Je baisse et sperme dans la chatte dune petite chinoise en petite lingerie

Je baisse et sperme dans la chatte dune petite chinoise en petite lingerie
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The morning had proved to be one of perfection. Darren had done all his task as instructed. He was blasting the boom box and doing his exercise when Kim appeared in the doorway. How long she had been there he wasn't sure. A stream of sweat poured down his tan young body, the light reflecting on it showed each ripple of muscle.

Kim smiled, licking her lips teasingly. Darren hiked his brows as to say, take it, its yours. "Mistress wants you to come to her room Darren." "Am I in trouble?" asked Darren in an unsure tone. "I don't think so, she will tell you what she wants when you get there. I must go and prepare dinner now.

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By the way, cute ass you have there!" she said teasingly as she turned and winked then disappeared. Darren knocked and waited. No answer, he knocked again, still no answer.

Sliding to the floor he seated himself to wait. Several minutes later the door opened, Mistress smiled down at Darren. "That's my good boy, I see you are learning patience.


Please enter." Darren followed her into her room. Watching as Mistress pulled back the covers and climbed beneath them. Tucking the sides of the covers around her she motioned for Darren to come lay beside her. Nuzzling his head against her chest, she wrapped a arm around him, hugging him tightly.

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Reaching down she kissed him on the top of the head. "Darren, first let me say, you have done exceptionally well today. I know at times I've been a bit hard on you, but you must learn.

Now, tonight we are having guest. You and Kim will be serving the meal and you will be the entertainment as well.

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I have laid out special clothing for you both. The guest have full use of both you and Kim. However there will be limits. Since you both have virgin ass's I'll not allow anyone to use them. Outside that you will service the guest in any manner they desire. Let me warn you, if you displease them they will have permission to punish you so keep that in mind as some of them are rather sadistic." A moment of silence filled the room as Darren listened to Mistress heart beating.

Rising his head to look into her eyes, he saw something he wasn't sure how to interrupt. A softness, like that of a mother.

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A caring that he had not seen since his mother had passed away many years ago. Her hand came up to stroke his cheek. "I'll do my best to honor you tonight Ma'am," was all he could say as he continued to stare into her eyes.

A smile covered her face, filled with pride. Lifting his chin in her hand she kissed him on the forehead, then pulled him back to her chest. Reaching over to the night stands she turned on the stereo. A soft classical tune began to play. The only sound was the music. Laying there, Darren concentrated on the gentle caressing Mistress was giving his head, mussing his hair.

A warm safe feeling surrounded him as he became lost in the music and faded off to a restful sleep. "Darren my boy, it's time to rise and shine.

Wake up sleepy head!" said Mistress in a delicate whisper. Prying open his eyes the room was flooded with light, the music was gone. Stretching a bit he sat up. "I'm sorry Ma'am, guess I was to relaxed." "That my boy, was the idea. We must prepare for out guest. You run get cleaned up and meet Kim in the kitchen. I'm having the meal catered in so there isn't so much for you two to do. I'll see you shortly." Darren staggered out of the room and back to his own. There laying on the bed was a leather outfit.

Darren quickly showered and began to dress. The top consisted of a vest the bottom was a G-string with a pouch for his cock and balls to be stuffed in.

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As soon as he was dressed, he made his way to the kitchen. Kim was dressed in a leather outfit to. The bra had the nipples cut out so just the tip of her buds with their little golden rings protruded, the gold chain linking them danced against her belly.

The panties were crotch less so if she parted her legs she was available to anyone who wish to fondle her. Helping her set the table he watched lustfully as her ass swayed with each step. His eyes watched her every move. Unaware that his cock was attempting to grow within the pouch, this Kim pointed and giggled.

Darren blushed at his predicament and shrugged.


Mistress was busy greeting the guest as they arrived. Kim and Darren busied themselves serving drinks and snacks.

The guest took advantage of the free rein as they groped and teased both Darren and Kim every time they neared them. "Welcome all. I see that you have all become acquainted with my two pets. They have been made aware of the fact that they are to service you in any manner you choose outside of anal. Now.

if you will join me will move to the dinning room for dinner." said Mistress. Kim and Darren ran about the room carrying dish's to and from the kitchen.

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Once the table was filled, Darren and Kim hid out in the kitchen. Reaching over, Kim caressed Darrens ass cheeks. "Seems someone is into ass pinching big time, your cheeks are marked all over!" said Kim.

"Yes that fat lady in the pink dress seems to love to make me squeal." Once the meal was over and the dinning room cleaned, Darren and Kim were beckoned into the din. The guest sat in a circle, Mistress in the middle of it with Darren and Kim at her feet. As the crowd simmered down to silence Mistress spoke. "Tonight my pets will entertain you. We have decided to play our version of spin the bottle. Ill spin it and whomever it points to can choose a task for either Kim or Darren." The roar from the crowd echoed throughout the room.

