Real Porn Casting Sex tape Milf gets black cock in mouth and fucked hard at interview

Real Porn Casting Sex tape Milf gets black cock in mouth and fucked hard at interview
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The place I work at requires all employees to use their ID badges to enter the building; otherwise the door will not open to let them in. I work at the front desk and if an employee doesn't have their badge, I issue them a temporary one.

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Over the past few days, I noticed this one female employee looking at me every time she came in the door. It was more than just a 'hi, how are you look' that she was giving me. I didn't pay much attention to it at first, but after the third or fourth day, I began to notice it more. Then on that Friday, she came to my desk and told me that she thought she lost her badge, and asked if I could issue her a temporary one.

I told her that I could do that, but I needed her driver's license and a phone number. She was about five feet, six inches tall. She had straight brown hair, curled at the ends that went down almost to her shoulder blades, and what looked like a decent set of c-cup breasts. She was wearing a tight, button up pink shirt that accented her cleavage nicely, and tight black skirt that made her toned ass look even firmer. "My work phone number or my cell phone number?" She asked me as she leaned on the desk on her elbows, and made it look like she was giving me a clear shot of her cleavage.

"Well," I responded, hoping I wasn't reading this wrong. "Give me both. I'll write down your work number for the badge and I'll take your cell number and call you later to see if you wanna go out or come over to my place." She told me both of the numbers; I wrote her work number in the book and her cell on a piece of paper and stuck it in my wallet.

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"My name is Katie, by the way." Jokingly, I looked up at her, "Yeah, I gathered that from your ID. Thanks. I'm Jeremy. It's a pleasure to meet you." I reached my hand out to shake hers. She had very soft hands and a fairly firm grip for a girl.

"Yeah, nice to meet you too." She held onto my hand a little longer than a normal person would with a handshake, but I didn't mind.

"I'll see you later Jeremy," she said as she turned to walk to her office. I heard her high heels clack on the floor with each step she took.

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I sat back down at my computer, and looked her up on the employee database, she was an accounting executive assistant, which means she did all the busy work for the accounting executive and got paid pretty well for it. The day dragged on and to make it worse, I kept looking at the clock, waiting and wanting it to move faster.

But it didn't. Lunch time came around and Katie walked out the door with some of her co-workers to go to lunch. As she walked past my desk, she turned her head, winked and smiled at me. The other girls she were with didn't see this. About an hour later they came back in the building. Katie walked toward my desk, saying, "I'll be there in a minute girls, I have to get another temp badge." "Another one?" I asked, standing up to greet her. "That one should work all day." She leaned on the desk again.

I looked down at her chest for a split second then back up to her face. "Yeah, I know. It works fine, I just needed an excuse to stop and talk to you.

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So when is your lunch break? Do you get one or do you have to eat here?" "I get a break. It's kinda whenever I want to take it. Why? You just ate. Are you that hungry?" "No, I just always see you here.

I was just wondering if you got a break. Some people have to work through their lunch." "Yeah, I'll take it soon. You wanna join me? I'm just going to the caf?ut you can join me if you want." "Sure, call me and I'll come down." Katie turned and walked into the building. As she walked away, she turned her head around, looked at me and started to sway her ass with each step.

I smiled at her and went back to my work. About another hour passed and I started to get hungry, so as I was walking to the caf? called Katie from my cell phone. "Hello?" She said cautiously. "Hi Katie, its Jeremy. I'm on my way to the caf?You said you would join me." "Yeah, I'll be right down, just let me finish typing this form up." "OK. See you soon." I told her and hung up the phone.

I got my food and sat down. I slowly started to eat. Ten minutes went by. Twenty minutes, then thirty. I was wondering if Katie was going to come or not. Then my phone rang, it was Katie. "Hey Jeremy, it's Katie. I am so sorry. My supervisor gave me more forms to finish before I take a break. I'm sorry. I promise I'll make it up to you. I promise." "It's OK Katie. Don't worry about it. You're at work. Things come up.

Stop by on your way out and let me know what you want to do tonight. I'll see you then." "OK. Sorry again. See you soon. Bye." "Oh, just to let you know, I'm gonna hold you to that promise." "That's fine.

Like I said, I owe you." "OK, bye." I hung up the phone and finished my lunch. 4:30 came around and Katie came walking through the doors and up to my desk. "Excuse me sir, my feet are sore, do you have a chair I can use for a minute?" She asked me.

