I am here to put a stop to your masturbation problem

I am here to put a stop to your masturbation problem
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I walked outside with my suitcase and hurried to the car under a sheet of rain. My sisters Megan and Cristine were already waiting in the car with my mom. I hurried in and took a seat, staring out the window as the rain trinkled down the side of the car.

My family and I were going on small weekend vacation in the city, and I was very excited to finally get away from my boring town. We finally got to the city a few hours later, and got to our hotel. We checked in and found our room on the 7th floor, room 708. We walked in to find an average room, 2 beds and a pull out couch. We knew the routine as i put my bag down by the couch, my sisters on one bed, and my mom on the other.

Instantly my sisters wanted to go shopping at the mall a few blocks down. My mom gave them some money and sent them on their way. I was excited to go to the waterpark, so I took a quick shower and put my suit on and raced down the halls. After a few hours, my sisters walked into the waterpark and found me in the wave pool. We were together for a while until i got bored, they wanted to stay so I left alone. I came up to our room on the 7th floor and walked in to see my mom laying on the bed watching TV.

"I've been bored! Finally someone is here." she smiled as i walked into the room "Yeah, sorry, but I gotta shower before we go out to dinner" I said as I walked into the bathroom. "Oh, yeah, Okay." she said, slightly disappointed.

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I walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on, closing the curtain behind me. As i showered, i heard a knock on the door. "Um, yeah?" I asked, puzzled "John its your mom, I really have to pee, can you unlock the door?" she asked quickly "Yeah, sure mom." I said, stepping out of the shower and unlocking the door.

The second I unlocked the door, it burst open. My mom ran into the room, and I tried to get into the shower before she saw my naked body. I got back in and closed the curtain once again, hoping she didnt see anything. After the sound of her peeing stopped, She said thank you and walked out of the bathroom, and i heard the sound of the door shut. I was relieved she didnt comment on my nakedness, but oddly slightly disappointed. I continued with my shower, and finished as i stepped out and wrapped a towel around myself.

I emerged from the bathroom and grabbed some clothes from my suitcase. I walked back into the bathroom and got dressed. I came out from the bathroom once again to see my mom laying down on her bed watching TV. She looked up at me and smiled. I looked at my mom, only now realizing how appealing she was. She was 41 years old, blond hair about an inch past her shoulders, green eyes, she was about 5 foot 6, pretty small around 110 pounds, and a nice 34D rack. "Come lay down next to me, this is a really good movie!" she said, rolling over on the bed leaving a spot for me.

I walked over to the bed and laid down next to her. We watched the movie in silence for about 5 minutes. It was some cheesey action movie, and it was quite predictable.

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My mom broke the silence. "I couldn't help but notice John, You're very. Grown for your age." she commented "Oh, yeah, I guess i'm pretty tall" I responded, lookig down at myself. "No, John, i mean.

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Well, how do i say this. You have a larger than average penis than for your age." she said kind of awkwardly "Oh, gosh, mom!" i said, startled by the statement "And you have quite the bush, i noticed. It's okay, I'm your mom, i used to see you naked all the time!" she said with a smirk "Yeah but mom, its different now!" I said "How?

Just because you have some hair and you're bigger doesnt mean i'm not your mom. Come on, let me see you naked again." She said with a wink "No way mom!" i responded "Fine," she said disappointed, then an idea came into her head "I have an idea. I'm going to strip down.

If you can honestly say you're not hard when im done, You dont have to show me your body. But if you are, I want to see you in your birthday suit!" She said I nodded, speechless at her request. She took off her shirt and skirt, already down to her bra and underwear. I felt a small tingling feeling in my pants, but not quite hard. She unhooked her bra from behind, exposing her beautiful breasts.

I was beginning to be hard, but the last bit put me over the edge. she took off her underwear to expose her pussy, and a fair amount of hair. "I trim it, you know? I kind of like it. I hope you dont mind" she said, reading my mind.

"Mom, no, I love it! It worked.

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I'm hard mom." I said, realizing what i had to do. She laid down on the bed next to me and motioned me to get up, and i stripped down to my underwear. As i took it off, my mom got a massive smile.

"Damn, John, You are big! And look at that bush.

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Just like your father. Now this isnt as awkward as you thought, it is?" She said with a faint smile "Uh, I guess not." I said, standing awkwardly.

"Lay down next to me, being in the nude is no problem. Its quite flattering, though, that you got hard from me." she said smiling at my crotch I laid down next to her, and she turned towards me, and told me to do the same.

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She came in closer to give me a kiss, but as she did, she nudged towards me just a bit, and my dick came in contact with her pussy. Her eyes opened wide, but overcome with pleasure, she thrusted onto my cock. "Ungghh, John!" She said as i filled her. She grinded her hips onto my cock once again, and she rolled on top of me, so i was laying down with my cock inside of her.

I was fucking my mom! I realized this, but my lust for her took away the guilt. She fucked my cock hard, over and over again, until she came off for a second to breathe. i took advantage of this and rolled her so her back was onto the bed again, so it was my turn to be on top.

I thrusted my hard cock into my mom's hot, wet pussy. I pushed deep into her while our moans came out without warning. She began to move her hips onto my cock, and our movements went together in rhythm. We moaned loudly until i came out on one thrust, and i laid down on top of her, the shaft of my cock rubbing against her pussy.

We breathed heavily together.


"John. Oh my god, that was the best fuck i've ever had. Please. Give it to me more" She begged "Oh mom, the fun isnt done yet." I said as an idea popped into my head. i got up again, and directed my cock towards her pussy. But at the last second, i pushed into her asshole.

she nearly screamed. I pulled out and pushed into her tight asshole over and over, as it surrounded my cock, milking it. I felt the rush of an orgasm coming up me, so i slowed my thrusts and pulled out. "John, I want your cum in my mouth! Please!" She begged me again, pulling me towards her. She took my dick in her mouth, and expertly sucked on me, cleaning my cock with her spit, her tongue rapped around me and gave me a pleasure i'd never felt before.

I felt the cum rush up my cock. "Uhhnngg. Mom! I'm gonna cum!" I said as i threw my head back in pleasure, shooting spurts of cum into her mouth, filling it with my seed. She swallowed every last drop. "That was amazing John. But right now, we need to get dressed, your sisters are on their way up." She said, reaching for her clothes hastily. "Ugh, Fine mom, but next time, We wont have any interruptions, i said as i put my underwear on and laid down next to her. ***************************************************************************************************************** Feedback is welcome!

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