My Wife After A Shower

My Wife After A Shower
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*Authors Note* Ok this is the second installment, also since i forgot to addd it into the first chapter, i will be adding it to the second one for all those who are willing to follow my work. This is my artwork so far on Cidius and his realm of things, also pics of Cidius's semi naked "Wives" if you will, so please, Enjoy!

*Authors Note* Chapter 2 part 1 The Sound of Music It had been mid day before Cidius again stirred to wake, having in that morning filled Lilith four more times with his love making.

Now however he was wide awake and restless, sitting up and running his slender fingers threw his twisted, messed up hair. Next to him arose his sleeping companion, Minerva, the only one that remained to look after him, keep an eye on him, make sure he did not run away possibly.

Cidius only finding his feet as while she was outstretched and stretching her form on her two feet, her howitzer sized tits bouncing with the effort before she leaned down and pressed her charge into her tits, and then to kiss him, sliding her tongue into his mouth rather suddenly as she gave him the most sensual of morning kisses.

Pulling back to stare down and smile, speaking in a soft tone "Good morning." Before guiding him to the entrance of the cave once more. Unlike the early morning the entrance of the cave had taken on a whole new look, a fire pit with a rather large… something, roasting over it.

Much of the foliage and trees had been cleared away and was being cut to precision size for an unknown purpose, Kagura and Lilith both working diligently to clear the land. Sophitia was tending to the roast, and under it a frying pan filled with the guts of the thing, all the edible parts frying in its own juices.

Gethwen had taken to a more morbid thing as she decorated the entrance of the cave with all manner of found or foraged… bones. Tying them to the face of the cave, making sick chimes of them. Cidius had long decided to stay away from her if possible, the way she moved, the way she just looked at him screamed dementia in her eyes, made all the more prominent by her muttering to her self and occasional sudden laughter.

Althea, the shy giant of the six gathered flowers… for the sake of it it seemed as she only did so for the doing of it. It took only seconds for Minerva to speak up as they exited the cave, "He is awake sisters." She said with such happy glee in her voice.

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The other five gathering around, abandoning their respective work… and play, to greet their honored guest with "Good mornings." and deep wet kisses of the intimate nature. The last to do so was Sophitia as she did rip from the roast beast its leg and on a large wooden palate offer it to Cidius for his breakfast. All then but Minerva did leave him once again to go back to their respective duties… and play. As Cidius observed them, and then to the meal before him, he did not know what it was, what kind of animal, and if he were wise he would have asked, declined such a thing, but his hunger was great, not having eaten for a day and a half.

So without reservation he dug into it, bite into the deliciously cooked flesh with ravenous hunger. The portion he was given was the size of two well rounded watermelons stacked side by side, he imagined he would not eat so much, but to his surprise he had, downed all of it, his stomach slightly distended from the task.

He could do nothing now but sit back and burp, the back of his head finding the warm breasts f Minerva who had now placed firm hands along his cock to excite him, massaging and stroking his shaft and nutsack to his bloated delight. It wouldn't be long before expert hands became drenched in torrents of white goo, Cidius writhing in pleasure while Minerva giggled and licked clean her white covered hands.

When it was said and done, and Cidius could think past the thought destroying pleasure, he ha noticed the beast all but being eaten by hungry sisters. Only minutes before the once strange and possibly proud beast was nothing but bones. When they had eaten their fill they then did move to him, but not for pleasure, still comforting as the draped themselves around and over him, cuddles and stroked his skin. Minerva, Gethwen and Althea all starting to hum in unison a very melodic and enchanting tune, their voices all in tune to sing for him a lovely tune.

The others however did not but instead did speak to him, Lilith spoke first "Did you eat well?" she asks, Cidius giving a satisfied yes and a nod. Kagura chiming in, "I was the one who caught it my beloved." She would say looking for praise, kissing along his leg.

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Sophitia speaking up with determined expression, "That is all fine and well, but should we not explain to him why he is here, what he is now?." Both Kagura and Lilith giving in to nod to their sisters words.

