Jung nackt und geil

Jung nackt und geil
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After a hard day's work at the farm, you want to do nothing but have a beer in your hand and your wife sucking you cock. That was exactly what I intended to do, I quickly took a nice warm shower and got rid of all the sweat in my body then went downstairs to grab that beer from the fridge. My wife, Cathy, must be in her room correcting all those quizzes and test she passes out to the high-schoolers.

I finished my beer feeling more refreshed than ever and went upstairs to our bedroom. "Hi baby." Cathy greeted me when she saw me.


"Hi sweetheart.almost done?" I leaned forward and gave her a nice long kiss. I met Cathy when I was a junior in College and she was a sophomore, we instantly hit off and loved each other to death. We decided to wait until she completed college to get married and we finally got married when I was 23 and she was 22. My dad owns a large farm and has several small businesses which make more than enough money and when he passed away he gave all the land and business to me. My sister wanted me to sell them but I just didn't have the heart to do it, we had those lands for more than four generations.

So Cathy and I moved to Ohio where she started teaching at the high-school. "Yep.give me five more minutes" Cathy said as I softly massaged her shoulders.

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Cathy was very beautiful with silky golden brown hair which stops right at the middle of her back. Her gorgeous gray eyes pierce right through your heart.

She has nice sharp features and beautiful rosy lips. She is about 5'8 with C breasts and a busty ass which bounces lightly as she walks around the house. She always manages to keep herself fit and has a nice golden tan. "Done!" Cathy said as she put her pen back on the desk and closed her books.

She was dressed in a white nightgown which came up to her mid thighs and her soft hair was in a pony tail. She got up and pressed herself into me, her firm breasts pressing tightly against my chest. "Tired sweetheart?" She asked me and all I managed to do was nod my head as she grinded her hips into my crotch. She gave me a sexy smile and pushed me back on the bed.

She slowly pulled my pants down and rubbed my semi-hard dick which was struggling to be free. She kissed it through my boxers and slowly pulled it down throwing it over her head. ""Mmmm.I love your cock so much." She purred as she gently jacked me off. My cock was bigger than your average 6'' penis, when I was completely erect it was about 9' and 3'' wide.

She leaned forward and tasted the silt of my cock with the tip of her tongue sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. She expertly swirled her tongue around the head licking up and down my shaft and gently sucked on my balls.

I was in pure heaven as she worked her magic on my cock. "Yeah baby suck my cock! You suck it so gooooood" I moaned and stroked her soft hair and held her by the back of her head. She locked her lips around the head of my cock and took about 6'' with ease, it was an amazing sight as she bobbed her head up and down on my cockhead and then easily took 6in of my cock, and it was a beautiful view as her head bobbed up and down on my cock. She continued doing this and often stopped to swirl her tongue around the head and into the silt before going back down.

"Suck it! Take it all the way in" I moaned. She finally took me into her mouth until the head hit the entrance of her mouth. I was surprised she could take my whole cock into her mouth and groaned when she finally took it all the way in. Her nose was pressing into my pubic hair and I held her tightly. She instinctively gulped and I groaned, feeling her throat flex around my cock. Then she drew back until just the tip of her tongue was resting in the silt of my cock before sliding back down again, once more taking me into her throat.

I could feel the churning in my balls and knew I was close to cumming. It won't be long before I would shoot my cum deep into her mouth. She sensed this and rested my cock right on top of her tongue and softly massaged her balls with her small hands. I couldn't take it any longer and warned her right as I exploded in her mouth. The sight of my cock shooting cum into her mouth was so erotic that I kept on shooting ropes and ropes of cum.

"Mmm.You taste so damn good" She moaned as she swallowed my cum. I pulled her up for a deep passionate kiss and moaned as our tongue wrested with each other. I took off my shirt and pulled her into so she was on top of me. "Cathy? Why aren't you naked yet?" I asked her and she smiled taking off her night gown so she just had a pair of panties.

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Her pink nipples were hard as I grazed my finger over them. I softly rubbed her pussy through her panties before taking them off. Cathy was neatly trimmed as she formed a small triangle.


Before she could say anything I started to taste her, licking up her juices and sliding my tongue into her pussy in an effort to coax more out. She moaned as her body moved invitingly, following the rhythm of my tongue's thrusts.

