British milf Vintage Fox needs getting off

British milf Vintage Fox needs getting off
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"What you really need is a gigolo." Damini said to her friend Shweta. They were discussing Shweta's marital problems. Her husband Mayur was totally focused on his career. As a result their sex life was almost non-existent and Shweta was getting more and more upset. She had already rejected the advice of having an affair as she was devoted to her family. "Are you mad? What if people find out?" Shweta replied.

"So the objection is not seeing a gigolo but people finding out." Damini joked and continued "What if I tell you a fool proof method, would you try it?" "What do you mean?" Shweta enquired. "What if the gigolo is invisible? Nobody can see him. No one would come to know." Damini said. "Is this your latest fantasy?" Shweta said laughingly.

"Not at all dear. I have already experienced it many times. The proof of pudding is in eating. Here is the number. You can try out. The charges are Rs. 10,000 for one hour session or Rs. 20,000 for 4 sessions in a month." Damini wrote a mobile number and handed over to her.


Without believing anything Shweta out of politeness kept the number. After few days Shweta watching a romantic movie was feeling horny. She was all alone in the house. Mayur as usual was busy. Her 14 year old daughter Ramita had gone to a birthday party.

All of a sudden she remembered the talk with Damini and out of fun thought of trying the number. She dialled the number. A sweet female voice responded, "Hello IG booking. This is Priya. How can I help you?" Shweta said, "Please book a session for me." "When and where do you want to have it?" Priya enquired.

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Shweta told her address and mentioned that she wants the session immediately as soon as possible. After checking the schedule Priya replied, "IG Sandeep is available in your area one hour from now. Is it ok?" "Fine." "Which plan you want to follow?" Priya told all the plans available. "Right now I will go for the single session." Shweta hesitatingly said." "Ok. IG Sandeep will be with you at 3 p.m.

today. You can pay him Rs. 10,000 in cash." Priya concluded the call. It seems like a routine business call. Shweta was still not believing it but was curious to know. On the CD player she started playing her favourite music. She was awaken from daydreaming when the doorbell rang at sharp 3 p.m. She was surprised and enthusiastically opened the door. No one was there. She was disappointed. She went out to see who may have rang the bell.

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Finding no one she came back and closed the door. Suddenly she felt like someone was holding her and kissing her softly on lips. She heard a male voice saying, "Good afternoon Mam. This is IG Sandeep reporting.

You can call me Sandy." Shweta was taken aback. She started looking around to find out what was happening. Another kiss greeted her, "Good afternoon Mam.

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You look lovely." "Good afternoon Sandy." Still confused from the experience Shweta finally managed to speak in low voice. Shweta was still feeling confused not knowing how to react or behave. She was looking around trying to place him. Sandy was standing in front of her smiling and enjoying. He hugged her tightly and then kissed her again keeping his both hands on her bums.

She was feeling helpless but was rather enjoying the experience. Sandy told her in a soothing voice, "Relax Dear. Let go of all your tensions.

Don't try to see me. Focus on hearing my voice and feeling me with your body. It is better to close your eyes as you cannot see anything anyway." Shweta tried to follow his instructions but it was still a strange experience for her. Sandy continued, "Has anybody told you that you are very beautiful? You look awesome and extremely hot." Shweta was relishing the flattering talk. Indeed she was beautiful and with vital statistics of 34-26-36 she did have an enviable body. "Should I continue the lovemaking here only or should we move to the bedroom?" asked Sandy.

They were still in the drawing room. Shweta silently moved towards the bedroom. Once in the bedroom Sandy asked her softly to take of her clothes. Shweta was feeling shy and hesitant. His soft voice and expert hands were having reassuring effect on her. She started to take off her top slowly.

His hands were at her back encouraging her in the process. With her top off he resumed his kissing. From her mouth he slowly moved to neck. He felt her boobs taking his hands inside the bra and squeezed them gently. She started moaning with pleasure. She had never felt better. It was as if he was not just touching her body but adoring her. The touch was so smooth and he seems to know exactly how much pressure was to be applied on her boobs. Her nipples were already erect. Her boobs were struggling to come out of the bra.

Finally he asked her to take off the bra. He started sucking the nipples one by one as soon as the pair was free. He squeezed her 34 C cups and she moaned with great pleasure. He started kissing her flat tummy, then her back. He was moving smoothly from one area to another making her more and more conscious of her own body.

She never imagined kissing alone could achieve so much. Mayur as a contrast was a poor kisser. He never gave any importance to foreplay. He would rush to main act when she won't be ready and then leaving her unfulfilled. Sandy was showing his expertise in all the correct movements appreciating her body as though she was a goddess. Sandy asked her to take off her jeans. He focussed all his attention to her beautiful feet.

He massaged the feet gently and start kissing each foot while continuing to massage the other one. Shweta was feeling wonderful with the soft touch and groping. She felt as if she was in heaven. Sandy gradually moved upwards on her legs massaging, exploring and kissing each and every part of her legs. It seems as if he was not ready to miss a single pore of her silky skin. When Sandy reached her thigh he noticed that her panty was already drenched with her juices.

He spread her thighs. He kissed her over her panty and started sucking her juices. Shweta was now moaning loudly and releasing her juices profusely.

