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Gay teen short sex video download first time In this fantastic fresh
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This is part 2 of an ongoing story. CHAPTER 4 I woke with a start. A hard nipple had somehow found its way into my mouth. I looked up to see a smiling nymph with "café au lait" skin and a sensational curvy body. "Is this my morning treat?" I closed my mouth to suckle and nibble her tender tissue. "I wish every morning could be like this." "So do I. Do you think we'd ever tire of being in love?" "I know I wouldn't, Ty.

What about you?" "Never—would you believe that I'd never even been on a date before I met you? Eighteen years old and a virgin is one thing, but I never even went out with a girl." "Well, you may still be eighteen, just like me, but you're no longer a virgin, are you? I wasn't any different. I'm eighteen, too and before you no boy even paid me the least bit of attention." I extricated my mouth from her teat to speak, "That I find hard to believe.

This must be a community of idiots. What time is it? I promised your momma I'd take you to church." I looked over to the clock; great—6:43. "Do we have time?" "You must be kidding, Ty! Didn't you promise we could play in the morning?" "I don't actually recall promising, but I'll never turn you down." I nibbled on her teat and pulled her down for a kiss. "Morning breath," she warned me.

"Who cares? I love you, Cinda from your too-light and too-dark skin to your wrinkly nipples to your cute tasty pussy, even all the way down to your toes.

Now, be quiet and kiss me! That's an order!" Cinda could barely hold back from laughing, but she did look me straight in my eyes and whisper, "I love you, Ty.

I never thought I'd say that to anyone, but I do. I know we're just kids, but…" I covered her mouth with mine. My tongue found hers. They danced a dance of love and passion and lust until she reached over my body for another condom.

This time she put it into her mouth, sliding it down my rock-hard pole. "Let me guess—you saw that on the internet." Cinda couldn't hold back the biggest grin I'd ever seen. She nodded emphatically even as she rose over me. "Damn, woman—you are insatiable." "I am when it comes to you, Ty. Now follow your own advice—be quiet and fuck me." I grabbed her chin, showing my anger. "I don't ever want to hear you say that word again, Cinda. We make love.

People who have sex when they don't have any feelings for each other; they fuck, but you and me—never. I accept your apology." I reached up and kissed her again even as her sweet pussy stretched around my cock.

I could never have imagined how wonderful this felt—how warm, how moist and tight. Cinda began to rock on me. I thrust up deep into her core. Amateurs we may have been, but we moved together like parts of a fine timepiece. Faster and faster we went. Harder and harder I pushed into her, lifting Cinda from the bed every time. Soon we were covered in sweat. The air was hot and humid this morning, but we never noticed.

An army could have forced its way into the house and I doubted we'd even notice. As exquisite as it was it couldn't last forever. I felt it coming and I thought that Cinda did, too. I pinched her clit and she exploded, a violent spasm coursing through her body. I erupted into the condom wishing that it was Cinda's wonderful body instead—maybe someday, I prayed. We lay silently until I checked the clock again.

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I patted Cinda's butt and kissed her cheek. "That time, eh? Okay, Ty at least I can look forward to showering with you. C'mon." She eased off my shrunken cock then we both realized the chance we'd taken.

That condom should have been removed a long time ago. Hand in hand we walked to the shower. I had my own in the bathroom attached to my room. It was big enough to accommodate several people, but I found the closeness of standing in the tub endearing. It meant that we'd have to stand very close together, our bodies rubbing against each other almost continuously.

We washed each other and kissed and kissed. I had a blast rubbing my soapy hand up and down her butt crack. Even Cinda found that funny. "I've never even thought of doing it there, Ty. I think I would if you wanted it. I know you'd never hurt me." I leaned down to kiss her again then I helped her from the tub and dried her beautiful body. Her hair was wet so I shooed her out to dry it while I toweled my body dry.

We ate breakfast, clothed this time, and walked the mile to her church, her hand in mine. I'd packed a white short-sleeved dress shirt, long slacks, and a tie expressly for this purpose. Not surprisingly I was the only white person there.

I saw several of my friends from the park and school. We chatted outside for a while, but I was silent once I was in the building. Church was for praying, not idle chatter. I did sing all of the hymns and even accompanied Cinda for communion. We left about two hours later for the walk home. En route I had a call to my cell; it was Monroe telling me he and his mother would be home by 4:30. Cinda and I decided to forgo lunch. We climbed back into bed where we held each other for almost a half hour.

We told each other how much we loved each other over and over, probably a hundred times, at least. We kissed and fondled each other and in the end neither of us could take any more. I rushed to roll a condom down my aching cock and plunged deep into Cinda who surprised me by grabbing her ankles and pulling them up onto my shoulders.

There must have been something special about this position—Cinda groaned in rapture immediately with the very first thrust. She began to shake after only thirty seconds and her orgasm followed shortly thereafter. On and on it went until I was afraid I was hurting her. "Don't stop, Ty. Please…please don't stop. Oh God…don't stop." I fucked her even harder, so hard that I came almost immediately.

Still I pumped her sweet pussy even though every thrust hurt my ultra-sensitive cock. Finally, with a sigh that sounded like air escaping from a balloon, Cinda fainted in my arms. I moved her legs down and eased out of her, lying by her side. Cinda's hair hung in sweaty ribbons as I caressed her face and body. It was some ten minutes later that she roused, her eyes still glassy. I waited a few minutes until I could see she was lucid.

"C'mon, we both need a shower and we have to clean up this bed." I pulled her up and led her into the shower. Fifteen minutes later we were dry and dressed. Cinda changed her bed while I cleaned the tub and scrubbed the floor. We finished by emptying the kitchen trash. Even a cursory examination would reveal all the condoms we'd used, but we were both sure Momma and Monroe had known exactly what we'd do when I was given permission to stay over.

I phoned my mom to tell her when I'd be home. Cinda and I were seated on the couch when her mom and Monroe walked in. Monroe was excited to tell us about his college visits. He was a three sport star—football, basketball, and track—and was hoping for a scholarship. He was a solid B+ student, which I thought would help, too. We listened for twenty minutes when Cinda interrupted.

"Momma, we had a break-in last night. Ty told me the man had a gun. He injured him with his stars." I could see Momma's confusion so I explained. I pulled the four remaining stars from my backpack and showed her the bloody star I had sealed in the plastic bag.

I left that one with Cinda as I excused myself, unlocking my bike and loading the backpack onto the carrier. I had my school pack on my back as I wheeled the bike out to the lane. "Thanks for everything, Cinda. I think you know I had a wonderful time and I wasn't kidding—I do love you." She threw her arms around my neck and held me tightly.