And the further I slid my tongue into her pussy, the more her legs trembled. "Ahhhhhh Godddd." She cried overwhelmed by pleasure. I continued to tongue fuck her sweet pussy loving the taste of her sweet juices.

Then I trailed my tongue up to her clit and rolled my tongue over it again and again relentlessly. When she started to whimper I flicked it with the tip of his tongue for a while then sucked it into my mouth. She started to groan and buck her hips against my face.

I slipped a finger into her steaming pussy and felt it clench desperately around it. "Make me cum Jack! Please make me cum!" She whimpered her eyes full of tears. "Want to cum sweetheart?" I asked her sliding another finger.

Her juices were gushing out of her hole as I pumped my fingers in and out of her. She was gripping the blankets tightly with both her hands and she let out a long tortured moan.

I took her clit into my mouth and held it between my teeth as I flicked it with the tip of my tongue. She was going nuts now and I knew she was extremely close to cumming so I curled my fingers as I feverishly rubbed her G-spot. She lost it and without warning, her juices gushed out of her pussy and I curled my tongue to drink her sweet nectar.

"Fuck Jack." She moaned pulling me up. She grabbed my head roughly and let out a moan as our lips locked. She was sweating and I let her catch her breath as I softly massaged her nipples. I rubbed my erection against her soaking cunt and she moaned each time it would rub against her clit.

I really needed to cum inside her pussy but at the same time I wanted her to beg me. I gently pushed my dick until only the head was in her tight cunt. She groaned with pleasure and wrapped her thighs around me trying to pull me into her.

I resisted and leaned forward taking her pink nipple into my mouth. "Jack.fuck me!?!" She said as I chewed tenderly on her nipple. I pushed into her cunt and stopped when I felt her G-spot rubbing against the head. I continued fucking her in this manner, my head rubbing against her G-spot.

"Beg for it.beg for my cock." I whispered and pulled her nipple with my teeth. "Please Jack fuck me! Fuck me with your big cock! Make me cum" She shot me a pleading look and I shoved it into her without a warning. She was writhing beneath me, bucking her hips against mine as I started to pump her deep and hard. "Oh God! Oh God!" she cried, as her pussy quivered around my cock. It felt amazing, like my cock was melting in her hot wet velvety walls.

I loved how her large breasts bounced as I fucked and grabbed her head roughly kissing her hard. She held on to my shoulders and panted into my ear. I suddenly rolled over with her cock buried in me so she was on top of me. She instinctively knew what to do and started riding me cock like she was possessed.

She used my chest for support and I placed my hands on her hips helping her up and dropping her weight on my cock. "Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck" She moaned as my hips met hers as she was coming down. Her breasts were hanging right over my mouth and slapped into my chin as she bounced on top of me.

I could tell she was really close to cumming and pumped into her with all the my force. "AHHHHHHHH!" She moaned as she collapsed on top of me with her cum oozing out of her pussy. I was still hard as fuck and lifted Cathy up and turned her over so she was lying on top of me with her head resting on my chest. "I love this position." "I know." I slowly entered my cock into her pussy and soon picked up the pace. I was free to molest her breasts and pussy while we fucked like this and my head rinds into her G-spot creating amazing sensations for both of us.

I grabbed her breast with my right hands and pinched her nipple as I rubbed her clit with my other hands. I was really close to an orgasm and knew I wasn't going to last longer. "I am going to cum" I warned her and she squeezed her muscles together.

I groaned in pleasure and thrust into her like a madman and finally I couldn't take it any longer. "Arghhhhh" I shot ropes of cum deep into her pussy and collapsed with Cathy on top of me. We lay there for good ten minutes as we caught our breath. Just then our phone ran and I moved over. "Hello?" I answered the phone as I softly stroked Cathy's hair. She snuggled closer to me and rested her head on my chest and hugged me fiercely.

"Jack? It's me Jenna…listen I got to talk to you about something important" Jenna was my sister but she was older than me by 12 years.

