Tgirl beauty with nice booty takes big dick

Tgirl beauty with nice booty takes big dick
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This past Christmas,I was asked an unusal favor by one of my friends.He was looking for a date for his company Christmas Party at an exclusive local club.He approached both me and my wife and asked if one of her girlfriends would be interested.

My wife,ever the romantic,jumped at the chance to hook them up.She made the call to this girl,and made all the arrangements for him.The girl had responded that she would be happy to go and we left it at that.

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That evening approached and we waited for her to show-up at his house. No calls ever came in.and she didnt answer her cell phone.No explanations. As it got later and friend got more and more disappointed ant being stood up.

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Now my wife was feeling even worse for having trusted this friend,and involving my friends feelings.Thats when I got the idea. He needed a wife needed a night out .i looked good for saving the evening.

My wife jumped at the chance and didnt even give me a chance to rethink my offer.

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My wife hurriedly got dressed in her favorite slinky black dress,stockings and high heels.As usual she looked SOOO hot. heading out the door.


Later on that evening,in the wee hours I heard the two of them stumbling in through the back door.I was laying down on the couch watching TV.They were laughing and I could tell that they both had far too many drinks.My wife came in first,shoeless,and my friend came in behind her,holding her hand,laughing,and his shirt was partially unbottoned. I then began to hear their stories of how much fun they had at this party and who was more blasted than they were at the party.I just sat and listened as my wife giggled on like a high schooler.At that point,my friend got up to leave,leaning over to say goodnight to my wife,when she put both her arms around his neck,aimed her lips at his.and he responded by placing his hands on her hips,then moving his hands to her ass.He began rubbing her ass cheeks,and she moved her body closer to his the more he rubbed her ass.

I began to get excited and confused at the same time.

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His caressing of her ass now resulted in the lifting of her dress,revealing her loss of her panties sometime during that evening.Her milky white skin began rubbing closer and closer to him,now with his hands directly on the flesh of her ass.She was still locked in an embrace with him and it seems like the kisses lasted forever.

Then,all of a sudden,my wife,dropped to her knees,mouth open,eyes closed.Her dress was now up to her waist,the straps on top now down around her arms revealing more of her tits.My friend dropped his pants revealing his erect hard-on.My wife eagerly moved forward and latched onto it. I froze.I could only watch as I both enjoyed her doing someone else,while questioning my own judgement.

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She started progressively getting into it,moaning and groaning with each stroke up and down his rod.His hands then went around her head and pulled her head deeper and deeper on his rod. THATS IT.iHAD ENOUGH,I got up and went to break them apart,when my wifes hand went up in the essence stopping me from stopping him.I could see there were tears now coming from the corners of her eyes,and her hand was now reaching for MY rod.She quickly located it and pulled me closer to them both,and continued on .She began jerking on my rod and now was moaning and groaning louder than before.

I was now so extremely aroused,I was also rubbing her head while shes giving him head.holding it steady to ensure she doesnt pull off.My rods now hot and dripping waiting patiently my turn at her mouth.At that point,his load explodes shooting his man juice all over her mouth,eyes and beautiful flowing brunette hair.He pulls pack and my wife leaned over to continue her fantasy on me.I complied by also shooting my cum in her mouth,and adding to the array now splattered on her face.

She smiles and leans backwards against the couch,her tits now fully revealed,her dress up around her waist showing off her recently shaved pussy.My friend and I decided to put her to bed after this ordeal. We lifted up our sleeping beauty,unzipped her dress,let it drop to the floor.We carried her to the bedroom,now completely naked,and laid her on the bed.We cleaned her face off.and tried cleaning her up for bed.We both noticed how wet she was between her legs and began fondling her cunt.She seemed to awaken from her stupor and then we both climbed into bed with her,and decided to continue pleasing her and fulfilling her fantasy by taking turns on her all night.She woke the next morning and began telling us how much she enjoyed what we had done to her.and could we do it again,soon???