Cheating homemade squirting wife sucking cheating husband and loud wet fucking amateur

Cheating homemade squirting wife sucking cheating husband and loud wet fucking amateur
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She was the sexiest girl in the whole area, and knew it! She had the most fantastic natural tits, not those silicon bags that flat-chested-fannies had inserted at great cost, to make them noticed. Tracey's were what God gave her she was at the front of the queue for sure!

Hell they were gorgeous!! Every guy around knew Tracey's boobs were worth a quiet wank! She also had long shapely legs, that seemed to go all the way up to her shoulders. Tracey was always so well presented and stylie as well.

Fuck, she was gorgeous!! The thing was, that Tracey was so innocent and naieve, despite her past sexual experiences [including being used, abused and raped!] she still had no fucking idea the effect she had on men! Today she decided she would visit an old school friend, which necessitated walking through a state housing estate known as 'the cesspit'.

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Tracey wore a tight, boob-hugging top and a silver miniskirt, with a slit amost to waist level, that would have had a gay guy wondering why the fuck he was gay! The area was well named, although Tracey, being so naieve, thought it was just another area of town.

Anyway, she thought there couldn't be much danger with so many apartments around. She soon found out different! Tracey walked [wiggled very sexually actually, which was her normal walk] thru the "cesspit" area on the way to her friend's place. As 'dumb blondes' go, Tracey made any other look like rocket scientists!

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"Fucking hell, Bert," said Del the local lecher, "look at the fucking body on that! And what a pair of pins. They go right up to her shoulders! Sexy arse too". Bert was seated on his 'throne', an ornate chair, finished in gold leaf, made of finest maple, set in the middle of the estate that he ruled. "Don't just fuckin' talk Del, as usual," said Bert, "Bring her over and introduce her to me. Or I'll fuckin' nail ya, you cunt." "Er, yeah. Right," says Del. Del approached the sexual vision that was Tracey, walking by, and was told to fuck off!

Being desperate, he enlisted 2 of his mates, Bob and Sam, to abduct her, albeit screaming, and planted her in front of gang boss, Bert. "Bert, permit me to introduce, {What's your fucking name, cunt?} " "Tracey, she replied with a snear." "This is Tracey, Boss," repeated Del. "Welcome to our little group, Tracey" said Bert. "Who the fuck do you think you are, kidnapping me?" she asked. "You don't look like a kid," replied Bert, to the laughs of his entourage.


"You more look like a vestal virgin, that's already well lost her virginity!" said the gang boss, to the screaming laughs of his gang. "Well, Tracey, life has it's little challenges. But looking at your boobs, life has it's BIG challenges too," he said, to the howls of his gang.

"Show us your tits," he said in a commanding voice. "Fuck off," she said, defiantly. "Del. Your life or her's," said Bert.

Del moved forward real quick, ripped her top off, leaving her only wearing the silver mini-skirt and a thong, that just covered her cameltoe. "Nice to see you," said Bert. "Drop your fucking panties now!" She now knew not to argue with Bert, so pulled her thong down over her ankles. He ordered her to approach him. Looking around nervously, she moved forward. "Don't look so worried, love. The only one that can hurt you around here, is ME," he said, in a menacing tone, making her shiver.

"Well now," he said, pulling her to him, "what beautiful tits you've got. I am your no. 1 tit man since forever." He grabbed, fondled, sucked and bit her firm young boobs and nipples for maybe 10 minutes watched by his increasingly horny crew. He pulled his 9" erect cock out of his pants and tit-fucked her, before squirting cum all over her face and boobs. She squirmed as he pulled her leather skirt up to her waist and fingered her pussy lips, bringing the first genuine moan from Tracey.

His thumb found her clitty, making her shiver, then he thrust his 2 smallest fingers into her anus, his next 2 into her pussy.

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This invasion of her body succeeded in bringing her to her first orgasm. She screamed and wriggled and shrieked, abandoning herself totally to the amazing pleasure, feeling disgusted with her body's involuntary reaction.

Her legs wobbled as Bert grabbed her by the hips, turned her around so she was now standing with her back to him, but facing the oggling group of now 5 guys, all who had obvious boners bulging against their pants. "Del, you've been doing good stuff lately for me, so you get the first BJ." Tracey struggled, but Bert held her hips whilst Del moved up close, pulled out his 8" dick, grabbed her by the side of her head forcing her head down and his dick into her mouth, bringing a "Nggg" sound from Tracey's now very full mouth.

