Heiße lesbische Spiele mit Samantha rone

Heiße lesbische Spiele mit Samantha rone
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"Damn! She's hot!" Ryan stroked his dick as we sat around the computer screen. On the screen was a young woman being fucked in the doggystyle position. Caleb looked at me and grinned. Ryan's parents were out, and his older sister was with his cousins at their house, not due back for another hour. We got as much time as we wanted to spank it to our favorite porn videos.

I skipped to the next video in the play list. A teen brunette was on her knees sucking cock in this video. I noticed something about the girl. "Hey," I said, "Doesn't that girl remind you of Breeana?" Ryan and Caleb nodded, stroking their dicks all the faster. We heard a door slam. I looked at Ryan. He looked at Caleb. Caleb looked at me. We heard Bree's voice.


We all nodded. We had rehearsed this. We would keep jacking off and hope that Bree would come in. Then we heard two other voices. Ryan's cousins. This was even better. Ryan called to Bree, "We're in my room Bree!

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Don't come in!" We snickered. That was the bait. Being a responsible 18 year old, Bree would come in and check on us. With luck, we wouldn't have come yet. With even more luck, Ryan's cousins would come with Bree. They did. The expressions on their faces were priceless.


Chrissie and Cassie started stuttering. Bree blushed. We let go of our dicks. Ryan piped up, as we had rehearsed, "Well, you guys are going to college soon, right?" They nodded, unsure as to why we were asking.

I stepped in. "Virgins get made fun of at college, right?" They nodded again. "We can fix that for you," Caleb said, motioning towards our erections. "There are three of us… and three of you" They blushed. "Why us?" asked Bree. "Well, we know you three really well. You all are extremely beautiful, and it's so taboo that it would be a huge turn-on." Chrissie looked thoughtful. She and Cassie were platinum blonde and identical twins, with long straight hair, c cup tits, and small asses.

Bree was a brunette, shorter than the twins, with smaller tits but a nicer ass. "Okay, I guess." Chrissie sighed.

She walked over to Caleb. "I'll fuck you." She stared pulling off his shirt and shorts. Caleb was the youngest of us, at 13. He was tall and lanky, with a long thin cock, maybe 5 inches. Cassie's hand shot up in the air. "I get Ryan!" She exclaimed. She started doing the same thing as her sister. Ryan was the oldest of us, at 15, but he was short and had a cock that matched. It was about 3 inches, but rather thick. Bree just walked over and started undressing me.

I was the middle friend, a 14 year old with a 4 inch cock, longer than Ryan's and thicker than Caleb's. As soon as all us boys were naked, I suggested moving out to the living room.

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There would be more room to fuck out there. Caleb, Ryan and I sat on the couch and asked the girls to do a striptease for us. They happily obliged. Chrissie started by undoing her ponytail and removing her jacket. Cassie started with her top, pulling it up slowly to reveal a nice midriff. Not muscular, not fat, just perfect. Bree went right to her pants. She removed them slowly, showing off smooth, thin legs. Pretty soon everyone was naked. Caleb and Chrissie immediately got into it, with Chrissie straddling Caleb while she rubbed her pussy lips all over his cock.

Cassie laid down on the floor, allowing Ryan to fuck her in the missionary position. But for me, I laid down on my back. I told Bree to ride me.

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At first, she rubbed her wet pussy lips all over my cock, to lube it up. Then the 18 year old brunette Lifted herself up, pointed my cock skyward, and impaled herself on it. I felt her cherry pop. She gasped, in pain and pleasure. The inside of her vag was really tight.

She was dripping with juices. I knew I wouldn't be able to fend off my orgasm for very long. Caleb had already come inside Chrissie.

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Ryan was grunting as he shot his load deep inside Cassie's cunt. The sound of Bree moaning was too much. I shoved up hard with my cock, pushing it deep as it could go. Then I jizzed in her pussy. It felt so fucking good to come in a woman for once. Ryan, Caleb and I got back on the couch. Our dicks were still semi-hard. I let the girls clean themselves up for a minute. I stopped the hidden cam I had placed in the living room and activated the one in the shower. We were taping every moment of this.

Once they were done washing off, they stood in front of the couch, in front of their partner. I had them all move a space to the right, with Chrissie going to the far left. What that meant was now I was with Cassie, Chrissie was with Ryan, and Caleb with Bree.

"Now," said Caleb, "You are going to give us a lap dance." The girls nodded to each other and walked over. Cassie wrapped her arms around my shoulders pressing her breasts into my chest. Her ass gyrated over my lap, my penis hardening into its most solid form to date. I tilted my head forward and planted my lips on hers.

She hungrily dove into my mouth. Our tongues were intertwining. After I needed to leave her sweet lips for air, I decided to try something that I had never thought of before. I took one of her tits in my hand and started sucking on the other one's nipple. She moaned and put one of her hands on the back of my head.

Her pussy trickled onto my lap.

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I switched to the other breast. A timer rang. I groaned. This was the most erotic thing I had ever done. Cassie smiled at me and winked.

The girls climbed off of our laps. Time for the final part of our plan. Now I was going to get a blowjob from Chrissie. Us boys stood up, and the girls kneeled in front of us. Chrissie took my cock in her hand and stroked. She stuck the head of my dong in her mouth and sucked.

She kept stroking my dick as her head bobbed further and further down my shaft. Eventually she had my whole shaft in her mouth.

I guided her hand to my balls. She massaged my sack while she sucked my cock.

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I pulled her off my dick and laid her on the ground. The other boys did so too. They spread their legs and allowed us to stand between them. I wanked my cock and shot my load all over Chrissie's face. She swallowed whatever was landed in her mouth. We cleaned up and they left. We never saw them again.


But we did get to watch the hidden cam footage over and over. And over. 

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