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I had already written a draft of part two of this story before I Saw the four negatives in the first eight ratings for part one. Otherwise I would probably have not written a sequel as it somewhat shattered my confidence! I can only hope and request that the readers who classed the first story as negative do not attempt read this sequel, as the same negative problems will probably be in this version too.

Unless of course it was just sour grapes - but surely that would be too sick! IF you do feel the need to rate it negatively, please also be polite enough to comment and explain why it deserves that rating - as I am always willing to learn and attempt to improve - but negativity just to be horrid and nasty will improve nothing.

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As Indeed I hope you will comment if you have rated it favourably. Now, please enjoy my story. MY NAKED DOPPELGANGER (PART TWO) We were sitting at the breakfast table about four weeks following the 'parallel universe' event. Richard was reading the morning newspaper and handing me each page as he read it.

We really must get two newspapers! "Are you not going to work today then?" he asked in a matter of fact way.

"Yes" I replied "Why do you ask?" "Just that you are dressed that's all - thought it strange when you've been walking to work naked for the past year. Have you had the sack?" I stared vacantly at him, and then got to my feet and rushed to the toilet. I looked into the mirror and lifted my jumper and bra. OMG! The mole was under the wrong breast! I turned to check the light switch - yes, it was on the right of the door instead of the left. The hot and cold taps were reversed. I ran the cold water tap and watched as it disappeared down the plughole anti-clockwise.

I returned to the kitchen to notice that Richard was eating his cornflakes with the spoon in his left hand - not his right hand as normal. Yes!

I was certain now - I was back in my parallel universe, this different dimension - and this time I didn't have to walk through some fifth dimension strange double door. Richard's words came hauntingly back into my head - "you've been walking to work naked for the past year" I smiled to myself, remembering the rules on the display notice on the 'other' surgery.

Naked employees are allowed to be naked 24/7 both in the private and public domain. In fact I had walked to the chemist's completely naked on the previous occasion. Great! I needed no further encouragement and began to undress right there in the kitchen. "Couldn't you have done that in the bedroom?" Richard asked nonchalantly, as I threw my clothes on to my chair.

I shrugged and finally dropped my knickers to the floor. I glanced down at my bushy pubes and roughed them up so some were covering my cunt. Richard watched, perplexed. "Shouldn't you be tidying those instead of doing that?" "Gives Dr Blackmore something to moan about love" I quipped with a giggle "he will tidy and comb them when he gives me my daily check up before surgery starts" "I would have thought you would have wanted them tidy for your walk to work love, can't see the point in covering your cunt.

Don't you want people seeing it?" I stopped in my tracks and considered my darling husband's words. Of course I wanted people to see my cunt! I returned to the bathroom and combed my pubes neatly so that my labia were completely visible without any straggly hairs. "How does this look?" I asked Richard on my return to the kitchen.

"Very nice" he replied, giving me one swift glance. Talk about marital indifference! "By the way" he continued "I've been wondering. In what position does Blackmore fuck you each day? It must be pretty cramped in that small surgery of his". "How did you know about that?" I asked incredulously. "It was in the contract I read when you started! We had a big enough row about it until you confirmed you were being paid double.

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One fuck a day after surgery!" "Oh yes" I mumbled "I remember now … err … well ." I fumbled for a reply, as apart from three weeks ago, to my present dimension knowledge, Dr Blackmore had only fucked me that once.

"Doggy from the rear usually sweetheart" I explained, saying the first thing that came into my head "but sometimes missionary on the examination couch so we can kiss while doing it" "Oh right" came his almost incoherent reply, as he continued to read the newspaper, without really listening to my reply. I slipped on a pair of my sexy six inch heels and posed in front of him. "How do I look?" He glanced up from his paper and gave me a tired stare.

"Lovely as always my darling! Go and wow the patients!" He reached over and moved a pubic hair that had strayed over my cunt. "That's better" he smiled "We don't want that little beauty hidden from view do we?" I nodded and pecked him on the cheek. I slipped my bag over my shoulder. "Bye love!" I called as I left the house.