She was breathing heavily.


Sandy asked her to remove her panties and she did so hastily. Now Shweta's beautiful shaved pussy was in front of him all drenched with her juices. He resumed sucking her juices and started exploring her vagina with his tongue. Shweta was feeling blissful. Her deep fantasy was being fulfilled. Although Mayur loved her much and was interested in sexual activity too at least in initial years of her marriage, she was never able to convince him to give oral pleasure to her cunt.

Not even in exchange of a blow job. Now Shweta was getting it without even asking for it. She was enjoying every single moment of the session. Sandy's tongue forced its way into the opening and began to work increasingly quickly in and out of her cunt. He gently kissed and worked his way up her labia, and quickly ran his tongue across her clit.

She jerked so hard he thought she might cum immediately, so he backed off before she went over the edge. Her clit was now fully engorged, and the pinkness of her labia seemed to be darkening as more blood rushed to her sensitive snatch.

He slipped his hands back under her ass, and moved his tongue back to the bottom of her cunt and began to work his way in the opposite direction, toward her ass. As he approached her tight hole, her body began to tremble, and the first touch by his tongue caused the sharpest spasm she had experienced so far.

He rimmed her ass with his tongue, and she continued to writhe. He forced the top of his tongue into her, and she nearly convulsed from the sensation. It was obvious this was something she had never before experienced. He inserted his middle finger in the virgin tight hole gently at first then more vigorously. Shweta had rarely felt orgasm in her life, may be five or six times in her fifteen years of marriage.

That day was glorious for her, having orgasm after orgasm in quick succession she was in sheer ecstasy. Sandy lowered his face and gave her cunt a kiss, and then took his hard cock and put it on her cunt opening. Shweta's body was trembling. Sandy rubbed his cock head in the slit of her cunt and made it wet with her flowing juices. Then he wedged cock head on the opening of her cunt and took hold of both her tits in my both hands. Shweta's heart was beating fast. With a single thrust his big penis was inside her welcoming vagina.

Sandy knew that Shweta was enjoying the fuck now, so thrusting in her wet cunt. He knew that now it was the time to give her a fuck of her life. His cock was moving in and out of her slippery cunt like a piston of railway engine. His thrusts were becoming more and more vigorous. Shweta was enjoying the fuck, as was evident from her loud moaning. She was still keeping her eyes shut.

She was meeting his thrusts with equal and matching thrusts from her waist. They were fucking like animals. His cock was coming out till its head and then again disappearing fully in her cunt. He kept fucking her like this for about 10 minutes. When he was near his orgasm he took out his cock from her vagina and released his load on top of her stomach.

His semen was the first evidence for her that she was not daydreaming but actual getting laid superbly getting a fuck of once in a lifetime. In order to convince herself of the blissful experience further she gathered the semen from her finger to taste it.

When Shweta thought the fantastic session was over Sandy started caressing her again. He guided her to take the doggy position and entered her cunt from behind. He gave some magnificent thrusts leading to another deep orgasm to her. Sandy inserted his finger in her back hole and asked her permission to enter there to take the passion and ecstasy to the next level. Shweta however buckled from the experience and firmly said no. She was a virgin in that hole and she was afraid to be found out by her husband.

Sandy understood her position. He gently kissed her ass and let her go. However he didn't want to end the session on a disappointing note. So he gave her cunt another treat of his proficient tongue giving her yet another orgasm making her feel total fulfilment.

The session was finally over. Sandy asked for his money and Shweta was jolted back to reality that he was not her husband or her lover but a gigolo. Whatever he had done was basically for the money that he will get. Shweta jokingly said, "What if I don't pay you?" Sandy replied in pleasant voice, "Have you heard of the story of Pied Piper? In my case there are endless possibilities. You seem to have a wonderful young daughter too." Hearing this Shweta shivered with horror over the thought of her innocent daughter exploited sexually by the invisible gigolo.

She regretted deeply her thoughtless comment. She quickly took out ten thousand rupees currency notes from her purse. Not knowing how to give them to him, she left the notes on the bedside table. Immediately the notes disappeared. Shweta was regretting that she had not opted for the other package of four sessions at the rate of Rs.

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20,000. She obviously liked the experience and wanted to repeat it again and again. As if reading her mind Sandy said to her, "If you give me ten thousand more, you can have three more session within a month." Shweta gave a broad grin and handed over ten thousand rupees more. "Next time you call to book for a session you need to mention monthly package with IG Sandeep.

They will be keeping your account. After three sessions you can ask for another IG if you want to experience something different. You can also share your fantasies and I will come prepared with required things to fulfil them." Sandy kissed her goodbye. "Goodbye Mam and excuse me for the comment regarding your daughter.

Don't worry we have a code of conduct to follow. We don't touch minor girls and even for adults we need active consent to do anything. Otherwise our power to be invisible may be taken away." Shweta felt completely relieved and extremely glad to hear this.

She wore her gown and opened the door to let him go out. She closed the door after few moments and headed for shower to wash away her 'carnal sins'. Shweta was surprised to note that she was not at all feeling guilty about the passionate and erotic experience.

She thought she deserved the guilty pleasures and she was already planning what she will ask Sandy to do in future trysts.