She fucks the computer guy

She fucks the computer guy
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Construction Pleasure My wife and I live close to a small bar that we frequent quite often.

We enjoy the people we meet there and it is a way of relaxing for the both of us. We are both retired and this is a chance for us to meet new people. One day, as we were walking home, we passed by a construction site. We had been past it before but today we noticed something a little different. Every time we had past by, we saw the progress they were making but today, we noticed that all the men on the site were inside one of the units.

It was around 3 in the afternoon so we knew it wasn't quitting time and that made us wonder what was going on. Just then one of the workers noticed us and motioned us to come in. I looked at my wife and whether it was the booze or what, she nodded and we entered the unit.

Inside were six men and two dogs. The dogs were for security we assumed but we would soon find out they were there for other things too. One of the men offered my wife a seat and handed her what I assumed was coffee in a mug.

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As we talked to them, she sipped the liquid and soon began to sweat quite a bit. Saying that she was getting hot, she removed her coat and when she sat down again, her skirt hiked up her thigh a little bit more that I would have liked and showed off her great legs. As I looked around at the men, I saw that they had all noticed and I could see that they were getting quite interested in her.

Two of them had moved closer and were now sitting right next to her, their thighs touching. It wasn't long before one of them had his hand on her thigh and was rubbing it gently up and down. The more he rubbed, the higher the skirt went until I could see her pantie covered cunt. I also noticed her panties were very wet and as she continued to sip her drink, her legs opened wider and wider until I could see her whole soaked cunt.

As I watched, two of the other men moved closer to me and were sitting right beside me watching my wife. I glanced down and saw that they both had erections and from the bulge in their pants, I assumed they were large. The two men sitting with my wife were now openly rubbing her thighs up to her cunt while I felt a hand on my thigh just as my wife sighed loudly.


I looked down and saw that the man had his hand on my upper thigh and was moving it closer to my crotch with each caress. I had, in my younger days, had relations with other men and boys so this was not something I was unfamiliar with even though it had been years since I had been in those situations. I had enjoyed sucking hard cocks and the feeling of one in my ass especially when it spewed its hot wet load deep inside me.

Now as my leg was being caressed, I suddenly longed for that feeling again.

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I looked over at my wife and saw that a third man had joined the group and was standing in front of her, his pants pulled down around his thighs. I couldn't see what they were doing but I imagined that my wife was sucking his hard cock. The other two men were caressing her body and starting to take her clothes off. As I watched, they soon had her breasts in their hands and one of them leaned down and started sucking on her nipples.

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The other man just caressed her breast while watching her sucking the hard cock in her mouth. In the mean time, my pants had been undone and my cock had been pulled out of them. One of the men sitting beside me had leaned down and engulfed my cock and was bobbing up and down of it, sucking it like a vacuum. God, that felt good and I opened my legs a little more and pushed my pants down around my ankles to give him more access.

Here we were, the two of us, surrounded by complete strangers, my wife with most of her clothes off, sucking a hard cock while having her breasts caressed and sucked and me, sitting with my pants down around my ankles, having my cock sucked and my chest caressed. What a strange array of events. I felt my cock twitch in the man's mouth and I spewed a hot load of come into his mouth as he swallowed over and over again. As I came, I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes.

When I opened them again, I found a hard cock inches from my mouth. The third man had joined us and I opened my mouth to accept his hard organ as he slipped it inside me and started to slowly thrust in and out. I felt his hands go around the back of my head and hold me while he fucked my mouth with thrusts that were getting faster and faster.

At the same time, I heard my wife groan loudly and I wondered what they were doing to her but I couldn't see around the man standing in front of me.

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I sucked the hard cock for I don't know how long before he came, making me swallow his load as he held my head while his cock rested against the back of my throat. He no sooner finished then another cock took its place and started to fuck my mouth all over again.

I don't know how long it took but I sucked all three cock until they came and filled my mouth with their hot loads. After the third one had finished, they moved aside and I could finally see what was happening to my wife.

The three men had her on her knees, a hard cock thrust up into her cunt while another was buried deep inside her ass. The third cock was in her mouth as as she sucked it, the other two cocks fucked her.

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The three of them were moaning and groaning loudly as they fucked and my wife seemed to be the loudest. What a sight, watching three men fuck my wife at the same time. I didn't have much time to watch them though as the three men surrounding me had their own plans for me. The next thing I knew, I was on my knees almost right beside my wife. I felt a hard cock against my ass hole and felt the pressure of it pushing against my opening. It entered me and I grunted.

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It slowly entered me and after a few moments, it was fully inside me. I knew that because I could feel a set a balls resting against my thighs. Someone standing in front of me, grabbed my hair and gently lifted my head up until I found his hard cock poking at my mouth. I opened my mouth and he slipped his cock inside. As I sucked the cock in my mouth, I felt something else.


Another cock was pushing against my ass hole trying to get inside me with the first cock. It succeeded and I was soon filled with two hard cocks which started to move in and out of me. It hurt at first but because I had had hard cocks inside my ass before, though it had been several years, my ass hole adapted quite quickly and soon I had balls slapping against the back of my thighs as the two cocks fucked me at the same time.

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First one came then the next then the cock in my mouth. I swallowed the best I could and it slipped out of my mouth just as the two cocks in my ass slipped out of me.


Hot come ran quite freely down the back of my thighs and I collapsed with a very sore mouth and ass hole. I looked over at my wife with hazy eyes and watched as the three men finished fucking her in all her holes and she too had hot come running out of her ass hole and down the back of her thighs.

Her mouth was swollen a bit and her ass and cunt were flared open from all the fucking she had endured. The men all moved away from us and let us recover a little but it wasn't long before they had all change positions and had their hard cocks buried inside my wife and me again. I don't know how long we were there but each of us was fucked over and over again before we were allowed to get dressed.

Now every time we pass the construction site, we stop in to say hello to the workers and let them have their way with the two of us. Even some of our friends have come with us and joined in the orgies. Some neighbourhood huh?