and my arm ached. I raised my hand above my head. "Are you finished?" "Yes Ma'am." Sarah motioned for me to bring the notebook up to her. "Also bring your text book" I brought the books up to her and handed them over to her outstretched hand. Sarah scrutinized each page. She finished her examination of my work, and then opening her drawer again she pulled out a single piece of lined paper.

Handing me the paper she told me "This is your exam; you will go properly write what you memorized. For every mistake you will get a demerit." I returned to the desk and sat down. I slowly penned the lesson onto my piece of paper. I got the last sentence then froze. Oh God! What was the last sentence?

I closed my eyes tightly shut and tried to remember what it was. I relaxed and bit my lower lip, and it sprung into my mind. I smiled and wrote it down. I quickly scanned it, and felt I had done pretty well. I jumped when Sarah reached down and picked it up. I hadn't seen her get up and stand next to me. Sarah strode over to her desk and began reading. I saw her hand reach down, and with a sinking feeling she picked up her red pencil and ticked away on something.

Sarah cleared her throat and looked up at me. "Well Karri-Ann, for the most part you did well. You had a sloppy handwriting on one part, but you misspelled two words, and you mixed up the order of 2 sentences." Sarah stood and placed 4 hash marks on my demerits.

Sarah motioned for me to stand in front of the desk, and then told me to repeat what I wrote. I stood in front, and closing my eyes, I told her every sentence I had written; this time I had it in correct order.

Sarah looked pleased. "Good girl! It is time for lunch. But before you get to eat, we will take care of your demerits." Coldness hit the bottom of my stomach. I hadn't expected this.

Sarah told to take one step back from her desk, and then told me to place my hands on top of the desk. I had to catch myself on the desk to prevent my self falling over. I watched as Sarah pulled out the paddle from the morning punishment that Dan had used.

Panic flooded through me. Sarah walked around the desk and stood next to me. "Let's see, it says 28 demerits." With that she lifted my skirt exposing my ass, then with one swift swing, WHACK!

Sharp pain rocked my ass. My eyes watered up. Her second swing caused stars to shoot into my eyesight. I yelped. I thought it would get better, that my body would go numb, but it didn't. WHACK! I began to cry. Why the hell am I crying? I thought to myself. I am a man, for god sakes. But I could hear my self sob, just like a little girl. Just like a little girl, my mind repeated it self.

My legs began to feel very weak; they shook as I stood there. WHACK! Sarah counted 12……13…&hellip.14……15. Tears streamed down my face, my ass cheeks felt they were on fire. Electric shocks seemed to flow through my body with each strike. With one last swing the paddle met my ass, Sarah counted the last swing. My knees wanted to buckle; I was fighting with everything on hand not to collapse in a pile at Sarah's feet. I felt Sarah grab my shoulders in what was a surprising firm grasp and pull me into a hug.

She held me tight, at first I just stood there, and then my arms did a strange thing and acted by themselves and grasped tightly to Sarah. I began sobbing harder. "Its OK honey… let it all out" She cooed into my ear and stroked my hair. Tears streamed down and seemed to sting as they made trails. Sarah slowly pushed me away and took my hand. Leading me around the desk she sat in the chair and pulled me into her again. I sat on her lap crying. Slowly the sobs became less, the tears stopped and I sniffled.

Sarah smiled at me, and then pulled my face into hers and kissed me lightly on the lips. My face burned. Then I melted into her kiss, I felt her tongue explore my mouth. She broke the kiss and pushed me lightly to get off her lap. I stood. "Go ahead and go back to room and I will bring you your lunch." I walked over to "my room" and I heard the door buzz, I walked through the open door.

Chapter 4 After cleaning up my tear stained face I stood by my bed. My ass stung, I didn't want to sit. The door opened and Sarah walked in with the TV tray and lunch. My stomach growled, and Sarah giggled. I went to the tray and gingerly sat down. I was right; it hurt like hell when I sat. I looked at what she had brought this time.

Another apple; a banana; a glass of milk; and a small salad. Sarah motioned for the pills; I placed them on my tongue and gulped the milk. I finished most of the lunch quickly.

I was about to bite into the apple when something occurred to me. I knew why Sarah was angry this morning. Sarah walked out the door leaving me to finish my lunch. I went to the bathroom and had to relieve myself I was trying to figure out how to undo myself from the restraints down there, when I remembered what Sarah had said, I sighed and hiked up skirt; I lowered my panties and sat down.

I sat there in resignation; everything I did seemed to make me more of a female. I patted my self dry and straightened my skirt. I went to the sink and quickly brushed my teeth. I heard the door open and I poked my head out the bathroom to see Dan pick up the tray table and walk back out. I waited for the door to buzz again.

An hour passed, and I considered getting into bed to take a nap. The door buzzed. I scurried over to it and pulled it open. The desk I had been sitting in was gone.

It had been replaced by an open chair on the other side of the room. I looked at the teacher desk, but Sarah was not there. I wasn't sure what to do. I walked over to the desk and pulling out the apple I had stowed in a fold of the skirt I placed it in the center. I walked back over to the chair and sat down. I tried different positions of sitting, I was become quite amused by what sitting positions made me look more feminine. One made me look down right sluttish, and I giggled.

I crossed my legs as I had seen other woman do. I uncrossed them, and decided to sit how I did this morning. I placed my hands in my lap and straightened my back and held up my head. I watched the clock that had been placed on the wall since I had taken lunch. The minute hand slowly ticked away. Ten minutes later, the door opened in the other corner. Sarah walked in reading a book.

She sat down at the desk and looked up at me. She opened her mouth to speak, and then stopped. She gave another look at me then noticed the apple. A broad smile erupted on her face. "This is wonderful, Karri-Ann!" Sarah beamed proudly and stood up, turning to the board she wrote in the left hand side, "Merits". Sarah placed 2 hash marks in that column. Sarah walked over to me.

"We will be working on your walking this afternoon, and also your voice projection" "Now, Karri-Ann, I want you to walk to the other end of the room and then back to me." I stood up, curtsied to Sarah, then walked to the end of the room and came back. A slight smile was on Sarah's face. Okay, she sighed. "You are walking like boys, think of all women you have seen; now think about how they walk." Sarah continued her lecture.

"When we walk it is one foot in front of the other, not like your trying to sky down a hill." Sarah demonstrated, showing the difference. She pointed to her hips also as she swayed them when she walked. I tried it again, over emphasizing the sway. Sarah shook her head, and then demonstrated again.

On the third attempt, Sarah made an approving remark. She waved me on, I walked towards the other wall and noticed how much easier it was becoming. After several more back and forth trips I was able to relax and make it back and forth faster. "Slow down, we don't go fast, after all, we want the boys to notice us for as long as possible" Sarah pointed out.

"Okay, you have the mechanics of it; now let's see if we can get you to do it with style." Sarah walked to her desk; I continued walking around watching my hips and feet how they moved.

I paid to much attention to my hips, I tripped and fell over. Sarah burst out laughing, and then pointed out that I needed to pay attention; she rolled her eyes at me. I gathered myself and stood up, beet red in the face and a sheepish grin. Sarah walked over with a dinner plate in her hand. Reaching up she placed the plate on top of my head.

I reached up and held it there. Sarah told me to take my hand off of it. I cautiously did so, concentrating on keeping it balanced. "By the way, each plate you break is 10 demerits" I almost lost the plate then. I cursed in my head. "Now go ahead and walk down and back" she pointed to the other wall. I carefully began taking small steps and put out my arms to balance myself. "You are trying to fly?

Put your arms down like before and you can take little bigger steps then that." I lowered my arms, bent my hands at the wrist and began walking. I reached the other side, and slowly pivoted around. I started the trip back. I breathed easier when I made my final step in front of Sarah. Sarah motioned me to do it again.

I made the trip 2 more times. I felt like I had it down. Sarah must of saw that and told me to do it again. I made several confident steps when the plate slipped and fell shattering to the ground. I clasped my mouth in horror. I wanted to cry, I looked at Sarah who had a scolding look on her face. I watched as she walked to the board and placed 8 hash marks under the demerit column and wiped away the 2 hash marks under the merit column.

Sarah reached under the desk and came up with a dust pan and a small hand broom. Walking over with a stern face, she handed me the broom and dust pan, then pointed to a trash can by her desk. I kneeled down and brushed all the broken pieces into the pan, then rising up, I walked over to the trash can and dumped the broken plate in. I returned the broom and pan to the bottom of the desk. "I am sorry Ma'am" I squeaked out to Sarah. Sarah sighed. "Get another plate from the bottom right hand drawer" As I returned to the side of Sarah, I noticed a slight amused smile.

"You do realize that when you stopped thinking about it and placed the plate into the trash, you walked perfectly." I stopped and looked at Sarah.

Thinking back to it, I did walk like Sarah when I stopped thinking. "Wipe that goofy smile off your face and do it again." Sarah brought me back from my thoughts. Placing the plate on my head, and with a renewed confidence I made the trip down and back 3 more times with out breaking the plate. With a nod of her head, Sarah told me to give her the plate. I carefully took the plate off my head and handed it to her.

Telling me to have a seat, she walked back over to her desk and picked up the book she had come in with. She returned to me and handed me the book.

