Hot vintage milf threesome xxx Cherie Deville in Impregnated By My

Hot vintage milf threesome xxx Cherie Deville in Impregnated By My
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I was unpopular for my whole life. 18 years of being mocked by the other kids. I was unattractive, overweight, and a virgin. I had no particular reason to be popular. Of course, I had friends, but we mostly wallowed in our unpopularity together. On this particular day, which I will remember for the rest of my existence, myself (Jamie) and my friends Mark and Peter were sat on the coach on the way back to school. A-Levels were over, and the whole of Year 13 had been on a week-long trip to celebrate.

Mark and Peter were having a Pokémon battle, while I sat and watched. "What you losers doing?" Asked Adam, one of the unpleasant people sat in front of us. "None of your business," replied Peter, but Adam just leaned over. "Baby stuff I see," Adam said, grabbing Mark's 3DS. "Hey! Give that back!" Mark shouted. "Now now, don't be mean," said Alex, Adam's girlfriend. "If they want to be infinitely unpopular and the scum of the Earth for the rest of their lives, that's their choice." "It's a pretty stupid one, I'd say," Adam said.

"Do you dorks know what I'm going to do when we get back? I'm going to drive Alex here home. Then I'm going to carry her up to her room and make her scream like she's being murdered." "Shut up…" Alex said, blushing.

The three of us got back to what we were doing, but it didn't last long. I heard one of the other pupils shout "Smoke!", and everyone turned to look at the back of the bus. Clouds of smoke were indeed pouring out of the petrol tank. I saw a flash of light and felt a surge of heat, and then, nothing. When I opened my eyes, I saw a bright light. When my eyes adjusted, however, I realised it was just the lightbulb on the ceiling. I sat up, and realised several things.

I saw that I was in a large room, with quite a few sofas and tables. The tables were covered in plates full of all sorts of delicious-looking food and drink. Everything looked completely luxurious. The next thing I noticed was that I was not alone. All my classmates were present, sitting all around the large room. And they were all naked. I looked around, and my eyes widened at the sight of my classmates' bodies being completely exposed. So many girls I'd previously imagined naked were now available for me to see in all their glory.

Well, at least until they all realised they were naked, and all screamed and tried to cover themselves. The boys also tried to, although it was even more difficult for us, as just about everyone, myself included, was getting a boner from the sight of all this nude flesh. I settled for just letting it all hang out. "Alright, alright, calm down everyone," said our teacher, Mr Johnson, standing up.

"Oh shut up Richard, you're not helping anything," said Miss Wilson, the young, 20-something newly-qualified teacher. "Sir, where are we?" Asked one girl. "I don't know Becky," replied Mr Johnson. "But everyone just stay calm and we'll figure it out." Just then, a set of large doors opened, and the class saw 4 men and 4 women walk in. Each one of them was dressed in pure white robes, and had large, white wings protruding from their backs.

"Greetings everyone," said one of the women. "My name is Luna, and these are my associates." "So could you kindly tell us what is going on here?" Asked Mr Johnson.

"Why have we been kidnapped and why have we been stripped naked?" "Please do not interrupt, thank you," said Luna. "If you could all remain calm and co-operate we can get through his quickly. You will all be asked for your names and given a hand stamp.

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Please do not resist." "Now look here, you can't just-" said Mr Johnson. "Name," said Luna. "I'll be contacting the police-" "NAME." "His name's Richard Johnson," said Miss Wilson. "And I'm Sally Wilson." Luna looked over at the man stood next to her, who started looking down the list on his clipboard. "Um…Up for him, and Down for her, Miss Luna," said the man. "Not what I'd have gone for," Luna said. "Alright, everyone get to work." The group split into pairs, and went around asking people their names.

I watched as the lists were checked, and everyone's hands were stamped. Eventually one of the pairs came up to Mark, Peter and I. "Names," asked the girl. "Um…Jamie Robertson," I replied. "Mark Ackers." "Peter Ward." "Up for all of them," said the man.

The girl stamped our hands, and moved on. We looked at our hands, and we saw that they'd stamped on a bright blue cloud. "What is that?" Asked Mark. "Dunno," I replied. The people continued stamping people, and everyone compared their stamps.

Most of us had blue clouds, although a few had what appeared to be a red flame. "Attention everyone," said Luna. "Could everyone who has a blue cloud please go over there and stand with Rafael, and everyone with a red flame go over there and stand with Dominique.

My friends and I went to stand with the cloud people. It was most of us, with only maybe a dozen or so people, including Alex, Adam and Miss Wilson in the flame queue.

The woman known as Dominique opened a door, through which fire and screams could be heard. Everyone seemed afraid, and the flame people were herded through it, their stamps being checked as they did. "Alright everyone," said the man called Rafael.

"Please line up in single file. Your stamps will be checked and you'll be allowed in." "In where?" Mr Johnson asked. "Please hold all questions until you're inside." Rafael opened the door, and I saw a blinding white light inside. It felt nice. "I'd like to get things over with quickly." The others lined us up, and one by one, our hands were checked and we were allowed inside. I was behind Alice Walker in the queue, and I found my eyes drawn to her bottom.

It was different to how I'd imagined it would be, but it was still beautiful. My dick got hard quickly as I was fixated by Alice's posterior. Unfortunately, as we moved forwards in the line, I moved a little too enthusiastically, and my boner rubbed itself against Alice's booty. "Sorry Alice!" I exclaimed.

"It's alright…" said Alice timidly. I loved how cute she was. So forgiving. "Ahem." Alice and I both turned to see Rafael looking annoyed at us. "Oh…I'm sorry," said Alice. She showed her hand to Rafael. "Alright, go on in." Alice walked forward, and the last I saw of her was her bottom disappearing into the light.

I then looked at Rafael, and showed him my hand. "In you go." As I walked forward, the light got more and more intense, and I was consumed by the most wonderful feeling of happiness. When it cleared I found myself stood in my living room at home. I was still naked, my cock softening after being made erect by Alice's bottom. It seemed to be night time, with all the blinds shut. The only light in the room was coming from the many candles that were scattered around the room, which I know my mother and sisters were quite fond of.

"Mum?" I shouted. "Hello? Anyone?" No response. Next to the sofa were two tables, which were covered with plates of all my favourite snacks. Confused, I sat down and ate a biscuit. It tasted absolutely wonderful. I poured a glass of coke, and it too tasted incredible.

