Gay twink chinese Danny asks if Jake is enjoying this and all Jake

Gay twink chinese Danny asks if Jake is enjoying this and all Jake
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and fantasy. Any resemblance to real persons, places, or events are coincidental. This story is not intended to be an accurate reflection of any particular lifestyle. Night 4 I woke up into either Heaven or a dream.

I had something warm and wet sliding up and down my cock, which was throbbing almost painfully. Something soft and firm held my wrists over my head. A siren's song of passion building whispered in my ear and breathed across my cheek. My first conscious thought was that I was being raped by my sleeping bag. My second thought was that my first thought was ridiculous, because you cannot rape the willing. I opened my eyes to focus on the face of an angel, her dark hair a curtain shielding us from the rest of the world.

Her eyes met mine and I knew I could never let her go. She leaned down, her lips touching mine. We feasted from each other, breath, sound, passion. Her breasts pressed against my chest, her hips rolling, swaying as she took her pleasure from me, used me to fill her carnal desires. I felt the soft velvet throat begin to pulse, drawing me in deeper, milking me. I released into her, screaming into her kiss. The feeling of my heat in her must have been what she was waiting for, as her orgasm crested with mine, her screams pushing against mine where our lips met.

She clung to me, shaking as if she would float away. We lay there, panting, taking turns breathing through the other, moaning with each twitch, each sensation, until I softened enough to fall from her folds in a flood of our mating. She broke our kiss, moving so we were cheek to cheek, her grip relaxing around my wrists. I whispered, "Good morning, Slut. I should punish you for taking liberties." I could feel the heat rise in her face where it touched mine.

"I am sorry, Master, but I saw your cock so hard and I could not resist the temptation." I kissed her cheek. "You are forgiven under the condition that you will repeat this performance every morning before you leave my side.


I rather enjoy being woken so." She giggled and nodded, kissing my cheek. "As you wish, Master. Shall I get your coffee ready?" "Mmmm… Yes, my pet. That would be acceptable penance for now." We laughed as she slowly untangled herself from me, leaving a trail of our juices across my body.

I languished for a few minutes, listening to her greeting the others. I rolled out of the blankets, making a mental note to have her air them out today.

I stepped out of the tent to see Steve, Bitch, and Andy having what seemed to be a rather deep discussion, while Tim read a book. Mike was just walking back into camp with an armload of deadfall for the fire.

Slut knelt by my chair, coffee in hand, waiting. I smiled, petted her head, and glanced down at my cock. "I have to piss, Slut." She blushed and smiled. "Yes, Master." She moved close, and opened her mouth under my cock, taking it gently between her fingers of one hand, bracing herself on my thigh with the other. I smiled and let the stream flow, sipping my coffee as I watched her swallow the first mouthful.

I looked up to see that Andy and Bitch had stopped to stare. "Isn't that unsanitary?" Andy asked? "Not really," I said. "Piss is just sterile water, excess salt and potassium from your body, and ureic acid- urine. It's all byproducts of eating and drinking and is in your blood anyway. Her body will use what it can, like the water and some of the minerals, then pass the rest like anything else." My stream had ended to a dribble and Slut was suckling the last of it out.

"Clean me up while you are there, Slut." "Yes, Master. Thank-you, Master." Her mouth and tongue went to work at lapping up the remains of her wake up call. Bitch looked unconvinced. "But, Sir? Doesn't it taste bad?

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Can't she get sick?" I shrugged. "The only real bad taste would be from the urea, and about forty percent of people are genetically coded to not taste it.

I don't mind the taste myself. And, I've never heard of anyone getting sick from drinking straight from the tap.

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Once it's out, then it becomes a breeding ground of bacteria." I stuttered a bit as Slut nipped the inside of my thigh playfully. I frowned down at her and she cowered playfully between my legs. "You, my little breeder, are getting way too comfortable. I'm thinking it was a mistake to let Bitch take your punishment for you yesterday." Slut squeaked an apology, bending down to kiss my ankles, raising her ass high. We all laughed at Barker sounded off, making Slut jump and look around.

I sat down, watching Bitch chew her lip in though looking at Slut and I.


She whispered something to Andy and Steve, who both smiled and nodded, getting to their feet. She crawled on hands and knees after them as they went to the edge of the tree line. We watched as Bitch sat up, taking the same head back position that Slut had. Steve quietly gave a few corrections, then aimed his dick at her mouth, letting the stream flow. I heard her cough and gag a little, watched a bit run down her chin and chest, but she quickly started swallowing and no more escaped. Like Slut, she suckled the last drops from Steve's hardening member before he stepped back, smiling.