A kiss later I was on the road, just minutes away from the home I'd grown to hate. CHAPTER 5 I expected to catch a lot of shit from my Grandpa who had forbidden me to see and stay with Cinda probably five hundred times at least, but I was surprised.

He was cordial and friendly. I couldn't believe it. We talked at dinner about my weekend and how much we had studied, even about attending Cinda's church although I scrupulously avoided my sexual encounters with her. I left once we had cleaned up and retired to the back yard to run through my exercises for basketball. The start of practice was only three weeks away. Cinda and I did very well on the Math test Monday morning.

She had a 94, her highest grade to date and I had a 99, my worst. Ha ha! Cinda greeted me in the hall after class with a hug as she whispered that she missed me. I agreed as we hustled to our next class. We met again at lunch and on the bus after school. We studied as we had over the prior weeks, but I made a change, carrying a pair of basketball shorts and running shoes with me.

I changed in her bathroom and ran home, arriving there a sweaty mess. I'd always found running the best way to get into shape. It was Thursday at dinner when my Grandpa invited me to join him on one of his shrimp boats Saturday morning.

"Sorry, Grandpa I have a date for the football game." He offered then to take me on Sunday. I wanted to decline, but Mom and Grandma thought it was a wonderful idea, an opportunity for us to bond. I reluctantly accepted, but I was wary. Leopards rarely change their spots. I didn't understand his change in attitude. He had cursed me when he learned that I'd spend the weekend with Cinda; now he was all lovey-dovey as though I was his favorite.

I knew I wasn't anything close. Cinda and I hitched a ride to the game with DeJuan and his girlfriend. We cheered for Monroe as he led the team with over a hundred yards running and two touchdowns. Unfortunately, they were our only scores. We lost 20-14. Cinda and I walked home, wanting to extend our time together.

I was pleased when Momma invited me to dinner. I called Mom for permission; I wasn't surprised to hear Grandpa swearing at me in the background. Everything was back to normal. I congratulated Monroe on a good game, but he was down.

"We can't block worth a damn. There's no running back on earth who can run when there're no holes. We were much better than that team, but we couldn't score when we had to." I clapped him on the back and changed into my running outfit.

I was home ten minutes later. Grandpa yelled at me for being so late, reminding me that we had an early start in the morning. I packed my sweatshirt in my backpack then studied for an hour or so before turning in.


I was up before six, ate breakfast and was ready before Grandpa was even out of bed. We drove the short distance to the dock where Grandpa introduced me to his mate Tony. He had long scraggly hair and a hawksbill nose. How interesting. I watched from the cockpit as Tony released the lines that held the boat to the dock and Grandpa expertly backed out into the harbor. I stood with him, my backpack slung over my left shoulder, in the cabin.

I was surprised that there was only the single crewman, then again maybe not. Clearly, operating the nets would require more than one man, so what was the purpose of this excursion? I had a feeling I knew, but time would tell. We were well out into the gulf when Grandpa told me, "Ty, go out with Tony. He'll show you how the nets work." "I'd rather stay here with you, Grandpa." "Do what you're told!

Now…go aft with Tony. He'll take good care of you." I walked aft and as I did I realized my backpack felt kind of heavy. I felt the pocket and realized that I'd never removed my throwing stars after my weekend with Cinda. Dropping the backpack by a cabin wall I looked back toward the stern where Tony appeared to be busy.

It wasn't long before I realized it was a ruse. He had spent more than five minutes playing with some lines, but accomplishing nothing. I turned my back to him, keeping his reflection in the nearby window within my peripheral vision. I was hardly surprised when he ran up behind me and grabbed me, his arms wrapped tightly over mine and my chest.

I surprised Tony by lifting my legs up to the wall and using the leverage to ram my head forcefully back into his. He staggered a bit, but still held me tightly as he tried to walk me to the boat's side. I drove my thumbs up and back. The left missed, sliding in futility along his cheek, but the right hit home. I gouged into his eye with all my strength. I'd rip it out—pull it from its socket-- if I had to.

Few people can handle that kind of pain without reacting strongly. Tony lost his grip on me as his hands flew up to his eye. "Your body is a spring, Ty. Use it wisely." That's what Sensei Aoki had told me; I heard him now as clear as day. I pivoted to my left leading with my elbow. It was a savage vicious blow, connecting squarely with his jaw, rocking his head back violently. In a basketball game I'd be thrown out and suspended for sure, but this was a different game—the game of life—the game for my life!

I followed with my right as my body spring unwound, recalling what Sensei had told me—"Only a fool punches with his fingers." The heel of my hand smashed into the bridge of his nose. I could feel the cartilage and bone shatter under my blow just as I could see the blood spurt explosively onto the deck. My spring had turned completely to the left, now it turned back, the heel of my left hand striking his sternum with all the force I could generate.

I was sure he'd scream if only I hadn't driven all the air from his lungs. He staggered again and when I swung my right, the side of the hand striking his temple, Tony dropped like a rock even as the blood flowed in a steady stream, staining the deck. Looking around quickly I found what I thought I needed to finish the job I had started on Tony. There were several coils of rope hanging from a steel support. I pulled one of what seemed to be twenty-five feet of quarter-inch braided nylon from the hook.

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Several loops secured by two half hitches immobilized his wrists then I pulled his ankles up, tying them tightly. When I had about eight feet of rope left I looped the line between his ankles to secure the knots and pulled the rope tightly to his neck.

Two quick turns again secured by a couple of half hitches and Tony was stuck. I prayed he'd struggle and strangle himself in the process. There was only one more thing I wanted to do.

Checking several cabinets led me to what I sought—duct tape. I wrapped his fingers together with about a dozen turns of tape, completely eliminating any possibility of untying the knots. I tore about a foot of tape from the roll and wrapped them around his thumbs before turning to confront my grandfather. Tony may have been the instrument, but Grandpa was the bandleader—the one who was calling the shots. I hesitated at the last second, kneeling next to Tony's inert form and pulling up his shirt.

There on his stomach were two telltale rectangular bandages; I'd hit him twice in our earlier encounter. I was always a person who thought before acting.

I'd always believed it the wiser course—that's what I did now. Sliding my belt as far to the left as possible, I moved my smart phone from my hip to just under my navel.

Selecting the appropriate app, I turned it on and returned it to the storage clip. There'd be a video of wherever my body pointed. My four remaining throwing stars I placed in my left hand where they'd be ready if needed. Walking carefully up to the cockpit on the starboard side I peeked through the window in the sliding door. There was no sight of my grandfather so I assumed he might be in what he had earlier described as the chart room although I had seen several bunks in there, too.

