Fingering ass and squirts watch part on suzcamcom

Fingering ass and squirts watch part on suzcamcom
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Nick and I were best friends from day one. We grew up together in the same house untill we were 11 and I moved with my family to Italy. Two of those 11 years Nick was completely in love with me.

We kept in touch and Nick flew to Italy every summer untill we were 16.


I wasn't popular at my school and everyone made fun of me. They bullied me so much I began to cut. That summer when Nick came to visit he saw my wrists and demanded that I come back to California and live with his family. My mom agreed.

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We went back to his house in Los Angeles. We shared a room since his family consisted of 15 people including him and his parents.


The next day in school we heard so many rumors about how my parents abused me and that my dad raped me and that I was a sex slave. Nick found me in an empty classroom crying my eyes out. "Holly, don't listen to them.

They make these things up just to make everyone hate you." He sat next to me and hugged me tight. "Why though, what have I ever done?" My eyes swelled with tears.

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"Because all these people are snobby rich kids who think they're going to be famous." He said as he wiped the tears from my eyes. "Listen Holls, I love you and I know the truth. I told the football team the real story and they all believe me. You mean the world to me and if you leave, I have nothing." "Who are you trying to kid Nick? You're hot, nice, funny, romantic, and smart. You're perfect.

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What girl in their right mind wouldn't go out with you." Another tear rolled down my cheek. "The one who's crying." He turned away thinking "did I just admit that I love my best friend?" I looked at him with a confused face.

" WAIT!?

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YOU .LIKE ME?!?!?!" "Yeah since we were like 9. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. You made me smile when no one else could.

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You were my only friend until you moved." He started to cry. I looked in his eyes then kissed him. He snuck his tongue in my mouth then broke off the kiss. I stared at him with the biggest smile.

He tilted my head up then sucked and bit on my neck. It felt like heaven to me.

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No guy had ever done that. I moaned as he took off my shirt. He un-did my bra and let it drop to the floor.


"Do you trust me enough to do it here?" He asked as he rubbed his hand over my double d tit. "But won't someone see us or hear us?!" I asked a little astounded by his questinon. He looked at me and said happily " Nope this wing is under construction, no cameras or anything and no one's worked on it for the past year.

" I look at him with a vulnerable look. "Take it Nick, you deserve it. You saved me from cutting myself, cause I would have been cutting untill I died." He hugged me as i took off his shirt.

Then he took off my skirt. I took off his jeans as he took off my thong. "I want to make our first time the best, I'm going to go slow." He said as he pushed me on the table.

He lowered his head to my tits then started licking and breathing on my nipples making them cold and hard. He bit lightly on them making them sting with pleasure and pain. Then he licked down my stomach and down my thighs. He lowered his head to my shaved pussy then shoved a finger in my pussy.

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Then he stuck two more fingers in. It hurt so bad but it felt so good. "NICKKK!" He knew it was hurting me so he stopped. He slid his finger on my pussy lip then kissed them. He shoved his tongue im my pussy. He shoved it as far up as he could then he licked my clit.

"NICK I'M GOING TO CUM!" I screamed as he rubbed my clit fast and hard. He opened his mouth. "UHHHHHHH!" I screamed as my body convulsed and I came.

He swallowed all of my pussy juices. "Good?" He looked at me. "You're amazing. I love you." I said as I got off the table. I knew what to do. I sat on my knees as I held his 15 inch dick in my hands and jerked him off. He tensed up and then started to cum. I jerked him off faster and he came everywhere. Then I put his cock in my mouth and gave him a blowjob. He came in my mouth and I swallowed all the jizz. He picked me up and layed me down on the table then he climbed on top of me and his cock in my pussy.

He started slow but got faster and faster and faster then he came in me. We sat naked on the table for the rest of the day just holding eachother.