Marie mccray tries lesbian sex for the first time

Marie mccray tries lesbian sex for the first time
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Julie sat in the hotel bar a little bored waiting. She knew that she cut a stunning figure with her black leather dress that was slit up the front revealing so much promise of what was just beyond view.

Her dark brown hair tumbled in natural waves to rest just above her shoulders and a pair of large wrap around sunglasses concealed her vivid blue eyes.

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Julie surveyed the bar and watched as the after work businessmen tried to impress the young girl sitting nervously at the bar.

Julie admired her innocence as she blushed with each advance she received as she desperately tried to attract the attention of the barman, Julie stood and walked slowly over to the bar stools and slipped onto the stool next to the young woman.

Smiling like a shark sensing its prey Julie muttered in a low husky voice, "Hi I'm Julie". "Penny" the young girl stammered then cursed silently under her breath as she realised that she had missed her chance yet again to catch the barman's attention. Julie leant forward and clicked her fingers and the barman came running hoping for another generous tip like those he had received from the mysterious woman in black the last few times her had served her.

"My friend and I would like a drink," Julie throatily asked her voice oozing sex and turning to Penny asked her what she would like. "A mineral water please" Penny stammered in reply and blushed as Julie let out a deep laugh. "I said a drink girl," and Penny looked desperately at the row of bottles before settling on Baileys that she had seen on the TV. Ordering to large Baileys Julie guided Penny over to a corner table. Penny began to show the effects of the three large Baileys and what she didn't see was the clear liquid that Julie added to her drink when she wasn't looking.

As Penny relaxed Julie found out that she was 25 and away for one night on some form of a training course. She had been married for 5 years to Tom, her childhood sweet heart, and this was the first time she had been away without him. Smiling Julie asked, "and are we out tonight looking for fun?" Penny blushed deeply and spluttered indignation that she would never even look at another man, as she had always been faithful to her husband.

Julie decided silently to herself that perhaps this wasn't the time to reveal that she was a lesbian domme as Penny probably wouldn't even understand what a lesbian was let alone a domme. As the drugs and alcohol began to take effect on Penny, Julie offered to take her to her room and by the time they arrived at Penny's room she was just about comatose. Leaving the door on the latch Julie slipped out to her room to collect a case before returning to find Penny in the same position as she had left her.

Julie quickly stripped the girl naked and ran an admiring finger across her small but firm breasts before gently toying with her thatch of light pubic hair. "That will have to go" Julie muttered as she arranged Penny spread-eagled on the bed. Setting up the digital video camera Julie donned a mask concealing the top half of her face, before removing her dress.

Julie leant between Penny's legs and began to lick and lap at her pussy. In her comatose state Penny's body responded naturally and was soon soaked and was moaning and thrashing gently about. Julie then straddled the bed with her legs either side of Penny's head.

Rubbing her pussy against Penny's mouth she rolled and rocked knowing the camera would make it look like Penny was licking her deep inside. Julie then removed various toys from her bag and posed the girl with legs spread and a dildo plunged deep in her pussy. By careful arrangement of her hands stills taken from the video would make it look like Penny was a willing participant of the lesbian tryst. As a final act Julie removed a strapon from her bag and positioned Penny on all fours.

First fucking her pussy as she fingered her ass before smearing generous amounts of gel on the strapon. Julie could tell by the way the girl's ass gripped her finger that she was an anal virgin but was surprised by the reaction she got when she pushed the strapon in.

Instead of just moans of pain Penny responded subconsciously and began to push back without realising what she was doing. "You go girl" Julie muttered, "A real anal slut if ever I saw one and some great footage as well." Julie carefully packed up her stuff making sure no traces were left before carefully removing the contents of Penny's bag and photographed the papers inside.

The following day Penny woke with a splitting headache and could not recall anything after the kind lady helped her upstairs. For the rest of the day Penny recovered from what she though must be a hangover and swore to herself she would not touch alcohol again. During the day Penny felt that her bottom was a little sore but put it down to something she had eaten upsetting her tummy. * * * * * * * * * * A few days after the training course Penny waved her husband off to work before settling down at the kitchen table.

