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Chapter 3 of the series Mom, Grand Mother & me: When I came home from school there was a note from Mom that she had gone to the store and would be home before five. It was five after three so I went in the bedroom looking for Lil, my Grandma.


She was in the shower so I stripped down and got in the shower with her. "What are you doing? Your Mother will catch us." She said. No, Moms at the store and we have at least an hour before she comes back. Before she could say anything else I reached down between her legs and ran my finger up through her pussy lips and tickled her clit.

"Oh Bobby" she moaned. I sat down in the tub and got between her legs and drew her pussy to my face and began to lick and suck her pussy. I noticed she had shaved most of the hair from her pussy area and only a small amount of hair was left just above her cunt.

Bare like it was it made it easier to eat her pussy. She squatted just a little which gave me more access to the inside of her cunt. It was no time before she came. I continued to eat her wonderful fuck hole until she had cum two more times.

Then I stood and we both got out of the shower and I bent her over the toilet seat and fucked her hard until I came deep inside her. She came several times more before I came. We got back in the shower and washed each other and no sooner were we dressed when we hard Mom come in the back door. I helped her bring in the groceries and then did my homework while they fixed dinner. We always ate together before Grandma went to work.

Everything went as it always did. Grandma left for work but not before she gave my ass a good squeeze as she went out the door. Mom waited about a half hour before she called me into the kitchen.

"Bobby, I need to have a serious talk with you. What we did last night was wonderful but was a mistake." I started to object but she waved me to be silent. "Let me finish. It was my fault and I'm sorry I placed you in that position. I must have been out of my mind to let you, my own son fuck me. As wonderful as you made me feel it can never happen again. What we did was incest and is forbidden by law and society.

I'm truly sorry." But, but, I stammered why not? You said yourself it was wonderful, there is no reason why we can't continue to enjoy each other. I love you more than just as a Mother. I want to be your lover. "That is very flattering but I'm sorry, I cannot let it happen again. I think I would go insane." I started to protest again and she said "NO, my mind is made up and that is final.

That night she slept on the couch and when Grandma came home she asked what was going on. I told her what Mom had said. She said, "I can understand her feelings.

I felt the same thing at first but I got over it." I told her I didn't think I could look at Mom every day and not want to make love to her. I love you both and I want to be both your lover's. "Lets let it lie for awhile and see what happens. For the rest of the week and the next Mom slept on the couch. In away it was nice because I could fuck Lil, (I now refer to Grandma as Lil except when Mom was present) every night or morning.

It was a strained relationship. It was like everyone was walking on eggs. Finally Lil said enough is enough, I'm going to have a talk with your Mom. When I came home from school Mom and Lil were in the kitchen. Mom had been crying. I pretended I didn't notice and went into the living room and started doing my home work. Just before Lil left for work she said your Mom will come to bed tonight. Do not attempt to do anything. Let nature take it's course. Sure enough about eleven Mom came to bed.

I pretended to be asleep and she was scooted clear over to the edge on her side. It went like that for a couple of weeks. On several occasions I woke and found I was scooted up to Mom with my dick shoved into her gown and between her legs. Only the first time did she pull away from me. About a week later was Moms birthday. We went over to Lily's restaurant and had dinner and a couple of bottles of wine. Mom and Lil each had two Margarita's before dinner. By the time we got home both were pretty drunk.

I even felt a little giddy from the couple of glasses of wine I had. I had never had any hard liquor before. Lil passed out and Mom and I undressed her down to her bra and panties and put her to bed.

Mom was stumbling around herself so I helped her put her night gown on and put her to bed. I watched television for about a half hour and then got ready for bed.

When I came from the bathroom I could see Lil laying on her stomach snoring up a storm. Mom was flat on her back with her legs spread apart.

That was it. I instantly got a hard on and I came to the foot of the bed gently removing her under pants. I got between her legs and began to eat her pussy. I licked and sucked her clit. I must have been at it for about ten minutes before she started responding. She began to moan hmmmm and ohhhh when I felt her climax. After she came the second time I felt her hands on my head as she lifted her legs allowing me even deeper penetration with my tongue. As I was sucking on her clit I heard her say, Ohhhhh Bobby I shouldn't but you make me feel so goooooood and she came again.

