Nasty cuties pound the biggest belt cocks and spray jism everywhere

Nasty cuties pound the biggest belt cocks and spray jism everywhere
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Daydreaming, I snatched my stiff cock from my Mother's hand and held it in front of her surprised face as the spunk began to flow. "Take that, Mom!" I moaned out loud as the first visceral stream of juice blasted out from my cock and landed in a long icky strand just above her right eye, across the bridge of her nose and over her parted lips before dripping off the end of her chin. More followed with Mom squeaking as I coated her blushing cheeks with more hot fresh jizz until she was covered with frothy gloop.

"Henry Peterson!" she gasped as she knelt there with her eyes firmly shut, "What are you doing?!" I was running out of stuff so I rubbed the head of my thing all over her spunk soaked face making it shine and glisten disgustingly in the low light of my bedroom.

Sexually intoxicated, I bounced my knob end on her cum splattered forehead enjoying the way she stuck out her tongue to chase the rivers of sperm running down over her cheeks and chin. "You bad, bad boy," Mom scolded me as she reached up and massaged my spend into her skin before she enthusiastically sucked her fingers clean, "What are we going to do next, sweetie?" she asked as she played with her awesome tits. Even after the last spunk salvo, I could feel myself already getting ready for another round with Mom.

"What do you wanna do, you cum slut?" I asked her. In our ever-expanding shared vocabulary, "Slut" was one of those words that flicked the switch for my Mother. Mom was right. It's not what you say but the way you say it. Shakespeare 101 as she put it. "Oh, I don't know, dear," she stretched erotically as she settled in beside me on my bed cleaning my jizz off her face with a wet wipe, "It's been such a long time since any man came knocking at my door," she sighed.

Leaning over, she put her lips to my left ear, "Do you want me to give you my number?" she breathed as she shrugged her shoulders and slipped off her yellow bra to leave her nearly naked with only a matching pair of panties to cover her trimmed modesty.

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One. Two.

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Three. Four.


Five. All my senses were working overtime as I let her push me back so that she could kiss her way downstairs to my growing banana. Hell yeah. Time to pound some serious Mommy pussy like the good Son I was. "Are you with us, Mr. Peterson?" Fuck that pussy, dude. Fuck it real good.

Mommy pussies are the best pussies in the whole wide world and that is a fact. Just get between those firm thighs of hers and shove that big dick right the way up her slot. This was the absolute best way to relieve those big aching balls of yours. "Mister Peterson." "What?" I blinked as real-life gatecrashed my imagined party which faded frustratingly away just as I was about to mount my Mom.

Miss Buford, late 50's, grey hair in a bun with sensible clothes was sat on the edge of her desk in front of the class smiling at me. "Wherever you are, I'm sure you won't find the answer to my question there. Perhaps you should concentrate on the here and now if you please." Mom had disappeared into the ether as she so often did these past few days as I sat up in my chair and picked up my Maths book to hide behind.

"Uh, yeah, sorry," I mumbled as I slid back down so that only the top half of my red face was visible. Shape up, Peterson. Don't give everyone the impression you're the loser they probably already think you are. I glanced up at the clock on the wall; half an hour till the end of class and an hour till my appointment at the surgery with Doctor Meadows and her sexy spectacles.

"Good," said the teacher as she looked around at the other students, "Let's continue shall we as Mr. Peterson keeps digging that hole he wants to hide in." Funny. The woman had no idea how right she was. But as I shriveled up like a salted slug behind my book, I didn't notice the girl sat two rows in front of me glance over her shoulder to stare at my pathetic attempts to disappear with an amused expression on her gorgeous face.

Mom was right. Sometimes it's not who you are or what you look like that matters. It's about something much more than that. Something called the whims and attractions of fate. *** Those two spunktastic weeks passed by in the blink of an eye despite my best efforts to make them last forever.

Masturbating with Mom had really been something else. Each time with her had given me enough memories to sustain my immature libido for months, if not years, to come. It sucked major donkey dick that all good things really do come to an end. That end being my follow-up appointment with the Doc. "So, Henry," smiled Doctor Meadows as she took the sheet of paper Mom handed to her, "How's life?" I gave a shrug.

"Alright. Okay." Mom was with me as she had come straight from work despite me telling her that morning as she jacked me off for the last time that I was more than capable of seeing the Doctor on my own. We were both sat together in front of her desk watching as she read the numbers Mom had written down after each of our masturbating sessions.