But I still didn't understand what was going on. "Hello there." I jumped in my seat, and turned to see two girls stood in the doorway. One was Asian, the other Caucasian. And both were completely naked and drop-dead gorgeous. My cock immediately began to stir. I noticed that the Asian girl had a large set of wings protruding from her back like the people earlier had. Despite this, I found myself backing away from the girls.

"Don't be frightened," said the Asian girl. "We're not going to hurt you. Nothing will ever hurt you again." "What's going on?" I asked. "Who are you?" "I am Amu," said the Asian girl, who then looked over at her friend, who appeared to be extremely nervous. "Well go on then. Introduce yourself." "Oh, yes," the nervous girl said nervously.

"I'm Jayma…Mr Robertson…sir…" "Just relax Jayma…deep breaths, don't be nervous," Amu said to her, before turning back to me. "I'm sorry about Jayma. She's new, and I'm training her up. This is her first time on the job." "What job?" I was still rather afraid, although admittedly most burglars don't tend to work naked. The two girls simply walked over and sat down on either side of me.

"Do you like the food?" Asked Amu. "It's good, but please, I want to know what's going on," I said. "What do you remember?" asked Jayma. "Before waking up naked, I mean." "Well…" I thought. "We were on the coach on the way back to school. I heard people screaming, and then I felt really hot, and then…I woke up." "The petrol tank of the coach exploded," said Jayma.

"Everyone on board died instantly." "So I'm dead?" I asked, and Amu nodded. "Dead. Expired. Deceased," said Jayma. "Biting the dust. Sleeping with the fishes." "That's enough Jayma," said Amu sternly. "Yes Miss Amu…" "Wait, if I'm dead, then that means this is…what's next," I said.

"That's correct." "So…which one is this?" "This good one," Amu smiled. "Welcome to Heaven, Jamie." "Heaven? But why?" I asked. "I've never believed in God, and I'm not exactly perfect." "God does not care about whether or not you worship him. Only that you are a good person, and he has judged you to be so.

As such, you are to be rewarded for all eternity." "So what are you then?" I asked, before looking at Amu's wings. "Are you angels?" "Yes," Amu replied. "We're here to welcome you to Heaven." "But I can't be dead!" I shouted, standing up. "I'm only 18!" "Everyone dies at some point," said Jayma. "But I had so much I wanted to do!" "You can do whatever you want here." "How's my family going to react!?" "Reacted.

You've been dead for over a week, so they'll have found out by now." "A week!?" "God is a very busy man. It takes time to judge all the dead of the universe." Amu stood up, and gently lowered me back down onto the sofa. The two angels began stroking my legs. They were trying to relax me, but honestly it just put me more on edge. "Please Jamie, just relax," said Amu. "You're asking me to give up everything I've ever known!" I shouted. "I really don't understand why you're upset," said Jayma.

"Heaven is a million gazillion times better than anything that rubbish planet has." "Jayma, I've told you, you need a light touch," Amu said, the two girls still stroking my legs. "What my apprentice was trying to say is that you can have anything you want here. Anything." As she said that, she moved her hand further up my leg, and began rubbing my balls. Jayma soon followed suit. My cock gave in at that point, my resistance no longer being able to prevent it from hardening.

"Your every desire can be yours," said Jayma, whispering seductively in my ear. "There is no sin here. If you desire it, you shall have it." "Anything?" I asked, still overwhelmed by the new sensation of my genitals being fondled by two attractive girls.

"Anything," Amu said, before kissing me deeply on the lips. "Oh my God," I said as she broke the kiss. At this point my cock was harder than it had ever been in my entire life, and it was tingling with anticipation. While Jayma continued playing with my balls, Amu began running her finger up and down my firm length, causing me to shudder even more. "There is no pain here," she said.

"And all positive sensations are amplified beyond human comprehension." I could believe that right there, but I got to experience it first-hand when Amu pulled back by foreskin and began rubbing the head with her finger. I let out a loud groan, and arched my back from the sensations. My dick was throbbing with pleasure, and it was soaking wet with pre-cum. Amu continued playing with my cock, smiling lovingly as she did, while Jayma continued providing exquisite stimulation to my balls.

Amu then finally moved her hand to grasp my penis. As she held it in her hand, I tried to compose myself, wondering what I'd ever done to deserve this. Amu then began jerking me, causing my moaning to increased. Jayma fondled my balls while Amu wanked me hard, still rubbing my tip with her thumb. "Oh God! Oh my God!" I moaned loudly.

"Oh God, I'm gonna cum!" "Don't resist it Jamie, just let it happen," said Jayma. "Oh my God!" And with that, I toppled over the edge with an almighty groan. And let me tell you, if you think orgasms on Earth feel good, you just wait until you feel one in Heaven. The first contraction alone was greater than the total sum of all orgasms my mortal body had ever had, and milliseconds later, I felt another, even more powerful contraction as huge amounts of semen surged out of my cock.

My body was completely overwhelmed as it tried to get to grips with what was going on in my groin area. I humped the air as I came, my natural reaction to my first real taste of what Heaven has to offer.

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Rather than the individual shots of cum, my ejaculation was instead more of a constant stream, the heavenly contractions happening so frequently they'd all but blended into one.

It felt a little like I was urinating. You know, except with copious amounts of semen instead of urine. And with the almost unbearable amounts of sexual pleasure. I don't know how long I came for, but by the time it ended, I could barely think straight. I was slouched on the sofa, my body drenched in sweat. I was panting heavily, my entire middle section tingling intensely.

I looked down at the floor, which was covered in an insane amount of my cum. I felt my penis begin to soften, but as it did, I noticed something odd. Although my cock was indeed becoming soft and floppy, it wasn't shrinking, remaining at its erect length and girth. "What's happening?" I asked between pants. "To my dick I mean." "We thought you might like a bigger one," said Jayma.

"How is all of this possible? My dick growing, and that orgasm&hellip.Oh God, that orgasm…" "God's power is infinite, and it is his will that all the virtuous people of the universe be given an eternity of bliss, pleasure and happiness," explained Amu.

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"Why?" "It is not our place to question the Lord. That God deems you worthy of eternal bliss is enough." "So if this is Heaven, presumably there's a Hell too?" "Of course," said Jayma. "Where all those nasty sinners get their punishments." "So it's as bad as you hear?" "It's worse," said Amu.

"You know all that pleasure we just gave you? Imagine that but as pain." "That's awful…so is that where the people with the red flames went?" "Yes.

