Fucking infront of family at dining table

Fucking infront of family at dining table
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The Joy of Teenage Bodies - Part 1 My wife Sarah was having one of her usual girly-gathering evenings in our house.

I knew what that meant of course. I was sent out of the house and told not to come back until the bars were closing some several hours later. I knew the scenario of course.

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Wine would flow and about 20 or more women would congregate in our living room to create a noise which no man could bare. Three hours of this and most of them would be half-drunk and the conversation would have descended into the depths of depravity; each of their husbands and boyfriends intimate sexual habits would be discussed and no avenue left unexplored concerning the best ways to excite their man. On some occasions, it would be a Lingerie Party and I was told in no uncertain terms that I should not be back before midnight because half of the women would freak out at the very thought of them being watched by a man as they passed around the latest gadgets and silky little his 'n hers numbers to examine with a view to purchasing after several more glasses of cheap Pinot Grigio had been consumed.

We were both in out late 30's and enjoyed a healthy and open minded sex-life. We'd often discussed our fantasies together, especially during the hours of foreplay which we both enjoyed. The words and dreams spoken by each of us as we massaged and caressed each other would take us into another world of fantastical arousal and pleasure as we each explored our minds and told the other what would excite, and what would make us tingle inside as we thought about each detail we were told.

Sitting at the bar that evening my conversation with the barman drifted from the usual sports chat to women and, more to the point, what women like to discuss when they tend to congregate in groups and the alcohol is flowing. It turned out that his wife had been invited to a Lingerie Party tonight too, so we compared notes of what we knew and decided that it must be the same gathering that my wife had organised.

As our conversation progressed, he told me that his wife had been told that there would be a special treat for the ladies who attended tonight, but that's all he knew. My mind started to race as I wondered just what my better half had been planning, and more to the point, just what was going on right now back at our house half way through the evening.

It was still only 10pm.

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Smiling to myself I begun to think about the possibility of sneaking back home and seeing what I could find out about just what was happening without being discovered. I told the barman what I had in mind and he was eager for me to return once I'd found out anything. I told him I would and slid off the bar stool, my pulse quickening as I set off home.

Twenty minutes later and I was approaching the driveway to our house. I stopped and listened and could hear loud yelps and shrieks with music blaring out in the background. I peered into the front window through the crack in the blinds to see what I could find out.

"Holy fucking shit", I mouthed to myself when my eyes took in everything. Standing in the middle of the group of yelping women was a young man, maybe 16 or 17 and just dressed in the tiniest lycra slip that could ever have been made.

Several of the more vocal and drunk women were reaching out to him to grab and grope at whatever they could as he was led up and down the room by my grinning wife! A nervous smile broke out on his face as he was stopped in front of each woman so the prospective purchaser could have a feel of the garment (and its current contents for most of them), presumably to see whether it was to their liking.

"Fucking Hell", I mouthed again as I felt my cock start to stiffen in my pants as I felt a surge of jealousy and wanted to be that guy. Seemingly no more than a boy whoever he was and wherever my wife had got him from. Just then I turned my head to see that one of the girls had come out to the front door for a smoke break and our eyes met as we both looked startled and a little sheepish. I recognised her as Karen, one of Sarah's regular friends and immediately put a finger to my lips to encourage her to keep silent.

She smiled at me as I strolled over and asked her just what the hell was going on in there. "Oh, Sarah didn't want you to know", she whispered. "She thought you might get jealous and not let us have our fun". I laughed and told her to go back inside and just whisper into my wife Sarah's ear that I was outside, and to ask her to come out for a moment.


A minute or so later and I was looking face-to-face with a giggling wife as she exclaimed in a loud whisper. "You're not sufuckin' 'sposed to be here!" I laughed and told her not to worry.

I told her what I'd seen and that it I'd found it a complete turn on too. "Well please don't come in yet", she said.

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"Some of the girls in there would get too nervous, so slip upstairs and I'll wind the party down soon. Don't worry though, I'm organising a special treat for you once most of them have gone". Half an hour later and the house had almost emptied. There was now just Sarah and I, the evening's 'boy-model' and his young looking girlfriend Jessica too.