As Penny only worked part time at the bank, today was her day off when she could catch up on her housework and make something lovely for Tom's dinner. Penny heard the postman and collected the various bits of junk mail and bills along with an A4 envelope marked 'personal and private' for her. Penny moved back to the kitchen table before opening it and her heart started to beat faster as pictures tumbled out showing pictures of herself and a masked woman engaged in various lesbian sexual acts.

As she tried to work out who the masked woman was as her face seemed vaguely familiar the phone rang. Hearing the throaty voice it dawned on Penny that this was the woman in the pictures who she met in the hotel. Still trying to clear her brain Penny could only stammer as she heard Julie purr, "Bet Tom would love those pictures of his sweet little Penny being a lesbian slut." Penny began to sob silently wondering if this was going to be a demand for money when she heard Julie say, "Don't worry things will be alright if you are a good little slut." And with that the phone went dead.

Panic stricken Penny didn't know what to do when the doorbell rang and pausing only to sweep the incriminating pictures into a drawer she answered it. Standing there was a courier with a package that Penny took but as she went to close the door the courier said, "I was told to wait." Opening the box Penny saw that it was mobile phone with a cordless earpiece and as she looked it began to ring.

Putting in the earpiece Penny heard Julie's voice as if she was standing right next to her. "Give the courier a blow job" Julie's voice purred. Penny stood rooted to the spot when she heard a sharp tone in Julie's voice as she commanded; "Now slut or a copy of the pictures will be on your husbands desk within the hour." Realising she had no choice Penny started to invite the courier in.

"No" the voice in her said, "Blow him on the doorstep like the slut you are." Penny gulped and knelt and unzipped the courier to reveal his semi-erect cock.

Taking him into her mouth Penny began to make little sucking movements.


"Enjoy it you fucking slut" Julie hissed and Penny began to suck in earnest. Soon his cock was fully hard and the courier starting moaning as Penny sucked him. Penny knew that the neighbours must have been wondering what was happening and prayed they couldn't see.

Suddenly the man started to groan louder and Penny knew from the way that her husband reacted that he was about to cum. Trying to take him deeper so as not to let any of his cum spill on the carpet Penny squealed in pain as the man jerked her head back as he pulled put of her mouth.

"Sluts have to earn cum in their mouth," Julie's voice laughed cruelly in her ear as the man worked himself with his hand.

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The thick semen shot out in milky white strands splattering Penny's face and hair with cum. The man zipped himself up and Penny barely had time to close the door before he turned and walked up the path. "Was that nice slut?" Julie cooed and although in some ways Penny felt degraded she also knew that her body betrayed as she felt dampness in her panties. "Remove your knickers whore" Julie commanded, "I want to hear you cum." Penny removed her knickers and lay back on the carpet spreading her legs wide.

Julie described the pictures she had sent in detail and instructed Penny to play with her pussy, something she had not done since school. For all those years after being caught by the nuns and being told it was dirty Penny had not touched herself there. The combination of feeling cum drying on her face and lying spread-eagled in the hall with Julie whispering in her ear Penny began to touch herself.

At first Penny was timid but as Julie instructed her to put first one then two fingers deep inside Penny felt a huge orgasm build. She arched up with her shoulders on the floor, the soles of her feet planted firmly down and her ass lifted high. Penny screamed down the phone as she felt the biggest orgasm she had in years flood though her.

Slumping back spent Penny heard Julie say, "Good slut, we will see what tomorrow brings," before the phone went dead. * * * * * * * * * * The next day after seeing her husband off to work Penny sat and stared at the phone that sat on the kitchen table. The previous evening her and Tom had enjoyed a rampant evening of sex as the thoughts of her slutty act kept running through her mind.

Penny was daydreaming, wondering what was happening to her when the ringing of the phone broke her thoughts. Putting in the earpiece Penny heard Julie say "Good Morning slut." "What are you doing to me?" Penny begged down the phone and felt a cold chill run down her spine when she heard Julie say. "Firstly it's Mistress. Secondly unless you want everyone to know publicly what a slut you are you had better be my private slut." With that last statement Penny heard the doorbell ring and still connected went to the door to answer it.

