Dirty bitch gets her pussy pounded while

Dirty bitch gets her pussy pounded while
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Ahh, don't you think it's just lovely to be living right now? Lighting fast internet and computers to match, all the information you could wish for few clicks away, TV series and movies on demand, then the smartphones, laptops, tablets, all with more memory than you could use, food, ahh, the food.

You don't even have to make it on your own, you can order it, even online if you so desire! It's something every woman - especially a pregnant woman, appreciates. And last, but not least, perhaps the biggest worry of most parents. easy access to porn. It's everywhere, and no matter what you do you can't stop your kids from seeing it. Seriously. Some parents have tried doing that, by installing numerous programs, others by going a step further and finding one of those rare internet providers that filter porn by default, but what they don't realize is how utterly, completely pointless it actually is.

Anyone at least a bit tech-savvy could easily find a proxy to get around it, and visit whatever site they want. Sure, there are some programs that can block any site that's knowingly xxx-related and most, if not all proxy sites - for the sake of the argument, let's say they can block all proxy sites - but, all they would need to do is find a forum or a site that's dedicated to other things yet has such content, and there you go!

Naked ladies everywhere. Or men! No judging. Then, there's the ultimate 'solution', a monitoring software that records all activity - everything they type in, visit, all the messages they receive or send, who they talk to, everything - so the parents can watch over them.

*Shudders*. No, no, it's not creepy at all, Mr. and Mrs. I-control-my-childrens-lives. But, eh, whatever, who am I to judge? Aren't we forgetting something, though? Smart phones! Hell, even normal mobile phones. two clicks, three at most, and there you are, once again! Albeit, there are those parents that don't allow their children to have any kind of phones.

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No TV after nine either, I assume, because that's 'bed time' and when 'adult programs' start. That is if they allow them to watch TV at all. They might as well home-school their kids by that point, 'cause they've already done their utmost to destroy them socially. I haven't even gotten to Internet Cafes, magazines, and the rest - like borrowing someone else's phone, or tampering with 'tamper proof' monitoring software.

I don't need to, because the point stays the same: if they want to see something, they'll find a way to see it. But this story isn't really about porn, and ways to get around filters and whatnot. It's about being a parent in the 21st century. It was May 23rd, and it was one of those days.

One of those days when I just know something odd will happen. Like finding shitty boxers hidden away under our bed, because my husband's parents haven't taught him that 'wishing them away' doesn't equal washing. *Ugh* Or, perhaps a fleshlight - yep, you've read it right - all sticky and dirty, as if he was leaving it as a present to me, to remind me what I was missing.

It was neither. And I've looked! Inside my husband's drawers, our closet, and with some trouble, under our bed - nothing. I was both honestly surprised and relieved, I've had enough of cleaning his boxers until the point where they are actually washable in a machine. Next time, he'd find them under his pillow. Then, with a laundry basket in my hands, I headed for my son's room. I tried to come up with something that I would actually be surprised to find.

A girl in his room that climbed through the window? It wouldn't be a surprise after the first time, but I doubt she'll be back again, not through the window anyway. I mean, plus one for the effort and creativity, but plus two for get the fuck out and use the door next time.

As I came up to his room, I noticed the door was slightly ajar. Regardless, I reached out to knock, and that is when I heard an unmistakable sound of grunting coming from inside his room.

Ah, of course. There's also my favourite - and dreaded by most mothers - catching your kid masturbating. I debated where or not I should look inside.

Normally I wouldn't, but I felt a little unsettled by his continued grunting. "Those aren't the sounds someone makes when they masturbate, are they?" I wondered, but I only had my moans to compare it to, and not many of those as of lately. If he wasn't masturbating, though, then what was he doing? My mind swirled with possibilities, none good - he could be laying on the floor, hurt! I didn't want to jump to conclusions based only on the sounds he was making, but I had to check, especially if worst came to be.

However, if it turned out he was masturbating, it wouldn't be a big deal, I told myself. After leaving the laundry basket in the hallway, I tip-toed to his door, then slid it a little more open before poking my head inside. I couldn't believe my eyes what I was seeing.

I stifled a gasp as I watched him; he was laying on his bed with his top off and pants pulled down around his knees, holding in his hands what was undoubtedly my husband's fleshlight, and trying, but struggling, to jam his erect penis into it.