"I need to fill out some extra paperwork before I go home." I rolled the unused chair around to the end of the desk. "Here you go. You can use this one." "Thank you," she said and sat down.

I glanced over at her as she sat down. I didn't notice her stockings earlier. And I could have sworn that her skirt went all the way to her knees, not mid-way down her thighs. Oh well, I could have been mistaken. Katie crossed her legs like women do in a skirt.

I looked again, I couldn't help it. She was so pretty. "Hey Jeremy?" She asked. "Yeah, what's up?" "Do you have some extra RP-12 forms down here? I thought I got enough, but I need two more." "Oh yeah, they're right in this drawer." I reached to the drawer that was at the end of the desk where she was seated.

As I reached for the handle, she stuck her leg out, blocking my hand from reaching the handle and making me touch her calf. "Um, I need to get into the drawer if you need those forms." I grasped her leg, gently, and started to move it out of the way. She wouldn't let me move it to the side or down.

Instead, she moved her leg up and rested her foot on the desk. I looked at her eyes and she motioned with them for me to look down. I looked down to her leg and followed it up under her skirt with my eyes. I saw the top of her stockings stop right above the bottom of her skirt.

My eyes kept going and stopped on her naked pussy. Katie wasn't wearing any panties. I could clearly see her shaved pussy.

It looked as soft as silk. Her labia were a smooth mound with a nice slit right down the middle. I cleared my throat, looked up at Katie, and stuttered, "Uh, I'll um, get you those forms now." Katie put her foot on the ground, leaned toward me and said, "Jeremy, I don't need any of those, besides, I knew where they were, I just wanted to show that to you." She reached down between her legs and slowly pulled her skirt up. Her legs were spread slightly apart.

"So, do you like what you see?" "Uh, yeah. I don't want to sound like a prude, but I don't think you should be doing that here Katie. I don't want us to get in trouble." "Don't worry Jeremy. I came down earlier than anyone else. They won't be here for a while." She grabbed my hand, "Come here." "OK," I said.

I rolled my chair closer to her and let her lead my hand up from her calf, over her thigh and up to her crotch. "Go ahead," she pushed my hand closer to her slit. "Touch me Jeremy. I want you to feel me." "Do you always dress like this? I mean no underwear?" I asked as I slid my fingers off of her thigh and over her labia. Her skin was just as it looked, smooth as silk. I looked over my shoulder to see if anyone else was coming through the lobby. The coast was clear. I moved my fingertips up and down her slit.

I could feel a small amount of her juices on the tip of my middle finger. "Not always," she answered my question. "Only sometimes. I felt so bad that I couldn't join you at lunch; I had to think of some way that I could try to make it up to you before the end of the day.

I was sitting at my desk thinking of something that you might enjoy. Lots of thoughts went through my head and then I thought of this scheme. So I took my panties off at my desk, slipped them into my purse, and told my boss that I was going to take off early today.

It's Friday and I had all my work done." "Well, that certainly works for me. I'm glad you came down, but I certainly wasn't expecting this." I slid my fingers up and down her slit some more. Katie brought her hands up to her shirt. "Do you think this shirt is too tight?" I looked at her shirt, specifically her chest, and noticed that the spots between the buttons were pulled slightly apart, either from the size of her shirt or the size of her breasts, or both.

She already had some great cleavage going on, but decided that it wasn't enough. She had the top two buttons already unbuttoned, but unbuttoned the third one down too. It seemed as if the shirt breathed a sign of relief from being stretched to the limit. As the shirt opened up more, I saw a pink bra that matched the shirt. "There, that's better right?" "I'll be honest Katie, it was fine before, but if you want it like that, I'm not gonna complain." I looked at her chest, and I could feel my pants starting to stretch in the front.

As if seeing her perfectly shaven cunt wasn't enough, I had her great tits right in front of me, ready to come out of her shirt. I turned to look again to see if someone was coming. "Oh shit Katie, I think someone just walked past the camera. I think they're coming this way; you gotta put your stuff back to how it was and get on the other side of the desk. "Or I could hide," she said as she got down on her knees and slid under the desk.

The desk was a semi-circle with an upper counter around 4 feet tall and the lower surface where the computer and all my papers were. Katie got under the desk quickly enough that the woman walking out the door didn't even notice her. Once Katie heard her exit the building, she poked her head out from under the desk. "All clear?" "Yeah, you're good." I looked down at her and she was squatting, sitting on her heels, her skirt was hiked up and her legs were spread far apart.

