Public agent bathroom first time boy oh boy do i enjoy me some redheads

Public agent bathroom first time boy oh boy do i enjoy me some redheads
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It was a wonderful life I had growing up. My Mom and Dad were madly in love and had many friends. Dad was a successful lawyer and mom was active in all our school activities.

They entertained at the farm many many times and my brothers, sister, and I would watch the elegant dinner parties on the lawn.


My grandfather owned the750 acre farm, buying it right after the war. It had a very modest two-story colonial home with a sloping lawn to the lake in front.

He was a gentleman farmer and developed the farm into one of the many productive dairy farms in the area. Granddad was a very respected lawyer and our dad followed in his footsteps, becoming a partner in the firm.

Dad was an only child and inherited the farm when Grand Pop passed away. After Dad inherited the farm, he moved the family to the old homestead. It was 23 miles from the city and just the right place to entertain his customers.


Mom was all for the move and looked forward to entertaining her friends and dad' clients often. Nancy, Harry and I were young and had no say in the move. Many nights, after they moved Mom and Dad would have a catered dinner on the lawn with at least twelve or fourteen couples attending.

There were never any single women or single men because Mom didn't want to feel that she was being a matchmaker. Mom and Dad had two really great friends. Joan and Bill Harborough and Sam and Betsy Ninil. When there was a party, Joan, Bill, Betsy and Sam were always the last to leave. The dinner party was over when the Tiki torches were extinguished and everybody would say thank you and leave.

" Do you guys want to go swimming tonight?" Dad would ask. He knew what the answer would be because it had happened so many times before. "Of course" Bill replied, "but who is my partner tonight? "You have your choice tonight Bill, You didn't have a choice last week. "I want to swim with Betsy tonight and feel those magnificent breasts is that OK Sam?"Be my guest, Bill" Sam replied . "Damn, don't I have any say in this?" Betsy was really making fun of the choice and she really wanted to swim with Bill because the last time she did he was able to satisfy her sexual desires.

Dad lighted the torches on the beach and they all gathered for their naked midnight swim. The girls were the first to plunge into the cool water. The men followed, their balls and peckers ready for action. Bill soon found Betsy and she splashed around pretending to repel his advances. Bill was determined to fondle and suck her 36D breasts and that is what she was offering him. He found the nipple and began to suck on her left tit as her nipples became hard. She felt for his stiff rod and began to massage it up and down.

Bill, knowing what Betsy liked, reached down to her clit, which was hard and ready for him. He massaged her clit and she moaned softly. They had too much to drink and Bill let it all out. "Oh shit, Betsy, you got me so excited that I am going to cum" "Don't cum yet, you silly ass, I want you in my cunt" Betsy screamed. "Get your ass on the beach and put it to me" Bill staggered to the shore with his hard-on throbbing and Betsy was waiting with her legs spread wide open and she was spreading her lips waiting for him.

He plunged inside her and she met his thrusts as they continued their drunken orgy. In and out, harder and harder Bill pumped his cock into her hot pussy. "Oh, God, I'm going to cum right now, I can't hold back." "Anyone else want to share with me?

Betsy hollered. Joan immediately moved to Betsy's cunt as Bill pulled out and let his load go. Joan grabbed Bill's cock and began sucking so she would get every drop of is warm white cum. "Want to share his cum with me, Joan, I know that it tastes so good". Joan moved to Betsy's lips and they shared every drop of cum that Bill had given her. Joan kissed Betsy and then went back to sit with Dad in the shallow water.

She liked to feel the cool water on her pussy and especially if someone was beside her fondling her breasts. Dad went up to the lake bar and got more drinks and came back and sat by Joan.

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They were in no hurry to become engaged in sex because they knew that all eyes would be on them when it was their turn. But tonight they had another plan. Mom and Sam had pared off, and were embraced in a torrid tongue exercise and Sam was massaging Mom's36C soft breasts. Sam was one of those lucky guys that had a cock that would satisfy any woman. It was eleven inches long and four inches in circumference.

Mom has made love to Sam before and wanted to suck him before he plowed into her small pussy. She reached over and fondled his tightening balls and watched his penis stiffen to its enormous length and width.

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Sam had a great deal more than my Dad, but Mom never complained cause Dad could use his cock better than any other lover she had ever had. Sam allowed Mom to begin to suck his cock and he moaned and fondled her breasts. " Lets 69, Sam, I want you to suck my pussy and nibble on my clit" Sam was ready for that and Mom turned and placed her soft hairy pussy in Sam's face.

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Sam spread her lips and drove for her now hard clit knob. Mom gasped for breath as she went down his shaft taking it almost all in. " Come on, Sara, deep throat it:" Betsy teased, laughing all the while. " I can do it and I bet you can too" Sam had no way to get her to deep throat but she went down all the way to his balls and held it there. " There, Betsy, you think you are such a lover. It wasn't that hard but you have the best catch of the men here, I have to admit that" .

Sam was tired of hearing all the bullshit between the women and spun Mom around and plunged into her wet pussy with his pre-cum hard cock. Harder and harder he fucked her while the others egging him on. I'm going to cum, Sara, God, you are so tight I can feel you clamping on my pecker " Don't you come inside me, Sam, you bastard, I can't have another baby." Sam pulled out and unloaded his warm cum all Over Moms breasts then lay on top of her.

They headed to the lake and washed off. "You know, Sam, that I didn't have an orgasm tonight" Mom teased him.

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Laughingly she said, "You are a fucking looser". All the friends burst out in laughter. Then all eyes turned to Dad and Joan but they were nowhere to be seen.

"What the hell is going on here?" Bill was very annoyed that they had performed in front of their friends but Dad and Joan had fled. Where are they? I bet they went back to the house to fuck so we can't watch" "Don't be silly, Bill, They would never go back without their clothes. They swam to the island and we are going to be the losers.


Joan told me that she has her period and doesn't want to have sex tonight."I have to admit that is the truth" Bill said.

"I told her to go to the Island with Phil and just play around you know, suck him off and let him play with her tits. It is really a wonderful thing to have such great friends and be able to release our sexual energy with each other " I do hope that Phil and Sara continue to have more dinner parties and midnight buck fuck bathing parties here at the lake" These wonderful times would come to an end when Dad was killed in a tractor accident when he was only 49. After that, all the good times seemed to slip away as fewer friends began to answer the invitations to dinners.

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Mom was about to go into a singles only world.