Gina Valentina sucks a lot of cocks

Gina Valentina sucks a lot of cocks
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My wife, Janice, and I were living in an apartment and had a next door neighbor named Linda.

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Linda, an unmarried woman just a few years younger than Janice and also Janice's best friend lived there by herself. Linda had one passion in life and that was to fuck. If you were a man with an erect cock, Linda would fuck you. The first time that I fucked Linda was about three months earlier when I was asked by Janice to join her and Linda in a threesome. It was shortly after that threesome when Janice told me that she and Linda had been fucking one of Linda's male friends as a threesome.

The three of us continued to have our threesomes and on occasion when Janice was out for the evening I would go over to Linda's and the two of us would fuck. It was during these three months of fucking Linda that I was able to determine what Linda preferred when she was being fucked.

I also learned the difference in the way my cock fit into Linda's pussy as compared to when I was in Janice.

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I found out that there was no way that her pussy would ever be a tight fit for my cock. Linda's pussy was extremely loose even though my cock had the girth of just under five inches. Linda could easily take a cock at least a half of an inch wider than mine and it still would not be tight. She also could not take the full length of my cock, almost eight inches, if I were to fuck her doggie style without it causing her some pain. It was a Saturday morning and none of us had planned what was going to happen.

We had no idea that shortly Janice would be watching as I fucked her girlfriend Linda, while she lay in the bed beside Linda and me. Janice and I had had woke up a little earlier in the morning and lay there fondling each other. At the time we both slept naked and when I woke up I started to play with her nipples. Janice reciprocated by taking my already erect cock in her hand and started to gently stroke it. It would have been at the most only five or so more minutes before my cock would have been in Janice's pussy, having a pleasant morning fuck, before getting up for the day when there was a knock on the door.

Janice got out of the bed and slipped on her nightgown that was kept beside the bed in case she needed it for something like this. When she got to the door she asked who was there and heard Linda's voice reply. Janice opened the door for Linda and after she was in Linda said that she wanted to talk to her for a few minutes. Janice told Linda that we were both still in bed, but that Linda should come into our bedroom with her and she could tell her what was on her mind.

Janice came back into the bedroom with Linda following her and Janice got back into the bed and pulled the bed covers up to her waist. I moved more toward my side of our bed and kept the bed covers at my waist since I was naked.

I watched Linda as she stood by Janice's side of the bed talking to her. Linda stood there wearing only a short loose fitting nightgown, a nightgown shear enough that I could almost see through the material.

The nightgown was so short that from my reclining position if it had been one inch shorter I would have been able to see Linda's pussy. There was no question that underneath of the nightgown she was completely naked.

I had already seen Linda naked numerous times and what I could not see clearly my imagination was able to fill in. Linda started talking to Janice and while doing so she set down on the edge of the mattress near the foot of our bed.

For some unknown reason while Linda was talking to Janice, Linda got up from the bed and walked around to the foot of the bed. Linda then got onto the foot of the bed on her hands and knees, facing the headboard of the bed, positioned between Janice and my legs.

With Linda kneeling in that position it caused the entire front of her nightgown to hang down.


Her breasts, now suspended from her chest, were completely exposed too both Janice and me. I was lying there staring at Linda's breasts, thinking about how much I enjoyed sucking her nipples as I fingered her pussy and then fucking her.

I was also struggling with myself to keep the now growing erection from earlier in the morning from becoming to noticeable. I had planned on fucking Janice prior to Linda's unexpected arrival but now with the show that Linda was giving me my cock had a mind of its own. Janice could not help but know that I was staring at Linda's breasts and reached out with her hand, under the covers, to check the status of my cock. When Janice found that my cock was now rock hard from staring at Linda's breasts she gave it a squeeze and motioned for me to lean my head over to her.

When I moved my head over to Janice to hear what she had to say, she placed her mouth next to my ear and whispered softly "Fuck her." Janice did not have to tell me to fuck Linda a second time. I lay there in bed for a couple more minutes, formulating a plan of attack in my head, before I started to get out of the bed.

I did not want to arise any suspicions on Linda's part as too what was going to happen. Since I slept naked there were no night clothes for me to remove. I slid to the side of the bed, got from under the covers and started to walk to the foot of the bed. Linda watched me as I got out of the bed, knowing that I slept naked, and then turned back to Janice to continue her conversation with her. Linda probably thought that I was only getting up to get dressed for the day.

I don't think that Linda realized that I had an erection and I know that she had no idea that within the next minute I would be fucking her.

I stopped directly behind Linda and could see that because of her kneeling position the bottom of her nightgown barely covered the top of her ass. Linda's naked ass and very visible pussy were completely exposed to me. She conveniently had her knees at least a foot or more apart to steady herself on the bed.


Linda's pussy was spread wide open from the position she was in and I was able to see a short distance into the tunnel my cock was about to occupy. I could also see that Linda's pussy was already very wet, most likely from masturbating herself to an orgasm before she came over to see Janice. I could visualize the possibility of having the head of my cock in Linda's vagina before I even made contact with her.

From there with her pussy already well lubricated and the head of my cock slick with precum I should have maximum penetration in only a couple of seconds. I thought to myself that I should be able to get inside of Linda's pussy and start fucking her before she even realizes what happened.

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Linda knelt there on the bed talking to Janice with no idea that in the next few moments I was going to put my cock into her pussy and fuck her. Janice lay on the bed watching me intently and waiting for what she knew was going to happen.