Now and again, her eyebrows would rise in apparent surprise as she considered our results. "Well, Henry," she began as she put the sheet down in front of her, "You are most definitely an impressive young man it has to be said. No wonder your testicles ached all the time.

The amount of sperm you are producing is definitely at the high end of the scale. Did you have any problems collecting your samples?" I quickly shook my head. "No, Ma 'am. No problems at all. Nope. Absolutely not." Mom was sat bolt upright with her handbag in her lap. "Everything went smoothly, Doctor," she nodded in agreement as she put on her best poker face, "I made quite sure Henry did what he had to do." Doctor Meadows looked at the results again. "So over the two week period, his minimum daily output was three times and his maximum was," She traced a finger across the dates, "Six times?" Oh, that day.

Now that had been a day to remember. Mom shuffled in her chair as I sat there blushing like an idiot. Yeah, six times. Six hand jobs in one day.

For whatever reason, I had been supercharged that day and would have fucked a rubber duck just to get off. Besides an early morning quickie and a pre-dinner splash and dash, four more times Mom had to sort me out from early evening to nearly midnight. "AGAIN?" she had spluttered in amazement as I wandered downstairs to find her sat in her favorite armchair reading a book under the circular light from a table lamp. Don't blame me. What's a horny son of a bitch supposed to do when nature comes calling?

So, yeah, I was a regular stud muffin that day. "Uh, I guess when you've got to go you've just got to go," I replied lamely as she looked at me a little bemused. Mom sat forward and got straight to the point as she always did. One thing about my Mom was that there was no screwing around. "Did the blood and urine tests find anything wrong with him, Doctor?" she asked with a frown on her face. Doctor Meadows removed her spectacles and looked between us.

"Actually, Mrs. Peterson, they have. The good news is it's nothing serious so you don't have to worry yourself about it but it is a condition I've only come across very rarely in all my years as a practitioner. Henry has something that requires a very specific and unusual kind of treatment." Mom looked blankly at Doctor Meadows. "What sort of treatment?" "Sex," replied the Doctor matter of factly, "And lot's of it." Uh oh. *** Once again, Mom was sat gripping the steering wheel as the lights changed to red and we slowed to a stop as the late afternoon sunshine flared through the windscreen.

Like last time, the journey back home from the Surgery had been mostly in silence as I sat there in the passenger seat wondering if life was screwing me around deliberately. "That's the most RIDICULOUS thing I've ever heard," she exclaimed suddenly making me jump, "This has to be some sort of joke!" Yeah.

As far as possible things wrong with me this one was a complete doozy. Not so much the problem but what I had to do to fix it. Fix as in manage as there was no real cure for what I had according to the Doctor. Honest to God, I thought Mom was going to blow a gasket when the Doc explained the reasons for her diagnosis based on the results of my tests, Even my ball sack was surprised.

The lights changed and we headed for home as I sat there wondering what the heck was going to happen next. Now that those two weeks were over, being masturbated by Mom was, I presumed, a thing of the past which was a major bummer. And now I had this to deal with. It never rains but it pours and, boy, it sure as fuck was pissing down on my parade right now. Mom pulled into the drive watching as I undid my seatbelt and reached to open the car door.

"How can you do something like that when you don't even have a girlfriend?" she said out loud as she fiddled with her own belt and exited the car with a little squeak of annoyance at my lack of a sexual partner. Wait a second. Hold the God damned phone. I mean, hey, it's not my fault I'm still a virgin for Chrissakes. It's not like I planned my life this way. She slammed the car door shut and marched into the house as I stood there sighing to myself before I followed her inside.

What a fucking day this had turned out to be. Today was definitely going into my Dear Diary hall of fame. *** "Dear diary," I scribbled. It was late. The evening had slipped away with Mom and me dancing around each other with an air of awkward embarrassment as we tried to maintain some semblance of normality in a situation that was anything but normal. Eventually, I retired to my bedroom, went over to my big pile of sci-fi mags and took out my little black book which I hid there.

The book where I kept all my secrets, thoughts, and dreams. The kind of stuff you never told anyone about ever - especially your Mom. Sometimes in order to see things more clearly you just need to write them down. "Holy crapola. Today has been one crazy ass day with bells on." Seeing every last detail of my appointment with Doctor Meadows down in simple black and white was strangely therapeutic. Holy baked potatoes. Talk about being knocked for six at the treatment she suggested.