We have a tight relationship despite the age difference. "Yeah what's up Jenna…everything okay?" I asked her concern in my voice. "Yeah I am fine and so are the kids…well…the kids are not doing so great…especially Ashley…" She sighed "She has been hanging out with the wrong crowd…getting drunk and last night I found her in bed with two guys…I don't know what to do with her…so can I ask you a favor?" "Yeah Jen…name it" "Do you mind if I send Ashley over to you for some time…until she gets back in track and loses her bitchy attitude?" She said and I laughed "Sure when do you want to send her over?" I asked her "Tomorrow…I will drop her off tomorrow around 7 in the evening…thanks a ton Jack" She said and I hung up the phone.

I looked down to see Cathy breathing slowly and figured that she fell asleep. I was tired as fuck and pulled the blanket over our naked bodies and hugged my sexy wife tightly. The next morning we ate breakfast after a passionate love-making. I explained Cathy the reason why my sister called yesterday and for some reason she was delighted with the idea of my niece spending some time with me.

We spent the rest of the day cleaning up the spare bedroom and getting everything in place. "Jack?" Cathy yelled from downstairs "They are here… I quickly put my shirt on and went downstairs.

Cathy was already downstairs and opened the door. My sister parked the car right in front of the house and I gave her a long hug when she got out of the car. "Jack thank you so much…I owe you one…she is really pissed off about me bringing her here but I think she will get over it" Jenna said and I told her not to worry. After we waited for a good ten minutes, the princess decided to get out of the car. I was shocked by her appearance but made no comment.

She had panties on and a tight shirt which barely covered her breasts. I glanced at Jenna who was clearly embarrassed and then at Cathy who was shocked. Ashley had long dirty brown hair which came up to her shoulder blades. She has pretty blue eyes and a beautiful face which she ruined it by applying too much makeup. She probably had C cup breasts and a flat stomach. Her ass was probably the perfect ass I have ever seen, I could feel my dick hardening as I examined this hot slut.

"Hi Ashley…" I said as I opened my arms to give her a hug. She stepped back and put her hand in front of her to stop me. "Listen…lets the cut bullshit…I don't want to stay here and I know you don't want me to stay here either… so let's pretend you don't know me and I don't know you alright?" Ashley said "Ashley!" Jenna snapped at her "What do you want mom?

Wait I know…you want to ruin my life…and you did that by bringing me here so why are you angry at me?" Ashley said grabbing her bags from the back seat. I glanced at Cathy and she rolled her eyes. "Ashley…" Jenna sighed and shook her head. "Jack…I got to go…I have a business conference to attend…" "Yeah no problem…" I said. Jenna gave me a quick kiss on my cheek and kissed Cathy as she got in her car.

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Ashley stood there with two heavy bags as she looked at me expectantly. Cathy took a step forward to help her but I gave her a look and she stopped dead in her tracks. "Hello? Is someone going to get these for me?" Ashley said as put her hand on her hip and looked at me with her eyes wide open. I knew this wasn't going to work out. "Ashley.like you said.I'll pretend I don't know you and you pretend you don't know me." I said as I headed towards the house.

"Jack.relax.she is going through rough times." Cathy said catching up to me. I rolled my eyes and she laughed. "Fuck you!" Ashley screamed as we went ahead without her. Cathy turned around by I grabbed her waist and pulled her into the house. After 15 minutes or so, Ashley managed to get her stuff inside the house. She collapsed on the couch and I gave her a glass of water which she gratefully swallowed. "Hey Ashley…" I said sitting down next to her on the couch. My eyes ran over her smooth thighs and for some reason I started wondering if she was shaved down there "I know you don't want to be here and everything but life is much easier being here than being there with your mom…" I looked at her young face wondering if she would say anything.

She just sat there quietly looking down at her shoes, "We have three cars down here and you can take one…and I'll give you money for your stuff and you basically have everything you need…alright?" "Hmm…ok" She said quietly "Except…no booze and don't bring guys over…especially two guys…" I said joking and I must have hit her nerve or something because she started swearing again. "How the fuck do you know?

Is that the reason why I am here because I slept with two guys? Well I love cock and I love getting pounded so there! And if you think I will give up drinking to live in a dump like this…you can go to hell!" "Ashley! Calm down…" I said sternly and Cathy looked at us from across the kitchen. She mouthed "What's wrong?" and I shook my head. "Where the fuck is my room?" "Stop swearing…up the stairs…across from ours…" I said and she went up the stairs dragging her bags.