I slid the door open with a bang. It wasn't long before I heard him shout, "That was quick, Tony. I told you that grandson of mine was a wimp. We'll wait an hour or so and then report him overboard. By then we'll be miles away. Your money is on your bunk—money well spent in my opinion." He had just emerged when I spoke, "Sorry to upset your plans, Grandpa—Tony is in no shape to collect anything.

I knew it was too good to be true. You were too nice this past week. Wait until the cops learn about this." He laughed—he actually laughed. "Who would believe you—a nigger-loving young turd—over me, an upstanding citizen with political clout?

Nobody—that's who; it would just be your word against mine." Now it was my turn to laugh. "You obviously don't know anything about smart phones, Grandpa. This entire conversation is being recorded in a video. You'll be condemned by your own words." I could see him react. He hadn't planned for any of this.

I was supposed to go quietly over the side. He'd probably cry crocodile tears when he notified my mother, but I'd be safely disposed of—either food for the sharks or the crabs. What a fucking pain in the ass I was! No wonder he hated me so much. Grandpa took his eyes off me and looked forward, searching for something. I saw it, too. "Don't even think of going for that pistol! You've already seen what I can do with these throwing stars.

I won't think twice about throwing at you." He moved toward the gun in spite of my words. I took the star, my biggest and most dangerous one, in my hand and prepared to throw, yet something made me hold back. He grabbed the pistol and swung it toward me. I recognized it as the same one I had seen in Tony's hand last weekend. He shot just as the boat lurched into a wave. I felt the searing bullet glance off my scalp, throwing this time from pure instinct.

He had missed—barely—but I didn't. The star embedded itself in the base of his neck. Blood spurted from its edges onto the cabin deck. Grandpa let go of the wheel in reaction and the boat heeled over to port.

He tumbled over the high doorsill and fell to the side, through the open door. A second later he was leaning precariously over the bulwark and the sea below. I dropped the remaining stars and rushed forward even as blood poured down my face into my eyes. My fingers found his shoe and foot; I held onto it tightly, why I could never understand.

Looking down I saw Grandpa spit at me. "Damn you! Damn you to hell! You're even worse than your father." Then he lashed out with his other foot, striking me in the chest.

The blow didn't hurt, but I was shocked. I let go of his foot then watched as my only grandfather slid down the side of the boat. His head struck the steel rail at the waterline and somersaulted into the water.

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He slid along the side until disappearing under the boat near the stern. I ran back as quickly and safely as I could. Had there been any doubt of his demise they vanished when the boat shook from the impact with his body and the water turned red with his blood.

I'd read about people being sucked in by the props; now I'd seen it for myself. I made my way back to the cockpit, feeling my way, barely able to see through my own blood. I had no idea where we were or how to get back to the dock. Taking the radio microphone in my hand I pressed the button.

"Help! Help! I need help." "This is the Marlboro. Don't you know anything about radio protocol?" Pressing the button again I continued, "No—I'm an eighteen year-old kid from Indiana. I'm on the shrimp boat Emma Mae somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico. My grandfather is dead—over the side. He shot me.

My head is bleeding. I'm getting dizzy. There's a mate, but he's tied up. He tried to kill me, too." I released the button so I could listen. "Coast Guard calling Emma May… Coast Guard calling Emma May… Coast Guard calling Emma May; this is the Coast Guard," another different voice said. "Can you find a compass there?


Over." "Okay, we're heading west. Uh…over." "Turn the boat slowly toward the north. I suggest you slow down to about ten miles an hour. It'll be easier to control the boat. We're launching a chopper. Can you find the flares? Over." I ran back to my backpack and removed my sweatshirt. Wiping it over my forehead helped and I held it tightly over my wound then I looked around for flares.

I found the kit about a minute later bolted to the wall—uh, the bulkhead. "Okay, I found them. Now what? We're heading north. Over." "Good…what's your name? Over." I understood now—saying "over" meant you were done speaking. "I'm Ty…Ty Feldner. Over." "You're doing great, Ty. Just hang in there. What I want you to do now is hold down the button for sixty seconds.

That'll enable us to find your position. Can you do that? Over." "Sure, but something else will have to go. I have one hand on the wheel and my other is switching between the radio and my sweatshirt to hold back the blood. I'll drop the sweatshirt. Okay, here goes starting now. One…two…three&hellip." I continued until I had reached sixty then released the button.

"That was great, Ty. We have you now. Find a smoke flare and light it once you hear the chopper. Don't light it in the cabin. You can throw it onto the deck. It won't set the boat on fire. Is there a stool or captain's chair? If so, sit down." Spying one in the hallway to the chart room I reached back to pull it forward.

It was a relief to sit. Truthfully, I didn't know how much longer I'd be able to hold out. I was feeling faint from the loss of blood and my head ached terribly. Suddenly I could hear the chopper. I staggered outside to the exact spot where my grandfather had gone over the side. Removing the cap from the flare I struck it against the flare's end. It ignited almost immediately and I rolled it back toward the stern. Seconds later I was back in the cockpit. The chopper approached and hovered overhead.

The last thing I saw was a big orange blob as the cockpit door opened. I fell to the deck and as I did all I could say was, "Cinda…get Cinda." CHAPTER 6 It was dark when I next opened my eyes. I had the world's worst headache. Everything was a big fog, but I was sure I could hear crying. "Please God--don't let Ty die…please.

Please Ty…don't you dare die on me." I turned my head slowly. That was just about all I could handle. There, not more than two feet away, sat Cinda crying in the dark. I reached out to touch her—to make sure she was real and not a dream. "Cinda…Cinda," I whispered. "Ty…Ty, you're awake." She gripped my hand, holding it to her cheek. It was wet with her tears; I wiped them with my hand. "Let me get your mom, Ty. She's in the lounge with Momma and Monroe." She leaned over to lightly kiss me.

"I know you can do better," I whispered. "I can, but not now. I'll be right back." She ran out the door and returned about a minute later. "Let me shield your eyes, Ty when they turn on the lights. The doctor is coming, too." Mom and Momma walked in a minute later followed by Monroe and some doctor.

He checked my vital signs and aimed a small flashlight into my eyes. "Keep your eyes on my finger, Ty." I did as he moved it from side to side. "Okay…very good; Ty, you're a very lucky young man. You'll have quite a headache for a day or so, but other than that you'll be fine. I think you'll be able to go home tomorrow, but stay in bed until next weekend." He patted my thigh and left. "Cinda, I have to speak with my mom. Do you mind?" "Of course not, Ty—I'll be just outside." She leaned over to kiss my cheek and whisper, "I love you, Ty." Soon I was alone with my mother.