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We could you show it to you if you'd like, but it might be quite distressing." "No, it's alright…But what sorts of things go on in there?" "Tortures of the worst kind. But it really doesn't bear thinking about," said Amu. "Jayma, why don't you show Jamie some more heavenly pleasures?" I didn't get a say in that. Before I could react, my scrotum was in Jayma's mouth, being sucked on by the gorgeous angel.

"Uhhh…" I groaned. "Does that feel good?" Amu asked me, and I just nodded. She kissed me lovingly yet rather sloppily, and then picked up a slice of pizza from the table, feeding it to me. The flavours…Oh God, the flavours.

That pizza had every single one of my favourite toppings on it. It had stuffed crust, and it was just the right thickness.

Everything about it as perfect. I didn't know which bit of me felt better, my mouth or my balls. I didn't even notice that my dick had gotten hard. And I definitely didn't notice Amu giving Jayma an order. "Suck his dick." I gasped sharply as I felt Jayma engulf my dick with her mouth. I leaned my head back in pleasure, trying to get to grips with the overwhelming sensations. After years of wondering I finally knew what it felt like to get a blowjob. The answer was it felt fucking amazing.

Although granted said blowjob was coming from a literal angel. I instinctively spread my legs, and looked down at said angel. It was at that point I noticed how big my boner was. It was at least twice as big in all dimensions, and my balls matched. "Oh my God, it's huge…" I moaned, barely able to comprehend the sensations. "Of course," Amu smiled. "You didn't think we'd beef up your soft dick but not your hard dick, did you?" Amu kissed me at that, sliding her tongue into my mouth.

"Mmmm…tell me Jamie, have you ever touched a girl's boobs?" "N…no…" I replied, not quite sure what I should be focusing on. "Let's fix that then." Amu broke the kiss, and then climbed on top of me, riding my stomach, her wet pussy rubbing against my chest.

"They're all yours," she said, presenting her huge boobs to me. I just stared at them, part mesmerised, part paralysed from my ongoing fellatio.

"Here, touch them." Amu grabbed my right hand, and put it on top her left boob. It felt nice. I ran my hand across its surface, paying particular attention to her nipple.

I then gave it a squeeze, enjoying it greatly. "Like that?" She giggled. "Um…yeah…" I managed. "Don't be nervous sweetie. It's all perfectly normal." I put my other hand on Amu's other boob, and began playing with it. Between Amu's boobs and Jayma sucking my dick, I felt as though I'd, well, died and gone to Heaven. I could feel the head of my penis rubbing against Jayma's tonsils, before she would move her mouth up to where only the very tip was still inside, and then she'd slam my length back into her, and the process would start all over again, her angelic tongue never ceasing its ministrations.

"Suck on my tits, Jamie," said Amu seductively. I just nodded, and she helped me into position, leaning forward slightly. In position, I took her left boob in my mouth, sucking and licking hungrily. To my surprise though, as I sucked on Amu's nipple, I felt a warm liquid coming out of it. Amu's milk was the most wonderful thing I'd ever tasted, even better than the Heavenly food they'd fed me.

I don't really know how to describe it, but the taste WAS pleasure. Like, as I drank Amu's milk, I could feel huge amounts of sexual pleasure in my mouth, and running down my throat to my stomach. I'm not exaggerating there. I mean literal, sexual pleasure in my mouth and throat.

It was all too much for my body to handle, and I had yet another orgasm. The feelings in my cock were even more intense than last time, but whether that was down to Jayma's skill or Heavenly magic I don't know. What was different from last time though was the spread. A normal orgasm is confined to the groin. But not this one. This one was felt all over my body. Every cell in my body was consumed by sexual pleasure, though it was noticeably more intense in my mouth (Thanks to Amu's milk) and so many enormous orders of magnitude stronger still in my groin, my cock once again releasing an ocean of cum into Jayma's mouth.

I don't know how long I came for. Time seemed irrelevant in Heaven, but it was mostly because I passed out mid-climax. The next thing I knew I was waking up in the most comfortable bed I'd ever known. I opened my eyes and realised I was merely naked in my own bed, although it felt much comfier than normal.

I thought back on that dream I'd had, about how I'd died and gone to Heaven. Nonsense, of course, because there was no such thing, but God, it'd felt so real.

So pleasurable. I rolled over in bed and screamed as I saw Jayma, laid in bed next to me, smiling. "AHHHHH!" "Oh, sorry Jamie, I didn't mean to scare you…" she said, kissing me as she stroked my skin to try and comfort me.

"Oh my God, you mean that wasn't a dream?" I asked. "Nope." "So I really am dead? Oh God…" "I don't understand why you're so upset by this. You're in Heaven. HEAVEN.

Literally the greatest place in the whole of existence. Why would you be sad about leaving the terrible mortal plane to go to a place of eternal happiness?" "It's just a lot to adjust to. You wouldn't know what it's like." "Oh don't I? Well it may interest you to learn that I used to be a mortal like you." "Really?" "Yes, really. Aside from Lady Amia, who was created by the original God for her role, all angels were originally mortals who were appointed to their holy roles by God." "Wait, original God?" "Yes.

Something which isn't normally revealed to living mortals is that there isn't one God.

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Or well, there is one God, but he isn't the first. Since the dawn of time, Gods have ruled, before passing on their powers and responsibilities to their successors. There have been, I believe, 74823820181937483028301917347157583524746 Gods since the beginning of time," Jayma explained, not pausing for a moment on the enormous number.

"The current God was appointed just last year. I believe he came from your planet, although I'm not allowed to know anything more about him." "My planet? You mean you're not human?" "Well no, I'm an angel. But before I was an angel I was indeed human. I came from a planet on the other side of this current universe. I was a priestess of God before he appeared to me and gave me the chance to become an angel. That was about 20,000 of your years ago." "TWENTY THOUSAND YEARS!?" "Yes.

Since then I've been training as a bliss angel. They're the people who provide the blessed with their eternal rewards." "So what, you're a trainee?" "Yes. It's why I don't have any wings yet; I've not earned them. And it's why Lady Amu was with me; because I'm not allowed to deliver bliss without a supervisor." "Where is Amu?" "She had other business to attend to. She left me here on my own to look after you. It's actually my first time on my own with a mortal.

Like I said, I'm not normally allowed. I'm a little bit nervous." "Well I think you're doing a great job. I mean, that blowjob you gave me was great." "Thanks. I thought you sounded like you were enjoying it." "That's a bit of an understatement.