I slid up her body and took one of her breasts into my mouth and she moaned again. I took my hard, hard, dick and slid into her vagina. Oh how tight she was, as if she had never had me come out of that gorgeous fuck hole. Her pussy was like a small furnace and the hot walls of her vagina slid up and down my shaft. She threw her legs around me and we fucked in a frenzy of desire.

How we kept from waking Lil I'll never know. Her pussy was shedding a bucket load of cum as I pumped my cock deep inside her.

Faster and faster I went. Mom was almost screaming "Ohhhhh god Bobby fuck me, fuck me hard. I don't care if it is incest you make me feel like I never felt before, I Love you so much.

Ohhhhh yes, that's it. Yeesssss your making me cum again OH god yessssssssssssssssssssss." She was cumming one after the other. I felt the erg in my balls and I lifted her legs high above her head and drove my cock as deep as I could until I felt the end hit her cervix and I exploded directly into it just like the last time we fucked.

I fell on her chest completely exhausted. We fell asleep like that, arms wrapped around each other and my dick still buried in her womb. I woke up about an hour later and we fucked again.

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Just as I came in her I looked over at Lil and she was laying there watching us with a big smile on her face. She winked and rolled over and went back to sleep. I couldn't seem to get enough of Mom. I woke up and we fucked again about six and again about eight while Lil was in the kitchen.

Mom got up to pee and she could hardly walk. She whispered christ Bobby, where do you get the energy. I smiled and said it's you Mom you are so desirable I can't get enough of you as she crawled back into bed.

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Lil came into the bedroom a few minutes later and said, "Well my little fuck birds you better get up and eat something to regain your energy. I Mom's mouth dropped open and she stammered "wh- what are you talking about." Lil said, "Don't be coy with me Teresa I watched you fuck Bobby half the night." "Oh god, as she pulled the covers over her head.

Lil reached over and pulled the sheet off her and said, "It's Ok, I think it's wonderful, especially since Bobby has been fucking me for several weeks. We didn't know how to tell you; now everything is out in the open we can get on with a wonderful family relationship.

Mom kept staring, first me and then Lil. "Are you telling me you have been fucking your own Grandson? "Hells yes, just like you. Sleeping next to him with that magnificent cock of his night after night poking between my legs and butt made me so horny I was tractably wearing out my vibrator.

When it happened, I new it was incest and tried to stop but he was such a great lover even better than Dan, so I gave in. I'm not sorry either. He has made me come alive again. Mom just shook her head and said, "my god what are we going to do now" "just continue on, it's a perfect situation.

He can fuck you at night while I'm at work, and I can fuck him in the morning or when he gets home from school, so long as he keeps his school grades up. If he doesn't we cut him off." "Is that what happened when his grades went down last month?

"Yes" said Lil. I was in seventh heaven for the next two weeks, at first I was fucking Mom two, three times a night and Lil at least once. I finally slowed down to fucking Mom at least once every night. That hot tight pussy of hers was always ready. If I was able I think she would have let me fuck her every hour on the hour.


Lil was almost as bad. She loved to have me fist her. Some times I would fist her for a solid hour and she would cum so much that she would drench my hand and arm.

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She said I found her "G" spot. It was a little round bubble about the size of a button and would fill up I guess with her cum when I was massaging it. When she would let go she would shoot a fountain of water cum out of her pussy like she had a fire hose in there.

One day I came home from school, Mom was in the kitchen getting dinner ready. I asked her where Lil was, she told me she had gone to the Dr. for her annual check up. About four o'clock she came storming into the house slamming the front door and kept shouting "SHIT, SHIT, SHIT." Mom asked her what the hell was wrong. "Wrong, I'll tell you what's wrong I'm two months pregnant. I'm almost fifty and I'm pregnant for christ sake.

Mom and I just stood there in shock. Finally it dawned on me I was going to be a father.

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Mom said I thought you were on the pill? I am so it had to be that first night when he fucked me when I was drunk and asleep. I suddenly blurted out that's great Lil it makes me very happy. "You have got to be insane. Don't you know the ramification of this? One if anyone finds out you're the father I go to jail for child molesting. Even if no one ever finds out who am I going to say is the father, some traveling salesman?

Just then Mom said "Oh shit." What is the matter asked Lil. "I've been feeling quince this past week. I thought it was something I ate, but now, holy shit I wonder?" "That's all we need is for you to be pregnant too. Two days later we found that she was pregnant and must have happened just like Lil the first time before she started taking the pill.

