Three Hung Dudes Fucking Gin And Tila

Three Hung Dudes Fucking Gin And Tila
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My roommate is such a slut! I know that because of my upbringing I'm a bit more reserved, ok a lot more reserved, than most people our age. I knew the small town, very religious, conservative values I was used to would be difficult to find at college, but I was ok with that, really.

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I've never been too partial to religion or that stereotypical small town life, so I really felt this would be a great way to expand my horizons.

But I wasn't expecting this! First, any chance Megan gets to be naked, she's naked.


I mean, she has a killer body, so I get it, she's this small little blonde bombshell with a surprising amount of ass for her size. She's hot, don't get me wrong, but to just prance around without anything on!? It's been a lot to adjust to. I sort of understand it coming and going from the showers, there's no place to put clothes down really, but most of us girls wrap up in a towel and leave our underwear on just in case.

She just calmly waltzes back and forth from them in the nude. That's not even the worst! We've got a shared kitchen space with the rest of our CO-ED floor, and she'll even occasionally run out to it without tossing on even a robe! The guys can't get enough of it, it's so frustrating to be talking to a boy, have her prance up, and the guy just immediately space out on me and stare at her. Worse than that, I can't even count the amount of times I've walked in on her masturbating.

Look, I don't have anything against playing with yourself, as hard as it is for me to admit this I've tried it for myself recently and it's pretty great. I get that. But it seems like any chance she gets she's rubbing her clit and moaning.

And it's not even really that I'm walking in on her all the time, often we'll just be chilling in our room and she'll start! And it's gotten worse recently, as her friend got her a vibrator for her birthday, now she seems to whip that thing out every hour!

Which reminds me, if anyone compares to her sluttiness it's her friends. There's this one, Lauren, that visits us all the time with a new guy or two in tow every time. They then share the guy, or guys, without a care in the world that I'm in the room!


Lauren doesn't have a gag reflex, so she likes to bring these guys who have monster dicks over and see who can deep throat them the best. Megan's at an obvious disadvantage, besides her mouth being proportional with the rest of her and as such is kind of small, she's also a bit of a gagger, and yet she still tries to compete!

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Sometimes the guys even like it more that she's chocking on their dicks! If there are two guys, the winner is declared based on which guy comes first, and then the winning girl gets to fuck the other guy until they're done, with the "help" of the losing girl. This normally means Megan's licking Lauren's clit while she rides the guy to orgasm, and then cleans off the guy's come from Lauren's face, because Lauren really gets off on facials and even more from Megan eating cum off of her face.

They've even had me take pictures of this a few times, they're so nasty! Don't think Megan doesn't get much dick though. Oh no, I've commonly walked in on her with two, three, even four guys at once!

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She claims to prefer two, because she can split her efforts better between all present. She'll often start by sucking on one guy's cock while sitting on the other guy, riding his cock with her tight pussy.

That's not all she'll do though, if she's feeling up to it, they can fuck her two holes, one in her ass and the other one in her pussy. She says she only likes anal if there's a "cock in her cunt" as well, but she does love how full it makes her feel. However, her favorite position is to be on her hands and knees, fucked from behind by a big dick ramming her straight into the other cock that she's sucking.

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She says it's the only way she can manage a proper throat fucking without gagging, and it really gets her off.

The guy in her throat normally busts his nut first, either covering her face or unloading into her waiting mouth, guy's choice of course. This allows her to really focus on the guy in her pussy. One thing she'll do is to start practicing her Kegel exercises while on his dick which generally causes the guy to coat her insides with his cum before he can think to pull out. As crazy as it sounds, this is her goal!

She says getting cream pies are her favorite, and has had me tape the cum dripping out of her hot sticky cunt a few times. The longer we live together the more sucked in I've gotten. I just don't know how to tell her no, that's too far. It's only been 3 months, but I really think this is all starting to get to me.

"Katie, stop writing in your journal and come join us! Jess is only here this weekend, and she wants to taste more of your hot little pussy." What? She shouldn't be the only one to have fun!

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And I'm still a virgin, so it's not a big deal. But I'd rather be face deep in Megan's crotch with Jess tonguing me from behind than justifying it, so I'll catch you later journal.