"Grandpa tried to kill me, Mom." "I know, Ty. The Coast Guard evacuated you in the helicopter and the Sheriff's deputies took your phone. They found the video. I'm so sorry, Ty.

He was everything you told me and worse. There's more I have to tell you, but not now. We'll talk once we're back home." "How's Grandma?" "Better than you'd think; that's part of what we have to discuss, too." "Mom, I'll want Cinda to come and visit me." "I think that will be fine, but no sex…please, at least not until you're better." She kissed my cheek and left. Cinda was back in with me a second later.

"Can you talk with Mom about getting my books and homework? I&hellip." Cinda covered my mouth with hers before I could continue. Dear God, I shuddered at the thought of never kissing these delicious lips again.

"Already taken care of, Ty. We had a lot of time to talk while you were sleeping. You've been asleep for hours. She'll drive Monroe and me to school tomorrow morning. I'll get your books from your locker while she makes arrangements to get your assignments. I'll come every afternoon so I can help you with your homework." Cinda laughed. "Oh God, Ty—I was so worried about you.

I think I cried more today than I have in the last ten years." "It's a good thing I had those karate lessons. I'd be dead without them.

I found out who forced his way into your house last weekend. It was my grandfather's mate Tony." "We know…everyone knows, Ty. The whole story has been on the news all afternoon. You're a hero." Then to show me she turned on the TV. There was a banner scrolling at the bottom of the screen on CNN with a promise for more details as they became available. We had local news at ten so Cinda switched channels then. I was the lead story. Mom and Grandma were interviewed.

I noticed they showed little sorrow over what had happened. I wanted to talk about that with Mom tomorrow, maybe on the way home from the hospital. I watched the news with Cinda. I learned that I had passed out when the Coast Guard crewman had descended from the helicopter. I was taken up in a basket as was Tony.

The Coast Guard returned the boat to its dock while we were removed to the hospital. My phone was found and the video shown to the police and sheriff. When questioned, Tony broke down and confessed. He was being blackmailed by my grandfather. Grandpa had found him with cocaine in violation of his probation.

One word from Grandpa and Tony would spend a minimum of ten years in the state prison. He had told the police of the frequent rapes he had suffered while serving an earlier sentence for burglary. He had strong motivation to avoid another stretch in prison—he did whatever Grandpa told him to. I yawned as the news droned on and Cinda took the hint.

"The doctor told us you needed to sleep, Ty. I'll go now, but first I promised you I could do better." She leaned down and kissed me. Her tongue snaked its way down my throat as I reached up to hold her head.

I thought the kiss might go on forever, but we heard Cinda's momma at the doorway, "I think things are getting back to normal even faster than we thought." "I think you're absolutely right, Ms. Oates, but it is great to be young and in love, isn't it?" Cinda broke the kiss and I replied, "Yes, it is Mom." I smiled at Cinda's beautiful face and closed my eyes. The memory of her beauty remained with me all night and well into the morning when I next opened my eyes.

The nurse came in, removed the IV in my hand, and gave me two painkillers. "Be careful when you get up.

These are powerful." I sat up and she helped me to the bathroom. That's where I got the first look at my head. The entire right side was covered with bandages that were anchored by a band of gauze that ran around my forehead. I leaned against the wall with my left hand while I held my flaccid cock with my right in an attempt to piss. "Where are you when I need you, Cinda?" The nurse interrupted my reverie.

"Did you call me?" "No, Ma'am I was just thinking out loud." My concentration returned to my cock as I began to empty my bladder. After washing my hands I slowly staggered out. The nurse took my arm and helped me back to the bed. "This is why the doctor wants you to stay in bed for a while. Some of the drugs you're taking are really strong. Now…easy does it. Would you like to sit up?" I shook my head thinking the pain would be easier to bear if I was lying down. Closing my eyes I saw Cinda's face again and was soon sound asleep.

"Ty? Ty? Wake up, honey." I recognized my mom's voice. "What time is it, Mom?" "Almost 10:30; they told me you slept right through breakfast. You must be starving. You didn't have anything for dinner last night either.

We need to get you dressed so I can take you home." Mom must have been able to read my mind. "Yes, Cinda will come to see you after school. Let me help you dress." "Mom! Can't I have a little privacy…please? Just hand me the shorts and boxers." I pulled them on under my hospital gown. I did allow Mom to help me get my shirt over my head. An orderly came in with a wheelchair and I eased down into it.

Seconds later I was on my way out. I was calm and relaxed until we reached the door. There were more than a dozen reporters and cameramen waiting there for me. Questions came from every direction until I held my hand up. Even then several continued with questions. I remembered a strategy used by some of my teachers, waiting silently for their cooperation.

"Thank you. I really have no comment right now. I'm so doped up I barely know I'm even alive. I'll talk to my mom about setting something up later in the week." We were almost to Mom's car when I heard someone shout, "Who's Cinda?" Turning toward the reporters I said, "That I will answer—the woman who means more to me than anyone except possibly my mother." I was in the car a moment later as Mom drove me away. I had a thought once we were off the hospital grounds. "Can we stop for a milkshake, Mom?

I'm really starving, but I don't know about chewing the way my head hurts." "Okay, dear—we can stop at Jamison's, but you're staying in the car. Strawberry…as usual?" "Thanks, Mom." A few minutes later I was sipping my frosty treat. I didn't have to worry about brain freeze—I already had that.

"Mom," I asked once I was done, "I saw you and Grandma on TV last night. I saw you when the Coast Guard brought me in and told you that Grandpa was dead. Why didn't either you or Grandma cry?" "We need to have a very long chat and we'll do that as soon as we're back at your grandmother's. I haven't exactly been totally honest with you. Okay, just a few more minutes." I sat there amazed…unbelieving.

What the hell was going on? Mom helped me into the house and once there I was put immediately into bed as per doctor's orders. Mom and Grandma brought chairs in from the dining room and sat facing me.

"Your grandfather was a very controlling man—so controlling that there have only been two people who ever stood up to him—your father and you." "Is that why he told me I was even worse than Dad?" 'Yes…in that regard you were even better.

Your grandfather thought he owned me. He began to rape me when I turned ten and he didn't stop until your father came on the scene. He forbade your dad to see me, but Todd ignored him. Does that sound familiar?" "Like me with Cinda!" "Precisely.

Now let me continue—unknown to us Grandpa bought the company your father works for. He threatened to have him fired and destroyed if I didn't return to him.

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That's what your dad and I were arguing about." "But Mom—that's ridiculous. Dad could always get another job. I can't believe that you let him blackmail you. Has he been doing it with you?" "No…not yet, but I'm sure he would have if he had been successful with you.