I didn't even realise it was possible to feel that good." "Well, before death it's not. But in Heaven nothing is off limits to you. No pleasure is too great. If you want it, you will have it, no questions asked." "This is all so much to get my head around…" "Well don't worry, because you've got all eternity to get used to it." I laid back in bed, relaxing and thinking about the prospect of being able to have anything I want.

While I was doing that, Jayme cuddled up to me, which got my cock instantly hard. She giggled a little. "Sorry…" I said, still embarrassed to have a boner in front of a girl.

"Jamie, relax," Jayma said, kissing me. "I and everything else here am here for your pleasure." "Sorry, it's just…I've never done anything with a girl before this. I'm a virgin." "We could change that, if you want." I gulped at that. Handjobs and blowjobs were one thing, but fucking?

Proper, no-holds-barred intercourse? I'd dreamed about it for years. I'd wanted it so badly. Why was I suddenly so nervous? "You mean…we could shag?" I asked her. "Of course. If that's what you want. In Heaven, nothing is denied to you. You can do, have and experience anything you wish." "It is what I want. I want to get laid." "Then lay back, and let me give you your heavenly reward." To say I was nervous would be an understatement.

I'd wanted to put my penis inside a girl's pussy since before I even knew that was a thing people did.


I'd jerked off countless times to the thoughts of banging hundreds of girls in dozens of positions; girls from my school, celebrities, random girls on the street, and even, to my shame, my sisters a few times. My mind was racing with speculation as to what it would feel like.

Jayma crawled on top of me, and kissed me softly and lovingly. I must admit, the idea of sex with an angel had crossed my mind once or twice before. I'd underestimated just how beautiful real angels would be though.

"Don't be nervous," she whispered, rubbing my chest sensually. "Just relax, and enjoy the feelings." And then, she did it. In one fell swoop, I was one no longer a virgin.

Jayma lowered her hips, and I felt her pussy consume my dick. It was so tight, and yet so comfortable. Like it was shaped perfectly for my dick. Every little crevice of my dick aligned perfectly with every little crevice of her pussy. It was so hot and wet, more so than I'd ever imagined. All of this added up to a hell (Well, heaven) of a lot of pleasure for me. While I was taking in all these sensations, Jayma looked at me lovingly. Without a word, she kissed me, and we made-out together, our hips remaining still for now.

Jayma licked at my lips, and I opened my mouth to allow her access. Our tongues danced passionately, and Jayma guided my hands, laying them onto her bottom. Jayma then began moving her hips up and down, and oh my God it felt fantastic. It was at that point I realised that everyone on Earth who described Heaven was wrong. They talk about it being a place of eternal bliss. But that is an understatement, let me tell you. It is so, so much better. Every thrust gave me more pleasure than I'd ever dreamed could be possible.

My no-longer-virginal dick was screaming out with joy as this heavenly pleasure tore through it. I couldn't even last a minute, it was just too good. My cock exploded, releasing an ocean of cum into Jayma's pussy. It was even better than my previous two heavenly climaxes, which might seem impossible, but as I was quickly learning, nothing is impossible here.

Jayma continued to thrust as I came, which only served to increase my outstanding pleasure. When it was over, I'd been expecting Jayma to stop, but instead, she continued thrusting, simply rotating herself on my dick so she was instead riding me reverse cowgirl. I watched her wiggle her ass in my face as she continued riding my dick. I grabbed hold of her bottom, kneading her cheeks playfully. Jayma had a fantastic bottom, and I very much enjoyed watching it bounce up and down as she fucked me.

I came again within a minute, unleashing yet more hot semen into her pussy. I'd established by this point I had an unlimited supply, and that some sort of divine magic was helping Jayma take it all in, given that by all accounts the fact I felt like I was shooting litres each time meant we should both be wiped out. "Wanna take charge?" She asked. Still dazed from having had two colossal orgasms in as many minutes, I just managed to say "Sure". With Jayma's help, and without ever removing my dick from her pussy, she got on her hands and knees and we moved into doggy style.

I grabbed hold of her bum, and I began thrusting. I wasn't really sure what to do, so I just did what came naturally, moving my hips back and forth. "Oh yeah!" Jayma moaned loudly. "Give it to me Jamie!" I got into a bit of a rhythm, feeling quite manly at the idea of pounding such a gorgeous girl and making her feel good.

This 3rd fuck felt different to the previous two, in that Jayma's warm wetness was complimented by my previous loads, which she still had in there. I could feel it vividly, but it only added to the wonderful sensations running through my body. "Oh God, I'm gonna cum…OH JAMIE!" Jayma cried out, and I got to enjoy the wonderful sensations of an angel's vagina contracting down on my cock.

It sent me over the edge, and I unleashed load number 3 into her with one long, powerful thrust. Jayma began to move for a different position, but I just grabbed her hands to stop her. "Oh no, not yet," I said. I had a decade of horniness to burn off, after all. "Not by a long shot." I resumed my thrusts, picking up the pace quite a bit.

Anyone who's looked at me would probably have thought "That guy's done this before, he's a real expert", but in reality I was still really nervous. My mind was a mixture of disbelief that this was happening to me and my brain trying to work out what to do next. And certainly the moans and whimpers I was letting out were far from manly.

"Oh God Jayma, I'm gonna cum again…" I moaned. "Me too…give it to me…" And with that, we both hit orgasm. Feeling adventurous, I raised my arms above my head in triumph, which definitely made me feel more manly as my genitals struggled to comprehend the intensity and frequency of the orgasms they were being forced to have.

My balls ached pleasantly from all the semen they were releasing. I didn't waste any time when it was over, going back to thrusting almost immediately after I'd stopped jizzing. I'd decided that this time I was going to continue thrusting through my orgasm. When Jayma had been in control she'd kept fucking me as I came, and it had felt great, so now I wanted to try it for myself.

"I want you to cum at the same time I do, every time," I told her, and she nodded in response. I really went for it now, thrusting as fast as my body could manage. About 45 seconds later, I reached my peak, and I felt Jayma's vaginal contractions begin as I began shooting my 5th load of the morning. It took all my strength, but I did manage to keep on thrusting, albeit at a slower rate, despite the ocean of cum that was being fired out of my cock like a garden hose.

When I was finished cumming I maintained my pace, a little worn out from all this fucking and cumming, but still hard and horny. This time I wanted to cum all over Jayma's ass, so I knew I'd have to summon up the willpower to pull out at just the right time. I kept fucking her at a leisurely pace, finally getting used to the feelings of pussy-on-dick action. I actually got so into the rhythm that I almost forgot about cumming. Almost. Eventually I felt myself approaching the edge, so I picked up the pace.