Again, I had a clear view of her smooth pussy. "Come on out." "Or I could stay here and no one would even know it besides you." She moved over closer to me, still under the desk. She crawled between my legs and started to rub my thighs. "How about this? Is this OK?" She asked. "It feels good, but I really think you shouldn't be down there." She slid her hands up my legs, and onto my semi-erect cock.

I cleared my throat again as she started to massage my dick through my pants. "Well then, this should feel better." Katie moved her hands up to my belt, and started to unbuckle it.

"What are you doing?" I asked her as I put my hand on hers, holding it. "What do you think I'm doing? I'm going to take your pants down." "Here?!" I asked her.

"Yeah, no one can see me. You just do your best to act normal when people walk by." She moved my hand out of the way and resumed unbuckling my belt. She then unbuttoned my pants and slid the zipper down. My cock was getting harder now and Katie could see that because it was poking out through the opening in the front of my boxers. "Huh, I guess you like this even though your words say otherwise. It seems as though you need to relax a little Jeremy.

I'll see what I can do to help you do that." She placed her hand around my shaft as I slid the chair farther under the counter. Katie started to slowly stroke my cock. "Mmmmmmm, that feels nice Katie." "Ssshhh," she told me. "Remember, you have to continue to do your job and act as if nothing else is going on. If you don't, we WILL get busted and probably get fired." "Good luck with that one." I tried to type the rest of my report, but it was kinda difficult to do while she was stroking my now rock-hard dick.

"Just do your thing and I will do mine." Katie stroked me a few more times then stopped with her hand at the base of my cock. I could feel her breathing as her head moved closer to me. Then this warm and wet sensation overcame my cock. I looked down to make sure it was what I was thinking and sure enough, Katie had my hard-on in her mouth. She started to bob her head up and down on it as I picked my head back up and resumed typing. The door opened from the offices to the lobby.

"Goodnight Mr. Davies," I said. "You have a good one Jeremy," he said. "See ya on Monday." "Oh I will, trust me." He looked puzzled as he continued out the door.

Katie pulled my cock out of her mouth, "See that's not so hard is it?" "No, that's not, but I am; and you're not yet helping with that situation." Katie returned my cock to her mouth.

Over the next few minutes, many people were walking out of the building. Each time someone walked by, we would exchange goodbyes. And each time someone left, I would look down and see Kelly, sucking on my cock. Another man walked into the lobby, "Have a good weekend Jeremy." "You do the same Mr.

Wellington." It was Katie's boss. He walked over to the desk and asked, "So, what are your plans this weekend Jeremy?" He put his hands on the desk and leaned toward me slightly. "I don't, um, know." I fumbled to find words. Katie's mouth felt so good on my shaft. "I think I might just, uh, screw around. I don't have any plans yet. I met this girl, so I'm gonna call her later and maybe go out this weekend." "Hey, that can make it more fun if you have a girls with you," he said with a smirk on his face.

I could feel my face getting flushed. "Hey are you OK? You look like something is wrong." "No, nothing is wrong right now. I'm feeling great. Thanks for asking." "No worries man. Hey, I didn't ask you this, but what do you think of Katie? You know Katie right? She works under me." "Yeah, I know her. I didn't know she worked under you, I thought she worked under someone else.

She seems like a good girl. I like her. Why do you ask?" "Well, I like her too. She's a good employee, but she left early today. She seemed different. I couldn't put my finger on it; I was wondering if you knew what it was with her today." "I uh don't really know sir." I mumbled. It's really hard to have a conversation when you are having your cock sucked. "Oh, I remember. She came by and asked for some of those RP-12's. I think I put my finger on it." He had no idea about my pun.

"She told me she might have to make something up to someone she let down. I think she was just anxious." "Yeah, I guess you're right. Well," he said as he stood back up, "I'm the last one up there, so you can take off whenever you're done there. I hope you have a fun time this weekend. I'll see you Monday morning." "OK sir. I'll finish up and get out of here. Have a great weekend." He walked out the door and I rolled my chair back a little, letting Katie come out from under the desk.

She looked up at me, smiling, but never took my cock out of her mouth.

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She wrapped her hand around me and moved it up and down with her mouth. "That feels so good Katie, but that was the weirdest conversation I have ever had with anyone, especially your boss. That was a close call." She took my cock out of her mouth, "Ssshhh. I already told you that." "K, sorry. It's just you and me here now." "I know, I heard him. That's good." She returned her mouth to my slippery dick, moved her hands down to her chest, and unbuttoned her shirt the rest of the way.