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Know what your dad and I argued about most? You coming here with me—I didn't want you to, but your father insisted." "That doesn't make any sense, Mom." "Actually, Ty—it makes perfect sense.

Dad told me all about your karate lessons and he told me about your episode with Kenny and those four muggers. Don't you see, Ty? You came here to protect me…to protect me from your grandfather." "It's true, Ty darling.

My husband was the most hated person in this parish, if not the state. I threatened him when he first raped your mother. He beat me within an inch of my life and then he trumped up some ridiculous charges against me. It was either be silent and stand by while he ran amok or go to prison. I decided I could do more good here than up in St. Gabriel in the women's correctional facility. We didn't know he was going to try to kill you or we would never have allowed you to go." "Jeez Mom, what a mess." "Yes, it certainly was, but now it's over thanks to you.

The best part is we'll be able to go home again as soon as you're able." I couldn't believe my ears! "What? Damn it Mom—I'm not a rubber ball you can bounce all over whenever you want to. I didn't want to come here, but now I'm settled here and what about Cinda? I love her, Mom!" "It's just puppy love, Ty. She's a wonderful girl, but you'll get over her in no time at all." "NO.

NO. NO." I was in tears. "I won't, Mom—why can't you understand that? Why won't you?" "You have to rely on your parents, dear. We know best." I gave my mother a look I never would have imagined before this conversation. "Really, Mom? I'm supposed to rely on the two people who thought it was better to give in to a blackmailing rapist who almost killed me rather than stand up for what's right. You have got to be kidding! Please, Mom—just leave me alone.

Please!" I turned away, my world shattered and destroyed. I couldn't help myself. I cried and cried. CHAPTER 7 Cinda bounded in after school a huge smile on her face until she saw me. "What's the matter, Ty?" "I found out what this move was all about. It had nothing to do with my parents getting a divorce. It's complicated, but the bottom line is my mom wants to take me back to Indiana.

I don't want to go, Cinda. I want to stay here…with you." "Do you have to go? Isn't there anything you can do? Oh Ty!" She broke down. Soon we were both crying. I held her for one of the last times as I saw my mother standing in the doorway.

I knew she saw the look of desperation in my face. Hers showed sympathy, but I knew she wouldn't relent. She was going home to her husband and I was along for the ride just as I had been when I came here with her. I was disgusted with her and my dad, too.

I was just a pawn in their game. Well, I'd had just about enough. I was eighteen now. I needed to stay with them—I needed care for my wound—but I knew in that instant that it wouldn't be for long. Cinda came every day, but we did no homework or studying. Mostly we kissed or held each other. I was out of bed on Friday for the reading of Grandpa's will. I learned then that he was worth more than a hundred million.

It was an old will, one that had been written long before I had come to Louisiana. I realized that when I learned that I had inherited ten million dollars. Mom inherited twenty, Grandma the rest.

I had enough for Cinda and I to live on, but I was still injured. I had to do what my parents told me to do—for now, at least. When Cinda came over Friday afternoon we knew we were doomed. Mom had made flight reservations for early the following morning. We would leave tonight at five, driving the almost fifty miles to a New Orleans airport motel for an early night so we could get into the airport in plenty of time for our 7:00 a.m.

flight. I took Cinda out to the back yard so we could speak privately. "I have to go now, Cinda, but I promise you I will come back. I have some money now and I have an idea, but it will take time. I'm going to buy a cell phone and mail it to you so we can talk every day. I love you and I always will. I want us to be together always." "That's what I want, too Ty, but I can't see how you'll make it happen." "You need to trust me, Cinda.

Remember that I'm a genius. I never did tell you what my IQ was, did I? Just take my word for it, okay? I already have the 'what' solved—I just have to work on the 'how.'" I pulled Cinda to me for the last time—the last time for now, but definitely not the last time ever.

We kissed and kissed. It was the sweetest most loving kiss of my life. We broke it with tears in our eyes. Holding hands we walked to the limo. We kissed again and I followed Mom into the rear seat.

We were gone a second later. "You'll forget her, Ty. You're still young. You'll meet plenty of other girls and you'll probably fall in love with half of them." She patted my knee as though that would make me feel better. "Mom, that just goes to show that you don't know everything. Pardon my language, but there is no fucking way I'll ever forget Cinda.

As for me, I'm done being a pawn in your games. I may have to live with you now, but I'll be gone as soon as I'm able. Don't act so surprised. How many times do you think you can wreck my life? Aren't parents supposed to nurture their children and not destroy them? I think you learned a bit too much from Grandpa." I closed my mouth and kept it closed in spite of everything my mother tried.

I refused to speak with her…period! Dad picked us up in Indianapolis. He hugged and kissed Mom and then turned to me. I turned and walked away.

"He's in a snit," Mom told him. "He thinks he's in love with a black girl." I turned back and glared at her in anger. "I'm sorry, Ty. That was insensitive. I apologize; she really is a very nice young woman." Later at home my dad took me aside. "What's up, Ty? This isn't like you." "Let's just say I'm tired of playing your games. I didn't want to leave here, but you and Mom worked up some Machiavellian plan where I was forced to play an unwitting role.

I was almost killed, not once, although this was the worst, but two other times. Almost any other kid would be dead. So I was forced to leave and live with total strangers, one of whom absolutely hated me and tried to make my life miserable.

"I made new friends and went to a new school where I was liked and respected. Even better, I met a girl who I couldn't possibly love more. Now I'm forced to come back here and leave her. I'm just supposed to forget—and why? Because you just look at me like I'm a pawn in your chess game. Remember the last time you played chess with me, Dad?" "How could I forget?

You cleaned my clock." "Right—I proved then as I did with Grandpa that messing with me can be dangerous. I'd never do anything to hurt you, but I'm not going along with anything you do, either. Just leave me alone." I opened the door and walked outside. I wanted and needed to be alone. I walked outside with only my dog Fred as a companion for more than an hour. Mom's car and my bike were delivered about a week later. I was already back in school. Some of the kids laughed when they saw my head—half of it was shaved by the surgeon when he sewed it back together.

I bought a new truck Saturday using some of my inheritance then bought the cell phone I had promised Cinda and had it sent directly from their Morgan City office to her home. I placed my first call to her the following Wednesday. We talked for an hour. Mom and Dad had the good sense to leave me alone. We spoke every day even though it was difficult once basketball season began. I had been a starter at guard as a freshman and sophomore so big things were expected of me this year.

I drove into town one Friday afternoon when we had a night game to see an attorney. We spoke for almost an hour. He was reluctant to help me at first, but when I described how my parents had almost gotten me killed he did agree. I withdrew money from my account to pay his preliminary fees. I had a big bank account with more than a hundred thousand dollars. I had set it up so all the interest and dividends from my inheritance were deposited in it.

