Metiendo mano por delante en el metro asiatico

Metiendo mano por delante en el metro asiatico
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Author's Note: Hello again, and welcome to the second chapter of "The Sexcraft Chronicles!" Hopefully, the story hasn't been too painful to read.

I have tried my best to make this unique and original but with the way it's going, I doubt very much that it will be. Still, I dunno for sure which is why really appreciate your comments on this each and every instalment of "Caroline's Quest." Moving on, this chapter will contain graphic sex. It's not rape like the last chapter but kind of different which may not be to everyone's liking.

Then again, this is in "Dark Fantasy" for a reason and things might very well get progressively darker as the story continues. Do read it though and please review even if you hate the story. I hope it won't be too bad as I think this chapter is a little better then the last time. Anyhow, enough rambling or I'll bore you to tears. So without further ado, here's the next episode! THE SEXCRAFT CHRONICLES BOOK 1: Caroline's Quest CHAPTER 2: "Alpha" Caroline awoke feeling refreshed and renewed.

A cool morning breeze swept over her, caressing her lithe body like a lover's soft hand. She breathed deeply savouring the feeling of the fresh silk sheets entangled with her body and how good it felt to be clean. All the sweat, grime, blood, and monster cum was washed off of her and she lay naked on a soft bed. Her head rested on fluffy pillows and the first rays of dawn filtered through a crack in between the red and white chequered-coloured curtains.

Heaving a lazy yawn, she stretched out her weary limbs and sighed. She opened her eyes slowly and glanced around. A slight frown touched her lips as she realised that she could not recognize the room she had obviously fallen asleep in. It was a fairly simple room with wooden walls, a thatched roof, and wooden floorboards decorated with a few rugs of various animal and monster skins. An impressive stuffed head of a minotaur was hung proudly on one side, and a couple other creature butts of a dear and a bear graced the other walls.

One wall a single fairly wide window was covered by chequered curtains suggesting that it was either early in the morning or that Caroline had slept in. However, the odd and slightly disturbing thing was that Caroline had not remembered falling asleep inside the room. Even though the bed felt like it was made for her, she had not fallen asleep here of that she was certain.

In addition, she did not recall falling asleep in the first place. "More like passed out," Caroline muttered under her breath. Suddenly, she froze as a previous thought struck her.

That coupled with the stuffed head of a slain Minotaur and the unfamiliarity of her new bedroom brought a torrent of memories crashing down around her. Her mind reeled with shock and alarm as she recalled trudging wearily through the misty forest, getting assaulted and raped by the minotaur, then having the brute's guts splashed all over her, and finally being rescued by her long-lost brother who had observed it all.

Even for a half-blood she-demon, it was too much to take in all at once especially in the morning!

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Caroline was never a morning person and had to have a steaming mug of coffee before she could wake up fully and take stock of things. Drinking coffee was like a religion to her and really the only god she believed in.

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Without her sacred coffee, she did not have her "morning grace" so to speak. Needless to say, this landed her in a very made mood and made her quite cranky to say the least. Just as she was about to scream her frustration out of her system, she realised that the mortals who lived in the nearby village would not be able to handle a demonic shriek.

Their mortal ears were not compatible with the sound and they would go deaf the moment her scream left her lips. Hells, they would probably break into convulsions and die the second she screamed. If only her scream worked on monster rapists! Another thought made her panic even more. She realised that she was as naked as the day she was born and did not have her Glamour Spell on, not to mention that she was washed and clean and in a stranger's bed.

Well, maybe not a stranger. Caroline wondered if Adrian had bathed her and put her to bed. Her mind raced as wanton images of a strong, muscular man leaning over her sleeping form whilst she was in a steaming bath tub filled her mind.

Tall, blond-haired Adrian would strip off his shirt showing off his strong arms even though she couldn't see it. He would lower her gently into the hot water, and scoop some up in the palm of his hand. His eyes would be glazed over at seeing her voluptuous form and he would be unable to resist the Dark Temptress (another one of her infamous nicknames).

