Luna Leve take big hard dick in her pussy from behind

Luna Leve take big hard dick in her pussy from behind
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The Cruise Chapter 2 The next day we arrived at Riga in Latvia I had booked a tour as it seemed a nice place to visit On the coach trip I had a woman from California sat next to me she was on holiday with her daughter, She told me her name was Suzanne we chatted about this and that her daughter who was called Joanne was sat behind us next to a old German gentleman who only spoke a few words of English so Jo was more interested in our conversation, we spent most of the trip together until about 5:00 when we arrived back at the port Sue and Jo both thanked me and gave me a kiss on the cheek Jo said "see you around" and gave me a wink.

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I freshened up and had dinner in the restaurant the evening show was recommended by my waiter so after a nice meal I had a quick drink in one of the bars and made my way to the theatre The show was a man and woman doing acrobatics he was shorter than her but very stocky she was tall and elegant and very very supple she bent into some amazing positions and he threw her round like a rag doll all very impressive.

The show finished about 10:30 and as it was a full day at sea the following day (no early rise!) I decided to try the on board Night Club, It was only a small club room for about fifty or sixty people and a small dance floor I stood near the bar with a drink after a few moments a tall blond in a very short dress tapped me in the shoulder and said hello I replied with a smile, it took a few seconds but then I recognised her as the acrobat from the stage show earlier as she saw the realisation of who she was dawn on me she leaned in and said are you alone?

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I replied I was "good" she said with a smile my name is Helen and my husband over there is Peter she said pointing to a table in an small alcove, sat on a sofa was the acrobat guy from the stage We have been married for six years and we play a little game on each ship we work on we alternately choose someone to come back to our cabin and join in a little fun I'm flattered I said but I'm not gay Oh god!

She replied nether is Peter but I'm bi I think you miss-understood it's my turn to pick and I want two men if your game when its Peter's turn to pick it's usually a big breasted bimbo type and we both enjoy that I'm not sure whether it was the booze or the thought of ménage à trios but I said why not I joined them in the alcove for a few more drinks then Helen said shall we retire, they lead me through a door marked crew only then down a corridor to a cabin it was about the same size as mine it had no window and was not quite as plush but it was nice Peter got a bottle of wine and poured us all a drink Peter sat on the chair I sat on the edge of the bed and Helen started dancing to some music she had put on I watched her toned body writhing under her tight short dress she then sat on my lap facing me and continued to dance she unbuttoned my shirt and pushed it off me she ran her hands all over my bare chest her short dress had ridden up and I could see her White knickers stretched tightly over her pussy she grabbed the edge of her dress and in one quick movement peeled it off over her head, her bare breasts now in full view she had small perky breasts with the large erect nipples giving away her excitement I glanced over at Peter who was watching the show intently he nodded at me to continue Helen pushed me flat on the bed and started gyrating her gusseted pussy against the obvious lump appearing in my trousers she shuffled back and started undoing my belt and trousers saying "let's have a look what we have here then" she pulled out my hardening 8" cock started stroking it and said "nice" she slid to the floor pulled if my trousers and boxers pushed my legs open and took my cock in her mouth she was sucking on it like she hadn't had a cock for months I glanced over at Peter he had took his hard cock out and was stroking it, it looked thicker than mine but not as long maybe only 6" Helen was stroking, licking and sucking at my cock like a wild woman after a few minutes I could hold back no more and I shot my massive load of hot cum into her eager mouth she kept sucking until she had every drop she swallowed it all with a smile she then crawled onto the bed and over me until her wet pussy was over my face she lowered it down and I started probing her wet folds with my tongue I reached up and pulled her pussy lips apart and darted my tongue in and out she started moaning and getting wetter I felt the bed bounce and was aware of another body on the bed, Peter was kneeling in front of her and Helen was blowing him I started pushing my fingers in and out of her wet cunt as I sucked on her hard clit I then pressed a finger against her tight ass hole she shuddered and tensed as a orgasm ripped through her pussy juice flood into my mouth I crawled out from under Helen then knelt behind her she stopped sucking Peter and looked round at me still wanking his cock with one hand I stroked the head of my hard cock up and down her wet pussy and then as I pushed the full length in she closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip she then went back to Peter's cock we all got into a rhythm I continued pounding her wet pussy and she had another hard orgasm she then pulled herself off my cock Peter laid on the bed and Helen gave my cock a quick suck lapping her pussy juices off it with her tongue she then straddled Peter letting his thick cock stretch her pussy she slid up and down his length a few times then with him buried deep in her she looked round at me and said fuck my arse I didn't need telling twice I knelt behind her and pressed the head of my cock against her arse hole it went in easier than I thought me and peter were now buried deep inside Helen and she let out a long moan we all started fucking I could feel Peter's cock pressing against mine in her pussy she was having orgasm after orgasm moaning and panting every time she came she squeezed her arse tight around my cock I couldn't hold on any longer and started Cumming deep in her ass then Peter moaned and came deep in her pussy she came that hard she nearly passed out I pulled my deflating cock from her ass and it came out with a slurp I laid on the bed exhausted and Helen climbed off of Peter gave me a passionate kiss and said thank you she then licked all the remaining cum from my cock and then Peter's limp cock she then stood in front of us and used her fingers to fish out some cum from her pussy and from her arse then lick it off her fingers this erotic show got my dick hard again and Peter was getting hard watching me fuck her again got him fully ready as I fucked her from behind Peter fucked her throat we swapped a few times and both came on her face which she loved we spent the next couple of hours fucking and sucking I had a quick shower with Helen then kissed her and left it was 4:30 am by the time I got back to my cabin I fell asleep straight away.

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