Straight amateur spitroasted during threeway

Straight amateur spitroasted during threeway
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Ten seconds before, I had been about to fuck a fifteen year old girl. My fiance's daughter, no less. When my mind got away from this girl's pussy long enough to realize her mom was coming in the house, I nearly shit a brick.

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I'm still a man, though, and as I watched Amy run into the house I just had to get another look at that beautiful ass as she went through the door.

Some small part of me just wanted one more look in case I was caught, something to think about in those long nights in a jail cell. We pulled it off, however, as Rachel came in through the garage just as Amy rounded the corner to the stairs and she never saw her.

I quickly turned around and played it cool as if I were just sleeping on the chair in the backyard. She dropped her things off in the kitchen and came outside. "Hey, Honey. What are you doing home early?" she asked I told her I was let out of work early and she didn't ask any more questions. It seemed, for the time being, that we (I) had gotten away with it. A large part of me still didn't believe that this beautiful young girl would want a guy as old as me.

I still thought that she was just teasing me and had no intention of going through with anything real. Staring my wife-to-be in the face certainly brought me back to earth. We sat outside for about an hour just talking about our days and the weekend to come, and then Rachel got up to go inside to make dinner. I stayed outside on the chair for a few minutes to get my head straight before I went inside.

Just as I was getting up to go inside, my cell phone chirped with a text message, U NEVER ANSWERED MY QUESTION. It was Amy. Apparently she wasn't done playing with me. WHAT QUESTION? I replied. WHAT WOULD U DO 2 ME IF U COULD DO ANYTHING? Holy shit. Not only was she not done, she was brazen enough to leave evidence of it on my phone.

A guy had to be careful with this kind of thing. I answered her with TAKE YOU TO THE ZOO. GOTTA GO MAKE DINNER. I quickly erased the incriminating messages from my phone and got up to go inside. As I stood up and turned around I heard a "psst." I looked up to the window looking over the yard and saw Amy in the window ten feet above my head.

She quickly raised her shirt up over her head showing me her perfect tits and smiled at me. This girl was gonna be the death of me. I went in and helped with the last of the dinner prep and the rest of the night went as normal.

Amy came down when dinner was ready as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened today. She and Rachel talked a bit about their days, and I was mostly silent for most of the evening. Amy went back upstairs the second she was done eating. After dinner, we were in the living room and Rachel asked me if I felt OK. She said I was awfully quiet tonight. I told her I was just really tired from a long week and I was gonna head up to go to bed early tonight.

I gave her a kiss and walked up the stairs intent on relieving some of the pressure in my crotch. I guessed I probably had an hour or maybe two before she came up to bed, Rachel was a bit of a night owl. I went upstairs and straight to my room. Amy's door was at the end of the hall and it was closed like it always was. I went into my room and then into the master bath figuring I could get some privacy.

I just had to cum or I would risk a serious case of blue balls tomorrow. I didn't much care for jerking off in the bathroom like a horny teenager, but I also didn't have much choice at this point, the last thing I wanted was for Rachel to pop in on me right in the middle of things. I didn't want to have to explain to her why I was horny but didn't want to fuck her. Women get kind of sensitive if they think you'd rather jerk off than be with them.

There was no way I could tell her just why I was horny.


I ran the shower to cover up for the sound and pulled my cock out. Just as I got fully hard again, I heard a light tap on the door. I opened it up just a crack and leaned around it to see what was up.

I knew who it was from the fact that she knocked and didn't just walk in like Rachel would. This might be bad, I was naked, she was fifteen, and her mom was downstairs.

"Whatcha doin?" she asked playfully. "You need to go back to your bedroom before we get caught!" I said in a hushed whisper. "Oh come on, Mom is downstairs and you know she's not coming up for at least an hour. C'mon, let me just see it." she said. I couldn't believe how little she seemed to care about getting caught. I guess she isn't the one that stands to lose everything she has worked for in life. She kept up her persistent teasing. "Let me in, just for a second" and as she said this, she pushed hard on the door.

In fear of making too much noise in this situation, I let her in. She came in and closed the door behind her, and there we were. I was completely naked in front of her feeling trapped in the bathroom, what if Rachel came up early?

My cock standing straight out at attention and she was loving every minute of it. She reached out and gently touched the head of my cock, and then ran her fingers down the length of the top of it.