I looked at the cover and read it. "Vocal training for the Proper Young Lady" Sarah prompted me to open the book. I opened to the first lesson and began reading silently. "Vocal means to read aloud Karri-Ann." "Sorry Ma'am" I began reading. "The Sea's on the South Seashore Sing with Delight" Sarah stopped me, "you will never use your boy voice again. Okay Karri-Ann? Let me hear that sentence again with a higher tone please." I raised the octave of my voice and started again.

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Once again Sarah shook her head. I went higher. Sarah gave an approving smile. "Now just give me a smooth voice, let it out like it was silk" I began reading again. Sarah coached me on a few more things, but she seemed satisfied. She then had me stand up and do the same thing. By four o'clock she had me walking and reading the book aloud at the same time.

Smoothing her dress, Sarah cleared her throat. "You have had a busy day today, so we will stop early." She took the book from me and returned to her desk. I dreaded what was coming next. "Come to my desk and get into your position for discipline" I willed my legs to move.

I haltingly moved to the front of her desk and leaned over and caught myself on her desk. As before, she raised my skirt exposing my sore, swollen ass. Eight whacks later, the tears were coming down my cheeks, though this time I was not sobbing.

Again Sarah hugged me close, and then told me "Karri-Ann, we are doing this for your benefit, we are really starting to fall in love with you, you know that?" It took me by surprise. They love me? Before I could say something, Sarah told me go ahead to my room. I briskly began heading for the door to my room. Sarah barked out, "Stop walking fast, you walk slowly to show everyone your sexy walk." I slowed down, and emphasized my swaying hips as before.

I reached the door as it buzzed. I heard Sarah say "That's a good girl." I stood in the room for a few moments, regaining my composer. Suddenly I felt the whole day, I was exhausted. I collapsed onto the bed, and within a few breaths I faded out to sleep.

I heard a door close through my dreams. I sat up and rubbed the sleep away from my eyes. Dan stood there with the TV tray of food. He smiled down at me.

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I smiled and stood up and curtsied toward him. His head went back and roared a laugh. Placing the small table down, he strode over to me and took me into his arms abruptly. His lips smashed into mine with such deep passion that it stunned me.

Just as abruptly, he pulled away from me and sighed. "Not yet, soon though." He smiled again, "there is some reading material for you on the tray for when you're bored. When you're finished with the food, call on the intercom." He pointed to the small box next to the door.

Dan spun on his heel and walked out. I went over to the tray and sat down and began to eat the small portion of food there was. A small dish of rice and a few pieces of chicken breast went down fast. Another glass of milk, but there was no pills this time. Good, I thought, I hate taking pills.

A banana was evidently my desert. A magazine was next to the tray. I picked it up and read the cover. Of course, it was a female magazine. I threw it on the ground, pissed. I had to figure out how to get out. There are at least three doors I need to get through, I thought to myself.

I will have to bide my time and when I see that third door open a crack I can make a break for it. Maybe in the next few days, I will get out of the second room.

I picked up the magazine, in the mean time, I will pretend that I am the best little girl they have ever had. I smirked at this and said in my new voice, "I am a good little girl." Tossing the magazine on the bed I walked over to the intercom. "Pardon me; I am finished with the dinner." I wasn't sure if that was what I was supposed to say, but I shrugged and said it anyway.

The intercom squelched, and I heard Dan say "Okay sweetie, we will be down in a minute." I walked into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. There was no mirror, so I couldn't see my face. I walked back into the room, and plopped down on the bed.

I starred at the ceiling for awhile. Now, I was bored. Sighing, I reached over and picked up the magazine. It was a woman's fashion magazine. I thumbed through it, looking at the pictures of the glamorous woman, adorned in different dresses, and jewelry. The door opened. I jumped to my feet as Sarah and Dan walked in. Dan grabbed the small table and was out the door again, Sarah held several folded clothes in her hands. "Go ahead and take off the clothes you have on, we will get you into your night outfit." I removed the clothes I had on, until I was in just the breast strap and my piece of cloth holding down my penis.

"Take off the breast form and your gaff" she answered my question of what it was called. Reaching behind me I pulled the bow on the gaff, then pulled it loose. Relief came immediately as my penis was free for the first time that day. I then unclasped the breast form. There were marks around where it had bit into my skin forcing the tissue into small breasts. "Go in and get your enema bottle" I winced as she said this.

I reached under the sink and brought out the enema bottle. I walked back in and lay on the ground. Sarah urged me to continue. I swung my legs up and over my head. With some difficulty I figured out how to get the enema bottle positioned right, I squeezed and felt the fluid squirt inside.

I put the bottle down, and tried to relax as Sarah watched. Sarah nodded to me when it was ready and rushed to the toilet. Climbing into the shower I went to work spraying myself out. I heard Sarah filling the bathtub. As if I was in automatic, I stepped out of the shower and into the bath. Hot water stung my swollen ass. Sarah went to work humming that song again as she scrubbed me.

In short order she finished and told me to soak for awhile. I heard the door close behind her.

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The bath did feel good, I started to relax and felt the pains in my body seem to melt away. I heard the door open I realized the water was starting to cool off, I must have dosed off to sleep. Sarah came in and held up a towel. I reached down and unplugged the drain then stepped out into a nice warm towel. Sarah told me to get the large eyedropper and baby oil.

I reached down and did the same as before with the enema bottle. I felt the oil tickle its way further into my anus. I wondered what it was supposed to do, maybe make it easier to clean.

I shrugged to myself, and helped spread the lotion on to me as Sarah seemed to paint it on. With all that done, Sarah handed me a new gaff. Putting it on, Sarah reached under the gaff and tightened even more and gave that stern look. I learned after a few attempts on how to put the breast strap on.

She pulled out a beige looking thing then, "this is called a body shaper". She helped me into it. I noticed that it went over my breasts all the way down to my upper thighs. I felt squeezed. It was not as tight as the corset, but it was still tight.

Sarah handed me pink panties and a nightgown. Slipping them on, Sarah gave me a once over look. Happy with what she saw she shooed me into bed. I had just gotten into bed when the door opened again and Dan strolled in carrying a mug. Dan smiled and walked over to the bed and handed me the mug.

I sat up and took it from him. I glimpsed Sarah scowling at Dan. Dan smiled, "She has done a wonderful job today honey; let her have the hot chocolate." Sarah sniffed in disgust. Sarah sighed then looking at me she smiled and nodded. I could smell the chocolate, thick and rich. I normally was not a big fan, but this smelled so good. I tipped it up to my mouth and felt the delightful smell and feel of it as it made its way to my stomach. I finished it too quickly and looked into the bottom of the mug hoping more would magically appear.

"Are you all done? Now go brush your teeth again, hurry it's late as is." Sarah opened the blankets and pushed me to the bathroom. Halfway there I noticed Dan watching intently and smiling. I scampered faster in the bathroom to brush my teeth. I went back in after I had washed out my mouth and climbed into the bed. Sarah tucked the covers up under my chin, then leaning in she kissed my lips softly. "Go to sleep sweetie, another big day tomorrow" She stepped away with Dan taking her place, "Sleep tight little girl." He said with a smile and also leaned down kissing my lips.

The world got darker as I fell sleep, it came fast, I didn't even remember them leaving. Chapter 5 I was woken up by the lights being thrown on the next morning with the same routine as the day before. I was put through the cleaning, the dressing, and a new wig being put on. The day was the same as before also. Morning was dedicated to learning the manners and etiquette of a lady. I had an afternoon of learning posture and learning how to talk correctly.

I had fewer demerits, but there was still a spanking. There were fewer tears this time. A few days later, the regiment changed. I awoke to the lights, and Sarah came in carrying what looked like a tackle box.

Placing it on the small corner table, she turned to me. "Get ready, and when you're done, we will be learning how to put on makeup." I went through my morning ritual, coming out to find my new clothes for the day. Each day had been a different type of outfit. After the corset had been tightened and tied, I began putting on the dress she had on the bed. Looking down I realized it was straight out of Alice in Wonderland.

I put on the white knee high socks and the black shoes. Sarah stepped up to me and put a hair band over my head, sweeping the hair back. Smiling, Sarah guided me to the small corner table. She opened up the box; it was filled with all kinds of makeup. Sarah began naming each kind, then demonstrating on what it was for. The whole morning was dedicated to make up. I put it on, and then took it off; I tried each one until I knew what each piece was and how to use it.

Finally I washed my face for the last time. "Go ahead and put on your final make up for the day." Sarah told me. I went to work looking at myself in the small make-up mirror. I finished and looked at Sarah.

Sarah scrutinized my job, looking at me from every angle. She took out eyeliner and told me to try a little bit more. I went to work again on my eyes. This time Sarah clapped her hands. "You are a natural" She kissed the side of my head and hugged me. She headed out the door. I began holding the mirror around at different angles to see if I could get a look at my whole get up.

I wondered how I looked. Damn it, I thought, I am behaving like a woman again. The door opened again, with Sarah coming in holding a camera. "Sweetie, get up against the wall for me to get a picture of you, Dan will love seeing this." I stepped over to the wall and crossed my arms at the wrists in front of me.