Cathy came back from kitchen and sat down on the couch next to me. "She is such a bitch…" I muttered and Cathy laughed "Relax baby…give her some time…why don't I help you relax?" She said and at first I thought she was offering me a massage but I quickly understood what she meant when she rubbed my dick through my pants. "She might cat- Cathy silenced me by placing her lips over mine.

I held her face in my hands as she slowly sucked on my tongue while rubbing my growing erection with her small hands. I felt her fumbling with the pants but she managed to get them off. My dick was struggling to get out of the boxers and I moaned into her mouth as she stroked my erection through her boxers. I lifted Cathy up and put her on top of my cock with her knees buried to my sides. I kissed her ardently as our tongue tussled desperately. I placed my hands on her hips and pulled her closer into me so her breasts were squished between our bodies.

"Mmm…" She moaned as I softly massaged her lips and pulled her bottom lip. She was unconsciously grinding her hips into mine. "Fuck I need your cock!" She got off me and got between my knees. She bit her lower lip and gave me a sexy smile before pulling my boxers down.

My dick almost hit her in face as it escaped from my boxers. "Ohhh Fuck…" I moaned as she slowly stroked my cock. She leaned forward and took my head into her mouth as she jacked me off with expertly. She swirled her tongue around my cock before pushing her tongue into my silt. I love it when she does that. "Oh god…yes yes feels so good" I moaned stroking her hair holding it behind her head so I could see her face in action.


She licked my shaft as she looked up at me, I love how she make eye-contact when she sucks my cock. She licked my balls and gently sucked on both of them before going back to my cock. She twirled her tongue around the head once more before taking me deeper into her warm mouth.

I groaned in pleasure once my head hit the back of her throat. It felt so amazing as her throat muscles choked my cock. "Fuck…you give the best blowjobs baby" I laced my hands behind her head and urged her to take me deeper. I shuddered as her nose hit my crotch, she tried to swallow my dick out of reflex and I almost lost it right there.

"Holy shit I am going to cum…" I warned and she started humming. That was it, I held her face tightly as I shot load after load of hot cum deep down her throat. She swallowed every single drop of my cum and continued sucking on my cock. I gently pushed her away and gasped for breath. "You are still hard…" She said surprised and I looked down to see my cock hard as a nail. I didn't know why but I laughed and she joined me. "Come here you slut!" I growled and pulled her up roughly as I kissed her hard on the lips ramming my tongue down her throat.

She squealed in pleasure and ran her hands through my hair. "Ready for this cock? Ready for me to fuck you?" "Yes god I can't wait!" She moaned as I sucked on her nipples through the white shit she wore. I left two wet spots on her shirt before taking it off. She didn't have a bra on and I immediately took her nipple in my mouth and sucked on it as hard as I could.

"Mmmm fuck!" I roughly pulled her skirt down along with panties and shoved two finger into her steamy pussy. She immediately squeezed her cunt muscles and moaned into my mouth. She shivered when my cock rubbed against her clit and grabbed my head roughly and pushed her breasts into my face. I couldn't wait to fuck her that tight cunt of her. "Baby…I need your pussy" I moaned in her ear as I felt the heat from her cunt radiating to my crotch.

She immediately got up and placed the entrance of my cock against her pussy. She gave me a sexy smile and dropped all her weight on my cock. "Ahhhhhhhh" I hissed in pleasure as I held on to her hips.

She quickly got rid of my shirt and grabbed on to my shoulders tightly as she rode my cock. I held her hips and helped her impale herself on my cock. Her breasts were literally right in front of my mouth and I couldn't resist but grab them with my mouth. "Holy fuckkkkkk!" She moaned as her pussy convulsed around my cock and I felt her juices gushing around my cock. She was exhausted so I picked her up and threw her on the couch with her ass sitting on the edge.

I grabbed her legs and threw them over my shoulder so her knees were pressed against my face. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" She screamed as I rammed my dick into her hilt.

She formed a perfect O and I saw her looking lustfully at me. I grinned and continued pounding her unbelievably hot cunt. She made a come here motion with her hand and I leaned forward to kiss. She grabbed my head and kissed me zealously. "Your niece is watching us…" I was about to turn my head and look behind my back but Cathy must have senses that I was about to do this so she held my head tightly.