When she reached the base, she slowly curled her hand around it and the slid her hand all the way back to the head. I forgot all about Rachel as Amy continued to slowly massage my swollen cock for a few seconds and then she abruptly said- "Well, no time to waste, I guess." And with that she dropped to her knees and licked the entire underside of my cock.

She made her way to the head and popped it into her mouth, starting to suck.

Every time she went down, she tried to go a little deeper than the last time. She was going about this like an old pro! My cock isn't huge or anything, about 7" but it's fairly thick. I kept trying to remember this girl was young and had probably only done this two or three times at most. She backed off and popped it out of her mouth, looking up at me.

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"Am I doing this right? Do you like it?" Of course I liked it, she was near perfect, a born cocksucker. She began stroking the shaft as she licked all over the head. "You need to slow down or I'm gonna cum in your mouth" I told her. She just moaned and redoubled her effort. I felt my orgasm coming up from my feet, all the way up my legs and my entire body started tingling.

I tried to give her another warning in case I mistook her signals, but it was too late.


I came harder than I have ever came in my life. I thought I might blow her through the bathroom door with the force of my cum. As I said though, she was like an old pro. She took every drop and kept just the head of my cock in her mouth as she looked up at me. My orgasm subsided and she popped it out of her mouth, swallowing my load as she smiled at me.

"Enjoy your shower" she said, standing up and opening the door. She left me in the bathroom alone to consider my possible future and where to go from here. I realized I couldn't have an actual relationship with her, the numerous legal boundaries being one reason, the fact that I was supposed to marry her mother in a few months being the other. I took a long shower and laid down in bed try and shut my mind off and sleep.

I woke up the next morning with Rachel sleeping next to me.

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I rolled over and kissed her on the shoulder, waking her up a bit. "Good morning, you must have been tired last night, you were dead to the world when I came in.

You didn't even stir when I tried to molest you." she said with a sleepy smile. I felt kind of guilty having neglected her for her daughter, and I decided I needed to do something to make it up to her.

"Let me go down and make some breakfast, and I'll bring it up here and we can stay in bed all morning." I offered. "Sounds great to me, God knows the zombie won't be awake for at least three or four more hours." she said with a smile. "Hurry back." I headed downstairs, feeling a slight twitch in my shorts at the thought of fucking my beautiful girlfriend after eating. I got to the kitchen and got out the ingredients for breakfast and started to work.

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I was busy at the task at hand cooking the scrambled eggs when I felt a hand come around from behind me and grab my cock through my shorts. Startled, I jumped a bit and said "I told you I'd bring it up to you to eat up there." "I guess I missed that part of the conversation" Amy said, from behind me.

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I whipped around to see her wearing the thinnest pajama pants and another too tiny tank top with no bra covering those beautiful B cup tits. I took in the sight of her for a split second before it occurred to me that her mom was now upstairs and could come down at any moment. The exact opposite of last night's problem. "You have to get out of here. Believe me, I want to fool around with you, but you have to understand what I stand to lose if we get caught.

At best, I'd never see you or your mom again, at worst, I'd end up in prison for rape!" I begged her. "It's not rape if I want you to fuck me." she said. A small part of mind only heard 'I want you to fuck me.' I continued.

"Honey, you're a minor, that means in the eyes of the law you don't have the mental capacity to make these decisions." "Oh, come on Mark! Did you actually just use the words 'mental capacity' to me?!? I just want to have some fun with you, I'm not gonna tell anyone! What do I have to do to get you to notice me, huh?" she teased.

As she said that, she took her hand and slowly raised the bottom of her shirt up so I could just see the bottom rise of her tits, then she would let it back down and sort of rub her smooth stomach up and down over and over as she looked me in the eyes. Her sleep pants were very low rise and I couldn't help but notice that hey must be just barely above her pubic hair, if she has any.

I stared at her and she at me long enough that I realized that my eggs were burning. I quickly spun back around and stirred my eggs around, I said "Amy, I notice you, trust me, I noticed. I went to sleep thinking about your lips on me and I woke up with you as my very first thought this morning.

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I'm just saying that whatever happens, we have to be careful." "Ok, ok. You win. But I've thought you were cute since I first met you and now that we've come this far I don't wanna stop. So tell me what we're gonna do." she said Thinking that I didn't care what happened, I just wanted to fuck this girl, right here, right now, I thought for a moment and came to my senses before telling her "I don't know. But right now I have to make your mom breakfast and pretend nothing out of the ordinary is going on.

