Naked boy gay sex free vid Real molten outdoor sex

Naked boy gay sex free vid Real molten outdoor sex
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My name is Justin and I'm 28, I'm 6'1, I have blonde hair and blue eyes, I'm well toned from all my martial arts and swimming at the local Y.M.C.A. I also enjoy playing computer games, I love a good game of pool or football.

My life changed 2 weeks ago when my Grandparents died in a freak accident, it was raining and hailing outside, with wind gusts of 60 m.p.h, a weak tree along the road snapped and fell on to the road, my grandfather didn't have time to react and they smashed into it head on and the car burst into flames.

By the time the rescue vehicles got to the scene of the accident they were gone. We still held a funeral for them and buried their ashes, then went and listen to the reading of their will, were they left me their house. It's not a small house It's actually pretty big, it has 3 bedrooms and 2 bath rooms a full basement and 3 porches to chill on, a huge back yard, with a hot tub.

It also has a nice big grill/smoker on one of the decks for family bbq's. After I had found out about my grandparents, I went to work and told them what had happend, they gave me a month off to get my bearings back, so I decided I would work on fixing up the house after I speak with the lawyer and banks to tie up loose ends. When I got back home, I started looking for things to fix I figured I would start with the dishwasher.

I was fixing the dishwasher when there was a knock at the door so I stopped what I was doing and went and answered the door to find my 20 year old sister Ruth just standing there, now I should tell you she is a hottie, at 5'3 and 120 lbs soaking wet with the sexiest creamy white skin, long brown hair that reaches the small of her back, and a nice set of 38 B breasts but what stops most guys in their tracks is her bright baby blue eyes, that can gaze into your soul.

She made me almost fall over when I saw her, she was wearing a black crop top that came just under her breasts and a pair of Daisy Duke shorts, that showed off her tight ass.

I had to admit it was making me drool, After I stopped ogling my sister I said, "Umm hey sis whats up, I'm surprised to see you here, last I knew you were out in California with that asshole Steve and making plans to get married next year." She said "Yea but I left his cheating ass, now I'm back home and I just heard about our grandparents, and had to come see how you are doing bro, I wanted to make sure you where doing alright and that you weren't a mess." I said "I'm alright its been hard, but I'll live and get through it, so were you living now sis." She said "I don't have a place at the moment." I said, "Well you can stay and live here with me, and I have a big enough house." So I helped move her into the house and used one room for her stuff, and set her up in the other bed room, which was my old room so its all camouflage and mostly guy stuff.

But she liked it the way it was, After I moved her in I got back to work on the dish washer which took me about two hours to fix.

When I finished with that she came out and said " I'm hungry." So I said "okay let me shower and get change and we will go out to eat." So I went and quickly showered, and got dressed. We got in the truck and headed to an old favorite of hers Poncho and Lefty's. We were seated right away and got our drinks, and ordered our food she ordered herself a taco salad, which she always loved, I ordered the macho nachos that I have every time I'm there.

While we waited for our food she told me " I caught my ex boyfriend in the shower with another woman, I heard some moaning and groaning, so I went back there to check it out.

I pulled back the curtain. I couldn't believe what I saw, so I packed my stuff said it was over and told him to go fuck himself and left on the next bus I could and I walked from the bus stop all the way to the house." I said, " That's 2 hour walk from the bus stop out to the house." The waitress brought us our food and we continued to talk while we ate, After dinner we went back home after I stopped to get us a case of beer and a bottle of Jack.

We got back to the house around 7 pm. I tell her "That I'm gonna go get ready for bed, I'm exausted from the day I've had." She said "I will also." So I went into my room, grabbed my sleep pants and put them on. Then I went to mix drinks for us, she came out in a black almost see through night shirt. My jaw hit the floor when I saw her. Her pink nipples (or so I think they are pink) were nice and hard, trying to pop through the material as if they were trying to get out.

She had a sheer black thong on underneath as well. I handed her the drink I made for her, then we went into the living room, and oh my god what a ass my sister has damn, the sheer thong complemented her ass so well. We sat down after we put on a movie, Hunt for Red October her fave movie.

We sat and chatted, as we watched the movie. We talked and drank for hours, and had a few laughs before she said "I'm going to bed I had a long bus ride and didn't sleep much on the bus." She got up and stretched that sexy body of hers, and I almost lost it.

She went to bed, and I heard the door shut I shut everything off and locked up the house and garage. Then I went to bed thinking about my sister and her amazing body, I climbed into bed and closed my eyes. I had been out for about an hour when, I felt my bed shift and turned on my bed side lamp,to see my sister had crawled in my bed.