Elaine next door was brushing her front step again as I passed. "Morning Tania" she cried "I see you've got those bloody killer heels on! Mind you, must admit they certainly make you look good. Do you like being naked in public?" "Love it Elaine!" I replied happily and honestly "The blokes do too" "Yes I suppose they do" she laughed "don't blame 'em though, you look lovely" I smiled my thanks and walked off up the road.

I called into the shop on the corner for a packet of mints. Mr Thompson looked me up and down as he served me. "You look good enough to eat as usual" he laughed, absent mindedly brushing his hand against his crotch where a slight bulge was starting to grow. I tingled between my legs with the knowledge that I was turning him on, and stayed a little longer than usual chatting, to allow him to visually survey my nudity at his leisure.

With the bulge on his trousers growing larger I eventually decided to get away before I caused too much of a problem for him. I couldn't help visually examining every man's crotch that passed, as they indeed probably gazed longingly at my exposed cunt and tits. I tingled each time I spotted a bulge appearing as if from nowhere in their nether regions.


Mmmmm Yes! I loved being naked and seeing the effect my nudity was having! George and Jim at the ironmongers stood gazing at me a little longer than when I was dressed in my previous universe.

I stopped and asked about the previous day's snooker match in order to also give them a good gander at my naughty bits, before crossing the road and entering the surgery. Only one door to walk through this time. I stopped abruptly in my tracks before pressing in the door code to the office section.

What if I had suddenly slipped back to my own dimension? OMG! I took a deep breath and prayed. Gillian looked up as I entered the office. "Morning Tania! Those heels make your legs look really lovely. What do you think Tom?" Tom Shaw, our gardener and general dogsbody was fixing a new plug to the photocopier lead, and looked up to peruse my legs. "Very nice indeed" he quipped "Your cunt doesn't look too bad either!" "Tom!" snapped Gillian "don't be rude!" "ME rude?" he replied with mock surprise "it's HER flashing it!

The old doc ain't going to be pleased that her pubes are all tidy for a change". "That's a point Tania" laughed practice nurse Rhona "he won't have anything to comb" I joined in the laughter and hastily roughed up my pubes, ensuring my cunt was covered a little by my auburn forest. "That a girl!" quipped Tom, patting me on my bare bottom "Give the old boy his daily treat eh?" "Seems like you're getting your daily treat too Tom!" Telephonist Diana giggled.

"Tania don't mind me patting her arse, do you Tania?" he said, gently stroking my bare right cheek and naughtily running his finger tip along the crack of my bum. I carefully guided his hand to my hip without comment, where he could do less naughty stuff. He placed his other hand on my other hip and held me at arms length. "Best looking nuddy worker in the town!" he joked, looking me up and down, gripping my hips tightly "and best pair of tits in the country!" "I think you had better finish fixing that plug and then get a cold shower!" snapped practice manager Gillian "and YOU better get into doctor's surgery, it's gone nine" Tom removed his hands from my hips and allowed me to turn and obey Gillian.

"Here she is - our glamorous naked employee" greeted Dr Blackmore as I entered "Come here and let me check you over my dear". I walked up to him to allow him to place a hand on each hip and survey me the same as Tom had done minutes earlier.

"Tut tut!" he said softly "those naughty hairs are trespassing over that lovely vagina again". I braced myself as his fingers attempted to brush the stray hairs from over my labia, unsuccessfully I may add, although this didn't stop him from trying even more.

He eventually gave up, or more truthfully decided that he had felt me up enough, and reached for the comb from his desk. He tidied me up as before, licking his finger and running it once more around the circumference of my labia. He then gazed at my tits. "I thought I suggested rouging those nipples?" he said, rubbing my right nipple and looking on his finger to try and spot any lipstick.

"No rouge here!" he said angrily "You must try and make your nipples stand out more Tania!" He squeezed my tits. "You have lovely breasts, please make the most of them, I am not paying you double wages to be lax about your appearance!" He turned me and slapped my bum "Now go and do as you are told!" "Did you pass muster?" asked Tom on my return to the office "see he's done your cunt".

