Hübsche Augen lecken leidenschaftlich Freundin Pussy

Hübsche Augen lecken leidenschaftlich Freundin Pussy
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hi I wrote this story this week meant as a small draft for maybe a bigger story but the guy who requested it loved it so much he demanded be pulished in other places [ normally i'd say no but he called me a prodigy and i'll be honest I love having my ego stroked like that so here it is] A small story about Girls Aloud and the many adventues and sexy fun they have had in their knickers.

Girls Aloud Knickers Tales All 5 members of Girls Aloud, Cheryl Tweedy, Nadine Coyle, Kimberley Walsh and Sarah Harding are all round at Nicola Roberts's house catching up on all the key events that has happened to them over the past few months. They all sit drinking wine talking about each other's solo careers and Kim and Sarah's move into TV presenting but soon the topic shifts to their love life and current boyfriends.


Cheryl says she still cares for Ashley despite what a scum bag he clearly is. Nadine talks about how hard a long distance relationship is with her American boyfriend, Sarah freely admits a spilt up with her boyfriend but blushes saying she was too sexy and kinky for him and Kim says she is still looking for Mr right but is enjoying her current almost slutty bed hopping antics.

They all turn and look at Nicola who blushes making it even more visible on her pale skin, she has been in a long 5 year relationship and all the other girls are jealous about that pressing for details about how she can keep the fire burning. Nicola bats off all their questions but finally breaks and says she uses lingerie, every once in a while getting dressed up for her man turning him on with the hottest set of lingerie she can find. All the other girls love the idea of their youngest most innocent looking band member dressing up in hot sexy lingerie to pleasure her boyfriend.

Cheryl steps up and begs to see some of the outfits, Nicola blushes saying she doesn't want to model them but she guesses she could show a few off. Cheering comes from the other 4 members and Nicola grins leading her band mates up the stairs into her large bedroom. She walks right over to a large chest of drawers and opens up her knickers drawer to the giggling girls.

All 5 girls don't know it but they all share a secret fetish and love for sexy knickers, they all like wearing sexy slutty knickers. They love to wear and show them off getting so horny in them, some of the girls would even dare admit that they have followed other girls in the street because they could see a hot pair of knickers peeking out over the top of a girl's pants.

Nicola rifles though her underwear lifting a few pair out and the other girls can't help but pick a few pairs up, Kimberly commenting on how small Nicola's thongs seem to be.

Nicola laughs with a bit more blushing asking the girls to put her knickers down as she has found a hot pair of lingerie she wears in the bedroom. The rest of the girls all go sit down on the bed and wait as Nicola carefully pulls the outfit from the bottom of the drawer, holding it to her pale skinny body then turning round.

It's a full set of lingerie, a black lace bra and knickers with stockings and a garter belt as the girls moan at the sexy piece of underwear Nicola is holding. Nicola hands it round to the girls to have a feel and look trying to take any other pair of knickers the girls picked up back. As she is putting them back in her drawer Sarah gets up and admits she loves looking at Nicola's knickers drawer making Nicola blush hard than Nadine gets up too and admits her love of sexy knickers and the other girls nod rubbing Nicola's lingerie saying they all love sexy knickers and seeing all of Nicola's knickers.

Nicola says it's not just the sex appeal of the knickers but the fact that some of her knickers tell a sex story reminding her of a hot slutty session. The girls nod and agree as Nicola unbuttons her pants pulling them down a little showing a black lace thong and she says these panties were bought in a small lingerie shop in Liverpool and her boyfriend loved them and when she was walking around the house just in these knickers he begs to kiss her so Nicola sat on the sofa they were all just sitting on.

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She spread her legs and her boyfriend licked her out though her knickers tasting her juices staining the lace making Nicola moans. All the girls stare at Nicola's exposed panties and all are getting a bit hot hearing the hot story and they want to hear more. Nicola says she will share but only if the others share too. They agree to share stories but Kim gets up and says they should make a pact to all show each other their personal knickers and share a few hot sexy stories. All the girls agree sitting down as Nicola pulls her pants back up before going into her knickers drawer pulling out different pair of panties getting a laugh from the girls at a pair of pink knickers with little hearts on them.

She blushes and says they were from her first boyfriend and quite cute, Nicola puts them away and pulls out a pair of tight black boy shorts. She reminds the girls about one of their early gig at GAY when they were dressed up as sexy slutty schoolgirls.

She passes the tight knickers around to the other girls who have a feel of the soft fabric and ask why she kept them so Nicola asks if they remember the fact she disappeared to the bathroom for 10 minutes. She says she wasn't hiding but met a really cute girl in there who just loved her and they got into a cubicle together the girl then started touching all over Nicola's body.