I hid behind the door and stood there for a moment. Okay, *that* surprised me. My heart was fluttering, and I was in shock by what I had just witnessed.

Seriously, I mean, come on! He was born in '97! That'd make him. 18?! Okay, I knew how to count, but at the time it was just so. shocking. "A fleshlight!" I thought in disbelief. I didn't see a dildo until I was 21 and married to my husband, by which time I've already seen a real life penis, but until then, hell, the closest I came to a dildo was a cucumber, and that was in a bathroom when everyone was sleeping!

And even then, I got caught by my mother, and spanked until I couldn't sit on my ass. But now, as a parent in the 21st century, it was expected of me to sit him down and.

talk to him?! I was all for it, really, but. wow. The world certainly wasn't like it used to be. Most mothers by now would be sitting beside their beds, calling their husbands. "We have a situation," they'd whisper, as if somehow their son could hear them from all the way across the hall, while he was probably still busy jackin' it, thinking of that girl with a nice ass - or a man. Whatever. But, not me. My husband, Will, was at work, and if I gave him a call I knew the answer I'd get: "I thought we agreed you would deal with it?" Unless he wondered first as to why the hell I didn't talk to him about that stuff years ago.

You might think by now my husband is not very supportive, especially with me being five months along with our second child, but he is, I assure you! When our son was born, he became a stay-at-home dad, while I returned to work. And during those first couple of years, he had changed more diapers, and lulled him to sleep more times than I ever had. Anyhow, it actually started as a joke at first when our son was still a baby; Will teased me that since he was the one taking care of Kevin all the time, it'd be up to me to explain things to him and answer any questions he had, as he grew and became more curious.

We had a nice laugh about it, but after I conversed with other mothers about how they dealt - or planned to - with such and similar matters, I told my husband that when the time came, I'd sit Kevin down and talk with him about it.

I was determined to be one of those 'cool', chill moms. And I was planning to. I waited for the perfect moment, perhaps, after finding his cum-stained underwear, socks, or anything else of that sort, as a sign that he was becoming interested in such things.

But as time passed by and that moment never came, I put it off more and more, until the point when I forgot about it. "Did that make me a bad mother?" I wondered, feeling guilty for not educating him like I should have. "Damn it!" he cursed. I poked my head inside once again, and saw the fleshlight laying beside him, while he stroked his penis with two of his fingers, trying to keep it hard.

I moved back. It was obvious he didn't know what he was doing. After thinking about it for a moment, I decided I had to set things straight. If there ever was a time for that talk, it was definitely now. Picking up the laundry basket, I headed to my room, while forming a plan inside my head.

After setting it down on the bed, I went through my bedside drawer and took a small tube of lube, and a dildo. "Yes," I thought. I was going to demonstrate to him how to use the fleshlight properly, with a little help of my dildo.

"Surely that's better than just talking about it?" Back at his door, I took a deep breath, and after a short succession of knocks I walked in, my cheeks turning a soft shade of red, acting ever confident, yet secretly anxious.

"Mom!" he gasped, his hands clinging to the bed sheet, which he somehow managed to pull all the way up to his chin before I came inside. "W-what do you want?" he asked. Without saying a word, I walked up to his bed, then sat down beside him. He scooted a little away. "Kevin, do you remember how we never had a talk about sex? Well, I think it's time we had that talk." "That's not something we need to talk about," he said, trying to act calm, but panicking on the inside. Then his eyes settled on my hands, and as he was about to ask what I was holding, I said, "Honey," then, after taking a deep breath, I continued, "I was just passing by, gathering clothes to put in the machine, and I've seen you trying to use the fleshlight." His eyes bugged out, and all he could seem to utter was incomprehensible nonsense, terrified that I caught him.

Trying to reassure him, I placed a hand on his thigh; he instantly tensed up, but didn't pull away. "It's okay," I said.

"You're not in any trouble, and I promise I won't tell your dad you've borrowed his flashlight. However, on a related note. could you please hand it to me, so I can demonstrate to you how to use it properly?" As my words sank in, he sighed in relief, and with some hesitation pulled out the fleshlight from under the bed sheet, then handed it to me.