I was secretly happy and proud that I had gotten both of them pregnant. I had just turned seventeen. Mom said she would have to get an abortion. Me too said Lil. No way I said your not going to kill my children. If you do I'm going to tell everyone you have been fucking me since I was fourteen. As a minor you know what that means. "You don't understand" Mom said and that's when they told me that my father was Dan, Lily's husband.

They told me the whole sordid details. "Don't you see, the child might be deformed or retarded" said Mom. I don't care I'm not going to let either of you kill my baby's. It was finally decided that they both would say the father was unknown. Once we had decided our course of action we fell back into our routine. I continued to fuck Mom at night and Lil in the morning or after I got home from school When Lil was eight months along we decided I should only fuck her doggy fashion. It was great.

I would reach around and hug her belly as I fucked her, sometimes I could feel the child jump inside her belly. One night about a week before she delivered a bouncing seven and a half pound baby girl, I was fisting her slow and easy not hard like I use to but a good steady rhythm. I extended my finger and felt her cervix.

It had opened up in anticipation of her delivery and my finger went up into her past my second knuckle. She almost went nuts. She kept pushing herself down on my finger trying to drive it deeper. I think I could feel the entrance of her uterus. She was so hot and her pussy opened up and I think if I could have gone deeper I could have shoved my whole arm to my elbow into her. As I was fisting her I notice her asshole kept opening and closing.

It fascinated me. I removed my fist from her gaping hole and stuck a finger up he ass. She let out a grasp but didn't say any thing.

Her sphincter muscle was fairly tight at first, but soon it loosened up so that I was able to put two, then three of my cum soaked fingers up into her ass as I pumped in and out of her like a piston. I with drew them and shoved my cock deep into her anal cavity.

I fucked that tight ass for about twenty minutes before I blew my load up deep up inside her bowels. She said Oh bobby, I have never been fucked there before. It was great. I hope you will do it again to me. From that time on she douched her ass as well as her pussy and I fucked in the ass most of the time from then on.

There was something exciting about fucking two pregnant women; It kept my desire for them alive. Even through Moms pregnancy right up to her delivery she let me fuck her. Her pussy was always like a furnace. The night before we left for the hospital she asked me to eat her pussy one more time. She said it may be awhile before I would be able to do it again. I did and it was as sweet as ever.

She delivered a seven pound healthy boy. By the time I was thirty one and Mom forty four we had three more children, two girls and another son, all healthy normal kids. My oldest son Bobby Jr. is fourteen and just getting ready to go into high school. My two middle daughters are eleven and twelve, and cute as the devil. The oldest Lillian (named after Teresa's Mom) is tall like her mother and Aunt and is just beginning to develop breasts, with a cute up turned butt like her Aunt Lil.


My Youngest daughter is Terry, not Teresa, and she is a replica of her mother. The Youngest is Tommy and he is nine. He is all boy, always getting into mischief. My daughter by Lillian is fourteen now. Her name it Teresa Lee after Mon. she thinks I'm her Uncle. She has a beautiful body like her Mom & Aunt. Nice set of tits with a gorgeous ass. She is tall for her age at 5'9" with long legs like her mother. Some times she straddles me when I'm sitting on the couch and will grind her pussy into my groin which of course causes my cock to get hard and I have to lift her off me.

I try to think of all kinds of things like sharks or walking on ground glass. She has been doing that since she was about three. It is the hardest when she has on only her Minnie night gown on. She never wears any panties. Not long ago I was watching television in my pajamas and robe. Lil was at work and Teresa was in the kitchen. The rest of the kids were playing on the floor. Lillian jumped on my lap and she had on a very skimpy short night gown. She started hugging me and kissing me and tickling me.

She kept moving back and forth on my groin as she played.

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I started getting hard real quick and my cock was pushing up into her. She suddenly lifted up and my cock sprang up through the opening in my pajamas. she sat back down right on my cock head. She spread her knees a little more and I sunk into her pussy about two full inches. I whispered Christ Lillian what do you think you are doing. "I want you to fuck me. I have listened to Aunt Teresa moan night after night while you are fucking her. I also know you fuck my mother all the time." All the while she is pushing her tiny little cunt down on my shaft going in another inch.

I was stretching her and I could tell by the look on her face that it was hurting her but she kept pushing. Oh Christ I thought, she's my daughter, how could I fuck her. I started to lift her off me when she bored down and I felt her maiden head tear and my cock plunge deep into my daughter's pussy.