"How old is she?" I whispered to my wife. "Don't worry darling", she said "She is quite legal now; sixteen this week in fact.

Just what you've always dreamed about", as she winked at me. My head started to spin as my mind went into over-drive.

I put up no fight whatsoever as Sarah unbuttoned my shirt and ripped it from my shoulders, and then pulled down my jeans too. She left me dressed just in my tight fitting slip as I caught sight of Jessica, pulling down her jeans too and letting them drop to the floor as she lay back on the couch next to Daniel.

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I got up from the couch and knelt just in front of the Jessica's soft legs as she sat there. Her slim petite figure was a vision of loveliness to me. It was my ultimate dream to have in front of me a fair skinned teenage beauty dressed in just tiny white knickers and a short lacy cropped top.

I began stroking my hands up and down the top of her thighs as I looked into her eyes and licked my lips. My thumbs just meeting as each sweep up her legs ended with a light brush over her glorious mound through her tiny white pants.


Each time my hands moved upwards, my tongue followed so I was running it slowly up the inside of her velvet-like thighs, just stopping short of her panties but enabling me to inhale the entire aroma that was clearly leaking from inside her now.

I looked across at my wife who was now also on her knees between the boy's legs. She was mimicking my actions on him as both teenage bodies began to be controlled by us. Her hands were gently stroking him through his lycra mini briefs. They were the type of briefs or slip that she'd selected for him to model earlier for the gathering and left very little to the imagination as regards disguising the contents. "Daniel seems to like me doing this to him, don't you Danny?," she said out loud for us all to hear as we all watched her lick her lips and smile.

Every now and then she would pull at the elastic of his waist-band and let it snap back again to his firm body as she licked her lips and he let out involuntary moans of delight.

Her hands were expertly picking out his straining shaft through the tight material as she ran her index finger up and down his length in sensual stroking movements, back 'n forth from his balls to the tip of his cock. I looked at my wife's smiling face as she moved her head and pressed her lips into my ear and whispered. "Do you want to stroke him too darling?" The look on my face was one of complete amazement. Did my wife just say that to me?

To ME, I thought to myself? Holy shit! What was she thinking? The thought of ever doing something like that, of touching another guy was, and always had been, so far off the agenda that it just wasn't true. "I.I.I.just can't", I whispered back to her. "And I can't believe you even asked me that." She looked at me again with an even bigger smile then leaned forward to whisper to me again.

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"I'd like to watch you stroke this boy through his slip. It's a fantasy of mine that I've never told you about but it would excite the hell out of me just to watch you do it!" Jessica had moved her head forward too to hear what my wife was saying to me.

She made an involuntary murmur and then a loud intake of breath when she heard what was said. Then in her loudest whisper she said to us both, still out of earshot of her boyfriend. "Oh yesss yesss, please. I'd like to see you do it too!" Then, with that she moved her head up again and leaned into her boyfriend and whispered into his ear. All we could hear was something about him relaxing and that he should just go with the flow. At the same moment, my wife just gently picked up one of my hands and placed it on his groin!


For the first time in my life I was now touching, albeit through soft material, another guy's shaft! "Oh my fuckin' Goddddd!", I exclaimed out loud, as the 2 girls shrieked with delight and Daniel flinched for a second.

I moved my hand a little and we all watched his face as he let out a murmur. I stopped moving my hand and felt him thrust his hips forward a little as though he wanted me to carry on. And so, for the first time in my life, I found myself gripping another cock, through very tight fabric, and gently masturbating it.

Wow, it felt so nice and sensual. So erotic. So lovely. So good. So god damned EVERYTHING! I was so turned on that it was unbelievable. Just what the hell had come over me? I didn't know but by this stage I sure as hell didn't care either. My trance was only broken by my wife suddenly saying, "Lift up your bottom a little Danny.