Then she brought her hands up, slid my pants down past my knees and slid my boxers off too. When my boxers slid past my hard-on, it sprang up. Katie returned it to her mouth as she reached up and started to unbutton my shirt. She got all of the buttons undone, but couldn't get my tie off. I loosened my tie and pulled it over my head as Katie slid my shirt off my shoulders and down my arms.

I took my arms out of the sleeves, reached down and unhooked her bra. It slid off her breasts easily. I sat up a little, reached down and started to grab her tits. They were nice and big. Each one filled up my hand. They were firm too.

"Do you like those Jeremy?" "Yeah, I do. They're nice and big." "Well, they're all mine. No surgery here." I looked back up at the camera screen and saw someone walking across the caf?oward the front door. "Oh shit Katie, there's someone coming.

They just left the caf?They'll be here any minute. What are we going to do?" I started to panic a little. "Don't worry Jeremy. It's Jessica. She's my good friend and I told her that I was going to try this.

If she came by and I wasn't here, I would be in the car waiting for her. But since I am here she can watch, if that's OK with you. She likes to watch." "Sure, I know her.

She's cute too." Jessica had about the same build as Katie, but had dirty blonde hair. "Cute TOO? What do you mean by that?" Katie asked me. "I mean exactly that. Why?" "Who are you comparing her to?" "Well, you, of course. Who did you think?" "I don't know." Katie pushed my chair back and stood up. Her firm breasts were eye-level with me and her pussy was right there too. She looked over her shoulder just as Jessica was walking into the lobby.

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"Hi Jess. I've been waiting for you." "Sorry, I had to make sure Mr. Wellington left. He IS gone right?" "Yeah, he left about five minutes ago. Jessica, this is Jeremy," Katie said, looking at me. "Hi Jeremy, nice to meet you," Jessica's eyes wandered down my naked body, and stopped at my cock. "Well, it seems you two are well acquainted. Katie, nice work.

I thought was cute before, but without his clothes on is even better." She moved her eyes back to my face and smiled at me.

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"Mind if I sit in this chair?" Referring to the chair Katie was sitting in. "Be my guest," I said. "Katie told me a little about you." "Oh she did huh?" Jessica giggled. Katie moved closer to me, leaned down and kissed me, letting her breasts rub against my bare chest. She placed her hands on my shoulders, and started to crawl onto my lap. She sat on my lap, facing me, pushing my cock down between my legs with her ass. She started grinding on me.

As she was doing this, Katie looked over at Jessica. Jessica was sitting in the chair, slouching a little, and was rubbing her breasts. "Hey Jess, take your shirt off." Jessica was wearing a tight black low cut shirt and a plaid mini-skirt with black spiked heels to top off the look. She started to peel her shirt off over her head as Katie kept grinding on my cock.

When Jessica took her shirt off, she revealed a black lacey bra that barely covered anything. It was more for support than anything. "Now isn't that hot Jeremy?" Katie asked me. "Yeah she is. This is tough; I am sitting here with two beautiful girls and only one of me." Katie turned to me and said, "I told you, she's just watching this time." "I know you said that. But last time you said that you didn't say 'this time.' What do you mean by that?" "Guess," she leaned in and kissed me again, this time she opened her mouth and dug her tongue into mine.

I returned the kiss and brought my hands up to her chest, grabbing her firm breasts. Katie broke our kiss, stood up and turned my chair so I was facing Jessica about six feet away. Katie turned around, walked over to Jessica, kissed her, and then backed up to me. When she got back to me, she reached between her legs, grabbed my cock, and aimed it at her wet pussy and sat down, taking my whole shaft inside her.

It was warm and slippery. She was so wet, after the first down and up on my cock, I was plenty lubed up. Katie went back down until she had my entire shaft inside her. I glanced over at Jessica. She had one hand on her tits and the other hand was rubbing her pussy. Jessica had taken her shirt, bra and underwear off. She just had her mini-skirt and shoes on. Katie, still all the way down on my cock, was grinding back and forth on me.

I reached up, grabbed her nipples and started to pull on them. She started to moan a little and I could feel her juices flowing more as her pussy was tightening up.

"I love it when my nipples get played with. Don't stop Jeremy." I kept pinching and pulling on her nipples as I twitched my cock inside of her. She gasped and jumped slightly. Katie leaned back on my chest and arched her back. Her head was on my shoulder and she started to kiss and bite my ear. I moved my left hand down to rub her clit. We were both moving in sync with each other. Jessica put her left foot up on the desk opening her legs up.