Outside were two workmen and then Penny recalled that she had arranged for cable TV to be installed today. "Hi Ma'am" the taller of the two men said, "We are here to fit your cable." Penny was conscious that she was still dressed in her robe and nightie and could feel the two men imagining her body under the robe.

"Who is it" Julie's voice hissed in her ear and Penny said out loud, "So you two guys are here to fix the cable TV, it's in the living room, do come in." "Fuck them both." Penny heard Julie say as Penny showed the two men into the living room. "But" Penny spluttered into the phone and the two guys stopped and looked at Penny quizzically. "Do it slut or the pictures are on Tom's desk." Julie hissed.

Sighing with resignation Penny slipped off her robe and nightie while the two guys backs were still turned.


Coughing gently to get their attention Penny couldn't help but smile to herself as she saw their reactions when they turned and saw her standing naked. "Tell them you want them both to fuck you." Julie commanded. Penny replied with "Yes Mistress" before turning to the two guys and licking her lips said, "I want you both to fuck me." The two men needed no second invitation and stripped out of their overalls revealing two tanned and fit bodies.

Penny looked at their cocks and noticed that both seemed a little larger than her husband's and couldn't help but start to get wet. "Is your pussy damp at the thought slut?" Julie's voice purred in Penny's ear. "Yes Mistress" Penny said, " I want both their lovely cocks in my body" Penny felt four hands touching her in places no other man's hands had ever gone apart from her husband's and she became more and more turned on.

Dropping to her knees Penny began to suck one cock while working the other with her hand then switching cocks. As Penny sucked one man's cock she felt the other guy behind her lifting her so she was standing upright but bent over at the waist.

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Then Penny felt him kick her ankles apart before cock pushing his cock into her willing pussy. She couldn't stop the loud groan of pleasure that escaped her lips. "You love it slut don't you?" Julie said into Penny's ear who couldn't reply as her mouth was full of cock. "I said both of them slut, which means both at once so you had better get busy." Julie commanded in Penny's ear.

The two cable men couldn't believe their luck when they heard the words from Penny's sweet mouth, "I want both of your cocks in me at the same time, one in my pussy and the other in my ass." The first guy lay on his back in the middle of Penny's living room gripping the base of his cock and holding it upright. All vestiges of embarrassment had gone from Penny as she straddled him before sinking down onto his cock.

"It feels so good Mistress" Penny said out loud but neither of the guys realised she was speaking into the phone. Enjoying the sensations Penny moved up and down letting the cock slide in and out her soaking pussy. Then she felt a hand on her back holding her steady and something large pushing at her ass. Penny was anal virgin and was just about to try to stop the second guy when the head of his cock popped inside her anal ring causing a white light burst into her brain.

Moaning loudly Penny heard Julie say, "Is he in your ass now slut? Does it feel good with two cocks in you?" Penny could only stammer as she felt the second guy push deeper and deeper. Soon she could feel his belly against her back and knew that her must be fully buried into her ass. She heard him speak just behind her ear, "You deep in her pussy Bill because I am buried to the hilt in her ass." "Yeah" the guy under Penny grunted, "I am in her pussy so let's fuck this bitch." With that the two men began to fuck Penny with practiced thrusts.

First one would hold still while the other drove it and out then they would both fuck together. Despite the lack of lubricant on her ass Penny loved the feelings and the burning sensations just heightened her enjoyment. Penny heard the guy under her grunt and thrust up filling her pussy with cum and the guy in her ass pumped his load into her as well.

Penny extracted herself from the tangle of limbs and moved across the living room picking up her clothes as she went. "Was that nice slut?" Julie whispered in ear, "Yes Mistress" Penny replied as she felt the cum dribbling from her ass and pussy down her thighs.

"Good" Julie said, "Tonight you will have anal with your hubby, in fact you will have anal every night until I call again," and with that the phone went dead. Penny wasn't sure how Tom would take her request for anal sex. It was always a taboo subject between them but as she climbed the stairs for a however the pleasant tingling in her ass made her determined to have his cock in there before midnight. * * * * * * * * * Penny sat at the table staring at the phone. Her ass was burning from the anal fucking she had enjoyed over the last few days.

