TEENFIDELITY Redhead Alex Harper Facialed By Her Friend

TEENFIDELITY Redhead Alex Harper Facialed By Her Friend
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The man lay there perhaps another 15 minutes before he got up and stumbled to the bathroom to wash up. Still shaking about what had taken place, my god!

What in the hell was going on? Was he going to be visited by all the female goddesses soon? A smirk crossed his face then he shook it away. This he thought looking into the mirror wasn't that good.

In all of the books he had read, never had anything good ever coming to pass between a goddess and a mortal?

Looking in the mirror his mouth dropped open; there one side of his neck was a Tjet (a knotted headdress with a loop) on the other a small hawk beneath the moon over the river that soon faded. Looking down he could still see the s ankh on his right inner thigh and the sistrum on his left, both near his scrotum. Swallowing hard, if he was in fact the husband of Bast, just how pissed was she going to be he had screwed her mother? 'Holy shit,' the man thought, 'they had both laid a claim to him?' Shaking the man thought I am definitely in some real deep shit!

Thinking for a few minutes he decided to call his friend Roger, an expert with a PhD in the field of Mythological Studies. If anyone could help him it would be Roger, looking at the clock the man cursed well when he was up that was. Heading back to his bedroom the man felt the familiar sleepiness start to assail his senses.

Lying down with a grin he knew that Bast should be here soon, then a tremor went through him. Would she be angry that her mother had partaken of him also? With a sigh he let the darkness come, after all, there was no fighting it. It seemed he'd only just fell asleep when his eyes snapped open. Across the room Bast seemed to be waiting by the window. As she drew close Bast looked closely at the man seeing the symbols on each side of his neck.

Her whispery voice floated across the room to him. "Good husband. Mother, here, See, take." Sniffing him close, a smile the first real smile he'd actually seen on her face came forth.

"Mother like much. You marked, safe. Good!" Reaching down she took his deflated member into her mouth almost instantly breathing new life into it. Smiling again at his quick response the man felt her mouth engulf him all the way to his scrotum. Within moments the man groaned again as he felt blast after blast of his seed going deep into her throat. Licking her lips she withdrew seeing that his member was still as hard as when she started. "God Bast I need so badly to touch you!" Reaching up he'd almost touched her faced when she hissed and slashed at his hand deeply cutting it.

"Not yet almost." came her whispered reply as she licked his wrist and hand. Climbing up she quickly impaled herself all the way to his thighs. A growling purr seemed to issue from her lips as the wave of cold washed over him again. Strange thing though, this time it felt different, it almost felt like he could feel her weight.

Quickly she settled into a quick rhythm that seemed to increase every few seconds 'til she seemed to be moving as fast as Isis had been.


It also didn't seem to take that long this time as he quickly felt the feeling building to the point he knew he was about to explode within her. Roaring out he felt his seed start to fill her, flooding her cervix then flowing out around his cock. Even as his release started, Bast started to scream far louder than she had before.

Her whole pale body shock uncontrollably as her hole clenched his member tighter. Falling on his chest the man felt her biting her way up his chest to his neck then his lips as she bit both of them. Licking back over the trail she'd just taken the man could only admire the red of his blood on her lips and fingers. Her mother was beautiful yes, but he'd take Bast any day. After all these years he realized with a shock that he thought he was falling for her! Damn it I really am screw he thought, when she finally left as he knew she would have to one day he felt he would die.

Bast looked at the man a moment, "No husband, no die. You, Bast, always.

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Mother help. Protect, mark." Licking his hand and wrist again then his chest a last time, she floated to the window and looked at him.

Was she actually smiling at him? What was that strange glimmer he'd seem in her eyes? Damn it he really needed to talk to Roger. In the morning he thought as the darkness of sleep enveloped him.

The next morning the man stumbled into the bathroom again, looking in the mirror he was prepared to shave but still had no beard even after four days? Again as before there were no cuts or bruises on his skin. Damn he thought obviously they wanted him young but really! Then again as he stared at his reflection this was about the time he was at his sexual height.

Nodding he grabbed his phone and called his friend Roger, "Roger I need your help, though I think I am screwed in the long run with all of this. What? No I'd rather not tell you over the phone. The thing is I need you to believe me when I tell you, ok? No nothing like that see you in an hour? Good see you soon. Grabbing the floppy hat he had for working in the yard the man made his way to his car. Again his heavy set neighbor was staring at him as he was leaving.

What in the hell is up with that woman he thought. An hour later he was pulling up to the state university. Parking the man made his way in trying to look at the ground the whole time. Finally within the confines of Roger's office the man removed his hat. Roger sat there the whole time as his friend regaled to him the entire story.

"Roger you have to help me, everything I read said that relationships like this never end well for the mortal, namely me!" "Let me get this straight.

You have been visited by Bast for a number of years you and her have a night of passion then she leaves?" The man nodded to Roger. "Then last night you were visited by Isis. Really please pray tell me what she looked like?" The man launched into a description of an extremely beautiful pale woman with a headdress on that looked like a disc with two snakes around it.

She had a long sheath dress on when she first appeared then. The man stopped 'til Roger made him go on where the man described the woman climbing on him using him 'til they were both satisfied.

The man then went on to describe Bast as she was now appearing every night.


Nearly in tears the man asked Roger if he was a dead duck or what? "Well I can say one thing," Roger said with a grin on his face, "You are as you said fucked but I don't think in the way you think.