Nicola recalls how wet she got and how the blonde lesbian flipped her skirt up then licked at her pussy though her shorts and tasted the sweat running down her pale thighs. Nicola knows it's the first time she ever touched another girls pussy and loved how sexy and wet it felt as the other girl rubbed and pushes her fingers into her wet pussy mound. Nicola feels bad that she never got the girl's number but she did get her first vibrator from the girl, a tiny buzzing two inch dildo that she wore out in less than a year.

The other girls moan thinking of sweet innocent Nicola in a bathroom being rubbed and groped by another girl as Sarah gets up looking though Nicola's knickers and picks up a bright pink G string. Nicola grins and says there is a sexy story behind that when she was 19 back in Liverpool out with a few friends on the piss she was wearing those tiny knickers under a small white dress.

After a heavy night drinking all the girls end up in a small all-night café and they are there at same time as a very fit local rugby team, Nicola admits she had eyes for the sexy rugged full back. They talked and flirted and she is blushing hard as she tells them they went into an alleyway and the girls roar at the plain quiet Nicola taking some guy in a dark drunken alleyway.

She grins recalling those tiny thong knickers round her ankles, leaning against the wall from behind letting his big strong hands grip round ass cheeks as his cock pumped into pussy. Cheryl and Nadine have to admit they are a bit horny hearing that while Kim admits she always takes the hotel room next to Nicola just to hear the innocent Scouser moaning and crying in sexual bliss.

Nicola is mockingly offended reaching over giving Kim a hard spank for being cheeky then asks if they wanna see her favourite pair of knickers. The girls agree and are a little confused when Nicola pulls out a plain pair of white cotton knickers with a little pattern on the front and says these were a cheap pair of knickers from Marks and Spencer but have the hottest story attached to them.

Nicola tells them on their last tour she had a driver, an older man who drove her up and down the country to all the big arena gigs. They got on well but Nicola couldn't help but notice the way he looked at her sexy pale legs. One night after a show feeling a bit horny and playful Nicola wore those white knickers with a short green skirt, white top then asked her older driver why he kept looking at her. He broke down and admitted to her she looked stunning and driving her was hard as just looking at her sexy body made him think such dirty fetish filled thoughts.

Spreading her legs flashing her white panties Nicola says she feels horny maybe they could go back to his and he could take out some of his fantasies on her.

He groans yes so thankful his wife was away as he drove her back to his suburban home and was already touching and groping her before even letting her in the front door.

In his home he strips her down to her cute little knickers and pulls her hair into two pigtails asking Nicola to call him daddy for the rest of the night. Nicola is so horny she agrees the crotch of her panties already stained with her pre cum juices. She calls the grey haired driver daddy as she comes into his bedroom looking all cute and sweet in her white knickers and little white socks as she watches daddy jerk off.

She wanders over to help brushing her soft hand across his dick. She strokes daddy until daddy is moaning loudly begging for her to put his dick in her mouth. Nicola says her knickers were soaking as she popped his cock into her mouth and started sucking daddy until he was ready to cum.

Daddy was soon shooting all down her throat then pulling out and getting a few small shots across her pretty pale face. Daddy then took her to his bed threw her down peeling her knickers down to her feet then licked at her cunt making her scream for more. Nicola blushes saying how wet she got crying out for daddy to make her cum, her screams getting his cock hard so he pushes back into her.

Fucking on top of her pounding into her tight pussy, Nicola remembers seeing her knickers wrapped around one foot as daddy slammed into her kissing her bare little chest. His naughty hands move under her rubbing her ass even sliding a finger across her ass crack and that sent Nicola over the edge cumming hard for daddy before he finished off with another big load of cum deep inside her pussy.

That story is met with silence for a few seconds as all of them are horny and thinking about Nicola with daddy. Kim gets up and says it's her turn to show her knickers drawer so they all pile into Cheryl's 4x4 and drive to Kim's house racing up the stairs to her bedroom.

Nadine trying to tease Nicola as they race sliding her finger against her pants covered ass crack to see if it makes her cum again. Kim opens her knickers drawer and the girls stare in hungrily looking for more hot knickers related stories from the big assed northern girl.

The first pair that is pulled up is one of the many black pairs of knickers Kimberley owns but these have side ties little red ribbons that can be undone. Very posh and expensive panties Kim reminds the girls of an ex-boyfriend and tells them he loved bondage and one day convinced her to let him tie her to the bed. The other girls giggle as Kim says how she put these knickers on and let him use silk ropes to bind her arms to the top of the bed leaving her helpless.

He stripped naked and started to tease her kissing her in all her most sensitive places, naked but for her sexy knickers as his mouth, hands and tongue worked all over her tanned body. Every inch being pleasured and Kim being honest admits she was leaking like a fountain.