He would pretend to wash her while running his soapy hands all over her body, paying special attention to her breasts and pussy. Making sure she was asleep, he would plunge a finger into her cunt and work it up and down taking advantage of her while his cock got hard at the taboo scene. The idea was so obscene and wanton that it sent shivers of pleasure all throughout the half-demon, who writhed and moaned. Since her eyes were closed as her imagination ran wild, she did not realise that her own finger had crept into her pussy and was making swift work of it.

Nor did she notice footsteps plod up the creaky wooden stars that led to her room, and the door open softly.

She failed to see the form of her long-lost brother Adrian stand in the doorway, startled at first but frozen with shock and lust. As much as he hated to admit it, he was turned on by the red-skinned demoness. Being a loner most of his life, he had always been attracted to the foreign and strange. That was another reason why he made monster playground his backyard in the hopes that some monster lady might deem him as easy prey. If it was one he couldn't handle or a dangerous one, then the hard work and menial labour of chopping down and selling trees would pay off by his tight muscles and skill with the axe.

He was no warrior but he could slay a beast or two with his monster axe, as he had proven. Now his efforts had finally paid off and the most stunning and exotic woman he had ever seen lay naked before him, only covered by a sheer silk sheet.

The heavenly vision was too much for Adrian and he was unable to stifle a moan. His cock pressed uncomfortably against his thick trousers, eager to give the mysterious lady a proper greeting. His cock was bursting for action and Adrian knew he had to get satisfied soon or he would go nuts. Since the female seemed to be asleep, Adrian unfastened his belt and stuck his hand in his pants. Making sure to stay behind the door and out of view, the wood chopper devoured the she-demon with his eyes as he stroked his stiffening cock.

He clamped his mouth shut and breathed deeply to muffle any moans and groans he might make. He was hard in a jiffy and felt better than he ever had before when he hid in his attic and jerked himself off to sinful fantasies that plagued his mind. He couldn't help it though, it was just a part of him.

He felt so bad for jerking off to this helpless female. He had just rescued her from a rapist monster for crying out loud! But Adrian was unable to stop himself and soon his trousers had fallen to his feet giving him more room to jerk off. Unfortunately for the young man, his desperation was also his folly for he failed to notice a shadow fall over his path until it was too late.

All of a sudden, a nightmarish image of him getting pounded in the arse by a grease-covered fat demon with horns and a forked tail flashed before his half-closed eyelids. Adrian yelped in fright and leapt back, dropping his cock as if it was on fire.

Indeed it felt like it was and the wood chopper watched in horror as a light red glow surrounded it. To his shock and fear, his cock softened as if he had just cum.

But he hadn't. It was only seconds before he was about to burst and the result was agonizing. He cried out in pain as he was yanked into the room, crashing through the door by an unseen source. It was as if he was pulled by invisible hands. If that wasn't enough, Adrian was shoved brutally up against the wall so that his back was fixed on it. The frigid morning wind stabbed icily at his bare legs and naked cock. He shuddered as he did not fall down to the laws of gravity.

Instead, he remained against the wall.

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He coughed and sputtered as he felt himself choking as if his neck was being squeezed violently. Sweat beaded on his forehead and his whole body wracked in pain.

Fear gripped him and he thought he would surely die. His eyes widened in terror to see the devilish woman stand before him, tall and strong with that otherworldly blood-red skin. Her pointed ears and angular face made her look like a cat almost, or the cat goddess. Her naked splendour made her look powerful and terrible as her eyes filled with malice and her lips were curled upwards into a sneer.

Her fists were clenched and her breath came out ragged as she glared daggers at him. Adrian whimpered, unable to speak and not even daring to.

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He felt awful now and wished he had never even wanked off to her let alone rescue her! "Well, well, well," The she-demon crooned in a silky, fluttering voice. "What do we have here?" Smirking triumphantly, she sauntered towards him. Her hips swayed seductively and her striking figure bewitched Adrian making him dazed and conflicted against the strain of magic that bound him.