Gillian gave him a withering look. "Just mentioning it" he mumbled. I got my lipstick from my bag and started to rouge my nipples. "Let me do that for you Tania" announced Tom, never one to give up easily, even in my normal universe, but more persistent than ever now I was naked in this dimension.

"You're ok Tom" I replied "I can manage quite well on my own thank you" Tom shrugged and looked a little sheepish. I didn't like upsetting him. I liked the old guy and actually hadn't minded him stroking my bum, but rouging my tits would probably give him more encouragement than was reasonable, despite my nudity.

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"The locum for Doctor Blackmore's holiday is calling in this morning to finalise appointment details" Diana announced with renewed interest "I hope we get that dishy Doctor Livermore as Doctor Blackmore's stand in next week" purred Diana on the switchboard "He definitely enjoyed you Tania!" "Did he?" I said, looking up from colouring my nipples.

"Did he?" she laughed sarcastically "As if you've forgotten! You didn't seem to mind him taking on Doctor Blackmore's entire contractual privileges lady!" "ALL of them?" I asked quietly. "Yes! All of them" interrupted Gillian "and more than he was contracted to I may add!" She pointed to the reception notice "Once a day after surgery - NOT whenever he felt bloody randy!" I was listening to all this banter with growing interest.

Apparently my other self, my doppelganger, had been taking liberties with the handsome locum. Doctor Adam Livermore was a particularly good looking young doctor, ten years my junior, who I had lusted over for almost the three years he had been standing in for Doctor Blackmore. Don't get me wrong. Lusted over without touching in my own universe, as did every other female in the surgery, including Doctor Blackmore's wife Helena who always said the young Adam would make a lovely catch for some lucky girl.

As the conversation continued it appeared that my other self had been more than a little helpful to Adam's calls for sexual satisfaction. Although she would have been within her rights to restrict him to just the one daily fuck after surgery, she apparently answered his calls for sex several times a day, often between patients, instead of waiting until the surgery was closed.

My other self was quite a girl! The trouble was that if I entered this other universe when Adam was there I would probably have to continue the sexual situation in order to protect my doppelganger's lack of virtue.

I reluctantly pushed Adam Livermore to the back of my mind - there was no point in worrying about it when it was highly unlikely that I would be transported into this other universe two weeks on the trot, after all it had been almost four weeks since the last time. I settled into my seat at reception to greet the ogling patients. I honestly enjoyed being ogled by the male patients, and cheekily parted my legs for some of the younger dishier males.

Dr Blackmore had cleared my cunt for flashing, so why not take full advantage of its exposure? It was while sitting with my legs spread in this way that the aforementioned Adam Livermore appeared at the reception window. "Now that is one beautiful hirsute vagina Mrs Tania Daniels!" he announced "Even lovelier than I remember, pleased to see Doctor Blackmore is still keeping it tidy." I kept my legs open for his loving gaze, after all he obviously enjoyed looking at my cunt, so who was I to prevent him?

I ran my fingers around my wet labia. I pursed my lips as I looked at him. "Still the teasing little vixen I see?" "I doubt you would want me any other way Dr Livermore?" I pushed a solitary finger into my cunt and winked.

I was totally oblivious to the presence of the other three girls - who must have been fuming at my indiscretion. "How I would like to be that little finger" he said, pointing to between my legs.

"The door code is 5463" I purred. He smiled knowingly and pressed the buttons. I was fully into the situation and surprised even myself as he opened the door and walked up to me. My legs were still spread wide. He leaned down and pulled my finger from inside me and pressed it to his lips. He licked and tasted my juices. "Is this self service?" he asked softly. I nodded and smiled. He ran two fingers around the extremity of my sticky labia before plunging them inside me in one swift movement.

I audibly gasped as they entered me. "I think you may be interrupting Tania's reception duties Doctor Livermore!" Gillian snapped angrily. Adam looked at her and smiled. Adam's smile could melt icebergs. Gillian was no exception. She melted before his gorgeous blue eyes and nodded her agreement. He returned his gaze into my eyes as I thrilled to the feel of his fingers inside my throbbing body.