Sarah began cooing over the pose, highly excited. Sarah took several pictures, and was happily looking at them in the small LCD screen. "Excuse me Ma'am, may I ask a question?" Sarah looked at me, and nodded still smiling. "May I see the picture?" Sarah thought about it. "Just one look Karri-Ann, we want you to look at yourself when you are complete, but you look adorable in that outfit, I think it will be okay this time." I stepped over and she held up the camera so I could see the last picture taken.

What seemed like a little girl smiling was standing in it. A shock swam over me. If I had seen that photograph anytime before today, I would have sworn it was a girl. Sarah quickly took the camera away from my eyesight. A look of concern came over her face. "Oh dear, I should not have done that." Dread was racing through every part of me.

It must have instantly shown on my face. I lost control of my knees, and I collapsed in a heap on the ground. Tears began flowing down my face as I broke down.

I hid my face into my hands, and I sobbed. I heard Sarah pause, and then she regained herself. "KARRI-ANN!" she roared. It only made me sob harder. There was another pause; it seemed she was trying to figure out the best tact to apply with. In a softer voice that was suddenly next to my ear. "Karri-Ann, why are you crying?" My mind swam, I was crying because the sudden realization that my masculinity had been stripped away from, leaving me stuck in between. I was not a real girl, but in the picture I looked like one, that meant I wasn't a man anymore.

I wanted to scream at her, I wanted to yell, what had they done, why they had done this. But I knew also, if I said this, I would be punished severely. I knew I would never get my chance to get out of here. So I knew, I must make up something, it needed to be believable, but it also needed to be something they would not punish me for. In between sobs, I began saying it. "That can't <sob> be<sniff> me!" I stuttered another volley of tears. Sarah seemed to catch what I was saying, and she took it as I exactly had wanted her to take it.

I felt Sarah gather me up in her arms; I latched onto her and cried. Sarah pried me off of her, and holding my face between her hands she looked me in the eyes. "Karri-Ann, that was you, you are becoming a very beautiful girl. Soon you are going to be a beautiful woman, the type of woman that every man will want to be with. You will no longer be unappealing to anyone; you will be the want of everyone." She had bought it.

She had thought I was saying that I had been ugly before, unwanted, and that now I looked pretty, and I didn't believe that it was really me. Sarah did something that I did not expect. She leaned forward and we became locked in a passionate kiss. Her hand slid around behind my head and gripped me tighter to her. I felt something stir. The gaff became tight, there was pressure building up. I felt reality slip; I reached around Sarah wrapping her in my arms.

Sarah pushed me away, and stood up. Reaching down she took me by the hand and helped me up. She guided me over to the bed. She reached behind her and I saw her tight dress come loose as she unzipped. Her eyes were locked with mine. Her dress fell to the ground in a pile around her feet. She had not been wearing a bra, her breast stood out at me.

I reached over and lightly drew my finger around the curve of each breast. She inhaled deeply and drew into me with a hot kiss. I felt her smooth skin between my hands; my press on nails lightly caressed her back. She pushed me back onto the bed, pulling off her pantyhose; she crawled on top of me.

I began stroking her ass while she tried to inhale my tongue. The gaff was restricting me, I wanted it off. I started to reach for it, but Sarah stopped my hand. Sarah sat up, then crawling up me; she positioned her hips over my face.

I was staring at her clit. I reached up, with both my thumbs and I spread her apart then I began lightly licking her wet gash. "Oh God, yes Karri-Ann, that's it" She moaned loudly. I wanted this fucking gaff off me.

But every time my hands started down to it, Sarah stopped me. I began licking and sucking, while kneading her with my thumbs. She began rocking her hips over my face. I slid my hands up to her hips and she crushed her pussy into my mouth and tongue. The bed was shaking as she worked herself on me. My hands explored further up and found her pert breasts swinging. I lightly felt them, every now and then giving a sharp squeeze. This sent her grinding on me faster. "FUCK YES, FUCK YES!" She was screaming.

Her hips seemed like they were a blur. She bucked harder, until she stopped suddenly, I heard a sharp intake of breath, her thighs quivered and I felt the throb deep in her pussy. I tasted thick pussy juice as it squirted on my tongue, leaking into my open mouth. I was astonished, I had heard that some woman could actually squirt like that, but I had never thought I would see it, much less feel it.

Her back arched forward as the last jolts of orgasm left her. She slid back down my torso, and rested on my shoulder. She gave me a deep kiss, letting her tongue explore my mouth. She let go of the kiss and panted in my ear, "That should prove to you that you are a pretty girl, and that you are desired." She smiled and stood up off the bed.

Walking into the bathroom, I heard her cleaning up. I lay there. She wasn't going to finish me off was she? Going to have a severe case of blue balls, I thought to myself. Sarah walked out and dressed quickly.

Smiling she looked at me, "go ahead and undress, you have physical education after lunch, plus those panties of yours are all wet" I felt with my hand, sure enough even with the gaff I had blown sperm all over my pink panties. I stood up and stripped, it took some doing, but I contorted myself out of the corset. I untied the gaff and found it wet and smelled of my cum. I stepped into the shower and let it run over my body, cleaning it of sweat and the rest of my cum.

I stepped out and opened the cupboard with the towels. I dried off, and then placed lotion on my body. Sarah came back in carrying a change of clothes, a new gaff and my lunch. I slipped on the gaff and my breast strap. I quickly slipped on the spandex workout shorts and sports bra that Sarah had brought. Sarah handed me a pair of pink tennis shoes, and a pair of pink bobby socks. My feet felt great having put on tennis shoes instead of pumps.

I sat down to the lunch and downed it fast. Sarah had sat on the bed and watched me, smiling. I smiled back at her, stood and curtsied and told her "thank you Ma'am." As Sarah disappeared through the door with my tray, I went and brushed my teeth.

I had just finished when Dan walked in wearing a jogging suit. It crept into my mind that we might go outside and I might have a chance to get away. Dan kept the door open and waved me to go out.

I walked past him then stopped just on the other side waiting for him to lead me. Dan headed over to the other door, opened it, and waited for me to go through again. We were in a hallway; there were two doors on the left, one door on the right side, and a door at the end of the hall.

Walking down the hall we entered the furthest door on the left. The room was filled with workout machines. Pointing to a stair climber Dan said "go ahead and jump on that machine until I tell you to stop." I stepped on, Dan reached over and turned it on, I began climbing.

Dan worked on the resistance until he could see I had to put effort into it. I let my mind wander as I worked out trying not to think of it. Soon the sweat was pouring out of me, my legs started to burn. Dan stepped in front of me. "You are to do this for an hour, stepping off the machine will earn you 50 demerits from me" My mouth went dry. I thought in horror of the morning he had spanked me, it had been brutal, what 50 whacks would do to me would be a nightmare!

For the next hour I tried to keep pace, it was almost impossible. My breathing was ragged, my legs felt like jelly. Dan handed me a large bottle of water. I began drinking it. Dan gave the warning of not drinking it all at once, I would get sick. I stopped after a few gulps and placed it in an open cup holder on the machine.

Dan looked at his watch and told me I could stop. I stumbled off the machine, seeing an open bench nearby; I flopped down onto it with my water bottle in hand. "Get up!" Dan barked.

I pulled myself up. Dan was pointing to another machine. For the next 2 hours we went from one machine to the next. My body was shaking. Dan pointed to a large monitor on the wall. A workout DVD started showing slim fit woman stretching and doing exercises on the floor. I tried to keep up, but I ended up far behind. In forty five minutes I just wanted to lie down and die. Dan clapped his hands. "Good going Karri-Ann, we will do this every afternoon until I am satisfied with your body." I wanted to puke, this was hell.

Dan walked me back to my little room. Dan hadn't even closed the door yet, when I started pulling off my clothes and heading for a shower. I heard Dan chuckle and the door close. After dumping my sweaty clothes down the chute, I climbed into the shower.

I let the hot water run over me. The wig soon matted to me. Damn, I thought, I forgot to take the wig off. Sarah was going to be pissed. I stepped out of the shower and dried off with the towel I had pulled out. Taking the wig off, I tried drying it. I finally went to the small make-up table and got a comb and brush. It seemed to work. I managed to get it somewhat dry. I placed it back on my head and started to pin it like I had seen Sarah do. After fretting for awhile on it, it seemed like it was on correctly.

I picked up the small mirror and checked it out. So far, so good I thought to myself. The door opened and Sarah stepped in with the tray of food. Sarah gave me a look, raised her eyebrow and frowned. "Let me guess, you showered with it on?" I grimaced, fearing what was to come.

"Yes Ma'am" Sarah sighed, "Well you didn't do that bad of job getting it back on" She stepped forward and made a few more adjustments. Happy with her work she walked back out the door.

The door popped open again, Sarah had my clothes and the paddle. Fear tore through me. Placing the clothes down on the bed, Sarah motioned me to the bed to take the position. I did as I was told. As I was already naked I leaned over the bed. With two solid strikes of the paddle, I winced and bit my lower lip. Sarah smiled and told me that was it, just 2 demerits.

I was grateful for that. I slipped on the clothes that were exactly like it had been that morning. I sat down to the small table and put my make-up on. Sarah beamed with pride at what I was doing. A hug and a kiss and Sarah walked out. I ate the meal, and brushed my teeth. I went back to the bed and sat down. My body was beginning to feel the day's lessons.