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She found being pressed under his manly body was so hot and she was begging him to touch and pleasure her wet cunt. Slowly and carefully he undid her knickers from the sides peeling them down then eating out her pussy. Kim screamed the house down making sure her then neighbours never looked at her the same way again.

He licked her to a soaking wet orgasm then pushed his stiff cock into her and Kim thought her voice was going to break as she screamed her way to another huge orgasm. He finally untied her and let a tired Kim ride his cock until he loses control and cums hard. None of the other girls are surprised Kim is a screamer or is a slut for more kinky things Kim throws some of her knickers at them in anger. Cheryl picks up a pair of yellow French cut knickers and wonders the story behind these and surprising Kim blushes saying she wore them once going out for the day under a pair of tight white shorts but they were see though.

She walked around not knowing she was flashing her knickers and her ass to everyone. More moans of embarrassment from Kim as she says she thought people were following her because she was famous not because they could see her knickers though her tight shorts.

So embarrassing as some photographers saw her with her yellow knickers visible under her shorts and took pictures. It wouldn't have been so bad if they had not taken a really close up one of her ass with the bottom of her asscheeks hanging out. Nicola can't help but ask why she kept them she says she is hoping to meet a guy who likes them a lot so if they break up she can give them to him as a goodbye gift and this shocks the others who ask if Kim always does that.

She says yes, she likes the idea if even after she splits with a guy he still has something of hers that maybe he can use in future wanks. Nadine shakes her head looking though Kim's knickers and pulls out a sexy pair made of red lace from Agent Provocateur and asks Kim about them and Kim smiles.

She mentions another ex-boyfriend who actually bought the underwear for her. He took her for a romantic weekend away to the country with the sole condition being she couldn't take the knickers off all weekend. She loved it going to a hotel in the country wearing those big tight knickers. It made her feel so sexy even more when her boyfriend kept talking about them moving his hand down her pants even up her skirt at dinner feeling her sexy knickers. She was so horny her juices flooding the crotch of her panties she even had to wear them in bed so he could smell her sex and feel how wet she has been.

He would even give her small wedgies letting her feel the tight lace pulled up her big ass. Soon she is begging him to take the knickers off and fuck her but he wouldn't. On the last night Kim admitting she was so horny she couldn't take it and begged to do anything for her boyfriend just for him to take her slutty knickers off and fuck her.

He offers anal and Kim doesn't even think about saying no but as an anal virgin was a little scared when he bent her over and peeled her panties down covering her big ass with lube. Luckily for Kim he was gentle and soon it started feeling good as he took her anal virginity thrusting and pounding hard with his big cock. He soon is making her cum with her slutty panties twisted around her knees.

Another story all the girls find very hot and horny thinking of sexy curvy Kim in those red knickers she is holding being pounded up her big ass. All of them are sitting uncomfortably as the knickers they are all wearing are starting to get wet and all of them trying to shift their thighs together to rub their burning hot pussies without the others seeing.

Sarah stands up and announces they should go to her house next and the other girls moan knowing Sarah will have the best knickers collection of them all as she modelled knickers for Ultimo. Sarah however says she doesn't have many pairs of posh Ultimo knickers as she wears them once or twice and then gives them away as gifts to male and female fans and this makes the girls all laugh as they climb back into Cheryl's Land Rover.

As they drive off towards Sarah's they let the feisty blonde speak about the first time she shared her knickers with a fan which was in the car park after a show with a bloke brave enough to ask her in person for her panties. She soon learned about knickers fetishes and gives the bloke in the car park her white underwear and is rewarded when he in front of her rubs her warm knickers across his face and then gets his cock out.

He jerks off with her knickers shooting a big wad of cum in them to Sarah's delight. They arrive at Sarah's nice modern house and Sarah takes the smiling horny girls inside and up to her big bedroom, she has the biggest wardrobe of any of the girls and smiles at the girl's gasp as she tugs open a drawer showing off all her knickers. The gorgeous blonde pulls out a few pairs of Ultimo knickers passing them around so all the girls get a rub and feel and Sarah feels a little bad about getting horny as her friends play with her knickers.

As the girls stare at her free Ultimo knickers Sarah walks over to her dirty washing hamper and pulls out the pair of knickers she wore yesterday. The girls turn and see her waving these small silk knickers around and all wonder if that means Sarah did something naughty yesterday but she says no she says these knickers are a few years old but are her favourites because of a dirty story she undertook in them. A few years earlier Sarah Harding and a few close friends went for a night out in Leeds, Sarah is determined to look hot so is wearing a low cut black top, 4 inch spike stiletto heels and a very small black mini skirt.

