FHUTA Dirty Milf Loves a Fat Cock up the Ass

FHUTA Dirty Milf Loves a Fat Cock up the Ass
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I'm new to this, plz any comments are welcome, hope you enjoy :D In the last chapter, we met Alex, the Lieutenant of a company of men. He shot the Sergeant, and become the leader. I woke with a groan. "Come on, Alex, it's time to get moving." I opened my eyes, only to stare into the face of my sister, Alice.

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I rolled out of bed, a movement drilled into me by years of waking at midnight to fight for my life, grabbing my scabbard and walking over to my closet. "What do you want now Alice? It must be, like, 3:00 in the morning," I exclaimed whilst pulling on my breeches and jacket. I always wore a light mail shirt, designed to stop an assassination by a knife in the night. "Rick went to the Dwarf fortress, got a contract. A Thane wants us to clear a goblin camp, they keep stealing all the surface food sources, and there's a shortage now.

He is offering 10,000 Dir to do it, more if you bring him all the food you can find, and for the Chief, alive." I sighed, thinking on how low on men I was after 3 years. I had started with just over 40 men, and now I was down to 9, excluding me, Rick, my sister, who was just a good a fighter as anyone else, perhaps even better than most, and a scout I had hired to guide us through the mountains to the Fortress.

"Alright, does he know how many there are, any Shamans, any locations, ANYTHING at all?" "Well, he knows the location.

He hasn't attacked as he can't spare any men to do it. There are approximately thirteen goblins, and a few orc bullies, including the Chieftain." Well, I thought, this should be easy. Kill the Chieftain, and all the goblins run. Kill the orcs, and the Chieftain runs. Ignore the goblins as much as possible. None of this works, however, as the Chief is wanted alive, and the food intact.

If any of them run, they will take the food with them. "OK, let's go check out the site, and see what we can do." A few hours later, we were on a ridge above the Goblin's camp, marking points on a map.

After an hour or so, we had a plan. Me, my sister and Rick go up to the gate, and taunt the goblins until they open them to come get us.

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Then, the men come out and flank them, making sure they can't go back inside the camp to close the gates. If this was to work, however, we needed more men. My sister and I went of to see if we could find a better vantage point to hide the men. Alice put her hand around me, dragging me to my knees.

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"Alice, this is SO not the time." "Come on, I miss your touch. It's been ages." I reached around and pulled of her shirt, revealing her perky little breasts.


Her nipples went hard from the frigid mountain air, and I couldn't resist leaning over and taking one in my mouth, suckling gently, like a baby. She moaned, pushing my head into her chest.

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"Ohhhhhh." She reached down, pulling open my breeches and pulled out my cock. It was already rock hard from the tantalizing taste of Alice's breasts. I went to her other breast, licking around the nipple, teasing her, tickling the underside. She pumped my cock, jacking it back and forth, the precum acting as a lubricant. "Alex, I want more." I obliged, pulling apart her breeches, literally ripping them off her. I lowered my mouth to her sopping pussy, licking from bottom to clit, lightly brushing it with my tongue, teasing her.


She shoved her pussy into my face, pulling me forward. "Tsk tsk, not yet sister." I pulled back again, nibbling on one of her pussy lips, pulling it into my mouth, sucking on it like, nibbling, increasing her moans to a great, dragging groan "Stop it, stop teasing me, do it, come on!" I obliged, sticking my tongue as far down her tunnel as I could, forcing it into every corner, fold and crevice.


I pulled up, bringing my head up and around, placing my dick in her face, and giving my full access to her clit. She started sucking my dick in earnest, licking up the sensitive underside, dragging her teeth along my head, eliciting a moan from me, vibrating her pussy, which only increased my own pleasure.

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I was approaching the edge of ecstasy. "Alice, I'm about to cum here." "Mmm, go ahead, I want it, I want to taste it, cum for me Alex!" This is all it took, her dirty talking always turned me on.

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I came, my cock pulsing semen into her throat, which received every drop, swallowing it all, just before she screamed out in lust, gushing all over my face, me just trying not to gag on the amount of juice flowing out of her pussy, dripping down my chin.

I pulled of her, taking my dick out of her mouth with a plop, and flopping next to her. She sighed, draping her arm across my chest, cuddling up to me in a lover's embrace. "Well, that was certainly interesting." A horn sounded out, with a mighty sound, like an avalanche, the signal for trouble sorted out by me and Rick.

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"Aw shit, what is happening at the camp?!" Huffed Alice, clearly aggravated at being interrupted from our session. "Well, let's go find out!" I replied, sitting up and replacing my clothing, Alice doing likewise. When we were done, we set off.

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