I said "Can I help you." She said "I cant sleep with out someone next to me." So I said "Okay you can sleep with me if you want, I don't care, we are both adults." So I shut off the light, she then surprised me by cuddling up to me and drifted off to sleep.

Needless to say my cock was rock hard, and my mind was racing, I tried to push the thoughts away and try to sleep. But I guess she wasn't asleep though, because I felt her grab my cock, and she started to stroke it through my sleeping pants. I haven't felt this alive in a quite some time, her hand was like magic the way she gripped my shaft. Then she really surprised me, she started to suck my 8 inch cock with a fiery passion, swirling her tongue around the head of my shaft. I rubbed her pussy through her thong, then I moved the string of her thong aside, and started to rub her bare pussy.

I parted her moist lips and slowly I slid a finger into her tight, warm, and very wet cunt. As she started to suck faster on my cock, I let out a deep moan almost as growl, and said " Ruth if you keep that up, I'm gonna cum down your throat. She moaned around my cock and started to suck harder swirling her tongue even more, I felt that familiar tingle in my balls, then a rush up my cock, as I started to pump my cum down her throat. She swallowed every drop to save herself from drowning.

After she licked up the remains of my cum off my cock. I grabbed her, and rolled her on to her back.

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Ripping her thong off of her and I dove into her perfect pussy with an animalistic passion, licking and lightly biting her clit as she moaned in pleasure. I licked her deep and fast, then I sucked her clit really hard, she came gushing and flooding my mouth with her juices.

Shit I thought, "I barely did anything and she creamed, she must have needed it." So I continued my assault on her and sucked on her clit and licked her pussy, after a bit she started to cum. Then moved up to kiss her in a deep and passionate way, she reached down grabbing my now hard again cock and positioned it at her entrance. I pushed in to her, and started a slow in and out thrusting movement, so she could get used to my girth. i groaned as I thrusted back and forth, I'm thinking, " Damn she is tight!" I start to pick up the pace making her moan and whimper as I fucked her, she moaned more, digging her nails into my back.

She said "Enough of this slow shit pound my pussy and make me cum again." So I picked up the pace and start pounding into her nice and hard, fast and deep, making those ample breasts of hers bounce. She starts moaning louder and screaming, "Oh fuck yes, oh fuck me hard brother, make me squirt again and then cum deep in my pussy. "Let me feel it, oh ohh ohhhhhh fuck yes." She said as she soaks my cock, the sheets of the bed with her juices.

I growl saying "I'm cuming." I shove my cock deep into her womb, practically emptying my balls as I'm unloading my cum deep inside and through her cervix. Flooding deep into her womb, spurt after spurt, she screams again.

As she cums a second time, she digs her nails harder into my back. I start to feel a trickle down my back, but I don't care. I hold her as we come down from bliss and post orgasmic high, I kiss her and say "Thanks sis, that was the best ever. She said "I know, if you think that was good, you keep making me cum like that there will be plenty more." She yawned and drifted off to sleep saying "I love u bro." I yawned and said "I love u too."And I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I wake up to the smell of bacon cooking, I crawl out of my bed walked to the bathroom and took a piss. I walked out of the room and into the kitchen, I had to pause. Because standing there at the stove, was my sister cooking breakfast in nothing but an apron.

I walked up behind her, and kiss her on the neck. I say, " Good morning sis." She turns around, looks at me an says, "Good morning bro, Did you sleep well? I hope so, after a night like last night." She gives me a big smile, and goes back to cooking.

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I say "Yes I did sis, that was a great night baby, so what does my sexy sister have planned for today?" She says " I have to go into town, to to see if anything has changed since I've been in California the last 2 years, get a few things I need for the house and myself.

I say "Okay hun I have some stuff to do around the house. She sets down two plates of food and kisses me on the lips, we dig into our food. I get up and walk to the bedroom, grab my wallet and hand her six hundred dollars, telling her to have a nice time shopping. After we are done eating, she grabs the plates cleans them off and puts them in the sink.

She says, "I'm going to go take a shower and get ready for the day."I walk to the bedroom, grab some clean clothes.


I head to the bathroom, knocking on the door, and ask "Can join you." She says, "Yes, of course you can bro, why not." I walked in and set my stuff down. I step in the shower with her, I take notice of her pink nipples, and her landing strip of pussy hair on her mound.