Under her black mini skirt is those black silk knickers and it's not long before more people are getting to see Sarah's sexy knickers. A wind picks up around the city centre almost constantly blowing Sarah's skirt up exposing her bare thighs and knickers to anyone passing by. Sarah fights and fights with her skirt for hours but soon gives up as nothing she does will keep the hem of her skirt down in the blowing wind. She soon has to take the jokes and accept her knickers are going to be on show for the rest of the night.

Later that night passing some posh night club a large gust of wind really took Sarah's mini skirt blowing it right up exposing all of her knickers to the two doormen standing by the club's door. They are grinning and Sarah blushes when Sarah's friend asks to go in the club and they say yes only if they can see more of her knickers.

Sarah says no as another gust keeps her skirt flapping and her friends push and tease her into it offering to go inside and have fun or stay outside and fight with the windy skirt. Sarah picks the doormen and as her mates walk into the club the two shaven headed doormen lead a sexily dressed Sarah into a dark alley. Sarah isn't surprised when they get their cocks out and demands she lifts her skirt so as these two big men start beating their cocks to her silk knickers.

Sarah giggles as these two large men stroke their cocks hard then one of them grunts for her to get on her knees and Sarah does wondering what for as one guy pushes forward aiming his cock at her mouth.

Moaning loudly Sarah opens her mouth wider as the doorman pushes his cock into her mouth and the blonde can't help but suck on it as the other moves behind her. Flipping her skirt up and tucking it in to the waistband the other doorman gropes her ass then yanks her knickers down exposing her.

Sarah moans feeling so wet as one cock is slamming into her mouth and now she feels another cock poking against her wet pussy. Sarah shivers at the second cock enters her feeling like such a slut with her knickers round her knees which are kneeling on the cold wet concrete of a back alley behind a nightclub.

Two big thick cocks piston into her Sarah is so wet and cums while being the blonde fuck toy to these two bald nightclub bouncers. Cheryl and Nadine shout breaking Sarah away from her story as her hand has moved under her jean skirt rubbing her plain white knickers.

Sarah blushes standing in front of her four other band members with her hand under her skirt. Nicola giggles saying those two cocks must have really done a good job with Sarah and the blonde nods smiling cheekily. Kim distracts everyone from Sarah's masturbation pulling out a tiny pair of thong knickers that are not only leopard skin print but are clearly ripped. More blushing from the normally upfront blonde as she says she has kept those knickers to remind her of a steamy exchange she had.

Sarah was having Sky TV installed and to Sarah's utter delight the guy who has come to fix up her Sky box is a very cute long haired guy and Sarah can't take her eyes off his tight arse.

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She pretends to be off for a shower before rushing upstairs and strips down to a black bra and her tiny leopard print thong knickers. Pulling on a pink dressing gown she walks back downstairs with the gown untied leaving her underwear exposed. She is back in the living room giving the guy the shock of his life seeing her body barely dressed. She sits down letting her gown open even more he can't supress a groan as Sarah's legs are apart and the crotch of her knickers is visible. A small camel toe is already started to form and he isn't looking at his work as he stares at Sarah's sexy tanned body.

Sarah looks out the corner of her eye trying not to laugh watching the bulge in his tight jeans growing as he stares at her body and it takes his phone to go off to snap him out of his perverted daydreams. He gets back to work looking hot and bothered as he finishes quickly keeping his head down Sarah can't resist teasing him a little more giving him a thank you hug pressing her body against his.

He moans into her ear that he can't take much more and he is so close to snapping and taking her roughly. Sarah moans and says go for it so he roughly throws her onto the sofa pulling her dressing gown off then grabbing those teasing thong panties and with great force tears them off. Sarah loves being pinned down and the guy's hard cock slams inside her tight pussy and roughly pounds in. They slam and fuck hard both getting very sweaty and moan from the mid-morning fuck and Sarah cums loudly feeling her ripped panties barely hanging onto her hip.

The seam is torn as the TV repair man thrusts in one final time spunking inside her. The other girls agree that it's a hot story and well worth keeping the torn pair of panties as they look back in Sarah's knickers draw. Another scream of surprise comes from Cheryl as she pulls out a tiny pink string bit of fabric but her scream is justified as she pulls the knickers apart and shows the girls they are crotchless. They are all looking at Sarah amazed the smutty blonde has a thong pair of crotchless knickers and Sarah giggles looking at them saying they were given to her by an Ultimo saleswoman.

Ellen is a sexy brunette lingerie saleswoman who Sarah has become mates with. On Sarah's birthday a few years ago Ellen was round her house showing her samples of the new knickers she might be modelling in the next catalogue, After the chat Ellen pulls out a little wrapped present to Sarah's delight but Ellen blushes telling Sarah it is only a gag gift as Sarah opens it.