At first Tom was unsure but once he realised that Penny was serious Tom took her ass with a passion they hadn't enjoyed in a few years. She was almost thankful that Tom was away that evening as she would get a rest. Penny blushed as she felt herself willing the phone to ring and snatched it up and answered almost in one movement. "Hello slut" Julie's voice purred down the phone. "Hello Mistress" Penny stammered. "How's your slutty ass feeling?" Julie enquired. "A little sore Mistress but my pussy feels neglected," Penny blurted out in response.

Laughing Julie said, "We will soon sort that out" and the phone went dead. Penny could feel that her pussy was damp and that had been brought on from the brief contact she had just had with Julie.

Idly daydreaming Penny began to stoke her pussy when the doorbell rang. When Penny got to the door there was no one there but a parcel rested on the step.

Penny opened the parcel and inside found some clothing and a note saying 'wear only what is here and be ready at 9.00 p.m." * * * * * * * * * * Just before 9.00p.m.

Penny looked at herself in the mirror as she stood waiting. The skirt barely covered her ass and the top was almost skin tight. What made Penny blush was printed across the top were the words, "This white slut needs black cock". The doorbell rang and opening it she felt the rush of cold air play across her naked pussy, as no knickers had been included in the parcel.

Looking up Penny took a step back as she looked into the face of very large smiling black man. "The name is Thomas and I am here to transport you and it looks like the brothers gonna get a fine piece of white ass." Penny followed Thomas to the car praying silently that none of the neighbours would see her and breathing a sigh of relief as she made it to the car.

Penny went to open the back door of the dark BMW when she heard Thomas's voice rumble, "In the front girl." Meekly Penny climbed into the front seat and felt the cold touch of the leather seat against her naked flesh. Thomas got in and before he started the engine unzipped himself and pulled out his black cock. "Suck it bitch" he snarled and started the engine. Penny touched the cock gently and pulled away in shock as it jerked to her touch. Although limp it was still bigger than any cock she had seen fully erect.

Roughly pulling her hair with one hand while holding the wheel with the other Thomas pulled her head roughly into his lap. Penny had no choice but to touch the cock with her mouth and it started to swell and grow harder. Opening her mouth Penny swallowed the cock in and felt it grow even harder and begin to swell.

Soon she was working her head up and down like a pro slurping as the thick cock started to hit her throat. Penny gagged slightly which caused Thomas to moan and push her down and she felt like she couldn't breath and tried to push up against the restraining hand. Each time she pushed up Thomas pushed her down forcing the cock back into her mouth. The car stopped and Thomas removed both hands from the wheel and holding Penny's head began to thrust up violently into her mouth.

Despite her choking Thomas continued to fuck her mouth until finally with a yell he shot thick stream of cum into her throat. There was so much Penny couldn't contain it all and some escaped down her chin.

Sitting upright Penny realised that the car had come to a halt outside a bar in a particularly bad part of town and the crowd that had gathered had witnessed her cock sucking. Penny blushed deep red and tried to whip the drops of cum from her chin as the men outside laughed and jeered.

Thomas moved round the car and half dragged her into the smoky bar and then propelled her into the middle of the room. Standing there Penny felt very alone and as she looked round she realised that she was the only woman in the bar and also the only white face.

Thomas walked to the bar and ordering a beer turned to the room and shouted, "This white slut wants black cock, she's all yours boys." Penny gulped and looked round seeing that half of the men had stood and were working their cocks.

Some of them were what she would consider normal sized but many of them were like long black snakes. Penny fixed on one man whose cock seemed unreal it was so large, nearly a foot long and as thick as her wrist. Penny was just thinking to herself that it would never fit when her attention was snapped back to reality as she felt hands pawing at her clothing.

Within seconds Penny was naked in the middle of the bar but before she could become self-conscious she felt herself being lifted towards a black man sitting in a chair.

She felt like a doll in their hands and as she was straddled over the sitting man she looked down to see him holding his erect cock upright.

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She felt herself being lowered onto him and as the tip entered her it took her breath away. Lower and lower she sank feeling the cock slip deeper and deeper into her body.

Finally she came to a rest and she couldn't speak, as she felt fuller than she ever had before. "Black cock feel good?" the man muttered and Penny could only nod in reply. "Well ride it slut, like your Mistress said you would," and with that the man gave Penny's ass a sharp slap. Penny began to ride slowly up and down and after a few strokes she felt herself adjust to the size inside her.