I grab the wash cloth I had, and started to wash her back. Her nice tight ample ass is drawing my attention, and she starts to shake it. I feel my cock harden, she slowly leans forward and takes her hands and parts her ever so wet pussy lips. She then begins to grind on my stiffing cock, I say, "Sis you keep that up, you know what's going to happen to you if you do?" She turns her head and says, "Of course I do bro, why do you think I'm doing it?

I want you to pound this pussy into a coma, and make me scream for more." I look at her and I just smile with pleasure. I pin her to the wall of the shower, kissing her lips, her neck then to her breasts to suck and nibble on her nipples as they harden. I kiss down her belly to her pelvic line, I release her arms and grab her ass and squeeze her soft yet ample ass.

I move my hands to her hips as I lightly kiss her pussy lips, I prop one of her legs over my shoulder I spread her wet lips and she her clit.

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I start sucking hard on it, flicking it with my tongue she starts moaning and cupping her breasts while pinching her nipples. As I'm eating her pussy she says," Oh Bro please fuck my pussy with your cock." I eased my now rock hard cock into her very tight pussy, we both moaned in pleasure.

I start to fuck her in a nice slow pace, enjoying her tight pussy as it grips my cock like a glove. I start to pick up the pace, I really start to pound into her pussy hard and fast. My animal instincts kick in, and I fuck her with a power i haven't had in a long time.

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She starts to scream loud and moaning wildly, I suck on her nipples and I feel her pussy tighten up with her first orgasm of the day. I keep pounding away, making her scream and moan more.

She has me stop and pull out my cock, she turns around an gets on her knees. She then looks up at me with those baby blue eyes, and she says "Bro I want to suck your hard cock, and have you cum all over my face." Before I can reply she starts to suck my cock, going fast and furious, moaning on my cock.

I can definitely tell she is rubbing her pussy, as she sucks my cock, I say to her, "I'm gonna cum." She takes me out of her mouth, with a pop and starts to jack my cock. I yell "Holy shit, here it comes." Spurt after spurt of my cum paints her face, like a fire hose left on high.


I keep pumping more and more cum on to her face, and her perky tits. I start to slow, and come down from my orgasm. She then takes my cock back into her mouth, and sucks whats left of my cum out of my cock.

She wipes off every drop of cum from her face and her tits, and just looks me in the eyes as she does it then licks it off her hand and swallows it. She said, "That was good bro." I smile with delight, we finish our shower and get dressed.

She gives me a kiss an tells me, "I'll see you later on today, after i get back from town. Did grandpa leave the truck or did he have it sold?" I toss her the keys to the truck, and tell her to drive safe.

She says, "I will and kisses me again as she walks out the door. I hear the truck start, and see her leave. I walk out to the shed, and get the lawn tractor out and get that running. I start mowing the lawn, it takes about an hour to mow the lawn. I put the mower away, and get the weed whip out. I start it up and go around the trees, the decks, the house and garage. After I finish up outside, I start on the work on the inside. First I go to her room, and move all of her cloths and stuff into my room.

I put it all in the closet and dresser, I change the bedding on my bed and do a load of laundry. I feel a little tired, I decide that ill lay down on the couch and take a nap before doing more work on the house.

Next thing I know I hear the truck pull up, an I hear 2 doors shut not just one. I'm thinking, (did my sis bring someone home with her?). As I continue to lay on the couch an rest, my sis yells "Bro are you home?

I got someone that you should meet." I sit up on the couch slightly and say, "Who did you bring home with you sis?" Then she proceeds to tell me, "I brought home Jen. She's a really good friend of mine, I thought it would be nice for you to meet her." She brings her friend over to the couch and introduces her.

"Jen this is my bro Justin, Justin this is my close friend Jen." I look at this Jen and wow she isn't that bad looking she has strawberry blonde hair hazel eyes 5' 4" 115 pounds and a nice tan and what i guess are 40 C cup breasts and a very ample ass just like my sister, I happen to notice that one of her nipples my have been pierced.

I say "hello Jen its nice to meet you", and she says "Nice to meet you and I have heard a lot about you." I kinda look at my sister and wonder what exactly she has told her. "Bro i brought Jen over, because she is having a really hard day. I ran into her at the mall, she was just so sad. So I figured I would bring her home and maybe we could cheer her up a bit." I said "Okay, Jen why don't you tell me a little about yourself?" She said "Well I like to go fishing, hunting, shoot pool, go swimming, and hangout with my friends, I also teach dance to teens and I work at a youth center for troubled teens." I look at her and smile, I say "well I have a pool table down in the basement lets see just how good you are." I get attacked with hugs from both of them, we head down to the pool table, my sister and Jen look in awe as they see what looks like a bar in the basement and both smile from ear to ear giggling It has a complete bar, a pool table and a 50 inch flat screen tv, with a surround sound system, and to top it off a pinball machine and dart board.