I then quickly got onto the bed, directly behind Linda, with my erect cock pointed at its intended target, Linda's pussy. I put the head of my cock into Linda's pussy, grabbed her waist just above the hips, and pulled her quickly towards me driving the entire length of my cock into her pussy. I had all eight inches of my cock buried deep inside of her pussy before she had a chance to realize what I had just done.

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Janice later told me that the look of surprise on Linda's face, when I suddenly entered into her pussy, was well worth it. Once Linda realized where my cock was she pushed her ass against me making my cock go even deeper into her pussy. As soon as I had my erect cock completely inside of Linda's pussy I started pounding against her ass, fucking her doggy style.

Janice lay there on the bed with a smile on her face, intently watching me as I fucked Linda. After five or ten minutes of fucking Linda doggy style we stopped long enough for her to finally remove her nightgown and give her a chance to move to a different position.

Linda then lay on her back with her legs spread as far apart as she was able which in turn had her pussy opened as wide as it could go. This was both her favorite position and her invitation for me to be on top of her with my cock deep in her pussy when we resumed fucking. I lay down on Linda with my hips between her upright legs and buried my cock deep inside of her very wet pussy. We fucked in this position for quite a while.

I started by taking long slow strokes into her pussy while she would lift her hips in unison with me too meet each of my strokes into her. At the same time Janice changed her position on the bed to allow her to see Linda's pussy and my cock as it traveled in and out of her pussy. Janice also placed her hand on the check of my ass and followed its motion as I fucked Linda. We continued to fuck like this with Linda's moans becoming louder and more frequent. It was when I switched to using long hard thrusts into Linda's pussy with the intent of quickly bringing both of us to a strong orgasm that Janice removed her hand from my ass.

I was driving my cock into Linda's pussy the same way that a pile driver drives a steel beam into ground. I would slowly pull my cock almost all of the way out and then shove it back into her pussy fast and hard. I had learned that this was one of Linda's favorite ways for anyone to fuck her and when she was fucked this way it would rapidly bring her to a massive orgasm.

The entire time that I had been fucking Linda, Janice was watching everything that Linda and I were doing. Janice was always fascinated with the sight of my cock as it slid in and out of Linda's pussy. When Janice saw that my orgasm was only minutes away she got up off of the bed and as she had always done left the room. This was done to allow Linda and me a few minutes in private to finish fucking each other to an orgasm.

For some reason even though Janice enjoyed watching me fuck Linda's pussy she was not ready to see me have an orgasm and cum inside of Linda. It only took a few more minutes of fucking Linda and I could tell that she was on the verge of having her orgasm. I then allowed myself to start the journey towards my own orgasm. My intention was for both of us to have our orgasms at the same time or as close to each other as possible Janice once again had me timed correctly as I had a huge orgasm and flooded Linda's pussy with cum within minutes after Janice left the room.

I could feel the tension starting to build in my groin as my cock was pounding Linda's pussy. Now it was no longer a controlled fuck, but in and out of Linda's pussy as fast and hard as I was capable of going.

Linda in response to being fucked this hard, pulled both legs back to where her knees were almost touching her shoulders allowing me the deepest penetration possible. I knew that it was only a matter of a few more moments before I would reach that point of no return and flood the inside of Linda with cum.

Moments before I exploded inside of Linda's pussy I could feel my cock increase in size and become rock hard. I buried my cock as deep into Linda's pussy as I was able and held it there when my orgasm started. When the first burst of cum fired from my cock it felt like the sudden blast of a high pressure stream of water coming out of a fire hose.

The cum shot out of my cock striking the deepest and innermost parts of Linda's pussy.

As soon as Linda felt the initial burst of cum hit the inside of her pussy it triggered her orgasm. First Linda let out a loud, long moan and arched her back and she started yelling repeatedly "Give it to me! Give it all to me!". This was followed by Linda wrapping her legs around my waist, then using her legs to hold me close to her along with an upward thrust of her hips towards me in an attempt to drive my cock even deeper into her pussy.

As Linda's orgasm continued I could feel her body shudder as waves of pleasure swept over her. There was no way that my wife Janice did not know that both of us were having an orgasm at that moment. I continued to drive my cock deep into Linda's pussy releasing more cum into her with each stroke.

Finally, I collapsed onto Linda with my cock still pushing into her as I continued to release the last drops of cum into her quivering pussy. We lay there together for a few moments, enjoying the afterglow of our respective orgasms, exchanging a few kisses and the closeness of our bodies. Before Linda and I got out of the bed, I told Linda that I enjoyed fucking her and that I hoped she felt the same.

Linda then gave me a passionate kiss and said "Any time you want me you can have me, as long as you fuck me the way you just did." We both got up off of the bed, Linda picked up her nightgown, placed it over her head and allowed it to fall covering her body.

I found a pair of shorts to slip into before we went into the front room with Janice.


After entering the front room Janice and Linda spoke with each other for a few more minutes before Linda left, returning to her own apartment. I did hear Linda tell Janice "I didn't come over here to be fucked, "But I'm sure glad that I was." As Linda walked towards the door I could see that the inside of her thighs were wet, cum was leaking out of her pussy and running down her legs.

Linda was barely out of our door when Janice and I looked at each other and headed for our bedroom, removing our few pieces of clothing on the way. After the unexpected morning we had with me fucking Linda we were both hot for each other and ready to finish what would have happened earlier had Linda not come over. Now it was our turn to not only fuck each other but also for me to do something that never happened when I was fucking Linda.

Our bodies and minds were going to merge into one as I made love to Janice by fucking her.

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