I had to time it just right. I felt the pressure building, and just as I passed the point of no return, I pulled out of her. The first thing I felt was the cool air on my soaking-wet dick. Although it had only been inside Jayma for maybe 10 or 15 minutes at most, my penis had grown accustomed to her vagina, so being removed was a shock to it.

I looked down at it, and it was absolutely covered in a mixture of Jayma's pussy juices and my own semen. My cock had reddened, with the head very bright red. I guess that's what five orgasms in 10 minutes does. Except it was now turning into 6 orgasms, as the pressure built and built until I blasted an enormous load all over Jayma's bottom.

I grabbed hold of my dick, and sort of waved it around a little, pointing it at various parts of her bum and back, although the sheer volume of the semen I was shooting meant it wasn't difficult to get an all-over spread. What was difficult was keeping myself supported. During my previous orgasms I'd be supported by leaning on Jayma with my dick buried deep in her, but this time I only had my own knees. So I ended up falling forwards, my cock and balls rubbing against Jayma's bottom as they continued ejaculating forcefully.

------------------------------- Meanwhile, those who had had red flames on their hands were significantly less comfortable.

They had been led into a cramped, dark room, where some rather unfriendly-looking angels were waiting for them. The room was boiling hot, which only added to their discomfort. The angel Dominique, who had led them in, stood at the front. "Hello everyone," she said. "As you have possibly worked out by now, you're all dead. And as I'm sure you've all now worked out, you're in Hell." "Hell!?" Miss Wilson shouted.

"Why!? How!?" "God has classed you as sinners, and it is his will that you are to suffer unimaginable torment for all eternity." Several people were in tears by now. "Please note that there is no right of appeal. God's will is final. Escape is impossible, and there will be no break at any point. Once the pain starts, it won't ever end." The sinners' bodies were them consumed with fire, and they screamed in agony as they were taken for their punishment.

Miss Wilson appeared in a flame-filled cavern, and she looked at her surroundings. She saw 3 naked angels looking at her. To her horror, they had erections that were several feet long and thick, and covered in spikes.


"Sally Wilson," one of them said. "On no less than 463 occasions you cheated on your boyfriend." "As such, you are to spend the next 463,000 years experiencing excruciatingly painful sex." The angels approached her, and mercilessly crammed one cock into her pussy, one into her ass, and one into her mouth. It was agonising for Miss Wilson, but she couldn't scream from her mouth being filled. "Oh, and we should mention," said the third angel. "When you cum, it will only give you pain.

When we cum however, we will ejaculate lava. Enjoy." In other parts of Hell, meanwhile, the others who'd been damned were being introduced to their first punishments.

Adam was having his genitals devoured by tiny insects, and not enjoying it one bit. "Don't worry," said his torturer. "When they done with your bits they'll move right on to your internal organs." Alex meanwhile was finding out what a bath in an infinitely acidic solution felt like. Others were simply dumped into pits of infinitely hot fire, pending further torture. ------------------------------- I passed out after that orgasm, my body unable to cope with any more. I woke up laid on my back in bed, my penis now noticeably soft.

I looked around, and Jayma was no-where to be found, although she'd apparently tucked me in before she left. I then noticed a note on my bedside table. *Jamie, I got called away suddenly, but I had a really great time meeting you and I'm sure we'll meet again at some point. Until then, have a nice eternity.

Jayma* Great, now what, I found myself thinking. I got out of bed, and looked around my room. Or rather, the room that looked like my bedroom. My real bedroom was back on Earth. This place seemed to be a perfect copy of it though, with not a thing out of place. Although if God is truly as powerful as they say, that shouldn't be surprising.

I wondered if God was watching me right now. I suppose if he saw everything then he would be. That'd take some getting used to. I walked over to my window, and saw it was getting on to sunset. Outside my "house" my neighbourhood seemed perfectly normal, although there didn't seem to be anyone around.

I wondered if I could go and walk around. My ponderings were interrupted by the sound of singing from downstairs. I walked down there, noticing that the rest of the house was an equally-accurate depiction of the real one, and followed the singing into the kitchen. There I saw a naked girl, about my age, bent over the oven to look inside, giving me a very good view of her bottom.

"Um, hello," I said. "Oh, hello," the girl said, turning around and smiling at me. "My goodness, you've certainly grown." "Grown?


Do I know you?" "You don't recognise me?" She asked. "Well, I suppose I do look a lot different to when you last saw me." "I've never seen you before in my life. Or afterlife." "I died about 6 years ago. You were really very sad. You cried for hours in your bedroom." "…Gran?" She nodded. My grandmother Mary had indeed died 6 years ago, and I'd been heartbroken.

"But…how?" I asked. "Jamie, this is the afterlife. I died, and was admitted to Heaven. For the last 6 years I've been enjoying my eternal reward." Without hesitation, I ran to my grandmother, and hugged her tight.

"I've missed you so much," I said. "I've missed you too, Jamie, although we've never truly been apart. "What do you mean?" "I've been watching over you. All those hardships you've faced, I was there cheering you on." "You've been watching me? You mean even when I'm…alone?" "Yes Jamie, I've watched you masturbate. There's nothing wrong with that. You were simply enjoying the pleasure God allowed you to feel." It was at this point I remembered that the two of us were completely naked.

My 18-year-old grandmother's perfect boobs were pressing against my chest, and my hard cock was rubbing against her skin. "Sorry…" I said, backing off. "Jamie, nothing is taboo here. It is good that we arouse one-another." And with that, my grandmother kissed me deeply on my lips. "Gran, I…" "The angels asked me to come and see you, to try and help you adjust to Heaven. Why don't we go and sit down?" My grandmother led me over to the sofa, and we sat down on it.

"So how did you enjoy your first night in Heaven?" My grandmother asked me. "Well, um, it was good I guess," I replied, not really comfortable talking about sex with my grandmother. "Nonsense Jamie, it was the single greatest thing you've ever experienced. I was watching the whole thing, and I cheered as Jayma made you a man." I felt so embarrassed at this. "When I died I was greeted by an angel called Luna and her husband Mavro. The two of them showed me pleasure beyond belief.

Pleasure your granddad could only dream of giving me." "Granddad was bad at sex?" "I wouldn't say "bad", per say. He tried really hard. But he just wasn't up to the task. I can't wait for him to die so he can come here and I can show him real sex." "Yeah, the sex here is pretty great…" I said, still not entirely comfortable with this conversation.