Putting the pen down, I stared out of my bedroom window watching as the skies darkened and all the lights in the neighborhood came on one by one. Feeling slightly depressed, I shook my head, got up from my desk and went to get ready for bed with the Doctor's words echoing in my head.

Sex. And lot's of it. If it were only that simple because having sex with anyone at all seemed a million miles away right now. *** Funnily enough, as it turned out, the solution to that problem wasn't a million miles away at all but somewhere much closer to home.

Next day, I was back in the old routine. A one-man band masturbating machine pumping out a steady stream of man goo at least three times a day with the help of the familiar faces in my well-thumbed porn stash.

Anything to help scratch my itch and ease my ache down below. Only now everything seemed so much less exciting than before. The thrill had gone and even "Awesome Angie and her Agile Asshole!" seemed boring. Mom was sort of ignoring me. Conversations were yes and no affairs as we both tried to find our own ways to deal with everything.

Every time I got up to go upstairs, I could feel her eyes following me as she sat there reading her books or watching tv. In a way, it made me feel kind of bad knowing she knew what I was going to do. But needs must. Puberty and ball ache was a thing that needed satisfying and right now there was only one way to do that. That is until three days later. It had gone six in the evening. Back home from work with dinner done, Mom was sat watching a bit of tv in the living room to help her unwind from the stresses of the day.

Within minutes of sitting down opposite her, I could feel the familiar itch begin and I knew I was due another gotta blow a load session.

Glancing at Mom, I sighed and got to my feet to head for the stairs where my life was about to take another unexpected turn. The bedroom door suddenly burst open as I stood there about to drop my jeans with a box of tissues and one of my favorite porn mags on the bed next to me. Startled, I spun round to see Mom standing there with a determined look on her face.

"WAIT!" she said forcefully. She was still dressed in her work clothes and looked deceptively attractive in an "If she wasn't my Mom" hot kind of way. A floret long sleeved cream blouse, dark black pressed knee-length skirt, and with what I imagined were matching stockings as Mom wasn't a fan of tights of any kind. I stood there wondering what was up. It was pretty unusual for Mom to invade what she always considered was my private space.

Was I in trouble? Mom came to stand in front of me looking like she had a gazillion thoughts going through her head. "Mom?" I said hesitantly. Whatever was on her mind she'd better make it quick as I really needed to get down to the business at hand ASAP. Mom screwed up her flushed face as if she was trying to stop herself from saying what she was about to say.

"Are they," she blurted out, "Those things of yours. Are they aching again?" "They're always aching, Mom," I sighed. Did we have to go through this again? "I won't be long. I just need to do what I have to do that's all.

It's no big deal now you know all about it." My Mother didn't say anything but stared at me intensely for a long time. A very long time. As if she was making a decision, she raised her hands to her face, balled them into small fists then with a little squeak of submission, she flung her arms out wide and took another step towards me. It was like she had stepped over some sort of emotional and moral line in the sand and only later would I realize how much effort and mental strength it had taken for her to do that.

"ALRIGHT!" she said with a slightly resigned gasp of exasperation, "ALRIGHT FOR GOODNESS SAKES!" I blinked and stared at her. Alright what? Mom?" I said, beginning to feel a bit worried, "Is everything okay?" She shook her blonde head. "Of course everything isn't okay," she replied as she took a deep breath, "If everything was okay I wouldn't be about to do what I'm about to do." Do?

Do what? *** No way. You have got to be fucking kidding me. "What are you talking about?" I said, stunned as I stared at my Mother who was standing in front of me looking embarrassed and determined at the same time. There was a buzzing in my head like my brain was trying to make some sort of sense of what she had just told me. Mom had turned bright red and stood with her hands down by her sides. "I said," she repeated, "We're going to have sex. Right now." We are? I blinked at her.

"No, we're not," I said with a sort of disbelieving grunt, "Don't be silly, Mom." Was she alright? What the hell was she talking about? Sex? The two of us? Together? Naked? On a bed? Was she serious? Mom was strictly Bible Belt in her outlook and knew the Good Book inside out. There was more chance of me banging Mary Poppins than my own Mother.