Inside is a tiny pink thong with the crotch cut out of it and both girls laugh at the ultra slutty knickers. Ellen says sorry and she can ignore it but the blonde is feeling cheeky and so she strips off in front of a shocked Ellen and carefully pulls the pink crotchless knickers on.

She presses them around her still exposed pussy lips and does a little spin in them for her captivated audience. Ellen is mesmerised saying it looks really good cheekily snapping a picture on her phone as Sarah ups the ante saying her bush is too hairy for these slutty knickers and brings in a razor shaving her pussy bald.

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Ellen is shocked staring at Sarah's almost naked body and she has been doing it for so long she is starting to get turned on. She never told Sarah she was bi but once the blonde is fully shaved she can't resist touching Sarah's bald cunt making Sarah shudder. Ellen giggles teasing Sarah rubbing her palm across her pussy a little more getting the singer wet.

Sarah sits down moaning spreading her legs as Ellen pushes forward pressing her face into Sarah's pussy.


Sarah screams loudly as Ellen's tongue pushes into her pussy licking her out inside her crotchless knickers. Ellen quickly brings her to orgasm making her groan loudly cumming all over her friend's tongue as she loves her birthday gift. The other girls love Sarah's stories and are ready to set off to Nadine's but as they do Sarah asks if she can change her wet knickers. Pulling them down Sarah kicks the wet knickers off into the corner. Nadine teases Sarah calling her a slut as she pulls on some tiny thong knickers which are dark purple but Sarah doesn't think she's slutty.

She reminds the girls of the video shoot of love machine asking if they remembered the lighting guys were always busy attaching a lot of lights on the floor. All the girls nod wondering what Sarah knows and Sarah grins saying the only reason the lighting guys were spending all the time on the floor is because the floor was covered with mirrors and they looked into the mirrors to see up their tiny sexy dresses.

All the other girls are shocked thinking about all the men lying on the floor and hating Sarah for not telling her as they all remember what slutty tiny thongs they were wearing under those dresses. They all climb into Cheryl's car and drive to Nadine's and all are bickering at Sarah but not Nadine who tells the girls she knows that she didn't have a bikini wax before that video shoot so under her white thong her pussy hair would have been visible, Sarah comments that it's probably the reason her solo singing bit took the longest to film and Nadine blushes promising to get Sarah into an embarrassing upskirt position next time they shoot a music video.

They arrive at Nadine's house going right up to her bedroom and Nadine's knickers drawer which is a drawer under her bed. She pulls it out and the other girls quickly and hungrily start looking through it. Cheryl does more Nadine teasing pulling out a white lace thong and reminds Nadine of the time on stage when a pair of knickers just like these fell down live on stage as she danced.

Nadine blushes bright red and says they are the knickers that fell down on stage and all the girl's cheer and hug the leggy Irish beauty. Nadine recalls the embarrassment of having her knickers trapped round her knees trying hard to keep singing as thousands of people take pictures of her looking like a slut.

It didn't help wearing a dress so short that if she bent over her pussy would be exposed so she had to sing to the end of the song with her knickers round her ankles. Nadine shakes her head trying to forget the two weeks of press pics and internet reports with her thong barely hanging round her knees everyone knowing she was for a brief time commando on stage.

Nicola pulls a pair of sexy black and red knickers with black fishnets wrapped in them which Nadine says were bought online. Nadine tells the girls she and her American boyfriend would Skype to keep in touch and one night she appeared on cam in nothing but those knickers and fishnets. Some of the girl's wolf whistle thinking about Nadine's sexy body in just some slutty knickers and fishnets and Nadine grins saying he clearly loved them.

She says he was so fast getting his cock out and looked so hot stroking his cock as she would stand up and pose for him. All angles, every side letting him wank to her in her knickers grinning as she would bend over showing off how the bottom of her asscheeks would slip out.

The more he jerked the hornier she got so pulled her knickers to one side and started fucking her shaved pussy with a big dildo moaning his name loudly making him moan her name. Nadine says it's one of the hottest things they have done as a couple and the only time they have cum at the same time.

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Kim jokes about wanting to webcam with Nadine more and the girls all joke it's a good idea to share any new knickers via webcam doing a little knickers show for the others.

Sarah is shocked at the pair of panties she pulls out of the draw as they seem to be a pair of lyrca black panties and Nadine squeaks in delight having forgotten about them. She says they were a gift on her 18th birthday from the guy who lived across the road from her parents' house. She said she was his girl next door but never really got together and after he got her those knickers he started dating another in his words hotter girl.