The other girls sat and watched in awe. Several patients came to stand and watch from the reception window. "You don't mind do you Mrs Daniels?" he asked with a grin. "Ohhh not at all" I mumbled, fully enjoying his fingering of my grateful cunt. He pushed his fingers deeper inside me and eased my legs further apart, as he leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine. I heard several "ahhs" from the waiting room as we kissed.

His tongue found mine and entwined erotically as we kissed open mouthed. A third finger entered my cunt to join the others, and then a fourth. I gasped out loud as the sensations and slight pain enveloped my body.

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"You enjoy being fisted don't you Tania?" he enquired in his deep sexy voice. "Do I?" "Oh yes! You always have before." His thumb slid inside me to join the rest of his fingers and he slowly and gently eased his hand into me. He was so careful not to cause me more pain than necessary as he slid his whole hand inside my eager cunt. The incredible sensations were spreading all over my body.

My brain felt as if it was bursting as he closed his fingers to form a fist inside me and gently eased it to and fro, masturbating me with his whole hand, fisting me erotically as both staff and patients became sexual voyeurs.

It took just a couple of minutes for him to bring me to the inevitable climax his actions were demanding. In one mind blowing flash I exploded in orgasm on his fist, grinding my cunt on to the hand he had inside me. "Oh my God!" I yelled out loud as he continued to push his fist in and out of my bursting cunt. The sensations seemed to last for ages. Much longer than any previous orgasm I had ever had.

This was the first fisting orgasm I had ever experienced … well … in my own universe anyway … but this wasn't MY universe … it was my doppelganger's parallel universe … and I was loving it! "Take her into my surgery and fuck her Adam!" It was Doctor Blackmore speaking from the reception window where, unbeknown to me, he had been watching the fisting. "But she has just had an orgasm Andrew" explained the gorgeous hunk fisting me.

"She's capable of many … as you well know" replied Doctor Blackmore. The applause from the patients was ringing in my ears as Adam lifted me bodily in his arms. - his fist still embedded deep within my throbbing cunt - as he carried my twitching naked body into Doctor Blackmore's consulting room. He laid me gently down on to the examination couch and slowly eased his hand from inside me. I turned my head and watched as he undressed.

He was indeed a beautiful example of human manhood. Coat, shirt, trousers, socks and shoes were soon discarded as he stood before me in only his silk boxers. He was muscular without being too much like a strongman. Slender but beautifully proportioned. I held my breath as he stood there with his boxers being pushed out from inside by his growing manhood.

I reached out to grasp the waist band of his boxers and pulled slowly downwards. He was unlike the hirsute me. He was shaved and waxed and I thrilled as his naked erect penis flipped into view. He was uncut with the helmet only beginning to protrude from his smooth velvety foreskin. I kissed the slowly appearing head of his cock and watched as it grew harder and longer, finally bursting from the gorgeous shackles of his foreskin to stand proud and free before my eyes.

I took it fully into my mouth and sucked it gratefully and lovingly. He gave a gasp of satisfaction as I ran my tongue around the entire helmet, cheekily inserting the tip of my tongue and searching the crack into his cock.

A knock came on the door. "Don't be too long you two - I have patients waiting!" I took Adam's cock out of my mouth and we smiled at each other. "I think we better fuck young lady?" he whispered. "Yes" I replied happily "I think we better." I parted my legs and allowed him to mount the couch and lay between them.

Without further speech I grabbed his cock and slipped it inside my yearning pussy.


I pressed down on to it as Adam pushed into me. It was not as large as Jack's on the previous occasion but just as satisfying and enjoyable. I think the fisting probably spoilt the fuck a bit as Adam's dick was nowhere near as thick as his fist had been, but it was much longer and therefore reached further into my cunt.