I didn't stop hammering her pussy and the fact that my niece was watching me turned me on immensely. "Ohhhh god fuck me…" Cathy moaned as I attacked her neck softly pulling her flesh with my teeth.

I heard her mutter something unintelligent but let it go "She is ohhhh fingering herself" I imagined my niece fingering her tight 15 year old cunt as she spied on us. I couldn't take it any longer and fucked Cathy so hard I was probably hurting her.

My felt my balls churning and knew I was close to cumming. "FUCK ME JACKKKKKKKKKK I AM CUMMMINGGGGG" Cathy screamed as I thrust my cock into her pussy one last time as I shot load after load of hot cum. I never came so much in life. I collapsed on top of her and we cuddled. "That was hot…" Cathy said softly as I stroked her smooth silky hair. I glanced at the stairs and saw Ashley hurry towards her room. I scooped Cathy in my arms and took her to our room. "Fuck…I love you jack…" She purred as I kissed her softly on the lips.

I quickly went back downstairs and put my boxers. I knocked on Ashley's door and asked permission to enter, "NO! Give me a minute" I heard several noises and finally she opened the door for me. I looked at her suspicious and knew she just masturbated.

"What?" She asked her bitchy tone returning. "There is food downstairs and you can watch T.V&hellip.I am going back to bed" "Alright" She was staring at my crotch and when I caught her, she flushed her cheeks turning red. She closed the door and went back in her room. I smiled and went back to my bedroom and got under the sheets with Cathy who was already asleep. She was on her stomach and I hugged her tightly resting my head on her back. The next week I enrolled Ashley in the high-school where Cathy teaches and the whole week was busy.

Ashley still didn't lose her bitch attitude and I heard rumors that she has sex for money. I however didn't want to accuse her without any proof so I didn't talk to her about this. It was Friday when I decided to come back home because it was too hot outside. I went to my bedroom and took a cold shower. When I came out of my bedroom, I heard noises from Ashley's room and glanced at the clock. She was suppose to be back home at 3 and it was only 1.

I got suspicious and opened the door without knocking. "Ahhhhhhhh! What the hell!?!" Ashley screamed. She was naked with a guy on top of her who was fucking her. The guy looked like he was in like late thirties and I immediately pulled him off her. Ashley wrapped herself with her blanket and started screaming at me. "SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU WHORE!" I screamed and she immediately shut up.

The guy quickly grabbed his clothes and put them on but before he did, I got a glimpse of his erect penis which was 4in. "Give me my money back!" He yelled at Ashley when he put his clothes on. He glanced at me and gulped.

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"You ain't getting your money and get the hell out of here" I growled and he stood here shocked. I was a pretty big guy standing 6'1 and working on the farm every day, gave me a body which lot of men envy. "I&hellip." "OUT!" He ran from the room and I looked at Ashley who pretended nothing happened. "What the hell was going on here?" "Sex…never had sex before Jack?" She mocked me and then laughed "You and your wife have pity sex…with you tiny dick…" I had enough of this whore.

I jumped on top of her and pinned her hands to the bed. She looked at me scared and tried to push me off but I was way too stronger than her. "Listen Ashley…I had enough of your bitchy attitude…you will change starting from now…you fucking here me!?!" She nodded her head and I shook my head and left the room.

What was wrong with this bitch? She was fucking 40year old bald fat men for money! "Did you fuck her?" Cathy asked once I told her what happened.

She was in the kitchen making dinner for us and I looked at her shocked. "Of course not! Why would I fuck her?" I asked her jumping down from the kitchen table. I hugged her from behind and cupped her breasts. "Well if I were in your shoes…I would show that bitch who was the boss…saying you have a tiny dick ha!" Cathy said turning around to face.

She placed her hands on my shoulders and pulled me closer. "That would be a sight…" I said as I laughed. I smacked her ass as she turned around and sat on the couch flipping through the channels. After a while, Cathy came by and sat next to me. She put her head on my chest and I pulled her closer into me. "Jack? Why don't you fuck her? Teach her a lesson" Cathy said and I laughed.

I honestly thought she was joking but then when I looked at her face she pouted her lips. I leaned down and kissed those rosy lips.

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"I am serious…" "You got to be kidding me…I…I…she is my niece…" I argued. I was however excited by that idea and my cock had other plans. It slowly started going to its full length and Cathy observed this. She smiled at me and moved closer to me. "Imagine pounding her tight pussy with your cock…" She whispered in my ear and I was growing excited by the second.