What was she doing? "Listen to me, Henry Peterson," she said firmly, putting both hands on her shapely hips, "After what happened the other day at the Surgery and with what Doctor Meadows had to say, well, after much thought, I can't think of any other way to fix your problem." Uh.

Okay. This was totally bonkers. But us having sex would change everything. Surely she realized that. I just wanted Mom to be Mom. The last thing I wanted her to think was that she had some sort of obligation to help me out. "It's okay, Mom," I said trying to act like an adult, "You don't have to do that. Seriously, I can just go back to what I've always been doing.

No problem. I know you helped me out before but doing this is something else. For one thing, you're my Mom, Mom. And secondly, it's totally against the law. I mean, if anyone ever found out." She stared at me for a second then shook her head.

"Well, I'm certainly not going to tell anyone about it. No, I've made my mind up. Close the curtains, Henry," she ordered, "Then we can make a start," Reaching up, she started to undo the buttons on the front of her blouse as I tried to think straight. Wait. Hold on. Things were moving way too fast for me. We really did need to talk about this before we did anything stupid or would regret later on."But Mom!" "Henry," she said, cutting me off, "The curtains and switch your bedside lamp on." Holy ball ache, she was serious.

She really was going to let me have sex with her. What am I supposed to do now? Maybe I should run for the hills. My heart was racing and every nerve ending was having its own party. It took a major effort to do as I was told which left the room bathed in a moody low light as our shadows danced on the walls.

Mom tugged her blouse out of her skirts and looked at me. "I know this is your first time, Henry," she admitted, "And that first times should always be special. Now I want you to just relax and I'll show you what to do." Relax?

Was she kidding? I was as wound up as a fucking top. My whole body felt like it was on fire and it took one serious mind fuck to be able to concentrate. Predictably, my omnipresent dick was already poking out from the top of my boxers and I could feel the steady metronomic beat of it as it throbbed in selfish anticipation.

Rooted to the spot, my eyes were nearly popping out of my head as I watched Mom undress. Holy fuckola. Dear God, if this is actually going to go down please don't let me blow before the main event. "Oh," I gasped as Mom shrugged out of her top to leave her standing there in a fetching blue brassiere that pushed her circular boobs up against her chest, "Those are cool," I mumbled as she twisted around and slowly slid the zipper down on the side of her skirt. Mom gave me a fixed knowing smile as she glanced back at me.

"Well, that's nice of you to say so, dear," she responded to my compliment before she suddenly wriggled her hips and I felt my world flip over as she let her skirt fall to the floor before stepping out of it. Wow. Holy bananas. She was wearing stockings. Black stockings with suspenders and everything. It was like she had read my horny little mind and dressed for the part. When she bent over to pick her skirt up, I let out of muffled groan as she presented me with the perfection that was her motherly ass in a stretched pair of matching black panties.

Peeking over her shoulder, she stayed in that position for longer than was decent as she smiled at me as I stood there gawping at her perfectly round butt. Such was my growing arousal, I had to pinch the end of my dick to stop me letting go early.

Mom just shook her head and laughed at the pained expression on my flushed face. "I guess that's one thing you do take after your Father about then," she mused as she watched me reach further into my jeans to grip my cock harder, "He always did like my bottom." Standing back up, she folded her skirt and put it with her blouse on the dresser before returning to the bottom of the bed to stand in front of me.

"Take a good look, hon," she said, "This is what Mom looks like at the end of the day when no one is looking." "Uh, yeah," I stumbled, turning an even deeper shade of beetroot. Mom sure did have an awesome ass. Good old Dad. At least he did have some good taste despite being a jerk.

There is just something about a well-stacked ass that made the world seem like such a better place. I gave Mom a "Ya got me" smile, "You look great," I told her. And she did. My Mother was definitely an A fucking Plus on that score. How the hell no one had scooped her up after Dad fucked off I will never know. Mom gave a slight nod. "Now, to be quite clear about all this, what I do next is something I want to do, Henry," she said truthfully, "I don't want you to think I'm only doing this because I have to do it.

You need to have sex and since you don't have a girlfriend yet, I'm the only female on the block that can help you with your problem. Another thing, don't even think about going somewhere else and paying for it. If I catch you doing that I will ground you for a month of Sundays. Do you hear me, Henry?" Yeah. Totally.