I began to relax, and then I felt myself lie down and drift to sleep. Through a dream, I could feel a pair of strong hands lift me and it seemed to be all over my body. I moaned and almost purred like a cat in my dreams.

It seemed like I was being rolled in warm bread. It was a very strange dream. The lights came on waking me the next morning. My body ached all over. Looking down, I was in my night clothes. I never remembered putting them on. Chapter 6 The next few weeks, I was doing the same things, morning classes, afternoon I would workout. The lessons and the workout became harder each week. I noticed that my skin had become softer and almost glowed. Each week I went to the first door on the left, it turned out to be a room with a massage type table with shower heads above.

Sarah would wash a chemical over me, and then wash me off. My hair would disappear down the drain, keeping my skin smooth and hairless. I dressed myself each morning and it became easier and easier to do things that had been difficult for me at first. The love handle I once had now was starting to firm and disappear. I seemed to have more energy. One day it changed. Dan was not going to be able to teach my PE class, so Sarah was going to. We had finished my morning lessons, I was learning math.

I hadn't quite figured out why I was learning math. I just complied with what I had been told to do. I finished lunch and got ready for my workout. As we walked to the workout room, I heard voices coming from the room at the end of the hall. I stopped at the door to the workout room. Sarah turned to me, "wait here". I stood there and watched her go to the door at the end of the hall and open it. I saw some men carrying something as Sarah poked her head out the door and talk to them.

Then I saw it, a stairway up on the other side of the room Sarah was talking to the two men in. I heard Sarah say, "I need to start something real quick then I will be back to tell you where to put that." An idea hit me, this might be my chance. I hadn't thought about it for over a week, I had almost resigned myself to my situation. But now, I might have a chance. Sarah walked back to me and opened the workout room door.

Stepping in, I went to the first machine nearest the door and got on. Sarah started the machine, gave me water, and then told me that she would be back soon. She opened the door, and I watched intently. She brushed out the door, and it began to close. I jumped and sprang to the door just in time to catch it before it closed fully. I cracked it open slightly enough to see Sarah walking down the hall to the door at the end. I braced myself and waited. Sarah reached the door and started to open it.

I quietly slipped through the door and taking a few steps forward I waited until Sarah had the door all the way open and was just starting to walk through. I ran, I ran as fast as I could. I pushed Sarah from behind; she sprawled forward onto the ground. I leapt over her and headed straight for the stairway, I saw daylight from an open doorway at the top. I heard Sarah bellow something. My hand grabbed the banister. A large khaki wall loomed in front of me.

I struck the wall and started to fall backwards in shock. A huge hand reached out and grabbed me by the neck. Looking at the huge hand with sausage sized fingers I followed the arm it was attached to. He must have been 6'10. He towered over me; he had a thick black beard and shaggy black hair.

He was wearing khaki coveralls, the strong smell of diesel; cigarettes; and body odor emanated from him. A large gut stretched the coveralls in front. He was one of the biggest men I had ever seen. His black eyes gazed down at me. He glanced back up and over my head. "You okay Sarah?" I heard Sarah; her voice had changed into something I had never heard before. I became frightened. "Bring that bitch over here" I heard her growl. As if I was a small child, the man picked me up and easily carried me over to Sarah.

Her bright red hair was fanned out, and her green eyes burned with rage. She seemed straight out of a mythical story. The slap across my face made me see stars. It was followed by two more that seemed even harder. "You little bitch; after all we did for you. If you want to treat us that way, so be it, you will be the little whore you just proved to me you are." I had not felt this kind of fear before. My body was locked and refused to move. I starred at Sarah with an open mouth. Sarah was not screaming this time, she was beyond the anger.

It made me all the more frightened. Slowly looking up to the man holding me, she told him "Fuck this little bitch, she is all yours, fuck her hard, show her what it will be like for the rest of her life!" There was a scream.

I suddenly found that it was me screaming. "Jorge, join in, do whatever you want!" She growled to another man in the corner. I was spun around, facing the giant of a man again. His hardened plate sized hand grabbed me by the shoulder and with a push I was on my knees. His other hand unzipped his coveralls revealing a pair of boxers. I could see something huge and tubular beneath them. I could see it writhe and push the fabric outward.

His hand freed what was beneath it. I looked on horrified by what I saw. It was large, very large. I had never seen a large cock like this.

The stink of body odor slapped me in the face as he stepped closer. Shrugging his coveralls off his wide shoulders the coveralls revealed more of his cock and balls that was lost in a jungle of thick pubic hair.

He moved his large hand that had a hold of my shoulder, and moved it to my face and pinched it hard. His gigantic thumb pressed on my lips and entered my mouth. I tasted the dirt and grease that coated his hand. I gagged. "Listen little bitch, you better suck me right, or else I will have to go through the other end to please myself." I took a breath to scream.

His hand pulled me in and he tried to shove his large pole into my mouth. I gagged again. He roared for me to open wider. Out of fear I tried to unhinge my jaw. He managed to cram the head of it in my mouth. He pushed harder and my mouth inched a little bit more down his shaft. He pulled me off again, then plunged it back in.

Tears, snot, and saliva made the cock head slippery. He crammed it down further. My jaws burned from keeping them open that wide. I couldn't breath, but he kept pushing in. Before I could pass out, he removed it. I tried to catch my breath when he shoved it back in.

I figured that he only was able to get it half way in. I felt the head of it pushing at the back of my throat. He was trying to go down the tube with the thing, I thought horrified. I heard him mutter. My head was pulled off, I gagged again. Again I was lifted up like a small child and was flung onto a couch that was close by. His hands grabbed and tore my shorts off, I tried to cover myself, but again I was no match.

He flipped me over on my hands and knees. That is when I saw Jorge. A Hispanic male, short, and chubby, came to stand in front of me. He was also wearing coveralls, but unlike the man positioning himself behind me, he did not have underwear on. His cock that he pulled out was not long, but the girth of it was incredible.

Huge balls hung below the now hard dick. Grabbing my head, he pushed his fat cock up into my mouth. I heard him laugh as I gagged from his smell and cock that filled my mouth. I lost all thought of Jorge, when I felt the monster behind me spreading my ass cheeks. Jorge pulled out of my mouth and began stroking his thick member. I felt something against my anus, pressure built up on it. Two huge hands grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled back hard. "Take it all in bitch!" The man behind me yelled.

The man behind me shoved his hips forward at the same time as pulling me in. The pressure built until my anus gave in. I discovered why I had been using baby oil then. My ass gave way to the large cock head. The shaft was pushed all the way in until I felt the large man grind against me. I screamed in pain. I was being torn apart inside. I sobbed for them to stop.

Jorge took that as a cue and shoved his cock back into my mouth when I was about to scream again. The not too gentle giant behind me then began pulling out then shoving it back in hard. I gagged on the cock in my mouth as the giant shoved me forward unto the cock in front of me. The Hispanic hooted and hollered as he stroked his cock. My body was on fire. My mouth wanted to fall apart, my ass felt that it would split in two. I heard a voice in my ear. Sarah had leaned over me and was whispering.

"You lousy cunt! You were told to do as we told you, see what you get for not doing it." Jorge, was even more turned on, he began jerking faster. Then with a sudden blur he grabbed my head, forced his cock between my lips and let loose stream after stream of cum into the back of my mouth.

I gagged and tried to vomit, Jorge pushed his cock in even further. "Swallow…… swallow it bitch." I closed my eyes and tried not thinking about it and swallowed.

Jorge pushed my head off him and stepped away to watch as the bear of a man behind me was jack hammering his cock deep into me. I was crying and whimpering at each stroke. The couch moved as he plowed into me. His pace became faster; I could hear his hips slap my ass. A great big hand swung down and hit my ass with a loud slap. I yelped and bucked. He liked that and did it several more times. He began to chug like a freight train. I heard him roar and he slammed into me, my arms gave way and he pushed my face down into the cushions.

He plowed faster and harder into my hole. He let out another loud roar and pushed himself as deep as he could go. I felt the sperm work its way up his shaft to explode deep into me. I felt spasm after spasm as his goo coated the inside of me. He made a few more pulls and pushes before doing one more spasm. He pulled off of me. Slapping my ass with his callused hand again, I heard him laugh. I didn't move until I heard them start to go up the stairs. I curled into the fetal position and cried.

I heard someone else coming down the stairs. I buried my face in my palms and whimpered. Not another one, please not another one. I heard Dan's voice, "What's going on Sarah?" "This little cunt, whore, bitch tried to escape!" I felt Sarah spit on me. I whimpered even more. I buried my head deeper into the couch. I could still smell, taste, and feel what had just happened. I felt a hand lightly touch me, I flinched and jerked away. The hand persisted and Dan's voice was in my ear.

"Karri-Ann, it okay, it's me; let's go back to your room." I felt Dan gently lift me by the arm; I followed his lead and let him walk me back to the room. The door to my room closed.

I heard Dan yell, "What the hell were you thinking?! You know that it is supposed to be my dick first!"; "And you let Edgar fuck her? My God, that weapon he carries is even dangerous for full time hookers!" The voices became hushed then I heard a slamming door. Taking off what little I was still wearing, I climbed into the shower and turned it on full stream.