After several minutes of weak argument, I finally agreed to fuck me niece. We both went to our bedrooms and decided to do it. After all how many wives urge their husbands to have sex with another girl? "Ashley? Ashley!" I yelled from our bedroom and after couple of minutes Ashley appeared in our bedroom. She had a pair of panties on and tight white shirt which clearly showed she didn't have a bra on.


She put her hands on her hips and tapped her foot. "What?" She asked when we were staring at her. Cathy went to close the door and she stood there to block Ashley from running away. "Take off your shirt" I commanded Ashley and she looked at me shocked and then laughed.

"I don't have a bra on…you sicko!" Ashley said "I am your fucking niece…" "Take off your shirt!" I said but this time more sternly, she hesitated and looked at Cathy for some help but Cathy showed no emotion though I could tell she was excited. "Uncle Jack…I don't have a- "Alright Ashley…come here…you need a spanking!" I said "No you are not going to touch me you fucking creep!" She tried to leave the bedroom but I grabbed her and pushed her on my lap so her ass was sticking out.

"You have been a very bad girl Ashley…not listening to your mother…drinking beer…dressing like a slut…sleeping with 40-year old men!" "Let got of me you bastard! I will tell my mom about this!" She screamed and Cathy came to help me.

She grabbed her legs and tied it with the rope she found in our closet and held her hands. I caressed her smooth asscheeks admiring the firmness and smoothness. I gently squeezed them before taking her panties off. "Uncle Jack? You are my uncle…" She protested but I was having none of it.

SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She screamed after each smack and tears started streaming down her face. "That's what you get for not listening to you mom…" I said cheerfully. My erection was pressing against her stomach and I fondled with her young breasts. She didn't say anything but I think I heard a soft moan. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK "That's for drinking and dressing like a slut&hellip." I said as her cheeks turned red as blood.

I glanced at Cathy was naked and slowly started fingering herself. "Last one sweetheart" SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK I felt warm liquid on my pants and looked down to see that Ashley has cum. She looked up at me and bit her lower lip. This was so hot and when Ashley stood up, I saw her neatly shaved cunt glistening with her juices.

"Did…Did you just cum?" I asked her and she nodded her head as her cheeks turned pink. I broke into a laugh and quickly removed my clothes. "Oh my god…that thing is…huge!" She said when she looked at me erection. I opened my arm for her and she sat on my lap.

I quickly took off her shirt and glanced at her sweet young breasts. She looked at me and I couldn't resist but kiss her rosy lips.

I pulled her closer to me and inhaled her sweet perfume. I started massaging her lips with mine and pushed my tongue into her warm mouth. She moaned with pleasure as I pressed her tongue down with mine and tickled the roof of her mouth. I gently broke of the kiss and looked into her eyes which were filled with hunger and lust. "You guys have fun…I have some work to do and will try to join you later…" Cathy said as she left the room.

She winked at me and closed the door. I pulled Ashley up and she got between my legs and stroked my cock. I moaned as her tiny hand tried to wrap around my thick penis.

She eagerly took my head into her warm mouth and twirled her tongue around it savoring the taste of my pre-cum. I moaned in bliss when she ticked the underside of my cock with her tongue. She eagerly tried to take my dick into her throat but only managed to take 6in before she gagged on it. She tickled my balls with her hands and tried once again to take my dick in her mouth. "Ohhh fuck!" I groaned as my dick hit the back of her throat. She finally managed to get my whole dick in her tight throat and while she came back she sucked hard sending waves of pleasure course through my body.

"Give me your pussy!" I moaned and she swung her legs over my head and I got a wonderful view of her sweet young pussy. I gently spread her lips with my hand and flickered my tongue across her pink lips. She moaned into my dick as I attacked her pussy furiously licking, slurping, and lapping away her juices. "Ohhhhhmmmmmmfuckkkkkkk" She moaned as I entered her hot pussy with my tongue. I teased the inside lips of her pussy and started tracing alphabets. She was stopped sucking my dick and just jacked me off.

