Rico pajaso en el ba ntilde_o

Rico pajaso en el ba ntilde_o
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Matt sat on the couch watching a movie as his family ski on the slopes. He broke his ankle and arm just a week before he was to spend Christmas at this wonderful lodge and ski resort with his family and his aunt and uncle and their family. Matt's dad and his uncle Jim spend every Christmas together with the families going on some type of huge trip.

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Last year they all spend a week on a cruise ship sailing around sum islands down south and this year it was a ski trip in the mountains. Unfortunately for Matt he was being stupid with his friends down at the skate park and landed wrong on his bike, crashing and breaking his ankle and arm. Now he sat in the room instead of having the best time skiing. It sucked even more that he was eighteen and could have been trying to get with all the "snow bunnies" but he was here on the couch and it sucked.

Knock, knock. Matt's uncle entered the room to check in on him as the rest of the family was still out on the slopes. "Hey Matt do you need anything?" "I wanted to come back and see how you were doing?" Jim said as he walked into the room.

"No, I'm fine" Matt told him.

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"As fine as you can be stuck in a fucking hotel room at a ski resort" he said under his breath. "Ok, we are planning on getting lunch in an hour or two." "Do you want me to bring you up something or are you coming down?" Jim asked. "I'll think about it and let you know" Matt replied. Matt's uncle was about to turn and walk out when Matt stopped him.

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"Um, Uncle Jim&hellip." "Can kind of need a little help&hellip. with something" Matt told his uncle. "Yeah sure what is it bud" Jim said walking back over to Matt. "Umm I need a little help with, umm you know" Matt said pointing to the bathroom across the room. "Sure no problem" and Jim helped Matt up and over to the bathroom.


Once inside Matt stood in front of the toilet because there wasn't a lot of room to sit and have his leg stretched out. "Fuck" Matt said under his breath. "What is it bud?" "Umm I can't hold myself up and get my pants open at the same time." "Can you help me back to the couch, I'll just wait for my dad to get back." Uncle Jim instead of helping Matt get back to the couch just stood next to him and opened Matt pants and fly.

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"There no sense in holding it" Jim told him. Matt just stood there not moving till his uncle asked him what was still wrong. "I can move my hand from the wall or I'll fall" Matt told his uncle. Jim was always like a second dad when it came to Matt and his sister as was their dad to Jim's kids. The two brothers were very close growing up and though Uncle Jim and Aunt Grace moved away for Aunt Grace's job the two families got together a lot during the year.

"Don't worry this will be our little secret, because family help each other out" Jim told Matt. Jim reached into Matt's boxers and pulled out his penis and aiming it at the bowl told Matt to just pee and he would take care of the rest. Matt had only been with a few girls so besides them that was really only one of them who touched it, Matt had been the only other one to touch his cock. Having his uncle touch it and hold made Matt stop thinking about having to pee and think about his uncle holding his penis.

His uncle's hand was a little cold compare to the warmth that his penis was giving off. So this made Matt's dick tingle and stiffen in his uncle's hand, and before Matt knew it he was rock hard. Matt was of average size, six and a half inches, so having a full grown man hold his dick made it look small to him.

Matt didn't say anything and just try to pee but it was no use as he was too hard to pee now.

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"I'm sorry Uncle Jim but it's not going to happen" Matt told Jim as he tried to pull his dick from his uncle's hand, but Jim didn't let go of it. Instead Jim started to stroke Matt's dick as he stood there behind him. "What are you doing?" Matt tried to get out but having his dick jerked even from his uncle was making it hard to speak. "I just helping my nephew out." "If you cum then you will been able to pee again" he told him.


So Matt stood there holding himself up by the wall as his uncle jerked him off. Though having his uncle do this was wrong, it was feeling so good. Matt never felt his cock as hard then as it was now.

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"Uh, fuck mmm" Matt moaned as Jim pumped away at his cock. Matt's mind was somewhere else so he didn't realize that his uncle had drop his own pants and his hard cock was slapping the side of Matt's leg till Jim had work Matt's pants down his legs too.

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Matt looked down to see a long hard cock sticking out from a bush of black public hair swaying around. "Uhh, Uncle Jim what are you doing?" Matt tried to ask as Jim was now behind him reaching around jerking his dick.


"I'm going to make you cum, bud" Jim raising his other hand to his mouth spit on it and stroked his own dick a little before positioning it up with Matt's asshole. Matt couldn't move as he was stuck between his uncle and the toilet with one bad foot and an arm in a cast. Jim used more spit rubbing it on to the tip of his cock and Matt's asshole and slowly worked it into Matt's ass.

"OH FUCKING GOD!" Matt yelled as the head of his uncle's cock entered into his ass. It was bigger than his and stretched out his asshole as Jim pushed it in farther. Jim never stop jerking Matt's cock and slowly he managed to get his whole cock into Matt's ass. Once in Jim slowly worked it back and forth till he could pick up the pace. "FUUUUCK!" Matt moaned as even though it was painful it felt good at the same time.

His uncle removed his hand from Matt's dick and grabbing onto both hips started to fuck Matt in the ass. Matt's dick was slapping up against his stomach and in a matter of seconds started to shot cum all over the place.

Jim pumped into his nephew a couple more time and released a load of cum into his ass. Matt leaned on the wall breathing heavier as his now limp dick covered in cum laid on top of his balls. His uncle pulled out from Matt with a "pop" and his cum ran down Matt's leg.

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"Ok, Matt pee" Jim told him as he grabbed Matt's dick and Matt pushed and started to pee. Jim helped Matt back to the couch and clean everything up before heading back out to rejoin the family on the slopes.