Can I see where you were marked?" Roger asked. The man nodded and pulled his shirt off, showing his neck. Roger stared for a moment then sat. Handing his friend a card told him, "These are ALL of my private numbers. We have been waiting for a sign, thank you my friend any help you need call me." "What are you talking about," the man said looking at his friend as if he were crazy. "I am sorry I am a high priest for Isis as I said we have been waiting for a sign from her.

As I said any help you need call." Pressing an intercom button the man said, "Temhkes could you please help my friend?" A tall, slender pale skinned woman with dark black hair came in and helped the man to an outer room. Locking the door she came back to the man and quickly removed his hat. Hiding his eyes the woman started to chuckle. "There is no need mortal, what that bitch of a sister has done to you won't affect me.

Though," here she passed her hand over the man who quickly found his self stark naked. "Damn it that bitch beat me to the best again.

It's ok," waving her arm she was suddenly just as naked as the man.

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"Ah! That's better. Alright let's see what you got!" Climbing on she drove herself all the way to his hips screaming the whole time the man's hard member penetrated her. "Oh hell yeah! Come on stud; let's see just how hard you can screw!" Driving herself harder and harder the man reached up tentatively and grasped the woman's breasts causing her to scream out in orgasm.

"Ugh! That's it! Squeeze 'em harder than that! UM that's it." Damn the man thought I was afraid of this how many more are going to come after me? "No more stud just us three you are marked by mother now no one but family can touch you.

That leaves that much more for me!" The man felt his orgasm building higher finally unable to hold back the man felt his seed filling her deep then falling out around her opening on him. Again, screaming as if her life depended on it the woman spasmed and lay on his chest. Gasping for breath the man finally asked, "What in the hell is going on?" Smiling the woman sat up and started to work her internal muscle as she could feel him still hard.

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"You know something? You talk to damn much! Give me a few more orgasms then we can talk! Finally sated the woman rolled off the man. "It figures I'd have to get one that my sister already had. Though I have to admit what she did to you had greatly increased your value to me. That has to be the first time in 3000 years I have been that satisfied!" "So you feel like answering a few questions?" The man asked.

"Sure, what I can answer, I am a goddess, but even we don't know everything." The dark haired woman replied. "First one, I get you are Bast's sister?" The man said making a rolling hand motion.

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"Yes, I am Sekhmet. Sister to that bitch Bast often called her evil twin. I hate that!" The whole building shook a moment then she calmed. "Next?" "Am I really the husband of your sister?" The man asked as Sekhmet had reached over and was fondling his now half deflated member.

"That little bitch has already laid claim to you? Father! Damn it I also claim this mortal as my husband!" Sekhmet shouted to the air. "It is so," a booming voice came from every corner of the room. "Both may share but both have to procure!" then just as suddenly it was quiet. A little giggle from Sekhmet had the man turning her way. "You best prepare stud! We are going to have you planting seed morning, noon and night. You're going to be quite the row plowing farmer!" Here Sekhmet laughed at her joke.

"So it's going to be the same way as with Bast?" The man asked. "Oh yes, though the bitch has a head start on me I'll catch up don't worry. Oh and by the way, you won't sleep for a while so eat a lot you're going to need it." Laughing the woman left the room as the man scrambled to get dressed. Walking out the man forgot to put his hat on and smiled at three young women who passed him.

The next thing he knew he was being dragged into the woman's bathroom.

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He was then stripped naked and a very wet hole was shoved all the way down his cock. Screaming the woman began to pound as hard as she could. Amazingly the man began to fill her only a few minutes later.

Again as at the country club the women shared a kissed as they passed each other. Then the two not with him were hotly kissing each other. The second woman began to slowly slide up and down for a minute then she also began to push harder and faster.

Merely five minutes later the man erupted deep in the second woman causing her to scream out in satisfaction. Finally the third woman climbed on trying to get herself all the way down his hard member. Frustrated the woman began to rub her vagina across his dick hoping she would produce more lubrication.

Finally both of the first two women laid her back and began to tongue and lick her 'til they felt she was slipperier. Helping her back up the woman began to shove herself slowly deeper and deeper 'til with a sigh she was resting on the man's hips. Taking a deep breath the woman began to slowly withdraw the man then drop back to his hips.

The man couldn't believe just how tight the woman was or just how much the other women had lubricated her.

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Finally after what had to be five minutes the woman was finally comfortable as she started a rhythm that was squeezing the man's member. Another five minutes passed before the woman started to actually start to thrust harder. Suddenly the man finally felt the buildup deep within his scrotum, 'Shit,' the man thought, 'this was going to be big!' Still thrusting hard but not as hard as most that had taken him, the man could see that the woman was close also. With a growling roar the man felt all his seed as it started to fill the woman.

The woman's eyes got huge when she felt the man's member swell in her then she felt wave after wave of pleasure wash over her. Yelling and screaming the woman spasmed several times then laid her head on the man's chest.

Her eyes cleared a moment and she whispered in the man's ear, "thank you." Then her eyes glazed over and she and the other two dressed, kissed the man, and left as if nothing had happened.

Sekhmet was standing outside with a smirk on her face, "Well that's three for me that ought to make father happy, considering. By the way be careful screwing mother, she's been known to kill quite a few mortals when she gets too excited." Reaching down Sekhmet patted his crotch, "Though I think that with this monster you and her will get along just fine. I'll see you tomorrow where ever you are, I do have to exchange fluid with you.

Laughing she disappeared shaking her head.

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All I could think of was now I really am screwed. He had learned early in life to never get between feuding females let alone sisters. Problem was he was what they were feuding over.