As if I would EVER have the brass balls to even think about doing something like that. I didn't say anything but simply nodded. Boy, did my throat feel dry. I was a bundle of nerves as Mom suddenly reached up to the front of her brassiere and unclipped it. Still holding the garment to her chest, she looked up at me under her halo of Doris Day hair.

"Ready?" she asked. NO. YES. NO. WAIT. MAYBE. HOLY SHIT. TITS! *** Mom dropped her bra onto the floor. Leaving her standing there with her right arm across her firm bust. Then she slowly let it drop until the fruits of her chest spilled over and her abundant charms swayed, jiggled, and bounced in a way that made me gasp out loud. Well, there you go.


My first ever look at real honest to God boobs and they belonged to my own flesh and blood. The more I stared, the harder I had to pinch the head of my dick Mom saw I was having penile premature ejaculation problems.

"Take a deep breath, sweetie," she urged, "I'm going to take my panties off and I don't want you to make a mess on the carpet." Deep breath taken, I stood there in a heightened state of excitement as I watched her slip her thumbs into the elastic of her sexy black underwear and slowly ease the panties down to leave them in a puddle at her feet. Then she sort of stood there a little self-consciously as I looked her up and down with my rapt attention fixed on the light fuzzball vee at the business end of her crotch.

What can you say? She looked amazing standing there in nothing but her black garter, stockings, and suspenders. No doubt about it, Mom was a looker and carried herself with a confidence that age and experience brings. Sometimes you really can't see the wood for the trees even if you're living under the same roof. For some unexplained reason, I had the strangest feeling that events were beginning to take on some sort of predefined shape as if pieces were being moved on a chessboard and that my life was being subtly altered both physically and emotionally for the better.

"Alright?" said Mom, breaking me out of the pussy spell I was under. Lifting my eyes from her hypnotic crotch, I realized she was staring at me with an amused look on her very pink face.

"Uh, yeah," I nodded awkwardly, "I just, what I mean is, I don't know what to say." "Sometimes," she said, "You don't need to say anything at all, sweetie.

Maybe you just need to remove your clothes and then we can take it from there." Okay. That's doable. I quickly reached up and pulled my t-shirt over my head then set to work on my jeans which followed in double quick time leaving me standing there in just my boxers.

Sensible plain blue ones this time. "My, my," smiled Mom amused, "Looks like Mister Ed wants to break free," She nodded at my painfully erect penis which was pressed back against my stomach with the head reaching my belly button. Time for real talk. "Uh, Mom," I mumbled, "I'm not sure I can do it properly.

This first time. I feel like I'm going to squirt just by looking at it. I mean, your uh vagina," Geez, I sound like it was the first day at school. Which is exactly what it was. First day of term at learn all about sex school with special guest star - your Mom! The woman in question came over and we both looked down at my distended pecker. She with amusement. Me with consternation. "In that case, Henry," she smiled reassuringly, "You just be a good boy and listen to what me and my vagina tell you and we'll all get along just dandy." There was another thing on my mind.

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Something seriously important. "Uh, Mom," I said, pointing at my weeping sausage, "Don't you think I need to, uh, like, put something on it? You know, just in case." "Oh," said Mom as the penny dropped, "It's fine, sweetie. You don't need to worry about that sort of thing. See, before you popped out, you decided to rearrange the furniture so I had to get a little plumbing done to fix things.

Only child remember." Well, there was a thing. You really do learn something new every day. Funny that it's just before you lose your virginity to your own Mom. Trust me to come out ass first. "So it's okay then?" I asked, "You know, to uh do it inside you." Mom put her hand on my arm.

"Isn't that the whole reason we're doing this?" she smiled, "To give everything a good mix and stir the pot?" Well, that was certainly one way to put it. Even if it was the most ridiculous thing we'd both ever heard. Which was something we both needed to hear as it kind of broke the ice between us as we both laughed at the sheer ridiculousness of what we were about to do. Sitting down on my single bed, Mom shuffled back to rest on her elbows with her thighs pressed enticingly together as if to hide her hidden charms from my lusty gaze.

"Now sweetie," she said, looking up at me as I stood there with Sir Lancelot standing proud and throbbing between us as I shuffled off my boxers, "Take your time. Just go easy. Get between my legs and lower yourself down until you feel comfortable." Doing as I was told, I nervously approached the bottom of my bed and knelt forward as Mom slowly opened her thighs to reveal her perfectly defined vagina looking wet and ready under a tuft of trimmed blonde pubic hair.