I collapsed on the shower floor and sobbed hysterically. I didn't care anymore. I walked over to the bed and climbed in. I pulled the covers as tight as I could; I fell asleep with a thick knot in my gut. Chapter 7 I don't know how long I was asleep. I felt a hand shaking me, and I opened my eyes slowly. I saw Dan a few inches from my face. He stroked back my hair and asked if I was all right. I said nothing; I just let a tear trickle down my cheek.

Dan frowned. He pulled back the covers and saw that I was naked. Putting the covers back he disappeared. My eyes shut, and I began dreaming that I was being attacked by a large snake that tried to crawl up my butt. I felt the shake again. Dan was standing over me again. "I need for you to get up." I sat up. My throat caught, it felt like all of my skin in my throat had been pulled out.

Dan handed me a glass of water. I drank it; the cool water soothed the burning sensation. I saw that Dan had brought clean clothes for me. I wanted to tell him I didn't want them. But feeling my own nakedness, I didn't want to be that way in front of him.

I reached over and slowly started putting things on. I came to the corset, and Dan gestured with his finger to turn. I felt his hands tighten each lace carefully. I finished dressing and looked at him, Dan raised an eyebrow. I sighed, went to the table and put on the makeup. Dan smiled at me. I looked at the bright yellow dress I had on. It was really the opposite of how I felt; I wished it had been black.

Dan held out his hand for me to take. I was surprised. Dan had not said more then 2 words to me so far. Taking his hand, we walked to the door, then out. In the main hall was the door that I had trampled Sarah to get away. We walked towards the furthest door. I balked, scared of what was coming. Dan gave me a reassuring glance and kept walking. When we reached the last door on the right, Dan stopped and opened it.

I peeked inside. The room was larger than my room. There was a small cozy feeling to it. A four poster bed stood in the middle.

A small nightstand was next to it. I could see other furniture; a soft comfy chair was in the corner. Dan's hand pressed into the small of my back pushing me in.

I walked in, speechless. Compared to my room, this was huge. I saw a vanity with a larger mirror, a separate desk. Several books lined the top of the desk. I could see the entrance to a much larger bathroom. Soft lights accented the decor of the room. It was almost like a fancy bed and breakfast room. Dan spoke for the first time.

"I had to struggle whether to let you have this room or not. With your little stunt today, Sarah wants to skin you, and then give you to Edgar and Jorge for their enjoyment whenever they want." I looked at him in panic. He continued. "But then I thought about it, and Sarah disagreed, but I make this ruling." "You are not getting this room because you tried to escape; you are getting this room because you have been working hard and making great strides from where you started." Dan walked in letting the door close behind him.

Walking to the comfy chair, he sat down. He looked at me, and then motioned me over to him. I walked stiff legged to him. He pulled me down to sit in his lap. I starred down at my lap, and rung my hands. Dan explained further, "I want you to look around carefully, this is a reward, and right now you shouldn't be getting one." "I want you to know that if you do try that again, I will let Sarah have her way.

Now look at me." I drew my eyes to his. I must have had puppy dog eyes, because he sighed, smiled and drew me into a kiss. He cursed when he broke off the kiss. "You can really do a number on me Karri-Ann. This isn't all for you though. I was planning to start you down the road. But with today, you are going to start right now. I think I need to enforce the good of it, not have you traumatized by it." I was perplexed at what he was talking about.

"I know you don't want to do this, but I must insist on it. Please don't worry; it will be a lot better." Dan reached behind him and pulled out the small pillow from the chair. Tossing it on the ground between his feet, he lightly pushed for me to get off his lap. "Get on your knees, on the pillow." I sensed where this was going, terror sprung to my eyes. Dan pushed gently again and I did what he wanted. I began mouthing "no". Dan smiled again then undid his pants.

Raising his hips he slipped the pants down. His penis lay in his lap. It was no where the size of what Edgar had and not the same thickness as Jorge. "Now, I want you get close, and then lick it lightly" His hand pulled me down to his waiting member. Scared of it, I put the tip of my tongue on him. There was no body odor; in fact there was a pleasant clean smell with a hint of strawberry. I leaned further down with the urging from Dan's hand.

His penis stirred and slowly began to grow. "Reach under with your tongue, let it lick my balls." He continued his commands. I did as he said and with my hand I raised his cock so that I could timidly lick at his base. Dan kept giving reassuring remarks as I bathed his balls and shaft with my tongue.

His member was at full size now; it must have been about seven inches. His entire crotch was hairless. A bead of pre-cum pushed out of the top of his erection. "Lick all the way up, and then take the head into your mouth." I did it, licking the salty liquid; I opened my mouth and slid it down over him.

He kept on his instructions. "You don't have to take it all in. Take as much as you can in your mouth without gagging. Let your saliva build up, it will make it more slippery." I made it almost half way down when I felt my throat catch and start to gag.

I pulled back up. Dan stroked my head, and made remarks of how good it was and how good I was doing. I stroked down again, the saliva did build up quickly.

My eyes watered, but Dan told me to keep going like I was. "You can use your hand also, grip the base and work it up and down." I started to do as he said.

"There you go, that's nice." I heard him sigh and I glanced up to see him put his head back and relax. I continued the motion, let my mouth relax, it was easier.

I was able to get about an inch further down his shaft. I was starting to run out of breath. Dan must of felt it, "Go ahead and take a breath, but keep stroking my cock." I released my mouth from him, and took deep breathes to stop the burning in my lungs.

I returned to sucking him. As I steadily stroked him, I could feel him start to tense. "Okay, when I am about to cum, I will tell you, and you need to pull your mouth just far enough back to catch all of it. You are going to swallow; there will be none that comes out of your mouth." His hand returned to my head and helped me pick up the pace of my up down movements. I heard his breathing start to pick up, his hips also began to move.

"Okay, I am going to cum." I pulled my mouth back, and my hand stroked him faster. His thighs tightened and he gave a grunt. His shaft throbbed and a string of gooey liquid sprayed in my mouth. The strings of salty sperm kept coming; string after string filled my mouth. I gagged. "Swallow Karri-Ann, relax and swallow." I relaxed and thought about a milkshake, and I swallowed.

I felt him shake as I licked his head from inside my mouth as I swallowed. I pulled off of him. Dan gazed down at me from the chair with a large smile. "You did a very good job! Every evening we will do this, I know you don't like it now, but you will." He motioned me to get up, and standing up he pulled his pants up. Pulling me to him again, he gave me a kiss. "Relax for the rest of the afternoon and evening, I will be back later with your dinner." With that he walked out the door.

I ran to the bathroom, and washed out my mouth and tried to throw up the belly full of sperm. After brushing my teeth three times, I went to the bed and climbed in and fell asleep again. Dan never returned that night with my dinner. I woke up sometime that night, changed into my night clothes, and crawled back into bed, hungry. I fitfully slept the rest of the night.

Chapter 8 The next few days I walked on eggshells. Dan was the only one I saw, Sarah never came in once. Dan was a different kind of teacher, not always easy to understand. But I stopped thinking of escape, and just let my body do everything he said. Each evening before bed, Dan would come into my room, and watched me change. He would sit in the corner chair, then when I was finished he would have me kneel in front of him.

He would tell me about how good I was doing, stroking my hair and filling my mouth with his seed. A week went by of this. In the morning class Dan came in carrying a case. Opening the case he pulled out a cushion, then three dildo's with suction cup bases. They were of varying sizes. Dan pointed out the six inch, the eight inch, and a twelve inch dildo. Walking over to the wall he stuck each one to the wall. "You will everyday deep throat each one ten times." I eyed the twelve inch dildo, there was no way I could do that.

My stomach did a flip when I figured it was the same size as Edgar. I gagged thinking of it. "Failing will mean ten demerits for every time you don't deep throat one of those dildos." My mouth went dry. Dan dropped the cushion, and then pointed to it.

I walked over to it and kneeled down. The six inch eyed me in the face. I grasped it, opened my mouth and leaned in. I tasted the rubber of it. I worked it a little bit to get some saliva built up, then pushed in. I gagged and pulled out. I pushed in again, thinking of the paddle. I closed my eyes and pushed myself further onto it.

I felt the tip of the rubber head hit the back of my throat. I was about to pull back, then I thought better. I pushed harder. My throat expanded and it popped beyond it and went down. I opened my eyes to see only the wall. I didn't gag. In fact, I didn't have the want to gag. When it had gotten past a certain place, I no longer felt the urge to gag. I pulled off of it and gasped for breath. "That's one" I heard Dan exclaim. I swooped down again to the base.

I heard Dan say "Two." I kept going until there were ten down. I switched to the eight inch one then. My jaw burned as I did it again. My throat gave way, and I let it slide further in me. It took several more times to get all ten done. Dan clapped his hands, "Good Job, one more set." I moved to the large one. I looked at it, wondering if I could even get it in my mouth. I told myself to just do it. Rolling my jaw, I tried to loosen it for what was to come.