What followed was the most awkward and silent demonstration that I have ever witnessed. Afterwards, I placed the dildo down onto the beside table - his eyes following my hand - before I handed him the lube. "Now, lube your penis like I did with my dildo," I calmly said. "If you need any help, let-- let me know." At that point, I actually thought I pulled it off very well.

I only wished I hadn't said the last bit.

Well, at first, anyway. Then, my mind racing a thousand miles per second, I realized it wasn't such a bad idea.


I mean, minutes earlier he was trying to jam his penis into a fleshlight, without lube, as if he was trying to cut a watermelon with a knife - at least that's what it reminded me of. He had no idea what he was doing, and I had doubt my two-minute long demonstration would help him very much. "The, um, the fleshlight," he awkwardly said and reached out with his hand, jarring me from my daze.

I handed it to him, he took it under the covers, and fumbled with it for a couple of seconds. "How's it going?" I asked, trying to retain the calm sound of my voice. "I-It's not," he said. "You know what? Why don't. why don't you pull down your covers, so I can see what you're doing?" "What?" he gasped in disbelief.

"I can't do that!" "Kevin, please," I said, "I'm sure you want this to be over as soon as possible, just like me. But first, I need to see if you've understood my demonstration and can do it right.

Okay?" "Mom." he pleaded, looking at me with his puppy-eyes. When he saw I wasn't budging, he reluctantly pulled the bed sheet down, revealing his lubed semi-hard penis. "This is so humiliating," he muttered, while I blushed a little from being so up close.

With the fleshlight in his hands, he positioned it above the tip of his penis, then, using a lot more force than necessary, he tried to jam his penis into it, just like before. His lubed cockhead slid all over the place, making his efforts absolutely pointless. I was in disbelief. "Is he messing with me, or is he really so clueless?" I couldn't help but wonder, but the latter became more and more apparent with every passing second.

"Use both of your hands, and take it slower," I awkwardly said, trying to instruct him. "That's what I'm doing," he grunted, as he kept trying to get the tip inside without success.

At one point when his penis bent in half, I cringed in fear and covered my eyes, thinking it was going to break. "Okay, okay, stop!

That's enough," I said, afraid he was going to injure himself. As soon he did, I grabbed the fleshlight from his hands.

We spent a few moments in silence - him staring at me, while I thought about what I should say, and how to instruct him properly. When I finally looked his way, he averted his eyes and looked down at my chest; his eyes went wide, before he quickly looked up towards the ceiling.

He was adorable, and I couldn't let him down. If it was anyone's fault that he was so inept at this, it was mine, and if we had that talk when he was younger, then maybe we wouldn't have been here, right now.

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However, time for such talk has come and passed; it was time for action. "I." I started to say, then bit my lip nervously. "I'm going to give you a demonstration, a lesson if you will, with the fleshlight and your penis," I said.

As soon those words left my mouth, he covered his crotch with his hands. "Mom, no! You can't do that!" he protested vehemently. "Kevin!" I sternly said, then took a breath, and continued with a calmer tone of my voice. "Put your hands up beside your head. This is not time to freak out - we can deal with this, together." "Mom, can't you just leave? Please." "I want to make this clear: the only way I'm leaving your room is when I'm absolutely certain that you know how to use the fleshlight properly.

So, we can either sit here with your penis hanging out and talk about your day, your friends, and school, or, I can show you how to use it, and in a minute or two I'll be out of your hair. You choose." Defeated, he sighed, then put his hands up beside his head.

Without further ado, and rather than touching him directly, I took the the bed sheet with my left hand, then wrapped two of my fingers, through the bed sheet, around the base of his penis. With my other hand, I took the fleshlight. "The bed sheet will get dirty with lube. You don't want to get bed sheet dirty, do you?" he said. I tried not to chuckle, amused by his attempt to get me to stop. I could feel the awkwardness melting away. "I'm the one washing them any way, am I not?" I said, as a soft smile spread on my lips.

His penis became harder, and I moved the fleshlight over it. After carefully positioning the entrance above his penis, I rubbed the tip into it. "Are you watching?" I asked, and glanced at him. "Yes," he said. "Good. All you need is to hold your penis around the base, a right angle, and with little lube and patience," I said, then pushed the fleshlight down a little, "It'll go right in." He let out a gasp as the tip of his penis slid inside.