"Good Bitch. You did very well for your first time," he said. She lowered her head, smiling and licking her lips. "Thank-you, sir. It did not taste as bad as I expected." Andy stepped up and Bitch opened her mouth again to receive his sample. His aim was not as good as Steve's was, and more spilled around her face and chest than before. Soon, though, he was filling her mouth and she swallowed all that he offered, sucking the dregs from his shaft as well. From the grin he tried to hide, I could not help but wonder if he had missed on purpose.

I finished my coffee and handed the cup to Slut. "A beer now, and start breakfast before we all get too involved and horny and forget to eat." She nodded and went to work. "Steve, you might want to take Bitch and Barker for a walk down the road. We don't want him thinking we've forgotten him, or have him making a mess of the site." Steve smiled and nodded, retrieving Barker's leash and producing one that he connected to Bitch's collar as well.

They disappeared down the road, Andy walking along side. I sat, drinking my beer, watching Slut go about the very domestic looking work. I saw Mike watching as well, and wondered what his home life was really like. Tim was watching her as well. Naked save for her steel cuffs and collar, her hair tied back by a rather ingenious use of her leash, she looked completely comfortable and at home cooking and cleaning. I could easily see her doing this all in my kitchen, Mike sitting at the table during one of his banishment weekends, Tim yelling in the other room about some player on the game system.

I could just as easily see her tied over the dining room table with all four- no, five now- of us lined up ready to fuck her cunt raw. I shook my head to clear it as the dog walkers returned. Slut dished out breakfast, which Bitch delivered. We all chatted, enjoying the meal as well as the view of the girls face down in their breakfast bowls.

When everyone was done, the girls took care of cleaning up. When they returned, the day's first entertainment began in earnest. I had Bitch lay on top of what we had dubbed the 'Fuck Chest' on her back. It was just long enough for her head to hang over one end and her ass to rest on the other. She was supported but accessible. Slut lay on top of her '69' style. We used some rope to lightly lash them together and I had them begin to pleasure each other while I explained the rest of the game to the guys.

Bitch whined a little at first until Steve lifted her head and buried her face in Slut's snatch. Slut attacked Bitch's pussy with her regular enthusiasm.

The sight was enough to get five cocks hard and twitching in short order. "The game, gentlemen, will be to deposit as much of your cum into the cunts of our little breeders here. Once you deposit your load, the other slut will suck and slurp out as much as she can.

Slut, being the more experienced of the two at this task, has the added challenge of not letting any escape. I will be setting up a collection cup under Bitch's ass, and Slut will earn one spank for each shot glass or partial shot glass of spunk she lets get past. Bitch's incentive will be obvious. Anything she doesn't swallow, she wears." I looked around at four grinning faces. "Any questions?

No?" The girls we both moaning freely into the other's pussy by now, so I determined both were ready. "Let's begin, then. Andy, you and Mike get to go first." To my surprise, Andy moved behind Slut, sliding his shaft in smoothly. Her head pulled up and she moaned. Mike used her movement to get into position between Bitch's legs. It took a little maneuvering to get fully seated, Slut having to move to the side a little.

She kissed his hip, suckling it noisily in time with Andy ramming his cock into her. I could hear Bitch's muffled cries as well, a slurping sound hinting at her mouth being full of Andy's balls. I pulled my phone out and started recording, definitely wanting this documented for my future amusement.

Both men finished surprisingly quick, grunting and bucking, trying to get every drop of seed they could as deeply into their chosen breeder. They backed up and the girls both went to work. I quickly set a funnel and bottle under Bitch to collect what Slut missed. Both of the women were screaming and shaking by the time the slurping had finished. Bitch's face was soaked, but very little had escaped Slut's mouth into the bottle. I motioned to Tim and Steve to take their turns next.

I had to call to them twice before they answered me.

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Tim slid his cock into Bitch after pulling Slut to the side by her hair. Steve wasted no time in starting to pound Slut's fuckhole.

I circled the group, getting facial expressions of the girls, the dicks sliding in and out of our screaming sluts, their attempts to collect whatever was leaking from the other early. Steve ended up cumming first, the force of his bucking shoving Slut's shoulder into Tim almost painfully.

I handed the phone to Mike so that he could continue to film while I took my turn. I stood and watched Bitch as she started her cleaning. She let the first glob to leak from Slut's pussy run down the slit and onto her tongue, lapping it up with such a look of pleasure that I almost could not wait.