I placed the tip in my mouth. Closing my eyes, I relaxed myself as much as I could. The tip went in. I worked it in more, and then pulled out. My nose was running heavily, my eyes watered. I made several more tries. The dildo was getting slick. I pulled off to get a breath then swooped down as far as I could. I felt the large bulbous head hit my throat. I squeezed my eyes, and relaxed. With a push, the head forced its way down my throat.

Pain erupted from my throat. I quickly pulled back. I gasped, and sat panting. My throat was burning. I looked at Dan. Dan was sitting on the desk watching. He raised an eyebrow. Picking up the paddle he looked at me. It was a hell of an incentive. I turned and with a deep breath I did it again. Eight more pushes and I sat down panting hard. "Well done Karri-Ann!" Dan strode over and helped me up. Handing me a cloth he told me to clean up my mouth and then the dildos. My throat was on fire.

I finished cleaning, and then I put them in their case. I walked back to my seat and sat down. Dan brought over my workbook and put it front of me. "Each day, remember that." "Yes sir" I said, but it came out as a croak. My throat really was like sand paper. Dan smiled and played it off. The lesson ended and I handed in my work. Dan looked at the clock, and then pulling out a key from his pocket went to the door.

"Come here Karri-Ann. Put your thumb on the glass screen on the handle." Turning the key in the door, Dan pushed a button. I placed my thumb on the screen of the handle. It beeped twice. Taking the key out, Dan told me to open the door. I reached down and pulled. The door clicked, and opened to reveal the hall. Dan brushed past me and waved for me to follow him. He did the same thing as before to my room door, and then the workout room.

Turning to me he said "it will be your responsibility to get to class each morning on time, and also get to PE in the afternoon." I looked at him and blinked.

I was kind of stunned. "I will be back with your lunch" He walked to the end of the hallway and turned to watch me. Again he waved me to my room door. I reached out and opened the door. I walked in slowly. The door behind me closed. I had just been given a little bit of freedom.

Pleasure warmed me, and I smiled. The lunch came and I finished it quickly. I looked on the nightstand where an alarm clock had been placed. I saw that I had twenty minutes before my PE scheduled time. I changed into my workout clothes, and then I decided to go early, so it would please Dan. I smiled as I pulled open my door and strode over to the room across from me.

I walked in and paced around for awhile. I grew bored. Shrugging to my self I started the stair climber. After a while the door popped open and Dan came in.

Looking surprised he said, "You know, you still have to do your 10 miles from this point?" I smiled and told him that it was okay. He frowned at me. "Evidently we have been too easy on you. Add on another five miles." I frowned this time, but I still gave him a nod and told him that I will do as he asked.

Dan didn't just include the extra miles. He upped everything. When I finished I was soaked in sweat. I ended up in my bedroom as sore as my first day.

Dinner came and the evening activity took place. Dan smiled broadly at me when pulling up his pants. "That was the best you have done so far." A kiss on the lips and he tucked me in. Then out the door he went. Chapter 9 The alarm went off.

I rolled out of bed. I was actually feeling good. I felt comfortable for the first time in a long while. I quickly showered and finished up my morning duties, I opened my door to find my tray of food and pills. I finished it, and then put on my make up. I took the apple with me and went out the door heading to class. I opened the classroom door with a smile. My smile dropped off my face, and all blood drained from it. There sat Sarah. Green eyes pierced through me. In a pinched face she snorted in disgust.

"Your late you little bitch." I quickly looked at the clock on the wall. It was 5 minutes to eight, I was early. I was about to argue, then checked myself fast. "I told Dan it was bad choice to let you come freely on your own. That's twenty demerits for your tardiness." Anger flowed through me. "15 more for that attitude" I bit my tongue. "Get to your seat whore." I looked and saw my seat had been placed against the wall on the other side of the room.

An eye bolt was screwed into the wall behind it. I got to the seat and sat down. Sarah pulled out the case and taking the dildos, stuck them on the wall. She left out the cushion and then barked at me to do twenty deep throats.

I grimaced; this was going to be a hell of a day. I got to the twelve inch dildo, and only got fourteen done. Sarah barked at me that I was finished. I felt Sarah's hand on my neck placing a collar on. Soon I felt a chain go on the back. Jerking me backwards, Sarah dragged me to my seat. I was being chained to the wall. "This is so you don't run." Tears started to flow from my eyes.

"Stop your sniveling you cunt!" I wiped away the tears and watched as she put a text book and a notebook on my desk. I looked at it. It was the first book I had worked on. "You will copy all of it from beginning to end." I gritted my teeth and went to work. After several hours, I heard Sarah clear her throat. I looked up and saw that it was almost noon. Sarah walked over to my desk, grabbed my notebook and read it. Sarah snorted in disgust again at me. "You didn't finish. That's how many more demerits?

Oh fuck it; you have a hundred whacks now." The chain was unlocked and Sarah pulled me by it to her desk. She slammed me face down onto her desk. I began to panic, I looked on wildly as she went around, and pulling rope from the front she rapidly tied my hands down. I saw Sarah pull out the paddle, and walked briskly to my backside which was pointed upwards. I saw in the corner of my eye Sarah yank my skirt up, then hold the paddle like a baseball bat,and swung as hard as she could.

Pain caught me like a lightening strike. I screamed in pain. Sarah worked as hard and as fast as she could. I was shaking so badly, sobs were almost stopping my breath. I only saw hot white flashes. After the twenty fifth strike on my ass, I lost all consciousness. I came back when she had counted seventy. Sarah was crying, her sobs came with each heavy pant. Her hits were softer, she must have been exhausted, and she had given her all in those first hits.

My body was convulsing in pain. I was trying to climb off, but could go no where. Sarah stopped, to weak to go on. She went to the front of the desk and undid my hands.

Sarah pushed me off the desk and told to go to my room. I slid towards the door. I made several tries to get up. My legs buckled. I managed to use the wall and get up. I made my way to my bedroom, and collapsed face down on my bed. I cried until I passed out from the pain again. I stirred slightly at the sound of the door and Dan calling my name. I could feel my pillow was soaked with tears and sweat. I was shaking and I felt frozen.

"Karri-Ann, you are late for PE, I am not very hap&hellip." He stopped in mid sentence. "Aw shit!" I heard him bustle to the door again. "SARAH! Bring the medical bag down here quickly!" I heard him mash the button on the intercom and bellow. I felt Dan hover over me, then lightly touch me, he slowly raised my skirt exposing my inflamed ass. I flinched and tried to move away, but my body felt as if it weighed a ton.

Dan slowly worked my clothes off me. I shook violently as I lay there, tears streaming down my face again in pain. Dan pulled another blanket from under the bed and placed it over me. I whimpered again as waves of pain flowed over me. The door abruptly opened and Sarah stomped in. "What is the little bitch complaining about now?" Dan lifted the blanket exposing my backside for Sarah to see.

I heard Sarah stop, a small voice came from where she stood, "Oh dear!" I heard her run out the door. Dan sighed and picked up the bag Sarah had dropped. Pain wracked my backside again as Dan applied a cool salve. Dan was muttering to himself. I heard water run in the bathroom and Dan walked to my bed. "Sweetie, you need to take these pills, roll over on your side." I managed to roll over. Dan helped me take the glass and downed the pill he held out for me.

Taking the glass away, he came back and lifting me up gently he placed me under the covers on my belly. I felt more blankets being put on me. Then I faded into sleep. For the next few days when I woke I found Dan and Sarah by the bed. They would give me a few pills, and then I would drift off to sleep. I was unsure how many days had past. I was able to sit up though this time. Dan looked up from the chair with a concerned look on his face.

I swung my legs over the side of the bed. Dan walked over and looked at me. "You ready to get up?" I bit my lip, and nodded. Dan disappeared into the bathroom. I heard the bath being run. I sat there fighting the daze I was in. I raised my arm. I noticed I smelled really bad. Dan came back in and helped me walk to the bathroom. The bathtub was filled with bubbles, and looked inviting. I was about to get in when I twisted around and looked behind me.

My ass was completely black and blue. I could see it was swollen slightly still, and it hurt when I walked. I flinched again at the sight of it. I stepped in and lowered my self slowly down until I was immersed totally.

Dan walked back out; I heard the door open and close. I lay in the bath feeling drained. I faded out again. I noticed the water getting cold. I heard the door open, and Dan walked in with a tray of food. I realized how hungry I was all of a sudden. "Step out Karri-Ann before you turn into a prune." Dan joked with me. I gingerly got out of the tub and into a warm towel Dan held out for me. I was beginning to get worried at how I was being treated.

"Am I in trouble again, Sir?" I said softly and looked at my manicured toes. Dan laughed, "No, you're not in trouble. We were really scared for you. You had a high fever for the past 3 days." Dan walked me over to the bed again and told me to sit.

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Placing the tray next to me I sucked it down as quickly as I could. I felt energy come back to me. After cleaning up, Dan smeared more salve on my still sore posterior.

Dan handed me some soft panties and a soft dress. I dressed gently, the clothes felt like sand paper on my ass, but I grinned and pushed the thought of it from my mind. The day turned out to be only a light day with Dan. I had worked on my further lessons until the afternoon, and then Dan told me that it was good enough for the day, and to turn in. I did end up heading to bed early. Chapter 10 My dreams were a flutter of bad and good. My eyes popped open, and I starred at the clock on the bed stand next to me.