"God. really?" he said in disbelief. "I feel so dumb right now." I looked at him. "No one was born knowing everything." I slid the tip in and out a few times, then pushed the fleshlight down further, an inch more than before. "Can.


can I take over now?" he asked tentatively. "You know, maybe in a moment or two," I said, blushing a little as I slid it up then back down those two inches, working it slowly.

"It's weird. please," he said, breathing a little heavily. "Why is it weird?" I asked, then slid the fleshlight another inch down, bringing a gasp from him. Now confident it won't slip out, I let go of his penis and the bed sheet that I was holding it with, then shuddered.

"Is it because I'm your mother? Or because you don't like it?" "You're my mom." he whined. "Well, maybe you could pretend like I'm not your mom," I offered.

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"I can't do that! I can see it's still you. just, stop," he pleaded. "Kevin, you were trying to jam your penis into it earlier! If you gave it a thought, I'm sure you'd see that I'm doing this for your own good," I said, as I tried to think of a solution.

A blindfold at this time would have been good. Looking around, I noticed his shirt laying on the bed. Letting go of the fleshlight, I stood up and took the shirt. "What are you doing?" he asked, as he looked me in the eyes for the first time in a while.

Without saying a word, I moved closer, then placed it over his head, making sure he could breathe, but couldn't see through it. He tried to pull it off, but I swatted his hands away before I sat back down, and took hold of the fleshlight once again. "Now you can't see me," I said. "Mom." he protested, but his voice trailed off as I started sliding the fleshlight up and down his penis.

"Mmm, oh wow," I muttered, as I watched his penis slide in, then out. "Does it feel good?" I asked. "Yeah, but. it's still weird," he said.

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"Mmm, why is it weird?" "'Cause you're my mom," he said, and let out a soft moan. "It's okay. I can be your mom and do this. You see, you.

you are still thinking of me as your mother, but you shouldn't. For me it's the same as if you were my girl friend, and I'm, I'm just teaching you something," I explained, trying to make him more comfortable. In truth, even for me, it was weird. But even a blind person could have seen he needed help, a lesson if you will, and I was going to give it to him, no matter how awkward or weird it ended up being for either one of us.

I wasn't going to be one of those moms that had to drive their son to the ER after he cut or broke his penis, or something. After working the fleshlight all the way down to the base - good seven or so inches - I took it in both of my hands, and slid it all the way up, then back down, and repeat.

"That feels really good," he exhaled heavily. "It does?" I said, and smiled a little. "Good," I said, relaxing even further. It felt almost. natural. So there I was, moments trickling by, sliding the fleshlight up and down his penis - with a bit of trouble, might I say - and then it hit me. "Condoms! How could I have forgotten them?" "Your husband said the same thing five months ago," a voice said, making me shudder.

I looked around, feeling terrified that someone else might be in the room, but there was no one. I looked at Kevin, and while I couldn't see his face, I could hear his soft, barely audible moans; it wasn't him either. It must have been my mind. Believe it or not, we planned the second baby. "Kevin, I'll be back in a moment," I said as I let go of the fleshlight, and got up from the bed. "Mom?" he said in confusion.

Without wasting a moment, I went into my room then went through my husband's drawer until I found one of his condoms from god-knows-when. As I came back to my son's room, I had to face a new problem - he was blindfolded, and someone had to put on the condom. After giving it a thought, I decided to take take things hands on.

If my husband didn't shy away when it came to diapers, I wasn't going to shy away when it came to my son's sex-ed! Some would object to that, I hear you. But, what was I supposed to do? Ask him to take his blindfold off, give him the condom so he could put it on by himself, and then ask him to put the blindfold back on?

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That would have just gotten him tense, and made the whole situation awkward - I had no desire to take away from his enjoyment. It was going so well! And as loving mother, sometimes you just have to do what it takes for your child.

Then. there was that other issue.


That whole, this-is-so-wrong-but-it's-making-me-so-insanely-hot issue. Oh, wait. I didn't mention it, did I? Right. Well, forgive me. If this was a movie, the movie would cut back to the start, and video camera would go from my face, down to my panties - you'd see slightly moist, blue panties, with 'WET' written across the screen.