I was about to turn my eyes away from her and back to Katie when she inserted two fingers into her snatch. My eyes were glued on her crotch.

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I pushed my cock as far as I could into Katie when I saw Jessica finger herself. Jessica noticed this and said, "Oohh, I think someone likes this Katie." Katie, feeling my cock throbbing inside her, picked her head up and looked at Jessica. "Yeah, it sure feels like it." Jessica leaned her head down and started to lick her nipples but she never let her fingers out of her wet pussy.

I could see the juices seeping out of her. "Jess, that is so hot honey. I wish I could be your fingers right now." With that, Jessica stood up, her hand still buried in her snatch, and walked over to Katie and I.

Jessica took her hand out of her crotch, grabbed Katie's hand and guided it to her wet slit. "OK, be my hand then. I'll be yours." Jessica put her foot up on the desk next to Katie and I as Katie slid two fingers into her pussy. Jessica's hand reached down and found mine on Katie's clit. She moved my hand out of the way and picked up where I left off, rubbing Katie's clit. When Jessica started doing this, Katie really clamped her pussy down on my cock which made my balls tighten up.

Katie started to moan louder and grind faster on my dick. "Oh my God! That feels great Jess. Keep rubbing my pussy." "Katie, I'm about to cum." I looked up at her but her eyes were closed so tightly and she was so focused on Jessica rubbing her, I don't think she heard me. "Oh my God Katie, your pussy is so tight." I could feel the cum rushing from my balls up my shaft. "Jeremy," Jessica said.

"I want you to cum in my mouth. Let me now when you're gonna cum." She brought her other hand down and started to massage my balls. "Keep that up and it's gonna be real quick!" I was pumping as hard as I could into Katie now. She started to moan even louder with each pump of my cock. Jessica's fingers were rubbing her clit even faster.

Now Katie started to scream. Her free hand went to Jessica's chest and she started to grab her nipples. Pinching and pulling on them hard. Katie leaned forward, put Jessica's breast in her mouth and started to suck and bite on it. "Holy shit Jessica, here it comes!" I yelled. Jessica got down on her knees, grabbed my cock and pulled it out of Katie's pussy. She put me into her mouth and started to suck me dry.


I pumped load after load of cum into her mouth as she stroked my shaft. Her tongue danced around the head of my dick.

I brought one hand back to Katie's pussy, and rubbed and pinched her clit a little more. Soon she was writhing and moving in ecstasy on my lap. Jessica finished sucking all the cum out of my cock and placed her mouth around Katie's pussy. Katie screamed, "Oohh, here it comes!

HOLY SHIT!" Jessica grabbed Katie's ass and pulled Katie into her open mouth. Katie started convulsing on my lap. After a minute or so of this, Jessica pulled her head away from Katie and said, "Damn girl. That was a lot; almost as much as Jeremy. It sure tasted good going into my mouth though sweetie.


Jeremy, did you know that Katie was a squirter? Hot huh?" Jessica licked her lips, then grabbed Katie's hand and licked her fingers dry. We were all breathing heavy and I said, "Wow girls.

That was amazing! I don't know if I have ever cummed that much before. Jessica, I thought you were just going to watch. I'm not complaining by any means, but…" "But what? I couldn't resist tasting you two.

I love to watch, but I also love the taste of cum sliding down my throat. Besides, if you were sitting where I was, you wouldn't be able to resist either. That was one of the hottest fucks I have seen in a long time. Just watching your rock-hard cock stretching Katie's pussy like that, oh my God! That was great!" Katie stood up slowly off of my lap, she bent down and picked up her clothes. She started to put her bra on, but Jessica grabbed it out of her hands, "You won't need this dear." "I won't?" Katie asked, puzzled.

"Nope. I was thinking we could go over to my place and you could show Jeremy what that pole is for in my basement." "Really? You want me to strip for him?" "Wait, you have a stripper pole? That's awesome!" I said, wide eyed. "Yeah," Jessica replied. "I have one in my basement with neon lights and the while bit. And no, Katie, I don't want you to strip for him.

I want you to strip for US." We put our clothes back on. "I'll meet you in the parking lot," I said. They walked out; I went over and set the alarm, walked out and locked the building up. As I walked out to my truck, Jessica and Katie were waiting in their cars. "I guess I'll follow you?" "Yeah, try to keep up. I drive fast. Especially if I know I get to have a strip tease when I get home." Jessica started to pull out of the lot as I got into my truck, started it and fell in line behind Katie.