I also had several big certificates of deposit, insuring I'd have plenty of cash if needed. I got my break the weekend before Thanksgiving when a gas leak in the school's boiler room caused a massive explosion. School would be closed for at least a week.

We didn't have a game and we weren't allowed to practice, either. I drove to the airport in Indianapolis that Saturday for a flight to Baton Rouge. CHAPTER 8 I sent a text to my parents just before boarding the plane. Dear Mom and Dad, I have told you too many times how upset I have been at being used the way you've done over the past year. Doing things your way almost got me killed and you've separated me from the woman I love.

I'm done with doing things your way. The time has come for me to do things my way. My inheritance will support me and pay for college, if necessary. I've tried to explain—more times than I can count—how much I love Cinda. I'm not interested in any other girls. I'm sure you've noticed that I didn't date even once since returning from Louisiana.

I will date next year—I'll be with her. I'm flying to Louisiana. I'll stop by to see Grandma once I'm there so you'll know I'm okay and safe. Love, Ty I phoned Cinda once I had landed, but I didn't tell her what I was doing. That would be a surprise. I rented a car and pulled up to Grandma's house just before six on Saturday evening.

She was shocked to see me, but she did invite me in and gave me dinner. I slept there with her that night, but only after a long and serious discussion in which I made my feelings known. Grandma offered my old room to me. "Sounds great, Grandma, but I'm planning to spend some quality time with Cinda if you know what I mean.

I don't know how I could do that here." "I may be old, Ty, but I'm not senile or stupid. I know what you young people do. It's not something I believe in or approve of, but I'd rather you do it here than someplace that won't be safe. Plus, I know your parents will be relieved." I hugged her and agreed then I went to make the bed and turn in. I was beat. After breakfast the following morning I drove the short distance to Cinda's house.

Nobody was home so I drove to the park and sat on the bench watching Monroe and some others play. "You here to play ball?" Like before the voice came from behind me. "Maybe, unless something better comes along." "What did you have in mind?" "Well, I used to have a girlfriend here. She was the most beautiful woman I've ever met." "Maybe she has a new boyfriend. What would you do then?" "Geez, what is it with you two? Ty," Monroe said as he walked off the court, "I'll bash you if you don't get up this very second and kiss her—karate or no." "I thought you were into bashing anyone who even went near her." Monroe laughed, "I was, but you know that never applied to you." He took a swipe at my head, rubbing his sweaty paw in my unruly hair.

I rose and turned around. Cinda had changed over the past two months, but for the better. She looked taller and her body had matured more than I thought possible.

Her breasts looked to be bigger, but just as firm. She was still by far the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. I stepped over the bench and took her into my arms. Looking into her eyes I whispered, "I always keep my promises." "I never doubted, now shut up and kiss me. I've waited much too long for this." Leaning down my lips found hers.

There was an urgency in our kiss, betraying our need for each other. The kiss went on and on despite the hoots and howls from the crowd. Breaking the kiss Cinda whispered, "I love you." "I never doubted you, either. I love you and I always will." Once again my lips found hers and we kissed. This time there was only cheering, mostly from Monroe. We walked to my rental and I sat her inside. "I told you I had the solution. I'm leaving home. I have plenty from my inheritance so money won't be a problem.

I decided something else, too. I never want to be apart from you—not even for a single night." Even as our eyes were glued to each other I took a small box from duffel bag on the floor behind her seat. Kneeling, I took Cinda's hands in mine. Tears flowed from her eyes as she realized for the first time what was afoot. "Cinda Marie Oates, will you marry me?" I removed the ring from its box and placed it carefully on her shaking finger. She looked at it for a second then her eyes found mine again.

"Dear God…yes!" She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me again—a kiss of love and devotion and commitment. She screamed with her joy once we broke the kiss. "Monroe…Monroe—come here and look at my ring. I'm engaged!" She ran onto the court stopping play. Monroe walked over to me and hugged me. He was a sweaty mess; I didn't mind at all. Cinda left the court and the game resumed as she made her way back to me. "Let's find someplace where we can be alone.

In fact, I think I know just the place." I drove to her lane, but turned off into an unpaved road that looked as though it hadn't been used in years. I'd been past it many times without even realizing it was a road. The grass was at least three feet high making visibility a concern so I went very slowly. About a mile or so down it opened up into a meadow alongside a small stream. A big gator basked in the sun along the bank, but the sound of my engine scared it into the water.

We were alone—at last. We walked around to the front of the car where I had realized that I could recline Cinda on the warm hood. I swear I had never undressed so quickly. We rubbed ourselves together, but not for long. I found the packet of condoms from my pocket and was into Cinda's velvet vise a second later. "Remind me to get birth control for you." "I will," she exclaimed breathlessly as I raised her legs and drove into her with reckless abandon.

I fucked her hard—not hard enough to hurt her. I'd never do that. We used our sex as a way to dispel all the frustration we'd experienced over the past weeks—the period of our forced separation. I could feel Cinda tense beneath me. Seconds later her back arched and she sighed as her ejaculate bathed my abdomen. I kept pumping and pumping until I too, erupted—semen flowing into the condom like a river. I collapsed onto her breasts, pausing to suckle as we both recovered, regaining our breath and our strength.

I pulled out, rolled over, and pulled Cinda onto my body. God, how I loved this woman! We stayed there all morning touching and rubbing each other. Leaving just before noon for the hospital; we were in hope of finding Momma. We did, just as she was beginning her lunch break. If she was shocked to see me she was dumbstruck when she saw the ring on Cinda's finger. It would have been difficult to miss—Cinda all but pushed it into Momma's face.

"Well, you certainly didn't waste any time, did you?" "No, Momma—I've known for almost six months that I loved and wanted Cinda. I also knew that she loved and wanted me, but unfortunately my parents didn't give any thought to my wishes. I'm done with that. They bounced me around like a ball, moving me against my will from Indiana and then when I found friends and Cinda here I was moved back.

Enough is enough. Now—why don't we go out for lunch then we can really celebrate at dinner." We did go out for lunch, but held off on our celebration dinner until tomorrow because Momma had the day off. Cinda and I went to her home, joining Monroe who was just back from the park. "I can't believe it—I'm going to have a white boy in the family." This was typical of Monroe.

We had kidded each other all the time while I was living here. "Yeah, and I'm going to have a&hellip." We both broke out laughing then we hugged each other. I loved him like a brother and soon he'd be one.

