Amateur Homemade Cuckold Voyeur Swingers

Amateur Homemade Cuckold Voyeur Swingers
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I knew from my smart ass comment I made to M earlier. That it would make him call me to his office. I was prepared and was counting on it beforehand. Let's just say when I got dressed this morning.

I purposely left out underwear. Not to say that my xs thongs had much to them. I know it is coming. And M sent me a text and told me to come to his office. He said "I needed a stern talking to." I felt myself quiver a little as I walked into his office. He had gotten up from desk and was waiting for me. He was standing in front of his desk. I am standing beside him and he pushes me back against his desk. Slides his hand up my thigh all the while pushing my skirt up.

He has noticed by now I have no underwear on.

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Which I knew he would appreciate. He slides his finger into my pussy and begins to finger me. I told him "I wanted to be called to your office and I purposely didn't wear panties." I can tell by look on his face I am going to enjoy this. He pushes me back where I am laying on my back flat atop his desk.

As he does this he stops fingering me. I know part of my punishment will be all the teasing he is going to do. He always loves to tease me and make me beg.


He grabs my legs pushing them up. I think to myself "Finally, I am going to get what I have been aching for." He leans in to kiss me and I raise up to meet his delicious mouth. His lips are so soft and juicy. Since first time we kissed find myself fantasizing about his delicious mouth all of the time.

I love his kisses and can't hold back as I thrust my tongue hard in his mouth. He pushes me gently back and pushes my skirt all the way up. He then pulls my legs up and is standing at edge of desk. He puts his hand in between my legs and starts to slide one finger into my wet pussy. Oh he loves to tease me it almost feels like torture sometimes.

I love it and how he is even though at times he seems so cold. I know he cares for me. He just isn't going to come out and say it directly. He lowers his head down. I know where he is going. I am giddy with excitement. That magnificent mouth of his eating my pussy. The thought of it makes me sigh and get wet in between my legs. He sucks on my outer lips teasing me again. I try to shift my hips to get his mouth and tongue where I want them. He isn't having it.

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Not that my tiny petite body can do much. But I love trying and love how he reprimands me for being so feisty. He tells me "No, and to be good." He smacks me square in the middle of my pussy. I love it, I even find myself lately spanking it a little when I masturbate thinking of M fucking me. He slides his mouth over but then stops.

I am so frustrated as he goes back to teasing my outer lips. Licking me just on my lips. As I am about to start squirming he slides that beautiful tongue of his in me forcefully. His tongue is not short and fat by any means.

In my opinion it was made for licking pussy. He slips a finger in my tight wet pussy and then two. All while sliding his tongue up to my clit and pushing hard against it. I am moaning and pushing up hard with my hips almost bucking. I want him so bad.


My body trembling as he continues to lick me taking all my sweet juices in. M loves my pussy, he loves how tight it is. How hot and beautifully pink it is when I am excited.

He says "It is amazing pussy." I have made up my mind that I am not going to lay here anymore. I can't, so overcome with my desire to have him inside me. He knows what I want and allows me to get up. Only because he wants my sweet mouth. I love sucking his cock so I obediently and happily drop to my knees. I undo his belt buckle and can't get his cock in my mouth fast enough.

I hurriedly unbutton and unzip his pants and pull his hard cock out. I take him deep into my mouth. I love having his cock in my mouth as I swirl my tongue around. Licking him from the tip to his balls. I am moving my mouth up and down sucking hard.

Knowing how much I want to fuck he watches as I continue to suck him. I know better than to do anything without his permission. I am sucking him so hard and waiting for permission.


I moan loudly and I am enjoying the taste of his pre-cum. I am now licking the tip and pushing his slit with my tongue. He is very pleased with me and starts to pull me up. I love his cock in my mouth, but I can't wait to be fucked.

I kiss the tip of his cock and stand up where he whirls me around.

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He then tells me "I was a bad girl earlier." I love it when he gets on to me. It makes me want to be bad at times.

He is standing behind me his hard cock pressed against my ass. My skirt has fallen down a little. He turns my head to the side to meet his and kisses me hard. Then turns me back around. I am so excited I feel the effect he has on me with the tingling and continued dampness of my pussy. I love how authoritative M can be. I find myself begging him at times to tell me what to do.

I love it because I can never tell him "No." God, I love how hard he is pressing against my ass. He places his hand in the middle of my back and pushes me over. My face and body pressed hard against the desk. He pushes my shirt up which allows me to raise up as he does that. He doesn't even bother to undo my bra.

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He just pushes it up off my breasts. While using other hand to push my skirt up over my lips. He pinches my right nipple and pushes me back down on desk. My face and body that is exposed feeling the hardness of his desktop. He can see just how excited I am as he looks down and sees me glistening. Just feeling him behind me as I am bent over exposed is driving me wild.

I am biting my lip as I lay anticipating his hard cock. He spreads my legs a little.

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I feel him as he opens me up and enters my tight inviting pussy. God. he feels so good. With one hard thrust he is all the way inside me. I let out such a moan. I am not sure if I am allowed to fuck back yet. I love as he starts to really fuck me. My body is screaming and I am having to fight the urge to push back. I want to meet his every thrust with one of my own.

Resisting the urge to push hard back against and fuck him as he fucks me. I can hardly talk as he continues to fuck me harder. I don't even know what my noises sound like at this point.

He is loving all the moaning and incoherent noises that are coming out of my mouth. I can't stand it anymore and push my hips back hard meeting his deepening thrusts. He pulls back as if to teach me a lesson. Teasing me with just the tip of his cock now.

Then immediately thrusting harder back inside my pussy. So hard the slap of his balls against my ass is loud. I love it and cum a little with each thrust moaning. He stops, here comes more of his teasing.

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My arms are sprawled out across his desk. The coolness of it feels good to my naked exposed skin. He leaves just the tip in and can feel that my pussy is on fire for him. He grabs my long dark hair and turns my head where I can see him. He slams into me and then almost pulls out of my dripping pussy.

He starts fucking me hard again and slows down. Knowing that is all about the rhythm that gets me off. He loves to punish me by leaving me in constant want. He slams into again so hard my half naked body slides forward a little. He puts his arm around my tiny waist to keep me in place this time.

He slams into me again and pushes himself so deep inside me. He continues to stay deep and thrusting. My pussy is dripping and I clench and grip his cock with each continued powerful thrust. I can no longer control myself and I start to cum and it so powerful. I gush leaving a cum soaked puddle on his desk and on the floor. I can tell he is about to explode as he is still fucking me harder and harder moaning.

I can feel another orgasm coming and I cum again right as I feel his warm explosion inside me. He fills my insides and he cums again grabbing me so tight and whispering in my ear "You are mine." I whisper back "I know M it is all I want and will do anything you ask." .

I apologize for ending but this was what I had. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have and M did. ;)