For revenge one day Nadine says she pulled the local rugby school captain and took him back to her room then slowly stripped down. Soon she was only wearing those sexy Lycra knickers before opening her curtains and to her joy seeing him in his room across the road. Topless in just her knickers she waved at him before the rugby captain sneaks behind her kissing her neck. He pulls her tight Lycra pants past her ass and drives his cock into her. Nadine says pressed up against the window with him watching her be fucked with the knickers he bought her felt so good.

Feeling them sliding down her ass as she is humped and pressed up against her own bedroom window was incredible.

Knowing that tiny nerd was probably watching and wanking only made Nadine's orgasm sweeter cumming hard on the captain's cook. The other girls now can't help but think of Nadine as a sexy beast for taunting a sweet guy who made a mistake with a hot fuck session. She also went public next to a window even just to her back yard isn't over public but anyone could have seen and watched her get fucked.

Nadine grins saying she was never a good girl back in Ireland and she can prove it. Going through her knickers Nadine finds a blue cotton thong and says she wore this to the local park one day horny and looking for fun. She spotted a topless group of fit lads playing football so she sat on a bench and watched them, waving to them clearly spreading her legs letting them look right up her skirt at her blue cotton knickers.

Nadine says it was an amazing 20 minutes watching a group of guys trying to play football with clearly erect cocks under their shorts as she moved around folding her skirt up leaving more of her thong on show.

Finally the game finishes and one of the lads walks over to her and asks if she wants to go for some coffee in town, she agrees going out to his car but before she climbs in he drops to his knees and starts kissing her legs saying they are the most perfect things he has ever seen. He helps Nadine sit in the back seat of his crappy Ford Focus and kisses up and down her long legs getting a good look at her knickers.

He is begging for some quick backseat sex sliding his shorts off showing her the biggest dick she has still ever seen. Pulling her skirt off the 19 year old Nadine agrees pulling herself on all fours showing the horny young man her arse cut by her tiny thong knickers. It makes him making him groan loudly pushing his cock against the crotch of her knickers grinding against her leaving a large wet stain. He tugs them down and pushes into her pussy and fucks the horny wet Nadine doggy style in the back of his car.

Nadine only worked out she was dogging when she could see some of his football playing mates watching and wanking in the bushes as she moans and groans. She remembers him cumming leaving his car smelling of fresh sex as he suddenly remembered he had to pick his girlfriend up.

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Cross Nadine made him drop her off home but as he drove home she took her knickers off and pushed them into her wet cum filled pussy fucking herself with her own knickers.

He nearly crashed a lot watching her legs spread in the back seat her knickers almost pushed all the way into her cunt fucking herself to a powerful orgasm as they pulled up to her house. Nadine admits she would have left the knickers with him if he didn't tell her to take them so his girlfriend never found out. The other four are shocked agreeing hands down Nadine has the best stories and they need to take her back to Ireland to see the slut Nadine.

Cheryl and Kim asking why she didn't invite the wanking football players over for a gangbang while Sarah and Nicola wonder if there is anyone left in Ireland who hasn't watched Nadine Coye having sex. Nadine leaves both sides guessing before she puts her knickers away and says there is only one drawer left unseen by the group and Cheryl blushes knowing she has to share and be honest with her knickers loving band mates. They drive to Cheryl's house in her car asking Cheryl if she even wears enough knickers to have a drawer full of them.

At the next traffic lights Cheryl unbuttons and pulls down her jeans leaving her sitting in just a tiny red string thong for the rest of the journey proving the girls wrong but they are too busy trying to get a policeman to pull them over to embarrass a bottomless Cheryl.

Driving into her mansion like house Cheryl drives into her garage and sheds her pants entirely and says it's nearly dark and no way she is driving all the way back to Nicola's tonight maybe they should turn this into a underwear sleep over. The others all agree and Cheryl says no outer clothes to be worn inside her house tonight they should all strip off her as she takes off her top and walks into her house in just a red lace bra and tiny thong that barely covered her ass.

Sarah is next out in a white bra and her dark purple thong then Nadine and Nicola come out giggling Nicola in a nice baby blue bra and black lace thong while Nadine was on a light green a black bra with a pair of black female briefs on.

All the girls start to walk up the stairs when they notice Kimberley isn't with them they call out to Kim asking if anything is wrong and Kim says yes she isn't wearing a bra. The girls giggle and say it's ok they have seen her bare boobs before but as it's a underwear party Kim says she doesn't feel right and Cheryl has an idea rushing upstairs for a bit before coming back down with a large white bra which she passes to Kim in the garage.

Kim is shocked as she comes out in a pair of pink panties and the tight fitting but comfy bra. She can't help but ask Cheryl why she would have a bra bigger than her own cup size and one that seems to fit her perfectly. Amazingly and to the shock of the rest of the band Cheryl stops and admits she has had a knickers fetish for longer than the rest of the girls. Blushing hard and looking down at the floor Cheryl admits to stealing the girl's knickers and bra's several time and bringing them home.