Then, another cut to several minutes later, with 'WETTER" written across the screen and a shot of my panties with a big moist spot on them, and finally, it'd cut back to right now, and it'd say on the screen, 'Holy Hell, you could wrestle in here!', for which I believe you don't need a graphical description. Being five months along, and without sex for probably as much, certainly wasn't helping.

With my husband busy, and his ever diminishing sexual desire - he liked to joke that he 'wasn't attracted' to me now that I was pregnant, but the truth was, he was uncomfortable with the thought of having sex with me, now that a baby was growing inside me - I had to resort to other options, like masturbation.

Which worked great! The first few weeks, anyway. Over time, it almost became impossible to orgasm by my own, so I pretty much gave up on it. Can you imagine how it feels being horny, yet not being able to orgasm? But now, there I was, and there was a real, live cock, which I was desperate to feel inside me.

"Mom, are you here?" he asked. "I'm here," I said and shook my head clear. I opened the condom, then walked up to his bed. Bending over, I took hold of the fleshlight, then slid it off and placed it beside him.

"See, baby? Mommy's here." I looked at his crotch - his penis was standing tall and proud, glistening with lube and pre-cum on top. I considered using the bed sheet again, but it wasn't going to cut it this time, since I'd still have to lube his penis with my own fingers.

I reached out with my hand, then stopped, fighting the urge to lean down, slip my lips around it, taste it, suck it, li-- I took a deep breath, and instead gently wrapped two of my fingers around the bottom of his shaft. "W-what are you doing?" he asked worriedly.

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Doing my best imitation of my voice, and not my squeaky 'Am-I-really-thinking-about doing-THAT?!' voice, I said, "Well." and stopped. Shit. It sounded really, horribly squeaky. I cleared my throat, then continued, trying to control myself better. "You know, when you're about to have sex with a girl, you should be wearing one of these.

Can you guess what it is?" "Yes!" I smiled, proud of myself for pulling the voice off. Well, okay, it was my voice, but still!

"A condom?" he said. I positioned the condom above his cockhead. "That's right. So I'm just going to slide it all the way down, like this," I said as I slid it down along his length, "and then apply a little lube, before putting the fleshlight back on. Okay?" "Okay," he said. I took the tube of lube, then poured a little on the tip of his penis. As it slid down in trails on few different sides, with two of my fingers, I gently smeared it on the condom.

As the moments passed by, I must admit I became more and more anxious and nervous. Okay, so maybe I couldn't go through with it. Maybe it was just one of those things crazy pregnant hormones make you want to do, you know? Like, flashing drivers from beside the road - no one would normally want to do that, right? They could crash! Or taking off the condom, and sucking that cock until I swallowed every last drop of his come, and then -- well, you get the point.

Maybe it would be better if it stayed just a fantasy. "That feels nice," he moaned, pulling me from my daze. "Huh?" I muttered, wondering what he meant. As I looked down, I saw my fingers wrapped around his penis, mindlessly stroking him.

I shuddered. A soft blush spread across my cheeks, and I let go of his penis, while still holding it around the base with my other hand. "That's, um, lubed enough," I said. I took the fleshlight, positioned it above his cockhead, and. I hesitated. I couldn't go through with it. I couldn't slide it down and educate him to completion, then go back to my room when done, and masturbate, only to end up feeling frustrated because I couldn't come! Then the whole day would go to hell, because I'd be frustrated about being frustrated from not being able to come!

And frustration equals stress. or is frustration a cause of stress? Either way, stress was bad for the baby - all mothers knew that. Obviously, I couldn't allow that. I couldn't *knowingly* harm my baby. I struggled not to smile, because it was no laughing matter. "Are you going to put on the fleshlight?" he asked "Just--" Squeaky. I cleared my throat. "Just a minute," I said in a deep, manly voice.

I giggled a little. I sounded like Rambo. But, now I was facing yet another problem. He couldn't find out it was me.

Thinking quickly as I put the fleshlight far away on the bed, I slid up the bed sheet all the way up to his penis, and on the sides almost completely covered his hips. Then, I got up and hiked up my skirt, slid off my panties, and dropped them on the floor, before climbing back onto the bed, straddling him, and kneeling down with my legs on each side of his body.

I was careful no part of my body was touching his. That'd be bad. Remember how he reacted at first? I had a feeling he'd react much worse this time if he found out. After positioning myself above his penis, I took a deep breath and reached down with my right, taking his penis in my hand, while my left was down on the bed, making sure I didn't lose my balance.