"Good, then I shall explain." She would say grabbing Cidius from his comfortable position and place him into her own, less endowed chest, stealing the pleasure from her sisters as she blushed proudly unregretful.

Clearing her throat she began to proudly lecture "You see young Cidius, you are no longer yourself, no longer what you used to be, which is obvious yes but with reason.

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You are the son of Oblivion!" she would say sliding her many hands around his body and to his back, there she did expose his back from his hair and showed all his spine. Along it were eight vertical bone masses, holes into his back that lead into him.

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"You don't expect to me believe that." He would say with raised eyebrow, looking to the shortest of his companions. Sophitia not skipping a beat "Oblivion plucked you from your gods hands, stole you from the cosmos and placed you here.


Fought for you as she did cast away your god and many others to secure he prize… you." She would say giving a gentle peck upon his forehead, her hands sliding along his back massaging the area along the boney protrusions, giving Cidius a most relaxing feeling, better then any massage he has ever gotten before.

"So madly in love with you was she that she batteled the very gods to have you, and from her pure love gave form to us." She said meaning her sisters and herself. "We who you will come to call mothers, come to call lovers, and wives." She would say moving in to nuzzle her nose to his, but torn away as Cidius indeed was listening. "What do you mean mothers and wives, you did not give birth to me, and what makes you think I will marry any of you?" he would say in protest before being pulled down into a loving embrace but Kagura, given the deepest of kisses and Sophitia continued, both with her words and her massage "We know this is such a sudden thing, we realize the weight of this truth.

But know that it is true, and we, your mothers, your wives will never harm you, very deny you, and never abandon you." She would say caressing the flesh around his spine. The song still filling his ears as he continued to make out with the chocolate skinned goddess. "If you need further truth to this, look no further, look up and see Oblivion watching over you, my beloved." Sophitia spoke.

Cidius only taking her words for religious dogma as that is what it sounded like, the rantings of demented religious nut job. Yet still his eyes did climb high and then widen, as staring down upon him a great and wide eye, past the sky, past the moons, an eye. It was huge, indescribably in its size, and its horror. Cidius could do nothing but shake and tremble in its sight, panicking, he was in shock and found it hard to breath. Ever so close to blacking out from the terror of it all, or so he was about to, the familiar tune in his ears and the loving attentions of the vixens around him served to calm.

"Its okay." They cooed, "Shhhh" they softly spoke into his ears, His eyes soon torn away from the eye in the sky as Lilith's face did replace its gaze. Caressed his cheek and put her forehead to his as she again cooed to him in her softest and kindest of voices "Mommy's here baby, its okay, its okay baby." She spoke to calm and ease his nerves. As it did seem to work, her words, her warm embrace, she held him close and did not let his eyes wander.

Laid him down upon her body as the others did follow and blanket him, calm him with their presence. Oblivion's eye had gone but the terror remained still, perhaps it was too soon to expose such a thing, but then when would have been best?

But it was done, all that was left was for him to accept it, in the meantime he had the care and soft reassurances of six vixens to ease his mind and sing into his ear as their song would not stop for the rest of the day and on into the night. Chapter 2 part 2 Kagura the Rapist, Gets Raped It had been a week now since the incident with the giant eye, things have since, in relativity, been much calmer. Not that Cidius had become used to his life, not that he believed anything that was told to him regarding why he was there.

It all seemed so grand and spectacular, and yet for it to happen to him, it all seemed so unreal. So in lack of a better explanation, he resolved to call this reincarnation in spite of all that he had seen. And when able he was intent on sleeping away the life he had hoped was a dream, but alas every time he did awake he was still, to his dismay, in this world. And this morning would have been no different if not for the weight on his pelvis, the feel of jostling and grinding shaking him awake.

Opening his groggy eyes to see Kagura atop his hips, back turned to him as she fucked his sleeping body, his cock slide balls deep into her shapely round black ass. Cidius groaning fro the feel of it as he had his senses back, this had happened a few times before, Kagura taking advantage of his sleeping body to sedate her needs. Cidius being awoken in the middle of the night to find her pole dancing stop of him to her own pleasure.