So please, I'm begging you, give me a break and I'll figure something out." "Alright, fine. Cook away, then. I'm gonna make myself something to eat if that's ok with you." she said, then smiled at me and stuck out her tongue. I shook my head in disbelief at my situation once again and went back to work finishing up my cooking.

A few seconds later, from behind me I heard- "Mark, can you help me reach the jelly? It's too high" I turned to help her reach it and saw her stretched out on her tip toes.

Her ass looked fantastic in those pj's and her tank top showed off at least six inches of her tanned back all the way down to a hint of ass crack. Something came over me and I couldn't help myself. I walked up and stood right up against her. I leaned past her and reached the jelly with my left hand while bringing my right around her side to rest on her hip before sliding my hand inside her pants, smiling to myself as I felt a small patch of fine hair.

I continued down until I reached her clit, pausing briefly to rub it slightly before moving even further down to penetrate her with my finger. As my finger slid between her lips, she gasped with pleasure and laid her head back on my chest. I bent down and kissed her neck as I continued to stroke her pussy like a man possessed. I had to hear and feel this girl cum, and she didn't disappoint. I kept fucking her with my finger as I used my thumb to rub her clit, and I slid my other hand up under her tank top to gently pinch one nipple as I ground my cock into her ass.

Her breathing quickly sped up and she started to give these quick, sharp high pitched little noises just as I had imagined she would. My cock was rock hard and pressed firmly between her ass cheeks as I leaned in to tell her- "When I have you alone, all alone, I'm going to fuck you in your hot little ass. Have you ever been fucked in your ass, Amy?" "I've never been fucked anywhere, Mark" Upon hearing this, I rammed my cock against her ass even harder and slid my entire middle finger inside her.

She slammed both her hands into the counter and held on for dear life as her orgasm hit her. She went completely silent and stopped breathing as she let out a silent scream into the kitchen. I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life. I could watch that every day for the rest of my life and never get tired of watching it.

After she calmed down a bit, she pulled her hair away from her face and I saw she had tears in her eyes. "Did I hurt you, Honey?" I asked, thinking about the bombshell she had dropped on me that she was apparently a virgin, though you would never know it by the way she sucks a dick. My only thought was that this being her first time, I must have gone too far, too fast.

Breathing heavily, she replied "Oh my God, no! That was the most amazing orgasm I've ever had in my life! I'm just kind of, overcome. No pun intended." she said with a smile. If I wasn't careful, I might fall in love with this girl, and then I'd really have problems. "Besides, remember the carrot talk we had yesterday? I've fucked myself plenty of times, I've just never gone all the way with another person, that's all." Well that was good to hear for a few reasons.

"Fuck, I have to get back upstairs or your mom is gonna come down here, and I don't think you want that any more than me at this point." I said, as I quickly turned to finish up the breakfast. "Ok, I'm gonna leave you be for now, but this is going to have to continue soon. I believe I was promised an ass fucking." She said, turning around and lifting her ass up high so I could check out the goods.

I blinked hard and tried to get that picture and that thought out of my mind. I needed to tend to my "husbandly" duties for now, and fuck this girl as soon as possible. I finished cooking and took it upstairs to Rachel, trying to will my hard-on to go down. I must have done a bad job of it, as when I walked into the bedroom with the food on the tray, Rachel said- "Well look who's ready to skip breakfast?" Amy must not have made any noise coming downstairs, as Rachel didn't make any mention of her.

I still had a giant erection and figured if she wanted to skip it too, what the hell? I burned the eggs anyway. I set the tray down on the bed as Rachel sat up, pulled my pajama pants down and sunk my whole cock into her throat. I came in her mouth the second my cock hit the back of her throat, I just couldn't help myself, I was so worked up by my activities downstairs. 'She is almost as good as her daughter' I thought, and then tried to get that thought out of my head to tend to the task at hand.

"My my my. You were all ready to go, weren't you?" Rachel said with a wicked smile. "I hope you are gonna be ready for round two after breakfast." Somehow I had to figure out two things; how to fuck this woman while thinking of her teenage daughter without guilt, and how to get her out of the house for a few hours. Part three coming soon.