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As I slid the cockhead between my labia, rubbing it back and forth, I wondered, "What if he notices the difference, and figures out it's not a fleshlight, but--" I stopped for a moment, his cockhead poking at my entrance.

Okay, that was a real worry. Not sure if it was my wishful thinking, made up memory, or actually real, but I remembered reading in one of those sex-related magazines that nowadays, fleshlight were 'super realistic'. I looked at the fleshlight, and screwed up my face. "Seriously, that's realistic?" Then, it came to me that I've read the same thing about certain dildos, and having had the chance to try one of them, I couldn't disagree.

Maybe this fleshlight was the same? Regardless, I knew how risky this was. I could either give up, or roll the dice and take a chance. And I did. Damned be the risk! Without wasting another moment, I let my hips down, and the tip of his penis pushed through my flowery opening, and into my vagina, where he once came from. It made me feel dirty. The first thing I thought was not, "Oh my God, I'm really doing it!" but, "Oh my. that's nice. Maybe a little more.".

So I slid further down, deeper, his lovely penis filling me up inch by inch, until I found my pussy stretched around the condom-covered base of his penis. I won't lie - I could feel guilt in my stomach, but with every passing moment it was replaced with both arousal and pleasure. And then I thought, "I *AM* really doing this!" I wanted to squeal.

My heart was racing so fast, and I could barely think clearly. It was the most exciting thing I've done in months - being pregnant and confined to the house was neither pretty nor fun. As I sat there, smiling as I enjoyed the feeling of a penis deeply inside me - a real one! - Kevin spoke. "Umm, Mom?" "Yes?" I said. "It feels kind of. different. Is that normal?" My smile disappeared.

"Shit," I thought. What was I thinking? There was *no way* my pussy felt the same as that fleshlight - it was wetter, warmer, and I'd dare say, tighter. "Mom?" he said, as I sat there in silence. My mind was racing, my eyes were on his hands, which were beside his head, waiting for the inevitable moment when he was going to pull off the blindfold, and then we'd be in trouble.

And when I say we, I mean me. "Umm, it's, uhh." I said as I moved up and down a few inches, hoping to distract him while I thought of something, anything. "It's, you know, the." And then, it came to me. How much does he really know about sex? Sure, he's probably seen a porno or two, but porn is often unrealistic, and can hardly teach anyone anything, unless the person is an avid watcher, and I really doubted that. After all, I am here, giving him a 'lesson' because he didn't know the basics - like using lube!

And then I thought, "This is perfect!" Smile came back to my face. Remembering to use as normal voice as possible, I said, "It's the condom. It makes it feel different; more real." "Yeah. makes sense," he moaned softly. I grinned. "Bingo!" I thought. Wait. No one says that anymore? Oh well. As I slowly slid up and down, enjoying and appreciating every inch, over and over again, I looked down.

legs, check - far apart, and not touching. Butt. check, touching the bed sheet, but not his legs. Pussy. check, wet and hungry. I did my best to copy the movement of a fleshlight - up and down, not back and forth.

"Could you slide it a little faster?" he pleaded. "It's better to go nice and easy," I said, feeling afraid that if went much faster, I'd get carried away. "If you let it build up slowly, your orgasm will be better." A minute passed by before he spoke again. "Uhh. this fleshlight feels really good," he said. "Yeah," I moaned softly, unable to contain it anymore as I neared my orgasm. "It does." "How close is it to.

feeling like." he panted, his voice trailing off. "I think it's very close," I said, my breathing becoming ragged as I rode him a little faster. I could tell he was getting closer too. ". having sex with a real girl?" he finished a few seconds later. "Oh. mmm," I muttered.

"It's really close." "Yeah?" "Really close," I repeated. A few seconds later, he asked, "You think I could. get one of these fleshlights of my own?" I stopped moving for a moment, gathering my breath. "You could," I said, then, grasping the opportunity by its balls, I continued, "Or.

maybe I can just come bring it to you every once in a while. You know?" I said as I ran my right hand across my body; my thighs, my stomach, then slid my hand into my blouse and cupped my left breast. Squeezing it, I continued riding him at a slower pace than before.

