Straight teen boys strip poker stories gay At the beginning Luke

Straight teen boys strip poker stories gay At the beginning  Luke
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i'd like to continue to tell you more about with my times with the beautiful Sinead. You would need to be familiar with the previous stories to catch on.

As mentioned, Sinead and I were sharing an exhibitioinst/voyeur experience, two or three evenings a week I would say. About 4 months after we started our little secret, we were to have physical contact for the first time. It was an early spring evening in March and it was a Friday.

My friends and I were hanging out together at the 'Old Bridge.' The Old Bridge was a part of the road where we lived which was off the beaten track. It was no longer functional and the bridge was surrounded by woods. There were no street lights and during the spring and summer nights we would lay down on the bridge wall and stargaze. There were no cars or adults and was mainly a place for us teens to hang out.

It was only 2 minutes walk from our road where all of us lived. It was common for us guys to chill out there on a Friday night and we would have a few cans of beer which I had usually picked up on the way home from school at this pub which always supplied alcohol to underage teenagers. In Ireland you can drink when you are 18. I would go into the pub, having changed out of my uniform and roll up the till with a crate of beer.

I never got asked for ID, it was a joke really, looking back, so wrong. Anyhoo, there was me, 15 years of age, walking out on to the public street, in the middle of town, with a crate of Bud. I would bring it around the corner to a lane way where my mates would be waiting and we would divide it up and pack it in our school bags. We would then cycle the three miles to our road and stash the beers at the old bridge. Well on this friday night, we were all having a good time, chatting and taking the piss out of each other as we normally did, when we saw some people, through the dusky evening air, walking towards us.

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We quickly hid the cans we were drinking behind our bikes and sat leaning on the bridge wall. We thought it was some adults investigating the sound of our laughter and the merriment coming from us.

We must have been very loud, I thought. As they came closer, we realised the shadows were some of the girls from the road, amongst them Sinead and also, Chloe, with whom I was also sharing some middle of the night fun in Chris' house.


As far as I was concerned, Sinead and Chloe were mutually ignorant of each others exploits with me. Chloe had never mentioned anything and it had been only two weeks previous to tonight when had crept in to her room and had massaged her lovely, tight little buttocks and let her give me a handjob. Lovely, cute Chloe, she was turning into a feisty one.

I had to be careful with her. Therefore, I was sure that mine and Sineads secret was just that, secret. Let me set the scene for you. There was myself, of course, Matt, Chris, James and Darren. On the girls side, we had Chloe, Louise, Bernie and Sinead. Greetings were exhanged we all sat and stood around each other, talking about our week, sharing beers, and gossiping.

The girls were talking about what the were doing before they left Bernie's house to come down to the Old Bridge. Bernie was saying how the had a lot of black pepper in their food or something, can't quite remember to be honest, but the upshot was that they were saying that black pepper makes you frisky! Okay! Never heard that one before and the girls were all giggly and secretive and not revealing much more than this. We continued on with our games and tomfoolery and efforts to impress one another and the new visitors.

I think it was Matt who suggested a game of truth or dare. There was general consent amongst everyone that ya, truth or darecome on!!

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Great idea. The game started off with the usual kind of truth questions.

Who was your first kiss with? Did you ever french kiss?

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Have you ever seen a guys dick or a girls pussy? Truth questions that were usually not answered truthfully by guys or were answered truthfully but with embellishments for ego's sake. The real fun didn't started until the dares were asked.

We all knew where this would go. It would be kissing. "I dare Bernie to kiss Matt!", James piped up with his usual guffaw. "Okay" said Bernie," for how long?" "Ten seconds", I retorted. I was going to like this part of the game. We were all relatively inexperienced when it came to the opposite sex.

Relative to the town guys in our schooland their stories. Everyone was going to like this part of the game, especially involving Sinead, the biggest account holder in all our Wank Banks. I had only kissed 4 girls. Two were my mom and sister. Chloe of course, she was 13, and was a very enthusiastic kisser, but she was a terrible kisser. Lips moving everywhere and her tongue darting in and out like a snake.awful!

No control.


Then there was my 2nd cousin, Tara. She was my first real kiss at my uncles wedding. She was two years older and did she knew how to kiss and make a boy hard! That's another story.

Anyhoo, back to the Old Bridge where things were starting to get interesting, at last. The light from the full moon was letting us see each other quite clearly and the dares were been proffered.

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It was harmless kissing. I saw Chloe whisper something in Louise's ear and then Louise was daring Chloe to kiss me for 15 seconds. Oh fantastic, not! I could see her acting all mortified and shy as she was edging towards me.

I had kissed Chloe on both pairs of lips, a few times at this stage. I can easily admit that I preferred the lips not on offer tonight. I gave her brother Chris an awkward shrug of my shoulders and then, as they say in Ireland ' I lobbed the gob.' Everyone counted from one to fifteen and the trial was over. Chloe made a giddy retreat to the girls and I turned around and waited my turn with Sinead. Several of the guys had already kissed her.

Matt for 10 seconds, that looked awkward. Sinead looked at me afterwards with that smirk she sometimes saved for me. James and Chris kissed her for 15 seconds, lucky bastards! I awaited patiently for someone to announce the dare of my dreams.

Would you believe it was Chloe who finally paired Sinead and I together. My stomach did little somersaults as I looked in her direction. The moon shone on her face and her hair was down and around her shoulders. She was wearing a loose fitting denim shirt whose buttons reflected the moonlights. The jeers and cheers of my mates were drowned out by her beauty as we slowly ambled towards each other and immediately and naturally we locked into an embrace, like we had been courting for years.

As we kissed, it was like there was nobody in the world but the two of us, floating in space. Our lips moved so perfectly and passionately together and our techniques were so compatible and easy. It's a cliche I know, but it was like a kiss you would see in a movie, but it was real and happening to me now.

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We were inseparable. We continued well past the alotted 20 seconds. I was completely unaware of everyone stopping the count at around 40 seconds or so and that they had walked away from us. I don't know how long we kissed but when we stopped and our lips parted slowly, we just looked in each others eyes.

The moonlight glistening in her eyes and on her hair. I was in love! Or so I thought. "I think we should have stopped about a minute ago," Sinead smiled, looking towards where the others had walked away. "Ya, I suppose", following her look. Our arms were still wrapped around each other. My cock was only half hard, so I'm not sure if she could feel it. I was very content. "You know", she looked up at me with her big brown eyes, " I'm babysitting tomorrow night." "Ok," I said, not getting her meaning straight away.

"Well, if you like, you could call up to the house?" she said this so quietly and she held me tighter. "Ok, ya I'd love to come up, what time?" "Knock on my window about 10," she said and then she kissed my lips one more time and went back towards the girls and guys. I watched as she faded and became indistinguishable among the others.

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Oh my God! I was in fucking heaven! Could this really be happening to me? I actually slapped my face there and then. I saw that just the guys were walking towards me now. "You fucker!," Darren exclaimed half out loud and half whispered.

"Bastard", a puck on the shoulder from James and more general abuse from the guys. I was on a fucking high. I felt like I was ten feet tall. "Lads, if you can't seize a golden opportunity when it's staring you in the face, no, sorry, SUCKING on your face! Well, you've a lot to learn," I jested to more slaps and messing with my hair. "Well, the girls are gone," James said, "few more cans, lads? I drank heartily to the following night and come what may. to be continued.