Gay twinks tiny genitals Kellan takes control of the younger Gage

Gay twinks tiny genitals Kellan takes control of the younger Gage
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I am visiting your Mum and we are on the bed. She is on her hands and knees, I am behind her with my cock deep in her ass and one hand fingering her cunt She is moaning with each thrust of my dick.

We are expecting you to visit on holiday, but you have arrived earlier than I expected. We did not hear you come in and you have caught us in the middle of our love making session. Pascale is starting to cum when I sense someone in the door. I turn and look, I recognize you from pictures I have seen.

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Our eyes lock and I notice your hand was rubbing your pussy through your pants. I don't know how long you have been watching, but your nipples are pressing hard through the sheer fabric of your blouse. I smile, watching you while fucking your Mum. Looking at you has inspired me to fuck your Mum harder and faster. Your hand speeds to keep up with our tempo. As she starts to cum I spank her ass and she cums loud and fast.

She is trembling under me as I fill her tight ass with my cum. I collapse on top of her and she turns her head slightly and sees you. She just smiled and says "Welcome Cecile". I am still watching you, slightly embarrassed and say that I am glad to meet you.

You walk over and offer your hand. I take it and kiss your fingers. It was the hand you were rubbing yourself with and I imagine tasting your sweet wetness. Your Mum rolls out from under me. And gives you a hug and kiss. She says you must be hungry from your travels. She tells you that there is something she must do first.

She leans over me and begins licking my cock clean of my cum and her ass. Kissing me she tells us to get acquainted while she gets some wine and hors d'oeuvres. She gives us a wink as she walks out of the room saying she will be back in a short while.


You sit down on the bed next to me and give me a hug and kiss. You are incredible gorgeous and as you hug me I feel my cock stir. You tell me she has told you all about me and you are excited to meet me. The two of you had planned for this and it was to be a surprise for me. As we chat your hand has dropped on my cock and give a squeeze. I can feel it starting to harden.

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You just smile at me then slowly stand up. Gazing at me you slowly unbutton your blouse revealing your beautiful tits.

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You are not wearing a bra under the sheer fabric. You are much like Mum in this respect. You both enjoy showing off your bodies and watching the reactions. As your blouse hits the floor you begin sliding your pants down your hips. I am slowly licking my tongue waiting to see your pussy. I am not sure if you had panties or not because suddenly there is your sweet wet box, glistening from you watching us. You turn around slowly showing off your beautiful body, once again my cock is erect.

I ask you come closer and let me touch you. You sit next to me and our tongues start exploring each other's mouths. Our hands are traveling over each other's bodies. I caress your beautiful tits, gently pinching your hard nipples. Your hand is squeezing and stroking my dick. Finally my hand finds your sweet pussy and slowly rub it.

My finger slides in to your wet cunt and you push against it. Moving with each motion of my hand. I take my hand and bring it to my mouth and we both suck your wetness from my fingers. I am desperate to taste you. I slowly start kissing my way down your body. Lingering on your hard nipples, taking them one by one into my mouth. You moan softly as I suck the n them.

My fingers continue to go deep into your cunt as I kiss my way down your body. I have slowly made my way to your pussy and I tease it with my tongue then move to the insides of your thighs kissing each.

You beg me to lick your cunt. My tongue finds its way and parts your pussy lips and gently licks your clit. I slide my tongue deep inside you and you start slowly fucking it. You gasp and tell me you want to suck my cock while I eat your cunt.


Turning and changing positions I am under you and you now take my cock into your mouth. This is a dream cum true. You taste incredible and you suck me fantastically. You are close to cumming and you press harder against my tongue and face.

I take two fingers and insert them into your tight asshole. You are cumming in a gush and my face is now covered with your wetness. I continue to tongue you and finger fuck your ass. You keep cumming in wave after wave. Shaking with each new spasm. Finally you roll off me and ask me to let you catch your breath. I trace your body lightly with my fingers and feel you shiver. As your breathing slows I ask you to sit on my cock so that I can look at your body riding me.

I can touch your boobs and pussy this way. You sit down on me a slowly start moving.

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I love looking at you. You are riding me and I notice you look to the side of the room. Pascale is sitting there drinking a glass of wine watching, for how long I do not know. She has a smile on her face and is gently rubbing her cunt. With such an audience we better put on a good show. We move and you are on your hands and knees facing her.

I get behind you and slide my dick deep in to your pussy. Pulling your hair with each thrust. I fuck you hard and deep. I feel your fingers play with my balls and your pussy. You are so tight and feel so good. Tell Daddy how much you like his cock in your cunt.

Daddy likes it when you talk dirty when he is fucking. You start cumming again and I fuck you faster. Cum for me, Cum for Daddy. With a hard push you cum hard on my cock flooding me.

You are so incredibly wet. I let you finish and now it's my turn. I have you get on your knees looking up at me.

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Taking my cock into your mouth and sucking it deeply. You take your hand and rub it in your pussy getting your fingers wet then I feel you slide one in my asshole while I throat fuck you. I am so close to cumming and this time I will be selfish and cum without you. I am torn between shooting my load down your throat or on your face and tits. I decide. Just as I start to cum, I pull out from your mouth and shoot it all over your face and in your mouth.

I am surprised by the amount since I had just filled your Mum's asshole to the brim a little earlier. You let some of my cum fall from your mouth onto your boobs and you slowly rub it all over, licking your fingers as you go. You then take me in your mouth and suck the very last drops from me. I shiver as you do.

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Pascale is smiling and lightly applauding our performance. Her legs are spread open and her pussy is glistening, she must have cum too. She says, she knew we would hit it off. Then asks if we would like a break. She stands up and takes the tray of wine and asks us to follow her out to the balcony. She noticed my apprehension and tells me no one will care if the three of us are naked outside.

We all go out, sit down enjoying the wine. You two are chatting and catching up. Me, I sit smiling and admiring both of your incredible bodies and thinking what a great surprise you two had planned. This is a dream cum true and can not wait to see what the next few days have instore