The others are stunned for a second until they jump Cheryl laughing loudly and tickle the sensitive Geordie teasing her, spanking her ass and thighs calling her dirty selfish slut for not sharing. Cheryl says sorry as the girls take her lace bra from her and give it to Kim as reward leaving Cheryl laughing in just her thong knickers asking if they want back all she stole. They say later and they will deliver used knickers from now on as long as they get to borrow cummed in panties from her which Cheryl lovingly agrees too.

The conflict ends in one big hug before the 5 underwear clad girls walk upstairs to Cheryl's room and the final knickers drawer of the day. Cheryl's wardrobe is opened and her knickers drawer to the happy girls all who now know Cheryl is the biggest panty slut of them all.

Sarah's eyes are instantly drawn to a pair of knickers she has seen before pulling a sparklingly sliver pair of knickers out of the drawer and waving them at an embarrassed Cheryl. Those almost party like disco ball sparkle knickers where under a hot blue dress Cheryl wore for a night out in London maybe her first big night out in London since becoming famous and she went a bit crazy.

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She drank and partied hard and soon couldn't help herself in pulling the hem of her dress up flashing little bits and brief glimpses of her shiny silver knickers. The DJ at the club spots Cheryl and her little teases pointing her out from the stage demanding to see more. He is getting a chant from the dance floor crowd of show more and Cheryl pretends to be embarrassed but quickly gives in lifting her dress all the way up exposing her sexy silver knickers. The crowd cheer at Cheryl blushes not even able to count how many people just saw her pants so she tries to leave the main dance floor but is pushed closer to the stage by drunken happy night clubbers.

Now in the middle of the dance floor Cheryl feels more exposed and everyone is looking at her and a few even know who she is and Cheryl feels bad but lifts her skirt up again holding it up for seconds taking advantage of all the looks from the guys seeing her knickers. She feels so slutty but being famous makes it worse as a few camera phones snap pictures and the DJ is demanding more and more flashes of her knickers.

He won't let up and Cheryl feels uncomfortable and backs away from the dance floor getting away but the damage has been done. Sarah nods throwing the panties down claiming she knows the story how Cheryl was embarrassed at those pics in the paper and how the paparazzi even got a big upskirt as she climbed unladylike into the back of a car. Cheryl shakes her head saying it's not the whole story as she hid in a back room the DJ came up to her thanked her for help getting him noticed.

He wanted her back out on stage for his encore but she said no and he got mad and Cheryl like any true Geordie offered him a blowjob to make things even. He says yes but wanted it on stage so Cheryl quietly crawls out onto stage gets under his turntable and as he does his encore set she is sucking his thick cock. The DJ groans though his songs as her skilled mouth works on him before he jumps down and pulls her silver knickers off standing up waving them above his head to his cheering public.

Cheryl sucks him off letting the cocky DJ cum in her mouth but he doesn't give her the knickers back until right after his set finishes and she quickly leaves hoping not to be seen with cum soaked lips and no knickers on. The girls admit that sounds more like the Cheryl they know and love Cheryl says it's a shame her vibrating knickers no longer work, a plain black pair that had a little dildo inside was given to her by a producer on her first solo album, feeling cocky she went into the recording booth with them on only for them to be turned on high right away instantly teasing her pussy.

She moans loudly into the microphone unaware her slutty groans are being recorded the vibrator teasing her pussy lips so well getting her wet so fast she has to strip down to just those vibrating panties and let them do all the work pleasuring her.

Such a hot look Cheryl near naked in a sound proof recording studio screaming her lungs out as her pussy is vibrated and pleasured in ways she never knew possible.

She finally cums a loud screaming earth shattering orgasm that drops her to the floor and nearly broke her headphones. The other girls stand in shock at Cheryl's confession the cheeky Geordie asks them to remind her to download a copy of her taped sexual moans for later hearing. Nicola suddenly screams pulling out a large pair of white lace panties that are tied up at the back with beautiful white silk ribbons and all the girls rightly want to know what Cheryl's wedding underwear is doing in her knickers drawer.

Cheryl says there is a reason but her hot story with them has nothing to do with her weeding night, three weeks before the big day she was in a bridal shop trying on dresses when talk turned to underwear and Cheryl just feel in love with these sexy complicated knickers and had to have them but was made to try them on first. She goes into a booth to try them on stripping naked and sliding them on when the female assistant holding the curtain slips and the rail breaks sending the curtain falling to the floor.