"Adrian," The wood chopper murmured, finding his voice at last. "My name is Adrian, Adrian Swift. Please don't hurt me! I'm s.sorry." "As you should be," The woman growled.

She stood tall and fierce before Adrian only inches away from him. Her icy gaze could have born holes into his head. "I won't do it again," Adrian said pleadingly. "Please have mercy. I'll do anything you want, anything." The woman's sneering grin got only wider as if she was waiting for this. She arched an eyebrow at him appraisingly and planted her fists on her hips as she scrutinized him.

Adrian now felt very small and unimportant as this powerful being studied him as if he was some kind of interesting insect, one she could crush any time she wished. He was sweating profusely now and struggled to breath. "Very well," The woman said at last. She took a step back and Adrian gasped in relief as he felt the grip on his neck lessen. He was still fixed to the wall but at least he could breath again. "Thank you," He sighed. "Thank you." The woman's gaze softened and she seemed to pause as if deliberating on whether to say something.

Adrian didn't care. He had learned his lesson and was all too happy to let her keep silent. Hopefully if he sucked up to her now then she would let him go and leave. Sadly, such was not the case for the woman spoke in that silky tone of voice. Her words shocked Adrian to the core. "It is agreeable to finally meet you, brother." There was a moment of awkward, uneasy silence.

Even the she-demon looked uncomfortable. "What?" Adrian asked at last, disbelief etched all over his face. The she-demon breathed a long-suffering sigh and rolled her eyes. "My name is Caroline," Said the woman. "To make a long story short I have the ability to wield Sexcraft on my behalf." "But that magic died out centuries ago!" Adrian protested weakly. "Really?" The woman called Caroline drawled, her eyes twinkling with mischief. Adrian's heart sank and he realised he had just put his foot in his mouth.

"Um, yeah?" He replied feebly. "Since you will not believe empty words," Caroline sighed. "I suppose I must show you." "Seeing is believing," Adrian offered weakly. Caroline just harrumphed and closed her eyes. She chanted a quick spell and soon his own eyes closed.

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The young man could not believe his eyes as an image of himself fucking Caroline in the arse flashed before his closed eyes. His cock strained against his magical bonds and he felt himself more turned on then ever as the blood-skinned she-demon screamed in pleasure as he ravaged her arse-hole. Much to his dismay, the vision ended abruptly and he felt his gaze snap open to stare incredulously at a smirking witch. "Wow, bro," She chuckled. "I never thought a hermit like you would be an arse person?

And bondage too?


Wow! You are a radical one that's for sure." Adrian blushed fiercely as he felt all of his fantasies and perversions get sucked out of his mind like cum slurped from a cock.

He shuddered as the magic faded. Why was Caroline toying with him like this? What did she want with him? "Why don't you just kill me and be done with it?" He mumbled. "Kill you?" Caroline asked, sounding mildly surprise. "Oh but that would be such a waste!" "A, a waste?" Adrian stammered, glancing at the foreign beauty. Caroline simply laughed. "Oh indeed," She chuckled.

"No, I have a better use for you. A sexual one." Adrian's mind reeled and for the first time he felt a faint flicker of hope. Would his twisted dreams come true after all? "Do you like being submissive, brother dear?" Caroline asked patronizingly. Adrian tried to scowl but lost all ability too as the gorgeous woman crossed the distance towards him and pressed her body against his, grinding her groin against his own.

Adrian moaned feverishly and sucked in a sharp breath as Caroline's firm, pert breasts pressed against his thin shirt. "Yes," Adrian sighed, allowing his body relax and letting the she-demon take control. "It's been a fantasy of mine to have the woman on top." Caroline grinned at him and traced his lips with her thumb. Adrian whimpered and stiffened as the she-demon shoved a finger into his throat.