She grinded her face into my mouth and I decided to explore her asshole. "Ohfuckkkkkkcummminggg" I groaned as my tongue touched her tight asshole. I circled her anus, running my tongue around her rim before trying to push it in her tight hole. She moaned in delight as her juices flooded my face. I fucking need this girls pussy desperately. I rolled off Ashley and pushed her against the bed roughly before kissing her with zeal.

Our tongues danced in passion as our bodies were pressed tight against each others. I lined my thick dick against the entrance of her tight pussy and pushed in.

"Ohhhh fuckkkk" She moaned as I stretched her tight walls with my dick. She was so fucking tight, it actually hurt to move inside her but I kept on going until my dick hit her cervix. She shivered in delight and opened her mouth to let out a moan. I grabbed her hips and pulled out of her tight cunt before ramming it back in it. She moaned and after a few strokes later, I felt her pussy hold my dick tightly as her juices tried to squeeze past my dick.

I didn't stop fucking her and pounded her sweet pussy as I licked and sucked on her nipples. "Fuck fuck me uncle! Fuck me hard!" She moaned and I was shocked to hear her say "uncle" but felt a rush of excitement and thrill when she said it.

I kissed her hard and pushed my tongue deep into her throat and smacked her breasts. I pinched her sensitive nipples with my hands and grinded my hips into hers and she screamed in satisfaction as she came over and over again. "Ride me!" I commanded and rolled off her pulling her with me so she ended up on top of me.

She grabbed my chest and dug her nails into it as she started riding my fat cock. The sight of my big dick disappearing into her neatly shaved cunt was a sight and I slapped her breasts roughly as she rode me. "I am close…" I grunted and slapped her already sore ass.

I feverishly rubbed her clit and felt the churning in balls and knew I was going to explode. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down as my cock hit her cervix and burst. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" She screamed as pain and pleasure hit her body. She came so hard it felt like someone unleashed a dam inside her pussy.

She collapsed on my chest but she was done yet. She quickly got off my chest and sucked my shrinking cock. She sucked on my cock noisily tasting both our juices. Within seconds my cock was hard again. She smiled happily and leaned forward as our lips attacked each other. "Fuck me in doggy-style" She begged me and got in position. I was only too happy to obey her command.

I got behind her and shoved my erection deep into her pussy without warning and moaned in delight. "Arghhhhh" She screamed as I pounded her pussy relentlessly. I grabbed her wavy hair and pulled it back and roughly milked her breasts.

This slut loved it rough! I pulled her hair back harder and twisted her nipples with my fingers. She moaned as I rubbed her clit with my hand and I decided to see what would happed if I pushed a finger into her ass. "OHMYGODDDDDD" She exclaimed as I pushed my thumb into her tight asshole. The sound of my balls slapping into her soft asscheeks was music to my ears and sweet smell of sex was driving me wild.

The sight of her breasts hanging in the air made my body shudder with delight. "I am cumming I am cumming" She warned me and I fucked her like my life depended on it. I was close to cumming myself and milked her breasts with my hands. "AHHHHHOHHHHHH" She screamed as I shot wave after wave of hot cum deep into her pussy. This set her orgasm off and we collapsed on the bed together.

She crawled to me and rested her head on my chest and started crying.

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"What's wrong sweetheart?" I asked her and looked up at me with her blue eyes filled with tears. "I am so sorry uncle Jack…I am so sorry…I shouldn't have acted like that with my mom and I promise to study hard" She cried and I softly stroked her hair and pulled her up for a deep passionate kiss.

"It's alright honey…I trust you." I said and stroked her hair. "I love you jack…" She said "I love you too baby" I hugged her tightly as I slept. The next month, Ashley brought her grades up fast. She turned her C and D's to A's. She stopped drinking beer and came to me when she needed to orgasm. Within the end of the year, she got into a prestigious college and even got a scholarship.

My relationship with Cathy was stronger than ever and we still loved each other to death. Unfortunately the sad day came when Ashley had to go to college. We made passionate love with Cathy and I kissed her one last time before sending her off. After couple of weeks, I received a call from my sister that Ashley younger sister started to misbehave. She dropped the younger child who was 14 at our house. ""I AM NOT FUCKING LIVING IN THE DUMP! I WILL FUCKING SET THIS FUCKING HOUSE ON FIRE IF YOU LEAVE ME HERE!" Kayla screamed and I glanced at Cathy who rolled her eyes.