"But then, I don't know what sex on Earth is like…" "I know, it's a real shame, isn't it? I kept screaming at you to ask girls out, but you never did it." "Sorry…" "Well, it doesn't matter. You're here now, to enjoy the infinite pleasure God wishes to reward us with." My grandmother then laid down on the sofa, and gestured for me to join her.

I laid down, and she wrapped her arms around me. My head was positioned on her boobs, using them as a soft pillow. It was a strange experience. "Would you like something to drink?" She asked me. "Like what?" I asked, and she just grabbed her boobs. "Oh…" "Jamie, many years ago I fed your infant father from these breasts," my grandmother said.

"Now they will feed you." My grandmother took hold of my head, and guided my mouth to her nipple. I latched onto it, and began sucking. Warm milk flowed from my grandmother's boobs and into my waiting mouth. It was different to Amu's.

While she had lactated many wondrous liquids unknown to mankind, this was merely milk, albeit the most delicious milk I had ever tasted. My initial hesitation vanished, replaced by an insatiable hunger for this sweet nectar. As I sucked my grandmother dry, I felt her hand take hold of my cock, and begin stroking me. "You're such a good boy," she said.

"You deserve infinite pleasure." I switched nipple, eager to give both boobs the attention they deserved. Grandma continued jerking my cock, wanking me off intensely.

The strength of my heavenly arousal meant that I couldn't contain myself for even a minute. "Uhhh shit…" I groaned. "I'm gonna cum…" As the pressure built, grandma lifted my head away from her chest, and got me up on my knees. With one hand supporting my back, and one hand supporting my cock, I erupted. Hot cum spewed forth from my dick at the same impossible rate I'd yet to become accustomed to in Heaven. Grandma opened her mouth, and took in what cum she could, the rest splattering across her face.

She then moved my cock to point at her tits, and I coated them in a thick layer of cum as well. It's weird, aside from my enlarged genitals, my heavenly body was identical to my mortal body. Which meant it was also not used to orgasms of this intensity, frequency or duration. I could almost hear my balls, wondering how and why they were able to replenish and supply my cum so quickly, and my prostate, working overtime to provide me with a plentiful ejaculation.

When my orgasm finally ended, I feel forwards, collapsing into my grandmother's waiting arms. Her body was covered in cum, which meant mine now was, but it didn't matter. I was now more comfortable, relaxed and happy than I had ever been.

My cock softened, but the arousal was still there. It felt nice. I don't know how long we relaxed for; time has little meaning in the afterlife. All I know is my relaxation was interrupted by a buzzing from the kitchen. "The biscuits are ready!" My grandmother declared excitedly. She released me from her hold, and ran off to the kitchen to fetch them. "Why don't you turn the television on?" I sat up, my chest still covered in my cum, and picked up the TV remote.

I turned it on, and flicked through the channels. Everything on was something I liked; my favourite films and TV shows were amazingly all playing at once. I suppose it shouldn't have surprised me, as the whole point of this place was to give me everything I wanted.

Grandma walked back in, carrying a large plate of chocolate chip cookies. She set it down next to me, and then knelt on the floor. "Enjoy them," she smiled, before taking my hardening cock in her mouth. "Ohhhh…" I moaned, before picking up a cookie and eating it.

Like everything else here, it was incredible. I swallowed it, and took another, before sitting back and relaxing to watch the TV. If you'd told me a week prior that I'd soon be sat watching Back to the Future and eating the greatest biscuits in the universe while my dead grandmother gave me a blowjob, I'd have told you to fuck off.

But it's a good thing I didn't, because then maybe God would have sent me to Hell, and I'd be experiencing unimaginable pain right now, instead of pleasure. If I'd known this was how God rewarded the virtuous, I'd have turned to religion long ago.

I watched the entire film trilogy, experiencing another orgasm every few minutes. My grandmother never stopped sucking me for a second, swallowing every drop of the gallons of semen I released into her mouth.

I was still amazed by the fact that my cock never showed any sign of fatigue; my loads remained big, my erection remained full, and it never felt the slightest bit sore. Just hours of unbridled oral pleasure for me. As the credits rolled on Part 3, I had yet another orgasm, which of course involved releasing yet another enormous load into my grandmother's mouth. She swallowed it all, and then pulled her mouth off of me, kissing the tip as she went.

She then crawled onto the sofa, and gave me a soft, loving kiss. "Let's go to bed, Jamie," my grandmother purred. "I want you to make love to me." I just nodded, and took my grandmother's hand in mine. We got up, and walked hand-in-hand up the stairs and to my room. Slamming the door shut, we grabbed hold of each-other's bottoms and made out passionately, our entire beings consumed with lust.

Eventually I gave in, and grabbed my grandmother, tossing her onto the bed with a fury. She moaned enthusiastically, and spread her legs wide. Without hesitation I climbed on top and thrust my cock into her.7 When I'd fucked Jayma I'd been overwhelmed by nerves and sensations, which had made thrusting and the like a tad difficult. Well, the sensations here were just as great, if not greater, however my confidence had improved greatly.

With Jayma I'd also still been stuck in the mortal mindset of trying to hold back my climax as long as possible to savour the one orgasm I'd have. But now I realised that here in Heaven, orgasms were plentiful. They were not the climax of sex, they were something to be savoured over and over again. So as I pounded at my grandmother's pussy, my thoughts were only on making the two of us cum as soon as possible.

And cum I did. Barely 40 seconds after entering my grandmother I was filling her up with my seed. I grabbed hold of her tits and grinded her pussy as I ejaculated hard. I then resumed my vigorous thrusting, not even waiting for my orgasm to finish first. Grandma too came within a minute, so I got to enjoy the exquisite sensations that accompanied her vagina contracting around my cock.

But still we fucked, determined to reach many, many orgasms before the night was out. When I woke up the next morning, I was immediately greeted by a warm wetness surrounding my dick, and another warmth across my whole front.

I woke up, and was reminding that I was laid on top of my teenage grandmother, erect cock buried deep within her pussy. Allowing my instincts to take over, I leaned down and kissed her softly. "Mmm…" she whimpered, and opened her eyes slowly.

"Morning Jamie." "Morning," I said, kissing her again. "Have fun last night?" "Very much so. It was…" "Heavenly?" We both laughed at that, which is an interesting experience when you're inside a girl at the time. We made out for a few minutes, and then just gazed at one-another. "What shall we do today?" I asked. "Well," she replied. "Tonight there's a little gathering I'm supposed to take you to." "Gathering?" "Don't worry about it.