My heart was bouncing around inside my chest like crazy as I stared at her snatch. Wow, fucking amazing. Knocking on that door could easily become an obsession in no time. But this was the here and now. I could hardly believe this was happening. Me with all my lumps, bumps, and insecurities about to have sex. This was it. One of those defining moments in life that can change you from the person you were into the person you're meant to be even if the moment itself isn't the natural way of things at all.

"Oh," said Mom as if it was an afterthought, "No kissing, dear. Understand?" No kissing. Okay. Why would I want to kiss my own Mom that way anyway? It's not like we were going to get all lovey-dovey about all this.

The love we shared wasn't that kind of love for either of us. Letting my weight ease forward, I covered Mom carefully and waited until she felt me get into position. Settled down on top of her, the most obvious thing I immediately noticed was the living breathing warmth of her nakedness rising towards me as she eased her firm stockinged thighs further apart to accommodate the greater width of my own spreading her apart.

I raised my arm's either side of her making sure I supported my weight on them as I felt the hard buttons of her nipples pressing into my bare chest. The top of her head just about reached my chin with us both looking down to where my dick and her pussy were playing dodgeball. I was as stiff as a poker with the head of my prick already slick with my pre-cum juices.

Mom wriggled around for a second as she got into position under me before she reached down with her small right hand, gently grabbed my twitching member which was bouncing around between us and presented the flared dome to her waiting pussy. Hang on. Was I missing something here? Slick Willie was leaking juice like a tap but what about Mom?

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Didn't she need to do the same and lube herself up? Maybe I should ask her. Munching on some hairy beaver to get her ready for penetration sounded scarily awesome but I was more than willing to give it a go. But Mom, as ever, was way ahead of me.

"Listen, I'm not a block of wood you know," she laughed, "It's not like you're going up me dry. Everything still works down below last time I looked. Here hon, just ease forward with your hips and I'll tell you when to push." Push? Push didn't even begin to explain the urgent surges making my whole body twitch like a tap dancing frog. More like a slam dunk. More than anything right now I just wanted to ram my cock right into her hole and fuck that pussy until I filled it to the brim with my freshly made spunk.

The corona of her sex felt red hot and slick as Mom pressed the head of my penis against the lips of her sex and eased it an inch or so inside. Holy cow. You really need to let me shove it in, Mom. Going to lose my tiny mind here. All I could think about was GOTTA FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. Come on, Mom. Knocking on your door real loud now. LET ME IN. Boy, my blue balls were aching like crazy now.

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"Alright, Henry," Mom said excitedly, "Now I just want you to give a little shove and ease that nice big cock inside my pussy a little bit at a time." Thank fuck for that.

Flexing my quivering ass cheeks, I pressed forward on my journey into the unknown feeling the tingles running up and down my spine as I experienced the first moments of penetration. "Oh!" she gasped suddenly as the slick head of my dick popped through her outer ring with the mouth of her sex snapping behind the mushroom dome to grab me tight, "Ooo!" Mom let out a soft grunt as she rocked her hips to either side easing the pressure inside her slot as my large cock throbbed wantonly as I slid it further up inside her stretched hole.

Go slow? Take it easy? Who was she kidding? No chance. The only thing that mattered was getting my whole God damned dick inside this surprisingly tight pussy ASAP. Mom must know that I'm not going to be able to control myself once the heebie geebies take over.

Seconds later, my hips responded spasmodically and with two quick shoves, I buried my long schlong deep inside my Mother.

I was a virgin no more. Thank fuck. *** As I'd often imagined, sex was the best thing ever. "Take it easy, sweetie," breathed Mom as she held onto my hips to control the pressure my cock was starting to exert as I moved slowly back and forth. The last thing Mom would want was me going at her like a bull at a gate, "Just let it come naturally.

Oh my, I never realized your cock was that fat, dear!" Uh. Holy shit. Hearing Mom talk like that wasn't helping me one bit. Blinking, I could feel my whole body covered in sweat as I concentrated like fuck trying to last as long as possible.

This was the one fuck I'd remember to my dying day and I wanted more than anything for it to be one to remember for the both of us. Steady as she goes, skipper. Push in. Pull out. Nice and smooth. Pressed up on my elbows, I hung over Mom as she had her head slightly turned away from me with her eyes closed tight, her skin flushed pink, and a smile on those lips she told me not to kiss.