"Oh shit, that really hurt." She just sat there for a few minuets and we stared at each other. She smiled and began to rise up and down on my very hard cock. I had never had a pussy so tight, much tighter than Moms, and I thought Mom had been very tight. I told her I couldn't cum inside her because she could get pregnant. "What should we do then? I want you to make me cum. I said get up and go into the bathroom and I'll come in there and take care of you. She did and as I looked down at my robe it had blood on the front of it.

I looked into the kitchen and asked Mom when dinner would be ready. She told me in about forty five minutes. Ok I said. I made sure the kids were busy and then I went into the bathroom. Lillian had taken off her night gown and washed the blood off. I sat on the toilet seat and let her straddle me. She sat down and I entered again that very tight pussy.

She was able to get her feet on the floor and that made it easy to pump my cock up into her. For one with no experience she was doing a good job. She would rise up on her toes until I was almost out of her and then would sit back down plunging my cock deep in to her.

I felt her legs get weak as she came but she continued up and down my cock, murmuring Ohhh Uncle Bob you feel so good. Ohhhhhh I'm going to cum again as she began to push up and down my shaft with her pussy very fast. She then grabbed me around the neck and I felt her cum again, this time a very big one. I was ready to cum myself so I stood up and had her sit on the toilet. I told her to take my cock in her mouth. She hesitated just for a moment and then opened her mouth and I slid in.

Her Mouth was very hot and she began to suck.


It only took about a dozen strokes before I shot my load into her mouth and throat. She was game, she tried to swallow it but began choking and much of it ran down her chin and chest. Oh Uncle Bob that was wonderful. We cleaned up and I let her sneak out of the bathroom to her own room she shared with her mother. We had added to bedrooms and two bathrooms soon after my fourth child was born. Over the next several years it became a little difficult trying to service all three women and not let my Mother or Grand Mother knowing about Teresa Lee.

Unfortunately it all came to a head when Teresa Lee became pregnant when she was seventeen. It took my Grand Mother who was now 69 a long time to get over it but Teresa Lee finally convinced Lil that it was her fault because she had blackmailed me about fucking her mother. There was an investigation and fortunately for me Teresa Lee had fucked a boy at school claiming it was his. We never asked the kid to support the baby and told him to get on with his life. Both he and his parents thanked us.

Teresa Lee later told me he had pulled out of her and never came in her. I was glad the school dropped it. She had a little girl six and a half pounds. She was a beautiful baby. I am now forty five. My Grand Mother Lillian died last year of ovarian cancer. Just before she died she told me she regretted nothing and that I had made her happy. Mom and I still fuck but not as much. I don't have the stamina I use to have. Teresa and I had four more kids.

I know that my life has been a sin in most peoples mind, but to me it has been a wonderful life. I got fixed two years ago. The beauty of all our relationship is the closeness we have.

We never fight among ourselves. Everyone has been happy with everything. Oh yes, four years ago my youngest daughter by my mother, Terry caught me fucking her sister Lillian.

I had been fucking Lillian since she was sixteen. Terry had just turned twenty when she made me fuck her the first time. I was quite surprised that at twenty she was still a virgin. All my kids by both my Mother and Grand Mother were virgins when I fucked them. They are all extremely good sex partners. I think Terry is the best of them now. Each time Each and every time I'm inside her and I close my eyes I can feel and visualize how it was the first time my mother and I mutually made love.

Like her Mother she has an insatiable appetite for sex and like her Mom she has the hottest pussy you can imagine putting your dick into. I usually fuck my Mom within 24 hours of fucking Terry because of that memory. Life is wonderful. Lillian got married two years ago when she got pregnant. She wasn't sure if it was her now husband or mine. It's hard to tell but he looks a lot like her younger brother. Terry thinks she wants to get pregnant too. I told tha since I was fixed she would have to wait until she finds a husband.

She didn't, she started fucking Tommy and he got her pregnant. We all had tried to keep Tommy pure but over the next several years he got Terry pregnant about every seventeen months. As of this date they have six kids. Five girls and one boy who was the oldes.

What a family, I wonderd what was instore for those Girls. I think I new already Teresa Lee told me if I ever tried to fuck one of our kids when they get older she would cut off my dick and stick it up my ass after I bled to death. I believe her. END OR STORY. [b]