Adrian closed his lips around her finger awkwardly and flicked his tongue around it experimental. Deciding he liked the feel of her finger in his mouth, he gave into her advances and threw his all into it. Bobbing his head up and down, he sucked on Caroline's finger like there was no tomorrow. Caroline revelled in the feeling of total control as Adrian submitted to her and sucked on her finger like a miniature cock. This was beyond her wildest dreams and her mind reeled with the myriad of possibilities that flooded to her.


She was so distracted though that she lost hold on the prison around Adrian's cock. The spell flickered and vanished. Caroline stiffened as she felt Adrian's firm cock pointing into his belly. Too turned on to care, she shoved her hand downwards and pushed the cock into her pussy.

Adrian's eyes glazed over and she moaned as he slammed into her. Caroline clutched her aching cunt into his hard cock tightly, enjoying the feeling of a normal penis that seemed moulding into her. It fit her pussy perfectly and sent jolts of pleasure through her body as it thrust gently into her.

Caroline growled and withdrew her hand from Adrian's mouth, placing her lips against his. Adrian closed his eyes as her lips crashed to his, kissing him fiercely. Whipped up into a sexual frenzy, Caroline bucked her hips wildly as Adrian got used to his virgin cock inside her pussy. It wasn't what he had expected for his first fuck ever and felt slightly dismayed, but he was enjoying the feeling of Caroline's strong otherworldly body pressing against his as she ground her sopping pussy into his desperate cock.

He groaned as she moved the pace up a bit and knew he would cum any minute now. His need was so great. He grasped Caroline's breast and pulled her tightly towards him, his hands roaming all over her glorious naked body. It didn't matter if she looked like a she-demon with blood-red skin and electric green-eyes. She could have devil horns and a forked tail for all he cared! It didn't even bother Adrian that they might be related. He never knew the woman and she was too hot to give up for something so trivial as that.

She was everything he dreamed of and he would do anything to ensure that his dream remained a reality. Even it meant that he would become her boy-toy, slut, and sex slave; he didn't care.

His cock certainly didn't and he cried out in pleasure as it exploded with cum bursting into Caroline's hot and tight pussy, filling her hole with his seed. Caroline's scream was almost feral as she felt Adrian's seed splash into her pussy. It burned within her making her now dripping cunt feel on fire. She rarely came on the first fuck and usually hat to have a few more afterwards to satisfy her, making her partner's cock hard again with Sexcraft magic.

However, Adrian's cock needed no sorcery and the way that his cum smelt of magic told Caroline that she was not alone. The she-demon felt more alive than ever before to realise that she was finally reunited with her true kin. At least, if her theory was proved true. As Adrian's cock filled her pussy with his seed, Caroline sagged against him and knew that a trip to the Oracle was in order. She had to find out for certain whether or not Adrian was a wielder of Sexcraft, but the journey could wait.

For now, she had a cock to clean and a brother to explain a few things to. She knew now that Adrian would be more than to accompany her on such a quest of self-discovery and pleasure (not sweat, tears, and monster-grime like normal heroes), and even if they did encounter a few monsters along the way the aftermath would be well worth it.


With those happy thoughts in mind, Caroline let the spell drop releasing Adrian from the wall. He fell easily and nearly threw her to the ground. Breathing in his scent deeply, Caroline led her long-lost brother to the lone bed. Even if he wasn't a wielder of Sexcraft, Adrian was one hot fuck and satisfied her like none other. At the moment, that was all that really mattered to her So for now, her quest could wait.

But her pussy couldn't! To Be Continued. A/N: Well, there's Chapter 2. Please do R&R even if you don't like the story. I implore you to review though as I thrive on feedback and a constructive, helpful critique. Even if it picks apart the entire story, I would appreciate it.

But enough rambling. I hoped you like the story and do stay tuned for future chapters, as there are plenty more in store for this project. Thanks for reading! P.S. I realise that Caroline is slightly hypocritical in this chapter but she's supposed to be the "Alpha" one of this couple. And her scream was not a demonic one, only toned down using her Sexcraft ability.