The 3:00 AM burned into my eyes. The door at my feet made a soft click. Someone softly slipped in. I heard the soft patter of feet walk to the side of the bed my back was facing. The covers lifted and I felt the bed dip as the person climbed in behind me. I was about to turn when I smelled the light smell of perfume. Soft hands slipped over my shoulder and pulled me gently to their body.

I turned to come face to face with Sarah. Her breath gently caressed my face. I felt something wet fall on my face. Her breath caught, and more tears started falling. "I am so, so, sorry" I heard Sarah break down. Sarah buried her face into my neck; she began to sob her apologies over and over again. "I felt so bad&hellip. I was so angry and hurt, I was afraid you would leave." Fury erupted in me.

I was about to say something, then stopped. I thought about it. The week before my escape attempt, I had actually felt good. I began to think of how Sarah must of felt. I had been behaving like I cared for her, then I had shoved her to the ground. I looked inside myself and asked "How do I feel about Sarah and Dan?" The truth of it was, I had started to care for both of them quite a bit.

My anger left, replaced by sadness. I placed my arm over Sarah, and I also began crying. I would have scoffed at someone for crying several months ago. But now, I had been immersed in becoming a woman that I acted like one now. The two of us clung to each other and cried. Soon Sarah was in a deep passionate kiss with me. She broke away long enough to tell me more how she felt then we kissed again.

Sarah was pressed against me tightly, her body was a furnace. We lay there lightly touching each other until we fell into a deep sleep. I woke up to the alarm. Sarah stirred awake, smiled at me and leaned in to kiss me again. Dancing out of my grasp, she stepped out of bed and disappeared out the door. I got up, and got ready for the day. I smiled to myself, and decided that I would do everything they wanted, because I wanted to do everything they said.

The day went quickly. I easily did my work. My work out was a bit tender, but I put on a good attitude and I finished it. As I sucked Dan down easily, I was aware that I had looked forward to it. I swallowed greedily as Dan erupted in my mouth. I took him deep in my mouth and made sure every drip had made it in. I smiled sweetly at Dan as he stood panting his happiness at the job I had done. He knew then, I was his. I was honestly happy at pleasing him, it astonished me.

Weeks passed, and I again became comfortable in doing my day to day duties. Every now and then Sarah would slip into my bed late at night and we grew closer on each occasion. A few times Sarah would let me slip down kissing every inch of her.

Parting her clit with my tongue, I would tease and lick until she writhed desperately against my mouth to reward me with a gush of her juice. A morning had passed easily; in fact I was in a very good mood. I bounced along when I walked to my room. Sarah stopped me before I went into my room. "Follow me." She motioned me. We walked to the end hallway door.

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Opening it Sarah stepped through, I hesitated then quickly stepped through also. Sarah made a left and went to a door. I looked in disdain at the couch on the other side of the room.

That horrible couch, I thought. Sarah cleared her throat, and I jumped. I quickly entered the door that she held open for me. The room appeared to be a doctor's office. An examining table stood in the middle of the room. I gazed around to see the normal things you would see in any hospital or clinic. "Take off your clothes honey, all of them." I instantly complied. I folded up each article of clothing and placed them on a chair near the door.

Sarah patted the table with her hand. I jumped up on it and shivered from the slightly chilled air. Sarah walked over to the door, and turned the thermostat up. A few minutes went by, and then the door opened. A little old man wearing a white doctor's jacket walked in. "Hello Sarah, how are you doing dear?" His thick spectacles revealed large bright eyes.

His bushy eyebrows danced up and down as he looked at Sarah who giggled at him. "Hello Dr. Kelly, this is Karri-Ann." She pointed me out.

Dr. Kelly looked at me and burst in to a large smile. He walked over to me and patted my leg. "AH good, and how are you feeling this fine day young lady." I raised my eyebrow at him, if he didn't see my penis jutting out of me then either he is blind, or senile.


Then again, I thought to myself, I had noticed recently that my scrotum had grown pretty small, and my penis seemed smaller. I had figured that it must be because of the gaff keeping me restrained all the time.

I had not really thought about it. Dr. Kelly went to a drawer and pulled out different examination devices. He did all the normal things, listening to my heart and lungs. Looking at different parts, moving my arms and legs he checked me out. Having me stand he checked from behind, checking my prostrate. He had me turn my head and cough as he felt my scrotum. So he must know that I was a male. He would occasionally go to the counter and scribble down on a notepad. He was muttering to himself, and occasionally telling me to move something, or asking if something hurt.

"Ah, Sarah, go ahead and get me a blood sample then would you now dear." I looked at Sarah, wondering if she would actually leave and get someone else. Instead Sarah went to another drawer and removed some test tubes, and other items to draw my blood. Sarah saw the look on my face. "Don't be silly, I am a registered nurse." She reassured me. I wasn't quite sure, but Sarah quickly set about getting my blood. Five tubes of blood later, I felt light headed.

Sarah wrote on the tubes and placed them in a box, then placed it in Dr. Kelly's bag that he had brought in. "Good!" Dr. Kelly announced. He pointed to my clothes and waved me to go get in them. I quickly dressed, Sarah tightened my corset and I was soon dressed. Dr. Kelly wagged his bushy white eyebrows at me and made a comment that if he was thirty years younger. I giggled at him. I told Dr. Kelly goodbye, and Sarah walked me back to my room. I ate my lunch and got ready for the rest of the day.

The day quickly past, and I was soon fast asleep. Two days later I was eating my lunch. Sarah handed me another glass of orange juice and told to drink up. I drained the glass, and helped Sarah with the tray. Thanking me, she sat it down on the table again. I wasn't sure why she did that. Sarah stood watching me. "I think that you should lie down quickly dear." I looked at her questioningly.

I started feeling tipsy, what was in that drink? I went to lie down, and my legs gave way. Sarah rushed over and helped me to the bed.

My mouth stopped working as I looked at Sarah. The world faded in front of my eyes. I swam in lethargic clouds. My eyes parted slightly to see a pair of white bushy eyebrows. "Relax young lady, count down from one hundred. Sarah, increase the drip on the IV." Darkness drifted down, and once again I swam in the clouds. Soreness in my throat brought me around to reality. I tried to say something, but only a croak came out.

Dan's face appeared. He seemed to say something, but I had a hard time understanding what he was saying. I closed my eyes, and was immediately asleep again.

My eyes popped open. This time I was awake. I was looking into a set of thick spectacles with bushy white eyebrows above them. "Good, you are awake, young lady. Don't sit up, just stay still and don't try to talk. You will have a small difficulty talking for the next day or so. Now let's see how they are healing, shall we?" I tried to talk, and immediately regretted it.

I winced; I was totally baffled about what was happening. Dr. Kelly pulled down the blankets that covered me, exposing my chest. I looked down; two globes seemed to be balanced on my chest. My breath caught. I had gotten used to the small breasts that had been pushed out with the straps they had me wear.

But this was different. It dawned on me then. I was looking at two actual breasts. Dr. Kelly had implanted breasts on me! Again I talked; a raspy voice said "What…?" Dr.

Kelly smiled and wriggled his eyebrows at me and began a lecture on how he completed the surgery by making two unnoticeable incisions along the nipple line.

He went on to say that they had gone with the "C-cup", and he couldn't have agreed more. My chest all of a sudden hurt. I saw Sarah lean over Dr. Kelly and then disappear again from my view. Sarah shooed Dr. Kelly out of the way and helped me up to drink some water.

She handed me a pill and the glass with a straw. I took the pill and sucked down the cool water. It felt good on my throat. I sighed with relief. Dr. Kelly was trying to tell me what an amazing job he had done with the implants and the trachea shaving.

I heard the last part. My hand went to my throat. It was swollen. But I could feel enough. I no longer had a lump there. I was in shock. I looked down and looked at the breasts that now made me a woman. Chapter 11 I recuperated pretty quickly. The benefit of the new breasts was that I no longer had to wear the strap that had pinched the tissue together. I soon learned that not only did I have a new look; the clothes in the closet had changed.

No longer were the dresses and skirts that of a young school girl. The shoes had been changed to four inch heals.

I was soon in the rhythm of things. I was amazed each morning to look down at my jiggling mounds that adorned my chest. The classes changed to computers and language. Dan and Sarah took turns teaching me. PE was an interesting activity as when I ran; my new breasts bounced a lot. All the bruising was gone in just over a week. I was actually having a good time; I looked forward to my evening time with Dan. Dan was finding it hard to concentrate when I did work on his hard cock. I became so good at it; I started to see if I could make him erupt faster then the time before.

I had finished my dinner and was in the middle of getting ready for my evening. The door opened and Dan came in and plopped on the bed and watched me get ready with a mournful look on his face. Slipping on my silk teddy, I asked permission for the question on my mind. He nodded the go ahead. "What's wrong?" "Sarah&hellip.well I said something stupid, and well I got kicked out of the bedroom for the night." "Ah." I acknowledged.