Let's slide those off you so he can get a better look at you." And with that, he was lifting his hips a little as my wife pulled down his tiny lycra slip all the way down his legs and to the floor. I didn't need asking this time.

My hand went straight back to his shaft. His totally naked smooth and boyish cock twitched like crazy as I wrapped my fingers around it and gently wanked him a little, jerking his perfectly formed member which stood out proudly in front of him.

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of Sarah picking up our digital camera and switching it on. I grinned and thought of all the fun we'd have later as we viewed all the photos she was about to take. I wanted them to be VERY naughty photos. I wanted them to be our forbidden ones that would get the 2 of us excited like crazy when we relived this moment many times in the future. I brought my other hand towards his groin and gently cupped it underneath his balls as he moaned.

Some watery pre-cum oozed from the tip of his cock and ran down onto my hand too as I stroked the length of his smooth and silky boy-ish shaft. My wife handed the camera over to Jessica so we could both use our hands on Danny. Click-Flash.Click-flash, over and over as Jessica decided to take control and give out her commands for the next shot.

"OK, now both of you lick his cock for me", Jessica called out. "I want to see it and I want to take the photos of you both doing it to him too!" My wife pushed my head down towards Danny's groin, along with hers too and then whispered to me out of earshot of the two teenagers, "OK darling, you lick his balls as I go to work on his sticky end".

I shuddered but suddenly found myself with my tongue in contact with the boy's ball sack, eagerly licking just between his 2 balls in gentle upward strokes as I glanced up to see Sarah just gently teasing his tip; just enough to make more pre-cum flow so she could taste him. As we got into full flow, we found our tongues meeting in the middle of his silky length as he was given the teasing of his young life. The room was just full of his moans and screams of delight and pleasure.

I didn't care any more. This was my new discovery and it was wonderful. I found myself sucking on each of his balls in turn as Sarah took the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked. Then she took hold of his hardness completely in her hand at the base and pointed the wet, sticky end at my mouth.

I opened wide and immediately took his throbbing head inside as Jessica got in close with her lens. My smiling face was a picture as she clicked away at me pleasuring her boyfriend, taking him too to a new place of sexual delight. I flicked my tongue all around the head and tasted his juices, sometimes letting him thrust deeper into my mouth and down my throat until my lips were pressed up against his pubic bone.

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Then I'd slowly pull his cock away from his body with my lips until it was all the way out again; repeating this movement over and over as he trembled and screamed. "Stand up Danny", my wife suddenly whispered. "And you Jessica.

you lay down on your back on the floor so he can kneel between your legs." They both did as they were told and then Sarah kneeled behind him as I got by his side. Jessica kept hold of the camera, pointing it at him as she lay there dressed only in her tiny white panties which were now pulled to one side.

I went back to stroking his cock as Sarah moved her head down towards his ass cheeks and slowly ran her tongue between the top of them. Then, without warning, she suddenly pulled open his tight, pert boy cheeks and began to lick away at his tight pink starfish.

"Fucckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!," was all he could manage until he screamed the place down as soon as he felt my wife's tongue thrust deep inside his anus.

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At this point I wanked him like crazy until the pressure gave way and his balls let go of the biggest jet of hot sticky cum that I'd ever seen. It spurted over the entire length of Jessica on the floor who was looking up and shrieking in delight at him as each and every further jet covered her lovely hot body.

The camera got a nice creaming too as she tried to keep clicking. I gave him the hand relief to die for and kept stroking his lovely boy-balls too as each spurt ejaculated out of him. Half way though his wave of orgasm, Sarah slipped a wet finger even deeper in his ass so he got the full prostate G-spot massage something he had clearly never had the pleasure of judging by the look on his face.

There was enough cum all over Jessica to use as shower gel! As soon as the spurts died down and Danny stopped shaking, Sarah and I set to work licking all of the boy-cum from Jessica's lovely petite tits and then entwining our tongues together to swap some of the cream between our mouths. Each of us also took Danny's cock into our mouths too and cleaned him off.

The night was yet young though. There was far more about to happen and. TBC