I was grateful that I lasted longer before beginning the incredible sensations started on their erotic climb to my second climax of the morning. Adam himself began to speed up his thrusts, with his breathing getting faster and faster, as I maintained that steady climb up the ladder to orgasm. The final blinding crescendo of erotic tremors and sensations enveloped me as Adam clutched me tightly and shouted out loud as he ejaculated his full load inside me, gushing and spurting his juices into my grateful pussy, already experiencing an awesome climax itself.

My first fuck from Adam in this parallel universe was a mutually beneficial one - and it was a glorious seismic explosion of the loving sexual feelings two consenting adults can experience in the fantastic act of sexual intercourse.

We both heard and smiled as the patients in the waiting area heard our orgasmic cries and applauded even louder than for the fisting. The door opened and Doctor Blackmore stood there with Gillian, watching with interest as Adam and I held our naked bodies tightly together and kissed. "Awww! They are kissing" Gillian sighed. They watched as Adam pulled his fast diminishing dick out of my cunt and dismounted from both the couch and me of course.

She thoughtfully handed a towel to Adam and watched as he dried off his cock. Doctor Blackmore, meanwhile, was busy mopping up the torrent of spunk that was oozing from inside me, in possibly a vain attempt to avoid it soaking his examination couch.

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Realising the problem Gillian supplied a roll of paper tissues and as Doctor Blackmore concentrated on stemming the flow from my cunt, Gillian mopped up the spunk that had already flowed to the couch itself. Most of this was causing considerable amusement among the patients who were gathered around the consultant room door.

"I saw the security bloke at the chemists in the high street fuck her in the street about a month ago" I overheard Mr Owen, one of the patients, telling Rhona and Diane. "I thought she'd been fucked that day she was sent with the scripts" Rhona told him.

"Yep!" replied Mr Owen "and a bloody good seeing to he gave her as well - I think she really is the most fuckable nude employee in Darkwood!" "Looks like she is living up to your thoughts Albert" Diane laughed. "I AM here you know!" I snapped By this time Adam was fully dressed again and I squeezed by the onlookers to go to the toilet to clean up.

I must admit in my haste I never noticed that there was an extra door marked toilet. I entered and sat and emptied myself in the cubicle before washing and drying myself by the washbasin.

I was covered in spunk below my waist and between my legs and filled the wash basin to have a good wash down and clean up. It was when unplugging the dirty water that I noticed the water draining away clockwise. My heart skipped a beat and I looked into the mirror to see my mole under my left breast. I was back in my own universe and dimension!!! A knock came on the door. "Are you ok in there Tania?" It was Diane's voice "We are getting worried".

I went to the door and opened it slightly. "Diane can you please ring Richard and ask him to bring round some fresh clothes for me? Bra, pants and a dress please?" "Why? What on earth has happened?" "Never mind that Diane - I have had an accident, it is too embarrassing." "You've missed Dr Livermore Tania.

He came to pick up next week's rota details. He wanted to see you but couldn't wait. Did you know you've been in there an hour?" "I've been how long? An hour? Good grief have I?" "He was quite upset at not seeing you. I reckon he fancies you" she laughed. "You reckon?" I laughed back. If only she knew. It took my husband fifteen minutes to arrive with my clothes. I let him into the toilet and got dressed. "What's this all about love? Where are the clothes you went to work in this morning?" he asked as I dressed myself, puzzled by my nudity.

"In the medical bin" I replied, pointing to the large black container "under all the used medical syringes and bandages.

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They were a mess love. I couldn't wear them again." "You poor darling!" He hugged me. "Are you feeling ok now?" "I'm fine. Just go home love, Ill tell you all about it when I get home tonight." Richard left, still in total wonder at my nudity in the toilet. I told the girls the same story of my lightning incontinence and my extremely soiled clothes in the medical bin. Hoping against hope that they would not want to see them or quiz me further.

Luckily my story was accepted. Helena, Doctor Blackmore's wife asked if I was pregnant. I laughed and told her I wasn't pregnant, just old and incontinent. "At thirty nine Tania?" she laughed "I very much doubt it. Take some Gaviscon and get to bed early tonight. You will be fine tomorrow." You know folks.

Although enjoyable, this sudden universe switching - without prior warning - is getting to be something of a problem.