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We chatted all afternoon, mostly about our athletic experiences. I was thrilled to learn that he'd earned a full football scholarship to LSU. He already knew that I had been named All State in basketball—that was old news, something he'd learned checking on me on the internet. Momma returned from work around five. We sat down to dinner a bit before seven. "Monroe, will you say the blessing?" We joined hands as Monroe spoke, "Heavenly Father, we thank you for blessing us this day, not only for our health and our family, but for bringing Ty back to all of us safely.

Thank you for giving my sister the good sense to accept his proposal." He paused for the laughter to settle down. "Mostly Lord, I'm thankful that I'll be able to move to the bigger bedroom where I should have been all along." Momma punched his shoulder in mock exasperation. Cinda and I just laughed again. I knew I had been accepted when I looked at the meatloaf that Momma served. I had twice as much as Monroe as well as twice the mashed potatoes and gravy.

I laughed out loud when I saw Monroe pout. "Where will you live, Ty?" "I'd like to return to Indiana. I have an attorney who'll help us find a house to rent. He's already helping to manage my inheritance. It means leaving your family, Cinda, but the school is fantastic and the AP program is even better.

I have the next week off because there was a gas explosion in the boiler room last night. The news said the entire school has to be cleaned because of smoke damage." I looked around the table; everyone was silent so I continued.

"That means you and I should marry quickly, Cinda, but that's what I wanted all along. I'm sure Momma will be happy knowing that you're not living in sin." "Yeah, right," Momma replied, a smile on her face.

"I'm sure you two are regular saints when you're alone. Seriously, I agree. Cinda deserves a better education than she can get here. I'm just glad that Monroe has graduated. The state seems determined to destroy the public schools." "Momma…do you think married couples should have secrets from each other?" Uh oh, I knew where this was going. Cinda had been after me for ages wanting to know my IQ.

"Of course not, Cinda—why do you ask?" "Well, I know that Ty is a real genius, but he won't tell me what his IQ is." "That's because there's nothing special about having a high IQ. It's just something you're born with and it's no guarantor of success. I could just as easily have been born with one arm or some other disability, besides that's just about the most misused assessment ever. Being motivated is much more important." Cinda batted her long eyelashes at me and I knew I was dead.

"Stalling, Ty." "Can't we just let it go with embarrassingly high?" Cinda shook her head; Monroe and Momma were clearly amused. "Okay, I give up…one hundred&hellip." I paused, not for effect, but because I'd always had difficulty talking about myself. My dad said it best—self praise stinks. "…and… eighty-one—last time it was measured, anyway. There—happy now?" I looked around the table. All their mouths were open in shock. I closed Cinda's with a quick kiss.

I told all about my childhood as a prodigy when Momma asked. "I was speaking and walking very early and began to read at eighteen months. I remember asking my mother to read a section from a magazine then I read it back. She thought I was just copying her, but I continued, reading the entire page. All I really needed was to match the symbols with the sounds—same with math. My folks first had me tested when I was three. The school put me into the gifted program in first grade, but I begged my parents to take me out.

I thought those kids were weird, plus they were all self-absorbed stuck up snobs." "You got that right, Ty." It was Monroe and I agreed with him. Those were the universal character traits for gifted kids in my experience.

There were some exceptions, sure, but they were few and far between. I helped clean up the mess from dinner then Cinda packed a few clothes and some toiletries in a paper sack and we left for the short drive to Grandma's.

She greeted us at the door where I told her that Cinda and I were now officially engaged. "May I see your ring, Cinda? Oh my, it's almost as lovely as you are. I spoke with your parents, Ty. They're not very happy, but I think they do understand. They have put you through a lot over the last few months.

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I didn't say anything about you and Cinda. I thought you'd like to do that yourself." I took Cinda's bag to my room and we sat with Grandma to watch TV. Later she brought out Cokes and some cookies. We thanked her and cleaned up the mess, retiring to my room around ten. "This is some room, Ty. I remember it from when you were injured. Can I see your scar? Dear God, I remember all those bandages around your head. I was so worried about you." "I doubt anything like that will ever happen again, Cinda.

I'm planning on growing very old with you. Now, let's plan our day tomorrow." We talked together quietly and I made some notes before we walked together into the shower. "I don't remember this, Ty. It's a wonderful shower." I leaned down to kiss her.

"An old bucket would be wonderful if you were in it with me." I turned the water on and soon we luxuriated in the hot spray. I ran the soap all over her body, paying special attention to her breasts, pussy, and ass. I thought Cinda's body was perfect, but her ass was clearly spectacular.

Her skin was so smooth, but tight over her muscular cheeks. My finger in her crack caused her to fall helplessly into my arms, exactly as I had planned. I finished by washing my body then we were done. The bed was exactly as I recalled—a double with fluffy pillows and a light comforter, just enough in the climate controlled environment.

I pulled Cinda to me with a laugh. She kissed me then whispered, "Won't your grandmother hear us?" "Maybe, but I already explained that we would make love. I wouldn't stay here with her if we couldn't. She gave me the okay so&hellip." "So&hellip." She never finished—her mouth was over mine, her plump lips pressing against mine, her tongue seeking and finding mine. Her hands gripped my head, carefully avoiding the area of my scar even though it had healed completely more than a month ago.

She was crying when I opened my eyes. "Cinda! What…?" "You're so sweet, Ty. Do you know that? You also know nothing about women. I was crying because I'm so happy, so thrilled to be with you again. I'm overwhelmed by everything that's happened today, but thank you for being so concerned…so caring.

I think I should just be quiet so we can make love.

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There's nothing I love more than having you within me." I rolled onto my back and pulled a condom from the night table. Cinda placed it into her mouth and rolled it tightly down my shaft. A second later I was buried deep within her. I'd never tire of the feeling of her satin-smooth vise. Cinda moved, grinding her clit into me. I wasn't an overly muscular guy, but I was in fantastic physical condition with probably less than five percent body fat.

Karate and basketball had made me strong and flexible. I lifted Cinda's body with every thrust, just as she forced her swollen bud into my abdominal muscles. The expression of euphoria on her face was incredible, almost making the entire period of our absence worthwhile. I lowered my fingers to Cinda's sex. Once moistened, they found her clit. I rubbed first then pinched. She would have screamed as her orgasm struck had I not pulled her down to cover her mouth with mine.

Even then the noise she emitted sounded like a long guttural growl. She collapsed onto my chest as my cock exploded into the condom. Cinda was out of it so I moved her gently to the side while I rose to flush the condom down the bowl and wash myself with a warm wash cloth. I joined my love a minute later to wipe her clean. She snuggled into me, her head on my chest a moment later as I covered us with the comforter. I woke before Cinda, but lay still and silent until she began to stir.

After blinking twice she looked down into my face. "You're awake." I nodded. "Can you see the clock?" "Yes…it's 7:30; think we should get up?

