Gay fuck Splashed With Wax And Cum

Gay fuck Splashed With Wax And Cum
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*I've got a surprise for you* I hadn't talked to Dustin in a week until this text but apparently we were going to do something again. I thought that this was a really weird way to start a consversation but it didn't really matter to me.

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It was noon on Saturday and I wouldn't mind spending the night with him. So I responded right away by just replying with *what* *I'm on the bus on the way to our game today, I'll pick you up once I'm back* *It better be a good surprise if you keep me waiting that long* *I can guarantee you'll be pleased* Well at least I had something to look forward to tonight was all I could think.

There couldn't really be anything wrong with spending a night with Dustin. I tried to think as little as possible about what the surprise might be, but I just couldn't get my mind off of it. What in the world could the surprise be? I continued on with my day as I normally would have. I did all of my homework as I normally do Saturday morning. I have decided that this is the best time to do so because then I have Friday and Saturday night to do whatever I want and then I can just relax on Sunday.

After my homework was done it was 3 pm. I knew that the hockey team's game started at three and that it was broadcasted online so I decided to watch it. Hockey is nearly worshipped in our town so they can actually make good money off of high school games.


The game went pretty well, the team won 5-4 but it shouldn't have been that close. Our goalie really struggled today. Dustin had two goals so I was happy that he would be in a good mood. He carried the team as he always does but he is always happy as long as the team wins. It was only about 10 minutes after the game and I got a text from Dustin. *Want to see your surprise a little early?* *Go ahead this better be good.* I nearly held my breath in anticipation for what his next message would be.

It took a couple of minutes, but then my phone buzzed with another text message.


It was a picture message. I closed my eyes as I opened it and I couldn't believe what I saw. It was a picture of Owen, the only freshmen on the team, naked in the locker room captioned *Let's fuck.* Owen clearly knew that the picture was being taken as he was smiling for the camera. I couldn't contain my excitement. After Dustin, Owen would be my next choice of who I would want to fuck on the team.

He was a little on the short side, just like Dustin, but was so compact and strong. I knew that he worked out more than anyone else on the team, which I found really hot. His muscle was all earned, whereas dustins was more genetic. He had golden tanned skin that I would die to have. Like Dustin too, he was an early bloomer so was already fully developed as a freshmen. I responded to his text *Are you serious?* *Yup see you in an hour* *I'll be waiting for you!* The next hour couldn't have gone any slower.

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I was getting horny and wet just thinking about what would happen that night. Then finally Dustins red Camaro pulled up in my driveway. I nearly sprinted out to the car and got into the back seat. Dustin was driving with Owen riding shotgun. "You ready for this little fucker?" I said to Owen "I've been ready for this for a long time." He replied The three of us talked and joked the entire way to dustins house and never even brought up the topic that we were going to fuck again.

When we got to Dustins house I asked if his parents were home. He told me "Of course not" and that "We wouldn't fuck there if they were." We walked in dustins house and went downstairs. The three of us sat down on the couch and Dustin turned a movie on. Movies were the best way to start a good night in my book. Owen sat in between me and Dustin so I kind of assumed that this was Owens night to fuck since Dustin didn't object of want me in the middle or anything.

In fact Dustin kind of slid away from us a bit. After about 20 minutes I decided to make the first move. I reached under our blanket and grabbed at Owens dick through his shorts.

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I continued to fondle him and his dick started to grow a bit. Once it was hard I reached inside his shorts and began to jerk him off a little bit. His cock was so hard and smooth.

After a couple of minutes Owen stopped me. He leaned forward and we started to make out. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and I returned the favor. He was such a good kisser for only being a freshmen. He started to massage my boobs and my nipples got hard.

I moaned in pleasure and. "You guys know the guest room is right over there right?" Dustin pointed to the room off to our right. Me and Owen made eye contact and both got up and walked over to the room.

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When we got into the room and closed the door we started to strip each other of our clothes right away. Once naked, we both just admired each other's bodies. Owen was so much sexier than he was in that picture Dustin sent me. His cock was about 7 inches erect. We went and lied on the bed and started to make out and feel each other's bodies again.

Finally I said, "Stop torturing me and put that cock inside me" Owen obeyed me and rolled me on my side. He crept up behind me and brought his cock to my pussy from behind. His smooth skin up against me almost set me off right away.

I could feel his rock hard abs on my back and he wrapped his strong arms around me. Slowly he pressed his cock inside of my pussy. His cock was actually bigger in girth that dustins which seemed to fill my pussy more. He started to thrust in and out of me and picked up speed quickly. The 15 year old virgin was fucking me like a pro. He lasted longer than I thought he would. In and out, in and out he went.

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His arms around me kept me from squirming around in pleasure. Finally, after about 20 minutes he told me he was going to cum. I told him in what little voice I could manage that I was close too. Suddenly he pulled out of me and started jerking off. "Stop, what are you doing?" I said in surprise. "I was going to cum and I'm not wearing a condom" he said "No, cum inside me, I would love to have your baby, me and Dustin do the same thing" He seem kind of reluctant at first but then got a menacing grin on his face.

He spun me on my back and and laid on top of me and started thrusting deep inside me. "Oh yeah here I come baby" He kept thrusting deep in me as I screamed "Oh yeah, oh yeah, fuck me you sexy little boy!" "AHHHHHH ARRGGHHH!" He yelled as he started to cum into me.

Over and over again he shot into me for what seemed like forever. Then he rolled over and we both fell asleep on Dustins guest bed.