Cheryl screams turning round covering up and is exposed topless in just some fancy white lace panties in front of a young couple. The man stares at her in awe and even the woman is grinning looking at Cheryl's body and feeling less shy Cheryl drops her hands and invites them into the little cubical.

She shows off her wedding dress to the woman while the guy fights his erection staring at Cheryl's ass. His bride to be teasingly slaps him then slaps Cheryl's ass as the curtain is fixed Cheryl grabs the girl and kisses her saying she is so horny she needs sex now and wants the both of them.

The young engaged couple strip for Cheryl so cute she watches her suck him as she rubs her wet pussy though her wedding day knickers then she eats out the future bride to his delight and the assistants who is watching the three way from round the curtain getting hot herself.

Cheryl pushes her tongue deep into the blonde's wet pussy as her soon to be husband rubs her tits saying he never knew wedding planning was so hot. She soon cums and pulls Cheryl's posh knickers down slightly and helps the long blonde haired singer down onto his big cock Cheryl groaning as it sinks into her filling her up. As she bounces on his shaft she has her hands undoing all the ribbons and groping Cheryl's tanned pert ass cheeks.

The guy feels like he is in some kind of heaven as Cheryl bounces on his cock hard while ordering his soon to be bridge to stop teasing her and shove some fingers up her arse. It only gets better when he looks u and sees the cute red haired assistant leaning all the way into the booth moaning with her hands stuffed down her pants clearly fingering herself.

The girl pushes two fingers deep into Cheryl's ass scared of her hurting her but is rewarded with a loud groans of pleasure from Cheryl as she bounces harder and faster and the poor guy can't last long cumming hard.

Cheryl lies on floor and lets his new bride lean down and lick his cum out of her hole as he kisses and licks her breasts, Cheryl also sees the assistant masturbating and waves to her making the teenager blush and suddenly cum inside her work pants.

Leaving the room Cheryl moans as the young bride pushes her tongue deep into her wet pussy really licking at her clit and when the man teases a hand onto her ass and pokes a finger against her tight asshole Cheryl loses control cumming hard. None of the girls can believe that story, the room now clearly smelling of female juices as all their exposed panties are getting hot and damp. Cheryl senses the knickers sharing fun with her sexy best friends is only just beginning as she goes for the kill picking up a tiny black thong and tells the girls one day back in Newcastle she went to local ASDA for shopping in her old style of a chavy tracksuit with this thong her only underwear.

Walking down the aisles Cheryl finds a lot of the food is low down forcing her to bend over and her thong would always pop out above her tracksuit bottoms as she did, one time even leaning over so far her pants started to fall down exposing some bare ass cheek to any hot horny middle aged men walking round.

As Cheryl walks around the store thong clearly on display one of the stock men sees her and wants her walking over right to where she is bending over again bumping into the back of her letting his hard cock press against her soft ass. Cheryl looks round and sees the young man with the hard cock and instantly asks if he wants to take it outside to deal with so they leave the trolley and creep out back into a side alley of the store.

They are close to the busy car park as the store guy pulls her pants and thong down leaving Cheryl's thong wrapped around her knees as he unzips pushing his hard cock into her and Cheryl groans her tight hole invade with one thrust and the guy is pounding hard, so hard he doesn't last long shoot a thick stream of cum into her ass. Cheryl groans in disappointment at a hot fuck ending so quick he hears her and tells her it's not over yet spinning her round pressing her front against the wall and spreading apart her legs.

Cheryl is scared damp black thong knickers hanging by her ankles as he rubs her bare fake tanned ass asking her if she has done anal before. Cheryl moans and says no and he response by pushing his hard again cock into her ass breaking open her tight hole.

It is pain only for a few minutes as Cheryl gets into it moaning and groaning from her first anal fuck fingering her cum soaked pussy letting juices drip down staining her ankle warming knickers. He drives in and pushes harder and harder bringing them both close to the edge, moans growing until Cheryl slams her fingers in deep as his big cock does the same to her asshole.

She starts to cum as she feels his second load start to shoot up her ass, He cleans himself and leaves calling her a slut as he goes, Cheryl only smiling in sweaty bliss not cleaning her holes pulling her thong knickers back over her leaking hole and is off not back shopping but to get a tattoo on her back, a tramp stamp to show she does anal.

All 5 girls are soaking wet ready to retire to their rooms and fuck themselves to a long built up climax when Cheryl says to make it hotter they should change knickers with each other so all 5 swap their cum soaked knickers with each other feeling the combined stains of them and another band member before rushing off to their own rooms to feel the joy of their fingers or toys on their horny soaking wet pusssies.


The rest of their band life they know will be spent in a more knickers obsessed way and as the sound of five mega hot females moaning and sexually pleasure themselves fill the house all five know their lives are about to get a whole lot better.