"So your dad doesn't notice when it's missing," I said. "Ohh." he moaned, as every downward thrust of my hips brought his penis all the way inside me. "Was that a no? A yes? A maybe??" I wondered, unsure, so I pressed the issue. "We could do something like that. What do you think?" "Uh-huh," he muttered. "Oh, yeah." I moaned out loud.

My cheeks turned bright red within a second. I wasn't supposed to moan. If this was just a fleshlight, and not me, there was no reason for me to moan. I wasn't sure how much he cared at the moment as to what was going on around him, but I was sure he'd replay this whole thing later on, and when he did, he'd probably wonder the same. "I'm. I'm just so excited for you!" I exclaimed. Okay, that was a bit weird, but still better than-- Fuck it.

These thoughts had to stop. He was too into it to hear all my words, much less a moan I made - he was moving up his hips, trying to meet my thrusts. At first I managed to keep the distance between my butt and his body, but over the course of the next minute, his hips rose higher and higher with my every downward thrust, and the distance between our bodies grew smaller - too small for my comfort.

Feeling worried, I said, "Do you want me to go faster with the fleshlight?" "Yes, please," he panted. "Okay. But you've got to keep your legs down, baby." "Uh-huh," he said, "And deeper. please," he said. Fuck. While the idea was bordering on the insane, I felt ready to oblige. I leaned down towards him and placed both of my hands on the bed, beside his body, and after making sure my belly wasn't touching his own, I started moving faster, and taking his cock deeper.

His moans grew louder, effectually muffling any of mine, and while my butt came in contact with the bed sheet all too often, his legs didn't move an inch. "Yes.

yes." he moaned, his moans music to my ears. My whole body was on fire. I reached down with one hand and rubbed my clit as I rode his cock, wishing I didn't have to use the condom. Damn the safe sex, when I could give him more sex than he could handle, with no chance of getting me pregnant. I couldn't help but imagine what some of our mornings would be like; cooking coffee for myself, and breakfast for both of us, before going to his room and waking him up, letting him suck on my breast as he awoke, kissing him as my arousal grew, then climbing into his bed and fucking him until he came inside me, and was ready to face the new day.

Then he'd eat his breakfast and get ready for school, but not before eating me out to climax and saying, 'I'll be skipping the last class today, and we'll be spending it in bed.' *Uhh* I could feel the orgasm growing closer, it was moments away. However, right at that moment, Kevin let out a loud moan, his cock throbbed inside me, and he started to come.

It was at that exact moment that I figured out what I was missing, beside sex. That feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction, knowing that *I* was the one causing arousal and pleasure to the other person, so immense that they couldn't hold out any longer, they had to let go and orgasm.

I could have climaxed right there and then, but instead, grasping at any bits of self control I had left, I gently came down about an inch from the base, and listened to the sound of his moans, while his cock throbbed inside me, unloading every bit of come he had into the condom. I straightened up and sat there, my forehead sweaty, my blouse open and a little wet at the front with droplets of my milk, while Kevin tried to catch his breath, enjoying what I was sure the best orgasm of his life.

while I couldn't experience my own. Sadly, that was the curse of this bizarre affair. It was only near the end that I realized I couldn't let myself orgasm.

If I did, my vaginal muscles would spasm and contract around his penis, and even the most oblivious person in the world would be able to tell that it wasn't a fleshlight. Still high with arousal, but not as close to orgasm, I found myself thinking about how long he lasted - it had to be good 10, 15 minutes total! His stamina, even with the pauses we had, was impressive. "Did you enjoy that?" I asked.

He slowly came down from his high. "It was, uhh. can I be honest?" "Please do." "It was amazing," he said, bringing a smile to my face. "Can I take off the blindfold now?" he asked. *Shit*. There went the arousal, my smile, and pleasure - only fear now was coursing through my veins.

"Just a second!" I said as I carefully got off his penis, and off the bed. "Just to. pick up the stuff off the floor," I said, then quickly took my panties and slid them up my legs.

"The condom wrapper," I said as I took the jeans, then got one foot in, followed by the other, and slid them up - they stopped below my butt. "Come on, you fat ass!" I thought as I tried to get into them. "The lube." I continued, as I struggled with the jeans, before finally managing to slide them up and over my butt.