And besides, we've got all day until then." "Well then," I said, beginning to thrust. "Why don't we get right back to making love then?" "That sounds like a wonderful idea, Jamie." I went slower that morning, still half-asleep, and not as desperate to cum as I'd been the previous night.

Still though, it felt absolutely incredible, making love to my grandmother while we kissed passionately. After about two minutes we came simultaneously, and we stopped thrusting, and merely kissed slowly in order to savour the moment.

For nearly 45 seconds I ejaculated, each shot providing me with unbelievable pleasure. When it was over, I picked up my grandmother by the ass, and she yelped. "Come along my lady," I said, my cock still buried inside her. "Time to wash off." I got us out of bed, and carried grandma out of my bedroom towards the bathroom.

What I saw in there shocked me. Our ordinary bathroom had been transformed into one fit for a king. The bath had become a giant hot tub, and there was a huge shower cubical for us in it. I took grandma into the shower, and set her down, my cock sliding out of her for the first time in hours.

Grandma turned around, and I took the opportunity to spank her. "Naughty boy," she said, before turning the water on. The warm water felt so relaxing as it ran down my skin. "Time to get clean then," Grandma said. She put a load of shower gel in her hands, and then handed me the bottle. Understanding, I get a large amount of it in my hands, and got to work. The two of us embraced, and began rubbing each-other all over. Grandma soaped up my back and bum, so I followed suit, groping it enthusiastically.

She then got down on her hands and knees, and soaped up my cock and balls, getting into every nook and cranny. I then did the same for grandma's groin, and soon every inch of our bodies were soaped up. Grandma then turned around and bent over. I didn't need further instructions, and I grabbed hold of her soapy ass, ramming my cock into her pussy, its familiar warmth comforting me. I went back to my previous rigour, my soaped-up pelvis pounding against my grandmother's soaped-up bottom.

I reached round and grabbed hold of her boobs, squeezing them mercilessly. "Oh God Jamie, that's it!" She moaned. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" Not one to disobey my elders, I did as I was told, going as deep and as hard as I possibly could. Grandma came quickly, and her vaginal contractions sent me over the edge too. As the pleasure of my orgasm began, my knees buckled, and I had to hold on to the shower rail to stop myself falling over as I came. "Uhhh my God…" I groaned, ejaculating powerfully into my grandmother.

We spent the rest of the day making love in all rooms of the house, taking a break every now and then to eat, or to snuggle between fucks. This all concluded with a late-afternoon nap in bed where I spooned my grandmother. I was awoken by the feeling of my skin being caressed, and my grandmother's soothing voice.

"Jamie…Jamie…" she whispered. "Time to get up." I moaned a little, not at all concerned that I was being woken up. "Morning," I said, stretching. "Evening, actually," she said, kissing me.

"It's time to go." "Go where?" "To the gathering tonight," she replied, kissing me. "Can't we just stay here and have more sex?" "Don't you want to see your friends?" "My friends?" "The angels have put together a party for you and your classmates who made it into Heaven. They thought you might like to meet up with them." "Ah, okay. That sounds good." "Yes it is. Now get up, young man." I flopped out of bed, and my grandmother took my hand, kissing me.

"So how do we get there?" I asked. Grandma simply guided me out the door, and when it opened, we were stood in a lavish ballroom. I looked around, and the place was filled with a mixture of angel servants, and people from my school. "Jamie!" Mark and Peter ran up to me, and I immediately noticed that their bodies had been altered as mine had, my friends having transformed into hunks. "You been fucking bitches too?" Peter asked, as he and Mark ogled my grandmother.

"Guys, that's my grandma…" "Your gran?" Mark asked. "Wow, someone started early on the heavenly debauchery." "Guys, please…" "Boys, there is no such thing as debauchery here. Everything is allowed," she said, finally reminding me of the grandmother I'd known in life.

"Now apologise to him." "Sorry Jamie…Sorry Mrs Robertson…" the two boys said. "Good," she smiled, before turning back to me.

"I'll leave you boys to have fun." Grandma gave me one last kiss, before walking back through my bedroom door, which disappeared instantly. I looked around, and there were a lot of people from my year there. Everyone was completely naked, and everyone seemed to have had similar bodily enhancements to the three of us. All the guys were hunks with giant cocks, while all the girls were drop-dead gorgeous. As you might expect, my cock got hard at approximately the speed of light, give or take a little.

Several days in Heaven had taught me to not worry about that though. Plus half the room was erect anyway. The other half being girls. The three of us went over to the bar area, where an angel boy was serving. We got some drinks, and sat there chatting and comparing notes on what we'd been up to. As expected, they too had spent most of their time having copious amounts of sex.

Peter had had some angels transform into numerous celebrities and fictional characters and had spent his time fucking them in numerous elaborate role-play scenarios. I particularly enjoyed his story of fucking Arya Stark in deep space while making out with Princess Zelda, playing with Scarlett Johansson's boobs, and being licked all over by Evie Frye, Pixie Lott, Lara Croft, Jennifer Lawrence and Samus Aran.

Mark meanwhile had spent his time having much more vanilla sex, content to make repeated love to the angels. One thing they did both confirm for me though was that their orgasms had been as massive as mine had been, complete with ridiculously enormous loads of cum. "I guess they're serious about rewarding us," I said. "If I ever see God, I'll be sure to thank him." "I wouldn't count on it," Mark said.

"One of the angels I shagged told me that even they rarely see him, that he only grants an audience to the archangels." "Well eternity's a long time, maybe we'll see him one day," I said. The three of us chatted for a long while, about all manner of things, before I saw someone approaching me, looking nervous. "Um, hi Jamie…" "Oh, hi Alice," I said. Mark and Peter slipped away quietly, leaving the two of us alone.

"My, um, my friends thought I should come over to talk to you…" she said, as we desperately tried not to check each-other out. Her divinely-enhanced body was too much to resist, however, and by the time she sat down next to me my cock was beyond full mast. "So…how are you enjoying Heaven?" I asked her.

"It's great," she smiled. "I've had so much fun here." My mind instantly went to the thoughts of Alice having sex with armies of hunky guys. Her mouth, bum and pussy full of angel cock, her body coated in jizz. I wished it was my jizz. "So, I…I really like you, Alice," I said, and instantly wondered what was wrong with me. I'd fancied Alice since primary school, and a large portion of my masturbation fantasies had been about her.

