Sexy Shemale Vitoria Neves Sucks a Guys Dick Straight Out of Her Ass

Sexy Shemale Vitoria Neves Sucks a Guys Dick Straight Out of Her Ass
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I awoke from my bed at 3 o clock in the morning-ish i woke up from one of my more usual dream of my sister walking into the room while im jacking off to a picture of her in a small bikini that shows alot of her body.

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I am a unusual 14 year old and i have done this many times. I have snuck into the bathroom while shes showering just to get the blury image of her naked threw the glass. I have been actracted to my sister since i was 12 and a half. I cannot stop thinkning about her during class. i often have dreams about her making love to me. The next day. My sister had woken me up from sleep to inform me that there was no school today and that out parents have left to go to work.

I thought in my mind that this was the perfect time to see if me and my sister could have some fun. I walked down stairs to make breakfast and asked her wat she wanted. I made her eggs and toast like she wanted. she told me she had to go and take a shower, i thought in my mind to ask her if i can come with.

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After she was in the shower i decided to go in and see if i can catch her blury image once more. I opened the door very slowly and peeked in, my sister said " hello?". "bill is that you?". i replied "yes its me" "what do you want bill?".

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"well if i tell you your going to tell mom and dad." "i wont just tell me." "Well i have been doing this for a while now because i have had sexual thoughts about you for a long time". "I have been the same since last year. I couldnt stand being around you this morning i had to relive my self or i would have tried to kiss you or something, come shower with me" I was thinking if this was another dream of real life.I built up the courage to open the shower door, what i saw was amazing my sister had a perfect body and her breast size was a 36c, i could feel my cock getting hard fast.

My sister got realy close to me and kissed my lips.


HOW THE FUCK IS THIS HAPPENING i thought I kissed her back. Something inside of me made me grab her breasts, she reacted my reaching her hand down my pants and started to rub my cock slowly. My pants became moist from my precum. She slowly took off my shirt, and i took off my pants and underwear to reveil my 7 inch penis. She kept stroking it slowly "i cant belive this is happening" i said.

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"i have always imagened suck you off big brother." She kept stroking while her head moved closer to the head of my cock. My heart was pumping realy fast. She inserted the head of my penis into her mouth and a shock of excstacy ran threw my body,i moaned softly. At the sound of my moan she engulfed more of my penis, which made me moan even louder.

I grabbed the back of her head and shoved to last 2 inches of my penis down her throat. She gagged, then moved her head slowly going up and down my shaft with her mouth. She increased the speed of her movement, its felt so good my knees started to buckle and i was shaking softly from enjoyment.


I told her to stop and asked her if i could fuck her. She thought about it for a couple of seconds and said "wont it hurt".

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" ill put it in slowly so you can get used to it."i replied."ok but if i tell you to stop you better". i nodded and layed her on her back, and grabbed my now rock hard penis and gidded it to her opening.She looked nervous. "dont worry big brother will take care of you." She smilled and i rubbed the head of my penis against her vagina, then slowly inserted the tip into her. She whimpered. I continued to put myself into her inch by inch, she was in pain but told me to keep going, i pushed it in a alittle farther and felt her hiemen break, she gasped in pain and was scared to see blood.

" dont worry this is normal just try to relax and not focuse on the pain to much." I kept my penis in the same spot for a short while letting her get used to my size and the pain. once she got used to it i gradualy pushed the last of me into her. I started to move alittle faster and she moaned in enjoyment. I started to go faster and faster untill i couldnt go any faster. She was moaning and screaming " OH BIG BROTHER!' i started to slow down " DONT STOP, ABOUT TO CUM!" i moved as fast as i could and felt her pussy starting to spasm on my dick "OH GOD!!!!" after the spasms were over i told her i wanted to cum in her mouth and she began sucking and in some time i filled her mouth with my hot cum.

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" oh my god i shouldnt have done this bill". " why not i thought you wanted this?" " i do. i meen i did. but its wrong to have sex with your brother or even any family member" "well if you dont want to do this ever again just tell me" "well i dont know i still want you but its wrong" I kissed her, she kissed me back and our tongues met.

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It was the most amazing kiss i have ever had. I put my hand on her breast. "no stop brother we cant do this its bad." "we did it once. come on i know you liked it, you liked your fantisy to come true, and so did i." "i love you brother' "i love you to". We kissed once more and she wrapped her self in a towel and went into her room and changed. She opened the door of her room and said "ok ill do this again i wont be able to stand being with out you."