Penny felt her head turned to one side and another cock was presented to her face. Without pausing for thought Penny greedily sucked the cock in and stared to ride and suck at the same time. "Good little white cocksucker" the man laughed and thrust into Penny's willing mouth as the man under her thrust up to meet Penny's downward strokes.

Penny could feel the first orgasm building in her body when she felt a cold finger probing at her ass. Moaning the finger slipped in and began to work her looser and was soon joined by another finger. The two fingers in her ass and the cock in her pussy caused the orgasm to burst and as she came the man whose cock she was sucking pulled out of her mouth and shot his cum over her face and hair.

At the same time she felt the fingers removed from her ass and the head of a huge cock being pushed at her anal opening. Her mouth free allowed her to speak for the first time since entering the bar.

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"Shove that black meat up my ass," she screamed, "Fuck me" The man needed no second invitation and forced his cock into Penny's ass. Penny wasn't prepared for the sheer size and the other man still inside her pussy made her ass tighter. She opened her mouth and screamed but was cut off by yet another man shoving his cock into her cum splattered mouth. Soon all the men were grunting and almost at the same time they shot their cum into each of her holes.

Climbing off the man Penny stood in the room with cum trickling down her face and her thighs with a wild expression on her face. Penny's brain was fired with sheer animal lust and spinning to face the man with the monster cock Penny pointed and snarled, "I want that in me" then lying on the floor opened her legs wide and pointed again. "Fuck me with that black monster NOW" The man lowered himself between Penny's legs and started to push the cock inside her. Penny could only mew like an animal as white lights flashed in her head as the man pushed it deep into her.

He stopped and Penny thought it must be all in. Looking at her he smiled and in a deep voice said, "You like my monster?" Penny snarled and reaching down said "I love your black cock in my white pussy." Her hand reached her pussy and she was shocked to find he was only half in but she was so turned on she just wrapped her legs round his back and pulled at him.

A scream and a torrent of filth exploded from Penny's mouth as he sunk to the full twelve inches. The orgasm that shot through her caused Penny to black out and she stayed in a semi-conscious state as her pounded her for what seemed like for hours.

* * * * * * * * * * Penny sat in the back of a taxi ignoring the stares of the taxi driver. Her hair was covered in cum and she could feel the cum leaking from both her pussy and ass. When she left the bar her own clothes could not be found and one of the guys gave her a t-shirt that was big enough to cover her modesty. She ached from head to toe and was numb in places after the fucking she had received.

Slipping into a semi-trance she tried to recall how many cocks had been in her and couldn't recall as she lost count after twelve. Looking forward to a hot bath and a long sleep Penny half tumbled through her front door. "Hello slut" Julie's soft voice curled out of the darkness causing Penny to stand very still. Suddenly the room was bathed in light and sitting in a chair was Julie coolly watching her.

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"The slut returns," Julie half-laughed, "Fucked by many black cocks and loved every second of it. Now you are nearly a total slut." Penny dropped to her knees and stammered, "Yes Mistress I am your slut and willing to do what ever you command." "Anything slut?

Are you sure?" Julie purred. As Penny looked at Julie and saw that she had stood and removed her long grey leather coat revealing nothing but a pair of thigh length leather boots. Her pussy was cleanly shaven and her breasts were firm, in fact her whole body was finely toned. Julie then sat down again with her legs wide apart and Penny could tell that she was in high state of sexual arousal as her nipples standing erect and her pussy lips were puffy and pink.

"Lick me slut" Julie commanded and Penny crawled across the room to kneel between her Mistress's legs. Penny could smell the heady aroma of Julie's pussy and could see the glistening pearls of her juices on her outer lips. Penny bent her head and licked slowly upwards collecting the juices and swallowing them. Her tongue delved inside Julie's pussy twirling and lapping as she felt Julie get wetter and wetter.

Penny's tongue sought and found Julie's erect clit and Penny ran her tongue over and across causing it to swell even more.