At his breaking point he had decided enough was enough, pushing her off of him with violent arms and an noisy anal pop. She did nothing but fall forward and yelp from the surprise. Turning with a grin she was found out and honestly did her best not to wake him. Still he was not amused, Cidius frowning, standing, swiftly giving her a flat footed kick in the butt, making her fall upon her chest once again.

"Every night you do this! Why cant you just do it when im awake like everyone else?" yes, this constant sexual activity, he had gotten used to it. Kagura laughing sheepishly "You just look so cute laying there sleeping I just could help myself… heehee… hee." She would say tryng to crawl away, instead having her arms grabbed from behind her.

"Oh?" Cidius spoke "So its ok for you to rape me is that it?" "N-no of coure not! Its just that-" cut off before she could finish "So then its okay for me to rape you too right?" Cidius said before smileing deviously, and with one violent trust planted his near foot long cock into her ass.

Then with no time for it to settle started to fuck her, rape her. Havieng her arms taken by his, she was at his mercy. "OH! OH GOD!" she cried before the pounding began, "Pap, pap, pap" was all that could be heard as he pounded her relentlessly. Kagura's large black ass bouncing and swaying with each violent trust, all she could do was grunt and gasp from it all. "UNH!


UNH! UNH!" Gasped, stammering in her breath "P-PLASE! MY A-A-ASS!" obviously not used to such violent sex. But Cidius was a kind rapist, unlike Kagura he thought. Pulling his cock fro her rear as her anal ring was bright red from the assault. "Ohhh~… thank you, thank y-" Her words cut short as a cock was placed inside it.

Cidius forcibly making her swallow down his cock into her throat as her did her best to pull away while gagging.

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However his hands kept her from moving, one hand behind her head grabbing a ball of white beautiful hair, the other at her lower jaw, Cidius was face fucking her. As all that could be heard was her gagging, coughing, the sound of sick noises coming from her throat. "Oh yeah!" Cidius would say with a look of great delight on his face. His balls slapping against her lower chin as his hairless pelvis smacks against her face.

Removing his hands he instead grabs along her antlers for better leverage and pounds away from there. It wasn't long before he felt that familiar feeling of his balls welling up to cum. However he was long from finished, instead slowing down and stopping, letting the feeling fade away, only to continue again.

Grinding his hips into her face as she was not given a breather, he knew full well that she was practiced in breathing threw her nose, so he took advantage of this fact.

Grinding his cock into her throat she gagged and threatened to poke, only to be slapped across the face from a viciously horny Cidius. "Don't you dare poke on me you slut." Kagura with watery eyes nodding in obedience. This went on for an hour or so, Cidius occasionally stopping to ease the orgasm back into his body, slapping her every of often just for the fun of it. Still, all good feeling things must come to an end as filling her cums, planting his cock deep into her face with reckless abandon, filling her stomach with his hot spunk.

So finished he lays atop of her, her face still planted firmly upon his member as she wasn't allowed to leave yet. And then to add injury to insult Cidius gives off a deep sigh of relief as he then pisses down her throat, filling her with both his hot jiz and piss, giving sporadic humps as he does so.

Finally relieved in all manners of speaking he pulls his cock from her mouth as she starts to couch and gag heavily, Cidius falling backward into the furry mattress with not a care in the world.

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Ready to slip into a warm happy sleep Cidius closed his eyes, only to open them again as climbing on top of him was Kagura, sniffing and swallowing continuously to ease throat and nose. Pressing her large tits into his face she pulled him into her and laid them both sideways as she stroke at the back of his head, put his lips to her tit and begged hm on to suck, drink the milk from her.

"My precious baby…" she would say, reaching down and taking cock in hand, placing it at the entrance of her cunt, sliding herself down it to her leisure. Rape momma's pussy too?" she begged and cooed. Cidius could only sigh and think of all the sleep he wasn't going to get from now on.