The First to be chosen was Mr. Evans. a smile lit his face as he pointed to Kim.


"Suck Darren till he is ready to cum then stop." Towering over Kim, Darren placed his hands on his hips and waited.

Slipping his cock free of the leather pouch she began to suck it into her mouth till it was hard enough to stand on its own.

Licking the palm of her hand she grabbed the shaft with the other hand and held it as she made circular motions across the head. Darren moaned and began to take in deep breaths. Licking the slit brought more moans and Darren began to shift his hips forward till the tip of his cock was prying its way inside the warmness of her mouth.

Sucking and stroking the base of his cock with one hand while the other rolled his balls around it wasn't long till Darren was ready to explode. "Oh god don't stop im ready to cum!" whimpered Darren as Kim pulled free. Standing there sporting a rock hard erection, Darren sighed as he watched the next chosen one smile and look at him. "I want to watch him eat Kims pussy and bring her close but stop short of her cummin." Laying on her back in the floor, Kim spread her legs wide, parting the split in the crotch less panties.

Exposing her soft pink folds to all. Darren lay down on his stomach flattening his aching cock against the carpet. Taking a outer lip in each hand he spread her open so the audience could get a good look. Letting his tongue flicker across her clit slowly at first then picking up speed.

Arching her hips upward, she smiled and let out a whimper of delight. Sucking it in between his lips as he continued to tease it with his tongue.

Her breathing becoming ragged, knowing she was close to cummin he let go and began to nibble at her outer lips waiting for her to calm a bit. As she slowly came down from her close encounter he stopped wiped his face on the back of his hand and smiled.

The bottled spined again this time stopping a heavy set man. The look on his face the way he grinned Darren feared it was one of those Mistress had warned him about.

Standing he approached, pushing Kims legs wider. Pulling out a clamp he reached and took her clit in his hands and let the jaws close. Bit by bit he tightened them till Kim scream with the last turn. Stopping her turned to Darren and produced another chain which he wrapped around his waist and secured it tightly. "Roll over girl on all fours!" he growled. Kim rolled over letting the chain attached to the clip on her clit fall to the floor. "Boy put your cock at the entrance to her cunt and stand still!" he snapped.

Once Darren was in place, the man reached between his legs grabbing the chain to Kims clit and tied it to the one on Darrens waist. Kim squealed at the torturous pain the extending of her clit was receiving.

"Now boy put it all the way in her cunt!" Darren pushed forward and some slack appeared in the chain relieving the pain on Kims clit. "Now let me explain, every time you pull out, Kim will feel an extreme pain till you put it back inside her pussy. The faster you fuck her the faster you will cum. But the faster you fuck her the more tugging her clit is going to get at the same time. I want you to fuck her and when you are ready to cum you will pull out and spray it on her ass cheeks, then return it to her cunt and fuck her till she begs you to cum.

She will be allowed to cum AFTER you have cum not before." Thinking no one would notice, Darren began to fuck Kim with short stroke as not to pull to much on her chain. The sudden smack from behind to his balls sent a howl from him. "Don't fuck with me boy you know what is expected" scolded the man who had given the instructions. Darren began to fuck deep and hard, making sure to almost completely pull out before slamming his cock back in again.

Each time Kim whimpered in pain then sighed as the short relief came. Try as he may the urge to cum grew within him, his force and speed increasing jerking constantly on the chair till tears were coming out of Kims eyes in a small stream. Pulling free from her he bellowed as he held his cock against her ass cheeks and covered her with his cum.

As he replaced his cock in her, the man got up and reaching beneath her to her hanging tits. Grabbing a nipple he began to roll it between his fingers as Darren fucked her again. As the stranger toyed with her nipples with one hand the other produced a bullet and turned it on hi pressing it against her clamp on the clip.

The sensitive tissue electrified by the new sensation was the last straw. With a scream filled with a mixture of pain and pleasure she began to shake all overnot one but several orgasms followed the first till she was panting, reaching beneath her, the man released the clip and listened to the whin of pain rushing to her clit as the blood flowed back into it and as she fought the onset of yet another orgasm.

By the time she had calmed down, cum was dripping from her cunt like a small waterfall. The pain and pleasure had given her the most forceful orgasm of her life. Darren and Kim both lay on the floor exhausted. Mistress walked up standing in front of them as if to protect them. "I think my pets have entertained us enough.

Darren you and Kim may retired for the night. Thank you both you did excellent this evening and have made me proud," said Mistress as she reached and kissed them both on the head and smacked their bare bottoms in a suggestion to get on their way. Laying in bed Darren wondered what tomorrow would hold.