Penny was lost in a haze of lust then felt her head being pulled away from Julie's pussy. Julie's hand was twisted in Penny's hair and Julie stared deep into Penny's eyes. "Anything slut?" Julie asked again, her face close to Penny's face covered in Julie's juices. "Yes Mistress" Penny nodded, "This slut is yours to command." With that Julie let out a low whistle and from round the corner appeared a Great Dane.

"This is Rex" Julie smiled, "Pleasure him." Penny's first reaction was to balk & run, then looking at Julie she knew that if she did then this wonderful woman would disappear from her life. Crawling over to the dog, which stood very still Penny cautiously reached under and touched its furry sheath. Penny jumped as the red tip started to poke out and as she touched the dog's red cock it grew and grew.

The dog's cock began to leak watery cum as Penny's manipulated the dog's cock until it was semi-hard in her hand. Half knowing and half wanting to taste it, Penny bent under the dog and started to lick and suck on his cock. The pre-cum tasted strong and watery in Penny's mouth but she worked her head swallowing its juices the pure animal lust in Penny began to rise as her mouth stretched around the dog's cock.

Turning still on all fours Penny looked at Julie with her eyes burning with desire. "I want him to fuck your slut, Mistress" Penny moaned. Julie smiled and issued a short command to the dog, "Rex mount." Penny felt the furry paws raise up and round her waist and the soft fur brush against her back.

The dog was frantically jabbing with its cock trying to find her hole and Penny instinctively reached under her body to guide him in. Rex felt the tip enter her pussy and instinct took over as he thrust all of his 10-inch cock into the willing pussy of the bitch under him.

Penny yelled an intelligible sound as the massive cock slide home then lowered her head as the dog started to vigorously fuck her. Julie watched as the dog's hips were a blur as it pumped hard and deep into Penny's willing pussy. Leaning forward Julie pulled Penny's head up by her hair, "Doe's it feel good slut?" "Oh yes Mistress" Penny nodded in reply, her face reflecting each thrust of the dog's brutal fucking.

The orgasms were shuddering through Penny's body when she felt the pressure against her pussy of something huge trying to force it's way in. "Mistress what is happening" Penny moaned. "It is going to knot with you slut" Julie replied, "Breath deeply and relax." Following Julie's commands Penny took a deep breath and relaxed. As she did so Rex made a final push and his tennis ball size knot slipped into Penny's pussy. "Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Penny cried as she felt herself being stretched like she had never been stretched before.

Then to her surprise the knot inside began to swell even more causing pressure against her g-spot. The dog thrusting had slowed and Penny felt the knot pulse as hot dog sperm pumped into her body. The feeling was more intense than anything Penny had ever experienced and she felt her head would explode from the sensory overload to her nerves. Penny felt the dog lift off and turn so it's back legs were pressed against her ass. Laughing Julie said, "Now you are tied.

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Don't move as you will hurt both yourself and Rex. I might as well fix myself a drink as you will be like that for the next 20 minutes." With that Julie left the room leaving Penny locked in position.

The knot was still pulsing inside of her and Penny could not resist rubbing her clit and she knelt there sending more min orgasms pulsing through her body. "Penny?" said a voice from the door and Penny's heart sank as she realised that her husband Tom had returned and was now standing at the doorway catching her in the most sluttiest position possible.

Penny face burned with shame and she closed her eyes and waited for the tirade to follow. When nothing was forthcoming Penny opened her eyes and looked to see what was happening. To her surprise Tom had removed his clothing and stood with just his wallet in his hand.

"Thanks Julie" Tom laughed as he handed over a thick wad of notes to Julie, who was now dressed, "You said you could make her into a slut and you didn't lie." With that Tom grabbed Penny roughly by the hair and shoved his cock into Penny's mouth.

"Suck it dog whore" Tom muttered as he began to fuck Penny's mouth, "And when I have finished I am going to fuck your ass, then get my friends round and they will all fuck you as well. Then you will perform with the dog for their entertainment" Penny couldn't reply as her mouth was full of cock but to her surprise she found her husband's words highly erotic and was looking forward to becoming the slut of the neighbourhood.

As Julie reached the door she could hear Tom grunt as he spilled his seed into Penny's mouth and she smiled to herself as she walked up the drive to her car knowing that Penny was going to enjoy her new life as a slut.