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Del started to mouth-fuck her, quicker and quicker, until his balls were bouncing off her chin, occasionally withdrawing to let her breathe, before ramming into her again.

Meanwhile, Bert guided his hard again dick between Tracey's cheeks. She almost bit Del's dick right off when she felt Bert's manhood penetrating her sphincter, which entered her with a 'pop'. She was now being rammed from both ends, but to her own disgust, started to enjoy her anal fuck as Bert touched g-spots she never imagined she had inside her.

Soon she was moving in rythym with his thrusts and those of Del like a rocking horse, someone said. Other hands grabbed her tits, squeezing the nipples hard then caressing and cupping them this proved too much for Tracey as another orgasm suddenly hit her, making her actually squirt cum juices from her pussy, all over Bert's shoes.

"Well, well," he said, "you'll lick those clean when I've finished with you." Del soon shot a gob of cum into her mouth, making her swallow by pinching her nose, just as Bert pumped his jizz into her bowels, forcing yet another orgasm from her. The rest of the guys were gagging for their turn, but Bert told them go ahead so long as no-one fucked her pussy before he had which he would do after a few drinks and he had recovered from two cums already! Then they could all do what they wanted with her.


But first he made her get on all fours and lick his cum-stained shoes. With Tracet's naked arse up in the air, Big Bobby saw his chance, got his hard fat cock out, knelt down behind her, grabbed her hips and thrust into her now lubricated anus. She almost feinted but was made to lick Bert's shoes clean, making her gag.

Bert then gave a nod to his guys and went into his apartment to get himself a bourbon, have a smoke and drop some pills that would revitalise him and his passion, whilst Traceys was endlessly fucked in the mouth and anus. After a while, she was in an almost trance-like state, not even feeling pain any more, just accepting her fate and hoping it would soon be over.

No such luck as it went on for over an hour and then Bert returned. "PUSSY, PUSSY, PUSSY!" he yelled, making the two guys fucking Tracey in the arse and mouth at the time withdraw immediately. Tracey slumped to the ground. "Enough already.

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Please lt me go now." She begged. "You know what to do, boys," said Bert, more as an order than an observation, when four guys grabbed her by legs and arms, holding her at waist level like a starfish, legs wide open in front of the waiting Bert.

Bert produced a water-filled power spray, inserted the nozzle into her sore anus making her scream, then squirted the contents inside her to wash out the bloodied cum that all the boys had filled her with. "OOOH. What a yukkie mess, you dirt fucking slut!" he exclaimed, "Now I won't get that horrible stuff on me when I fuck you." He stroked his stiff pole, which she could swear had grown 2 inches, moved forward spitting on the head, which he eased into her slit.

Her head lolled back as she realised her situation was hopeless.

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No-one in the estate cared to intervene, even though many must have seen through shuttered windows, her gang-rape they were all too scared on Bert's gang. Tracey felt hands on her hips then the swollen head of Bert's rock hard dick pushed into her yet to be abused cunt lips making her gasp. With one brutal thrust, he slammed the first 5" into her vagina, then slowly withdrew leaving only 2" inside her, then with a roar, rammed into her up to his balls, his tip bursting through her cervix.

She passed out. Cold water was splashed on her face, bringing her back to consciousness she preferred to be in a coma! "I want you awake so that you don't miss any of the fun," said Bert. He brutally fucked here over and over for 15 minutes, making her bleed, plead, feint, scream, then shouted," Cumming, ready or not!" She was just like a rag doll. Several animal thrusts deposited cups full of cum into her vagina spraying her insides. "Hmmm. That was pretty good," he said.

"Now all the boys want their turn. Then you can tell me after they've fucked you, who you liked best if it wasn't me, we'll have to start all over," he shrieked manically and returned to his aprtment to sleep. "Have fun boys," was his parting words. Nothing was now off-limits, so predictably, the gang took turns, fucking evey hole, sometimes three at a time, just using her like so much warm meat to satisfy their ugly desires.

She eventually was dumped hours later at the closed entrance to the shopping mall, still only wearing her silver miniskirt, bruised, abused, raped and only semi-conscious, left with the threat of terrible reprisals if she brought charges against any of the gang.

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So. . you'd hope she would have truly learned her lesson by now? Only time will tell!