My sister giggles and I asked her, "Whats the giggle for?" "I just had a great idea bro." I say, "Oh, what's this great idea you have?" She says, "How about a game of strip pool, who ever loses a game or misses a shot on the table, has to take an article of clothing off, and take a shot of their favorite liquor.

What do you guys say to that?" As she just stands there smiling her ass off. I say "Alright with me sis how about you Jen?" She thinks for a minute and says "Okay lets do this, its us vs you." I smile at her comment as I walk over to the cue rack and grab my graphite cue, and say "Okay ladies, sense its me vs you two, you rack I break." My sister says "Okay." and racks the balls up, I set up for my break.

(Crack the balls scatter and 3 solids drop on the break) I continue to clear the table of my balls, I'm left with the 8-ball and I'm set to win this game. Then my sister flashes me and I miss the shot, I say "No fair!" but she says "Hey there are no rules." So I walk over take a shot of tequila and lose my shirt and I swear I heard Jen gasp. I smile and wait as she starts to shoot and she makes 3 then misses a shot and i smile as she walks over and takes a shot of Jack.

I wait till she is back after she took her shirt off, I have a good view of her tits straining against her leopard bra. I smile to myself and take my shot easily making the 8-ball, I laugh and look at the girls as my sister takes off her shirt, exposing her tits held up in a zebra print bra. Jen takes her bra off, I'm now staring at her tanned tits capped off with light brown nipples and sure enough one of them is pierced and they are just begging to be sucked on.

Then I see my sister wink at me, and do the unthinkable. She gently grabs Jen's tit an places it in her mouth an starts to suck on it, flicking her nipple with her tongue.

Jen gives out a slight moan, as she appears to be enjoying it. As my sister sucks on Jen's nipple, she reaches for her other bare breast and begins to rub it, rubbing the nipple between her finger tips making it rock hard. My jaw drops in amazement at what my sister is doing to Jen. As I continue to watch my cock starts to grow stiff. I'm thinking to myself, (I wonder how this is going to end up?) Jen takes her finger and points to me an motions me to come over to them.

I walk over and she grabs the back of my head and pulls me in for a kiss, we wrestled our tongues fighting for supremacy, then I break the kiss. She is out of breath, I lean down and start sucking on her tit, that my sister isn't sucking on. She starts to moan even louder, as she starts to shake I break off, so does my sister. I pick her up and sit her on the pool table, as my sister pockets the rest of the balls fast. I lay her back and pull her shorts off, finding a matching thong to her bra.

I remove her thong and stare at her pussy, it's shaved into a triangle with the tip pointing to her pussy. I start to kiss up to her pussy, on her leg. Then plant kisses all over her pussy, then start to lick her moist lips. I then start to suck on her clit, which makes her jump, and start to buck her hips.

I power eat her pussy, I start to hear my sister moan as I see she has kneeled over her head. Jen is licking away furiously on my sisters pussy, Ruth plays with Jen's breasts as she's being ate out. Jen sticks her tongue out and starts tongue fucking her, as Ruth starts to moan loud.

Slowly rocking her hips, she slowly rubs her breasts while moaning. I then get up and start to ease my cock into Jen's pussy. I look up to see my sister smiling, hearing Jen moan as I slide my whole cock deep into her pussy. I feel the tip of my cock hit her cervix, and I hear her scream in pleasure as I start pounding into her nice and fast. Her tits bounce up and down going out of control, she reaches for her tits and pinches her nipples to heighten her pleasure.

As she moans deep and loud as her pussy clamps on my cock, as her orgasm hits her she screams "Oh god yes, fuck me I'm cumming." Then silence as she has passed out, from what my sister says. I pull out only to be pulled back in, as Jen says "Your not done yet." I pound back into her, and soon she is cumming again. As she cums I push deep into her, past her cervix and I start spurting cum deep into her womb.

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When I finished I helped her up and carry her up the stairs, and lay her on my bed. Ruth and I climb in bed next to her, we each kissed her and say "Good night." I say "Love you sis." She says "Love you too." Jen says "I love you both." As I drift off to sleep in between these two sexy women I think to myself, (I wonder what tomorrow will bring then I smile and close my eyes.)