I nodded again and lifted her slender body, my hands firmly on her hips. Cinda giggled then dropped her feet to the floor. We were in the shower a few minutes later and were squeaky clean when we met Grandma for breakfast.

"What would you like, Cinda?" "Oh, I don't want to be a bother." "You won't be, darling. It's much more fun to cook for three than just for me. Bacon?" Cinda hesitated then nodded. "French toast?" "Um…okay." Grandma pointed me to the refrigerator for juice, eggs, and milk while she removed a big bowl from the cabinet and a whisk from one of the drawers.

She had the griddle ready and the bacon on it in seconds. I poured the juice, giving a glass to Cinda and one to Grandma. Knowing her I was sure she already had finished off her first cup of coffee. I didn't care for it, but I did offer some to Cinda who shyly turned me down.

"Cinda…if you're going to become a member of this family you'll have to speak right up, especially around my grandson. You'll likely starve if you don't." I gave Grandma a look of shock and dismay, but she just laughed.

"We women have to stand up for ourselves, don't we?" "Grandma! At least wait until we're married before you give her that kind of advice, will you? I'll be henpecked before I'm twenty!" Grandma laughed, but gave Cinda a knowing wink. Now Cinda laughed as all I could do was shrug my shoulders and shake my head. Cinda and I enjoyed our meal and more importantly Grandma seemed to enjoy our presence.

We cleaned up the mess and I returned to the bedroom for my wallet and keys. I kissed Grandma good bye and began to walk to the door. I was just about to turn away when I saw Cinda approach Grandma. I was pleased when they hugged and Cinda kissed Grandma's cheek. What a difference here without my asshole grandfather around. I drove us to our first stop of the day—the county courthouse. We entered the license bureau armed with my Indiana driver's license and Cinda's school photo ID and birth certificate.

The clerk checked our ages carefully. The minimum age to marry without parental consent in Louisiana was sixteen and we were eighteen. We completed the form and I paid the fee. We were done in a half hour and on our way to Robbins' Men's Wear.

I had learned early on last year that many of the churches, especially the small black churches, were too small to support a full-time minister.

Cinda's pastor owned a men's wear store in Morgan City. He greeted us in the store, shooing one of the clerks off to an actual customer. "My, my…I don't believe my eyes. Is it really you, Ty?" I smiled as I shook Pastor Robbins' meaty hand. "I guess I don't have to ask why you returned, Ty.

Good news travels fast; I must have received five phone calls yesterday from the boys at the park. Congratulations…you're a very lucky young man to have the love of someone like Cinda." "Thank you, sir.

We'd like to know when you can marry us. We'd like to do it this week so we can return to Indiana before school starts next Monday. I have our license right here." I held it out for him to see. "I need to make a copy, Ty. Let me check my calendar." He retreated to the back of the store, returning a minute later with a worn leather book and my original of the license.

"Hmmm…I could do it Wednesday at ten," he continued after flipping through several pages. "Yes…I'll have to get one of the clerks in to cover for me, but I'm sure he'll be willing for such a good cause. I looked at Cinda. She grinned and nodded. "That will be great, Pastor. We'll see you Wednesday." He shook my hand and I led Cinda out. We went straight to the Inglewood Mall. I had a suit that would probably need a good cleaning and pressing since being packed into my suitcase, but I wanted to buy Cinda a new dress for the occasion.

She absolutely forbade me buying her any kind of wedding gown claiming it would be a colossal waste of money.

I found it much more difficult to ignore her than my grandfather. We agreed on a nice off-white dress and a pair of medium heels. Cinda had never worn heels before; watching her walk in them would have been funny if I wasn't hopelessly in love with her. We made one more stop before leaving—a jewelry store where we selected matching wedding bands. We saw several we liked, but Cinda fell in love with a set with two intertwined ropes of 18-karat gold.

They had two in our sizes so I paid for them with my credit card and we walked out, huge smiles on our faces. I checked the yellow pages on my phone and once we were out into the parking lot I drove us to a nearby clinic. Cinda completed the forms and we waited to be seen. It was almost an hour later that we were shown to an exam room. A nurse practitioner walked in a few minutes later.

We explained what we wanted and Cinda hopped up onto the table for a quick exam. A nurse entered a few minutes later with a long-needled syringe. The contraceptive implant was under the skin in Cinda's torso a few minutes later.

I paid the bill based on a sliding income scale and we walked out ecstatic in the knowledge that we could do away with the condoms in just another month. We found a small family restaurant where we enjoyed a light lunch before driving to Cinda's school. She withdrew, asking for a copy of her transcript for use once we were in Indiana. We met Monroe at the close of school before he went to football practice. "We came to ask if you would be best man at our wedding.

It'll be Wednesday morning at the church." "I don't know; I'll have to check my social calendar." We all laughed until Monroe became serious. "I'd be honored, Ty. No school." Cinda commented, "We saw Rev. Robbins this morning.


I'm going to ask Juanita. She'll have to miss school like I'm doing today, but I'm sure she will." Monroe grinned. "Good choice; she's really hot. I think she'll have a lot of company. You know how many kids like you and Ty both." I laughed, but Cinda groaned. She knew her brother too well. We piled into the rental and drove to Cinda's home. Monroe Came in about two hours later then showered and changed.

Momma was already ready. I phoned Grandma and she insisted we all come to her house for a brief visit. That's what we did. If I anticipated any difficulty between Grandma and Mamma or Monroe I would have been disappointed. Apparently, Grandpa was the only bigot in our family. Grandma served wine to Momma and iced tea to Monroe while Cinda and I showered and changed. We left a bit before six, driving back to Morgan City to Morgan's, a restaurant that Grandma had suggested.

Being a Monday she doubted we'd need a reservation, even for five. It was a good choice with a variety of meat and traditional seafood and Creole dishes. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I drove home, dropping Momma and Monroe before returning to Grandma's. I flopped on the couch, sated from my huge dinner. Grandma actually laughed when Cinda sat in my lap. "You may be full, Ty, but I think Cinda is still hungry." "I am, Grandma, but not for food." I doubted I could have been redder after Cinda's remark.

"That's the problem with being white, Ty. You show every emotion on your face." Then to make me feel better she kissed me long and hard right in front of my grandmother. I was really red when Cinda broke it. "Uh…let's watch TV," I said, hoping to shift attention from my embarrassment.

It didn't work—not at all. Cinda kissed me again and Grandma tousled my hair as she excused herself to bed. Looking up at Cinda I whispered, "It's a good thing I love you. You are going to get me into so much trouble." I pulled her back for another kiss as she told me she agreed completely.