More than anything, I loved the way her black stockings felt against my skin as they gripped me either side of my torso. Her legs were arched back which made her pussy tighten around my persistent thrusts which added to the sheer kinetic joy of our fucking. Wanting the experience to last forever but knowing the best part would only happen when it came to an end, I began to thrust harder which made our dueling crotches bounce on the single bed which was squeaking away merrily as our passions rose to their individual peaks.

"Henry," gasped Mom suddenly with her body rippling erotically under me, "Keep doing that, dear," she urged, "Only faster!" Yeah. THAT felt REAL good. I was beginning to feel the rhythm and judge how to fuck properly so that we both experienced the full benefit from my deep penetration. But that didn't last long. Emotion began to take over and the sheer animalistic thrill of my first time overwhelmed my senses until I was going at it hammer and tongs. The headboard was banging the wall as I pounded her pussy like my life depended on it.

Mom had wrapped her arms around my neck and was hanging on tight. Her soft sighs, girlish squeals, and breathless whispers filled my head as I neared my climax and it sure as fuck felt like I was about to shoot a serious amount of spunk into her hot wet eager sex. Instinct had captured us both and we rutted away like Mr & Mrs.

Bunny until what I can only describe as an indescribable rush of pleasure flooded my senses, tripped my sex reflex, and lit my rocket for liftoff. Fireworks were going off in my head. Here we go. The familiar twinge surged between my asshole and ball sack making me jerk forward involuntary.

Hunching over her like a rutting gerbil, I gave a strangulated gurgling groan of ecstatic release. "Ah, shit. Coming, Mom!" I yelped as my thrusts pushed her up the bed.

Grasping me tighter to her, my Mother buried her face into my shoulder as she stroked my hair and cooed into my left ear. "Do it, baby," she whispered, "Fill Mommy's pussy with your thick spunk. Oh, there it is. I can feel you spurting inside me, Henry!" Swept up in a blinding whiteout, I hung there for a moment in suspended ejaculation as I became nothing more than a flesh and blood piston delivering sperm to where it was meant to go.

Each release was better than the last until my testicles had given Mom's pussy all they had to give. Once empty, I collapsed onto her warmth like a deflated balloon and drifted off on my own little ocean of bliss. After what felt an age, I felt her shifting under me. "Henry," she urged as she gave me a shake, "Wake up, Henry. You're getting a little heavy, sweetie." Uh. What? Oh. I was still floating around on cloud nine in a post spunk daze but her words made me ease of her and roll to my right forgetting we were on my single bed.

And so I blindly rolled straight over the edge onto the floor with a loud thud and groan from a thoroughly sated and spent Son.

Which, when you think about it, was where this whole adventure started to begin with. *** Later, alone in my bedroom, I looked at myself in the wardrobe mirror wondering what my identical twin was thinking right now. An hour ago, I was a completely different person to the person I was now. At least I had the impression I was. Like I had taken the next step on the ladder of life. I guess I wasn't such a teenage dirtbag anymore. There was a soft knock on the door and Mom put her head around.

She was in her sensible flowery dressing gown and wearing slippers. "Thought I'd see how you were before going to bed," she smiled warmly, "Everything okay?" Mom had definitely changed in my eyes. She meant so much more after what she had done for me both mentally and physically. Whatever I said to her would never ever be enough. "Yeah, I'm fine, Mom," I replied, feeling slightly sheepish as I nodded. "Good, I'm glad," she said, "Remember, whatever happens, you mean the world to me and I will always be there for you when need me, sweetie.

All you have to do is ask. Now, you get yourself into bed and we'll call it a night," She started to close the door. "Mom?" "Yes, hon?" I stared at her. "Tomorrow," I asked, "What do I, what I mean is, do we, you know, do what we did earlier again?" "Do you want to do it again?" More than anything. "Yes, Mom," I told her, "More than anything." Mom smiled. "Then we do whatever it is you want us to do tomorrow," she replied as she slowly closed the door, "Goodnight, Son.

Sleep tight." The last thing I wanted to do was sleep. So many things were going through my head and as I lay there in my single bed staring up into the dark all I knew was that my sexual adventures with my Mother were going to continue. *** The end of part 4. Concludes in part 5.