I picked up the chair pillow and went to the bed and dropped it on the ground in front of him. I knelt down on it, and reaching up I began undoing Dan's pants. Slipping it open I leaned over and began licking his soft shaved sack. Leaning back Dan sighed and let me go to work on him. My licks and sucking had him harder then I had seen before. Dan's hands fell to my head and helped my bobbing mouth engulf and please him. Soon I felt his tightening sack, the quivering thighs let me know he was about to blow.

Hot semen shot into my mouth. I walked into the bathroom, and cleaned up. I expected to see Dan gone, and I would normally hop into bed and be fast asleep.

This time was different. Dan was not gone. He was standing by the bed waiting for me. All of his clothes lay at his feet. Dan waved me to him. I timidly walked to him. He wrapped me into a kiss; I felt his hands wander down my body. His hands found their way to my breasts. My body was tingling from this.

I had never felt a man do this before. I had started getting used to the blow job, but this was different. Dan slipped my teddy off, his tongue swooped down and his teeth nipped at my nipples. His hands explored my body, caressing softly.

A sigh broke out of me, which surprised me. Dan stood and with both hands grasping my ass lifted me up. My legs collapsed around him and he drew me close. Our lips clashed again. Dan turned and laid me down on the bed, following me he crushed me. I felt his member, rock hard against my belly. Dan reached underneath me and I felt him grab my panties. Standing he removed them, and then he untied my gaff and pulled it off.

My eyes got wide. He had never done that before. He was back on me; I wrapped my arms around his neck. Again he lifted me and turning around he sat down with me still in his lap. His face buried in my neck, licking and sucking again.

Sensations flowed through me. I was turned on. I felt a stirring down low. It had been weeks that I had even thought about my penis.

Dan grasped my ass cheeks lifting and spreading. I felt his hard cock head searching for my hole. He found it and slowly let me down. I held my breath and whimpered. His teeth bit my earlobe, making me forget for a micro second about his large cock at the opening of me. I pushed out on my anus and sat down.

He entered me, and stopped at the top of his shaft, letting me get used to him. I relaxed, and panted in his ear "Fuck me, please fuck me, I need you inside!" He did then. I slid to his base. The heat burned deep in me. It was another feeling that at first I tensed, and then relaxed again. This was different from when I was first mounted. I felt good; I felt that he desired me.

I raised my hips, and then went down. He grunted, and whispered to do it again. I slowly did it again, then again. I would hit his base, and then grind on him. His breath was hot on my skin; his breath would catch then try to breath slower. Desire took over Dan. Standing he turned again and dumped me off him. Lifting my legs over his shoulders he bent me and exposed my puckered hole again.

The cock slammed back in my waiting hole. I cried for him to fuck me hard. His composer was gone; he fucked me harder and faster. My moans and pants drove him further into me. He was panting heavily and grunting with each thrust. Sweat beaded off his chest. Then it caught him, he couldn't last any longer. He grabbed me harder and thrust as deep as he could go. The semen hit deep inside my bowls. I arched my back trying to get him deeper into me. I panted in his ear heavily.

He began to thrust again. I felt him harden again, and he made slow steady thrusts. I couldn't believe I was feeling this. I wanted it; I wanted him to do it all night. I panted it in his ear. He pulled out of me, twisted me over onto my hands and knees, and then was back in me. He lasted longer then I could imagine.

Over and over he thrust in me. He pushed hard and I was flung further up on the bed. He climbed up and was jack hammering my ass again. He grabbed my arms by the elbows and using them like reigns, he rode me.

I could hardly catch my breath. I just yelled over and over again for him to fuck me. With a grunt I felt him explode in me. I collapsed on the bed with him on top of me. He stayed in me as we caught our breath.

The next hour was Dan contorting me into different positions. I faded in the early morning, Dan spooning me under the covers, kissing my neck. Chapter 12 I woke to the alarm, and found Dan was gone. I yawned deeply, and stretched. The shower felt good, and the semen seem to pour out my hole forever when I flushed it out. Slipping my white blouse and black skirt on I got ready. My make up was a bit of a challenge, lack of sleep had given me dark circles under my eyes.

When I felt it was sufficient I headed to my class for the morning. Sarah was at her desk. Her hand was scribbling on a piece of paper. I could sense right away that my mistress was irritated. I curtsied and softly told her good morning. Sarah looked up with a tight face which quickly softened and then a small smile came out.

"Don't worry sweetie, I am not mad at you, get that panicked look off your face." I breathed a sigh of relief. I went to my desk against the wall with the computer. Sitting down, I turned the computer on. As it buzzed and the hardware hummed to life I felt Sarah behind me. Placing her hands on my shoulders she asked, "Dan spent the night in your room last night didn't he." "Yes Ma'am." I immediately started thinking about that answer.

My stomach fluttered. Sarah laughed again. "Honey, I told you. You are not in trouble. Dan will be fucking you a lot more." "Tell me about it Karri-Ann." I looked up at her, then with her encouraging me again, I told her everything, how I felt, what he did. She lent down and whispered "You liked it, feeling his cock in you?" I nodded and bit my lower lip. Sarah's hands drifted down to my breasts and began lightly feeling them. Sarah whispered how she liked my new tits.

She flicked open my blouse buttons slowly and let her fingers caress my nipples. Sarah's kisses on my tongue felt wonderful. I arched my back and leaned my head back into a deep kiss from Sarah. Soon my blouse and bra were off and my hands hungrily went to exploring Sarah. Sarah was leading me to her desk then. My skirt was off next. My mouth explored her breasts as I slipped her clothes off. Sarah worked her way to sitting on top of the desk. I worked my way slowly down to her slit that was already moist.

I was soon lightly kissing around her clit. I worked my way closer in, and then flicked her clit with my tongue. I felt her sharp intake of breath, and her moans made the gaff strain with the pressure of my hardening cock.

Over and over again I worked my tongue into and around her pussy. For ten minutes I brought her to the final orgasm. Her body shook violently with throws of pleasure. Sarah sat up immediately and slipped off the desk.

Her hands reached behind me and untied my gaff. Pulling it off me, she went down to her knees. My cock seemed to pop as it got hard. She easily sucked me in and worked my shaft like I never had before. My fingers worked into her hair. My panting was haggard and I tried to slow it down. I didn't want to orgasm yet, I wanted this to go on. I had not come in months; in fact I was surprised that I hadn't blown my load yet.

A breeze should have set me off. Sarah stood up. I felt disappointment at first, but when Sarah turned and shoved her perky little ass at me, I was happy again. Sarah was flowing juice, my cock slammed into her. Her moans grew louder.

I pounded faster. I was still going strong. My God! I had never gone this long before. I was panting hard, Sarah was yelling for me to fuck harder and faster. I made a good attempt at it. I was still going strong. The thought of it started getting me worried a bit. But Sarah reached behind and grabbed my ass trying to pull me harder into her. I lost it; I flung everything I could into her. Sarah had a strong orgasm then. I felt her shake and tighten.

I pushed two more times, and then I did explode. I cried out and my cock throbbed again. I broke away and looked down. My six inch cock deflated quickly.

Sarah was already in my arms kissing me. "Sweetie, get your cloths on and follow me." She panted at me. I had my clothes on as quickly as they had come off, and I waited patiently as Sarah straightened her self out.

I followed Sarah down the hall and out the end door. I thought we must be going back to the medical room, but she kept walking. I watched her ass as she walked and smiled.

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We walked to the stairs. I looked up, then saw her reach to the right and noticed another door. Opening it we went in. A long hall way stood in front of us. Our heels made a loud clacking noise on the polished floor as we continued down the hall. I smiled and was still thinking about how I had just fucked Sarah, after a night of Dan fucking me.

We came to the end of the hall to three doors. One on the left, it was labeled "GYM". The door in front of us had no sign. The door on the right side of the hall had a placard next to the door. The placard read "Karri-Ann". Sarah turned to me and smiled. Waving me to the door, she motioned me to hurry up.

I opened the door. I walked into a apartment. On the left was the door to the bathroom. To my right was a counter that opened into a small kitchen. A large four post bed was in the center of the back wall. I could see a walk in closet in the corner. A couch, a chair, and a TV were set up. I stood there in amazement. Sarah wrapped her arms around me and whispered in my ear again. "This is your new room sweetie.

Want to break it in?" I smiled and turned. I sucked into her kiss. Our clothes were off in no time and we were in bed. Sex went on until the afternoon. We fell asleep. I woke up later from the hunger in my stomach. I hadn't eaten breakfast or lunch. Sarah pointed it out and told me to go make lunch for both of us in my new kitchen.

I laughed, and headed for the kitchen. I stopped on the way. A large mirror was on the wall. I looked at the woman in the frame. I blinked. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I had slipped on a pair of panties when I had gotten up. I had known I had changed, but this was radical. I had a permanent hourglass waist from the corsets and body shaper. My skin glowed and was smooth. My breast stood out perky. My shape was smooth and slender, my flat belly added to the effect.

I was no longer an out of shape man, with not much looks. Now I was this gorgeous woman. I turned my body from side to side examining myself. I couldn't believe it. "Will you stop, yes your beautiful, now go get me something to eat I am dying here." Sarah chastised me from the bed.

A sly smile came to the woman in the mirror, and I walked in to the kitchen. I worked in the office as a secretary after that. Many things happened, including a rise up in position.

The year was turning into something that was wild. But that is another story.