I sighed in relief, then fixed my blouse. "Mom, t-thank you for showing me how to use a fleshlight. I don't think I would have learned how to use it as well, by my own." I smiled softly as I fixed my hair, which was a bit of a mess.

"It has to be our secret though, you can't tell your dad. He probably wouldn't like it if he found out you've been using it." "That's okay," he said. "Umm, about earlier." "Yes?" I said as I re-checked my clothes and my hair, then picked up the condom wrapper off the floor.

White daughter fucks family friend in bathroom

"Would it be really okay if I asked you to bring it next time?" "Hmm, maybe," I said as I picked up the lube off the bed. I did like the idea but it would increase the chances of getting caught exponentially.

I decided to nip it in the bud; it was better that way. "You know, I've got an idea - why not get one of your own, a brand new one? I could. I could order it online for you," I offered, as I took his penis into my hand, and slid the condom off. "You'd do that for me?" he asked in surprise. I chuckled softly. "Of course, Kevin. I'm your mother." "Wow, th-that sounds good!" he said excitedly. "I'm glad you like the idea.

You can take off your blindfold now," I said, as I took my dildo off the bedside table. He took off the improvised blindfold, and as our eyes met, he smiled.

"Thanks mom." I smiled too. "I'm going to go now," I said, as I headed for the door. "Don't forget to put the fleshlight back where you found it, before your dad comes home." "Alright, I will," he said, and I left the room, then closed the door behind me.

I placed my hands behind my back, then leaned against the door, and took a deep breath. Okay, leaning against the door like they do in the movies *is* cheesy. But only as I left the room, the magnitude of what I had just done - what I had gotten away with - was starting to set in; my face became red, my pulse was racing, and I had to take a few deep breaths before I could calm down.

It was oddly bizarre how excited I was, and how much alive, as in 'living in the moment', I felt. The only guilt I felt was from not feeling any guilt or regret over what I had done, something which most would have deemed wrong right from the start. I pushed myself from the door, then headed for bathroom.

I needed a bath; the clothes would have to wait till later. As I drew myself a bath, I reminisced over what had just happened. The weird thing was, I wasn't annoyed that I didn't get to orgasm. You know how amazing it is to see your child take his first steps and hear his first words? I've never got to witness that with Kevin - not his firsts - and I always felt guilt over it.

But now, being the first woman he was with, it made me feel special. To witness and experience his first time, hear his moans of pleasure, and bring him to orgasm, it was simply wonderful. I put away the dildo and dumped the condom into the trash, then after locking the bathroom door, I took off my clothes and climbed into the bathtub.

"It's funny," I thought, as I laid there. The reason I had sex with him was because I was desperate to get off, but instead, I got him off, shared some wonderful, special moments, realized what my sex life was missing, and ended up feeling much better even without getting myself off. And, undoubtedly created a memory that would serve me for endless fappy moments in months to come.

I was going to say, 'and I wasn't going to mention', but. isn't it silly to say that, then mention the thing you just said you *weren't* going to mention. No? Maybe it's just me. Anyhow, you may be wondering if I'm insane. that's entirely up to you. As for Kevin and me, I had no intention of doing it again - I wouldn't risk getting caught, and I doubted I'd enjoy it half as much. Besides, it was perfect - why spoil it? Over the next few months, I thought more about it - quite a lot, actually.

Right now - as in the times we're living - maybe it's not so 'normal' to give your child a practical sex demonstration, or even demonstrate the use of a fleshlight, hands on like I did. But. if we've gotten in such short time from punishing them, to talking openly about it, then, maybe one day it won't be 'weird, or 'taboo' to help your son out if he asked you for pointers in sex, or if you noticed he needed help with masturbation.

Maybe it'll be completely normal for a mother to engage in sex with her son, and educate him on how to please women, or even help him relax if he's got exams coming - I've heard some mothers already do that in a land far away from here. That's why I see myself as a visionary - maybe not the regular sex and all, but the firsts, you know?

There's no shame being ahead of the curve and saying it - someone has got to start it. I mean, if being 21st century mother involves being more tolerant, and open to talking about sex with your children, then, what would that make me? A 22nd century mother? Surely by then we'll get there - after all, no parent should miss their children's firsts, even if it's sex we're talking about. Oh! I almost forgot.

the second baby is a boy! I'm so happy. I wonder what will his first time be like? THE END.