God knows how many gallons of jizz I'd shot thinking of her. Actually, he probably does. "I…really?" Alice asked. "Yes. A lot. I always have. You're a great girl." God I felt stupid saying all that. Clearly dying had lowered more of my inhibitions than I'd perhaps have liked.

I was about to apologise, when Alice leaned forward and gave me a quick kiss. "I…like you too, Jamie…" she said, before kissing me again. "Shall we, um…shall we go back to my house?" "Okay…" I replied, feeling like some sort of clichéd erotic fiction character. We got up, and walked through the door that had appeared, into Alice's bedroom.

I looked around at it; very pink, with posters of popular male celebrities on the walls. If I was acting like a clichéd character, Alice was a cliché incarnate. She probably dotted her "i"s with hearts.

We sat down on her bed, my hands in hers. Without any words, the two of us leaned in and began kissing passionately. We moved closer, and wrapped out arms around each-other as we made out. All my dreams were coming true, and I wanted to savour the moment forever. My cock, however, disagreed, and I could feel it's jealousy at how much attention my lips were getting.

Perhaps Alice could sense it, as I then shuddered in shock as she grabbed hold of my cock, and began stroking it. I enjoyed it for a few seconds, before realising I should probably return the favour.

I reached down, and began rubbing Alice's pussy, which caused her to let out a whimper. I slid my fingers in, and began thrusting them in and out. We both got into a rhythm in our pleasuring. It wasn't the most amazing thing I'd felt in Heaven so far, but fingering my long-term crush while she gave me a handjob was certainly the highlight of my first few days there.

Well, except for what happened shortly after.

Public pussy play

We resumed kissing, our tongues making love to one-another's mouths as we played with each-other's genitals. Eventually we both felt ourselves go over the edge, and we both moaned into each-other's mouths as our massive, heavenly orgasms began.

I shot heaps of cum onto Alice's tummy and tits, while her pussy had similar explosions, the two of us staring into each-other's eyes as we came. When it was over, we both laid back on the bed, panting. "I never get used to that," Alice said, rolling over to snuggle up to me.

I tried not to react. "Me neither," I said, feeling much more relaxed than before. I guess dual orgasms with your crush does that to you. "Sooo…what now?" "We could shag I suppose," Alice said, smiling.

"I…I suppose we could," I said, and Alice kissed me again. "If you want to, I mean. I do. You're a nice guy, Jamie. I really like you," Alice said. "So we could fuck if you want.

Or we could just snuggle. Whichever." "No, it's fine. It's just I've fancied you for so long, I thought this would never happen," I said. "I've always fancied you too, Jamie," Alice said, kissing me once more. "Let's do this." Alice laid on her back on the bed, and I moved on top of her. It's funny, I'd done this dozens of times since dying, and yet the fact it was Alice I was about to fuck instead of Jayma or Grandma made it all the more nerve-wracking.

Nevertheless, I worked up the courage to move my hips forward, slowly inserting myself into Alice. Once I was all the way inside, the two of us stayed still for a while, savouring this feeling that both of us had dreamt of for so long.

I leaned down and kissed her, every second feeling like Heaven on…actually, never mind. Finally, while we continued kissing, I moved my hips back, and then forwards again. I went slow at first, but before long my thrusting worked itself up into a steady rhythm. The feeling was absolutely exquisite, even more enjoyable than the sex I'd had previously. Maybe it was because this was my first time with someone who was both the same species as me and not related to me.

Maybe it was because everything in Heaven seems to be better than what precedes it. Or maybe it was because we liked each-other so much. Whatever the reason, it was clear from Alice's moans that she was enjoying this just as much as I was, which was quite a lot.

I came after about a minute, unleashing another massive load. Alice came at the same time, so I was treated to the wonderful feeling of her vagina contracting around my cock as I filled her up.

I kept on thrusting throughout and after my orgasm, determined to savour this experience as long as possible. Alice grabbed hold of my bottom, and I retaliated by grabbing hold of her boobs, squeezing them vigorously, as I'd always dreamed of doing.

I picked up my pace further, pounding away at Alice's pussy. We continued making out as we made love, our bodies trembling under the wonderful sensations it was experiencing. We felt ourselves approaching the edge again, and we cried out in ecstasy. "ALICE!" "JAMIE!" Our genitals exploded, as we experienced the most powerful orgasms in our existence. It went on and on, seemingly never ending.

Just when I thought it was going to calm down, it would suddenly jump in intensity, causing me to shudder with sensations, as my cock did its best impression of a fire hose, trying to extinguish the fire within Alice.

That was all a long time ago now. Billions, trillions of years ago. And I'm still here, in Heaven, enjoying my eternal reward. A few decades after I arrived, the rest of my family and friends died too, so I was able to reunite with them, as well as meet my nieces and nephews, and everyone else I'd not been around to see. ------------------------------- Alice and I are "married" now, although in Heaven that's really a pointless term.

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We live together, but we still do whatever we want. Sex with everyone and anyone, and generally enjoying being dead. I suppose I should end it there really, as there's little else more to say.

I'll only add that, before I died, I had found it hard to believe that, even if it did exist, Heaven could ever be as eternally wonderful as I'd heard. Well let me tell you, it isn't; it's far, far better. There's little point in me trying to describe it to you further; nothing I've written here can ever come close to describing how wonderful it is here.

I'm afraid you're just going to have to die to find out for yourself. ------------------------------- Author's message: Why hello there.

So this is something I've been working on for a few months now, although I didn't really begin it in earnest until I finished My Brother's Genie back in August. As my regular readers will have no doubt worked out, this is set in the same universe as Divine Succession, although I didn't mention it at the start as I didn't want to put off anyone who's not read it.

Or anyone who has read it and didn't like it. You may have noticed Luna's got that promotion she wanted. I guess David was grateful for looking after him that time he died. I know I said I wasn't going to re-visit this universe, and I did mean it at the time, but I got this idea so I figured I'd go with it.

It's very disconnected from Divine Succession anyway, so frankly it may as well be a new thing. Obviously this story is mostly sex, because frankly including a plot in this would be a ludicrous endeavour.

Plus this way I can appeal to the people who always complain about there being too much plot in my stories. My next story will be a short, multi-chapter story with magical content, but not in one of my existing universes.

No idea when it will be up. Aside from a few paragraphs I wrote a while back, I've not started it. So don't ask me.