After the first taste, she buried her face between Slut's folds, her hands coming around to pull the other girl open farther. Slut's moans told of how well Bitch was using her tongue, even with the pounding she was receiving herself. I heard Tim grunt as he deposited his load into the Bitch, and saw Slut's head disappear between Bitch's legs. Bitch's head, meanwhile, snapped back, her eyes rolling back as her body shook.

The mixed cum spurted from Slut, giving a fresh coating to Bitch's face. I took the opportunity to step up, shoving my desperate cock deep into my Slut. Her head came up for a moment before she could control herself, and I heard her curse before going back to her feeding.

I started working her cunt slowly, rolling my hips. I felt Bitch's mouth take one of my balls in, her tongue sliding along the bottom of my shaft as I working in and out of Slut. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed fucking my little whore while my balls slapped the Deputy that we had corrupted, all in front of her partner and my friends. The entire scene was enough to force my balls to empty quicker than I would have liked.

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I shoved deep, feeling Slut's battered cervix softer than it had been earlier this morning. I smiled wider, imagining just how much sperm was filling her womb by now, with the five of us sending load after creamy load into her.

I opened my eyes and backed out, noticing Andy had taken his turn between Bitch's legs. Steve had taken over camera duties, so I sat back and just enjoyed the show for a while.

It took a couple of hours before the five of us were spent enough to stop. We had each deposited four or five loads into the girls. Bitch's face had a thick coating of sperm and cunt juices. Slut, her face also coated, had let about half of the bottle fill with the escaping fluids. We untied them, having them kneel as I measured out the results. I filled a shot glass from the bottle. "That's one, Slut. Open your mouth." She did and I poured the contents down her throat, and she swallowed.

I filled the glass again. "That's two." Again, I fed it to her. I repeated the ritual of pouring, counting, and feeding four more times.

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"Six shots in total. Very impressive, Slut. But you still have earned six swats." The guys cheered. "Stand up, Slut. Hands behind your neck." She got to her feet quicker than I would have expected, considering how exhausted we all were by now. I took my belt and swung at her ass from below. She lifted up on her toes as it struck, crying out.

Her back arched and she eased herself back to flat footed. "One, Master," she sobbed. The second swat came from below, as well, and she lifted herself again. "Two, Master." Tears flowed freely down her face, mixing with the spunk. I continued her punishment, aiming the strike a little off each time to spread the feeling. She counted all six the first time. I was very proud of her, even if the others mumbled disappointment.

I told the guys to relax for a while, and took both girls to the stream. Steve thanked me for taking care of his Bitch for him. I had both girls kneel in the water as I took my time rinsing them off, letting my hands play over their skin.

"How are you holding up, Dana?" I asked. She looked up at me, startled to have heard her real name. "I, um, I'm fine, Sir. Part of me is saying that I should be running away screaming, or shooting all of you, but I am actually content for the first time that I can remember.

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It's hard, at first, letting go, not fighting." Slut nodded and smiled. "It gets easier. I still have times where I want to rebel, but mostly it is when I WANT to be punished, or be pushed to a new level." She looked up at me, her eyes glassy. "Master has been good to me so far." I smiled, stroking both of their heads before sitting in front of them. "How are you two doing physically?

Do either of you need to take the afternoon off? We've put you girls through a lot of abuse in a really short time, and there are three more days to go.

I think the guys are about at their limits, too, so don't think that you'll be the only ones needing a break." The girls giggled, smiling at each other. "I would like the time to recover, Master," Slut said. "And saying that we need the break could give the Misters the time they need without seeming weak to each other." I nodded, laughing.

"Good enough. I'll let everyone know. Slut, call and check in when you two get back. Relax a bit, because I think you are both going to be doing extra chores to make up for giving your pussies a rest." I stood and headed back to camp. They took the news with a little griping, but I could hear some relief under the complaining, all the same. We spent the rest of the afternoon almost uneventfully, compared to the trip so far.

Slut kept looking over at me and smiling while she was on the phone with her friend, but I couldn't hear what was said, and I didn't ask. We all went swimming for a while, splashing and dunking each other like kids. Dinner was excellent, which never ceased to surprise any of us considering it was camp food.

I sent Slut to sleep with Mike that night. She seemed to understand without my saying anything. I lay awake a long time that night, thinking, wondering, and planning.

When I fell asleep, it was to dreams of what it might be like if Gail came to live with me. End of Night 4