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Hot six story mast sunny leone
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This poem was inspired by how I handled becoming epileptic when I was twenty-two. Here's your sex: I got fucked when epilepsy changed my life.

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***************************************** tears- the wounds are small I rationalize denial is my patch but the pressure builds pressure on my heart pain in my throat my eyes spring leaks small drops of relief ***************************************** What do you do when an epileptic has a seizure in a bathtub? You run quick and get the soap and dirty laundry.

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************************************** Hoping against hope that you'll leave me my favorite type of comment I'll reply in advance: Fuck you too. ***************************************** Has anyone already figured out that unreasonable anger is a common side effect of my latest epilepsy medicine?

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Very good, I'm impressed. For the curious, it's called levetiracetam and the prescription did come with counseling so you're a year late if you're here to tell me I need a shrink, I'm already seeing a good one.

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The fucked up memory, headaches, impaired cognition and language skills are all a bonus. Talking face to face if you didn't know me, you'd think I'm even more stupid than you already do.

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***************************************** TMI? Why didn't you stop reading?

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lol *****************************************