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Penthouse pet nikki benz crams her wet cunt with big cock
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Character stats: Josh: 28 years old, 6"2, 220 lbs, muscular, black spiky hair. Ashley: 28 years old, 5"11, 150 lbs. 38B cup breasts, long legs pale skin, universe 1 hair: Brown mid length. Universe 2 hair: long, jet black, red highlights, universe 1 no tattoos, universe 2: huge dragon tattoo covering her back, medium sized tiger tattoo on right thigh.

Jay: 55 years old, 6"5, 285 lbs, fat. Balding with gray slicked back hair.( will give other character stats in part 2 if feedback for this story is positive, also this story will jump scene to scene and show different characters point of view) The Resistance (Universe 1) Josh kicks open the stairwell door, chasing after the scumbag that ruined their country. Josh holds his pistol upward with both hands as he steps into the stairwell wearing a bulletproof vest with a white button down on underneath, blue jeans and boots, looking back at Ashley in her bullet proof vest, black pants and black boots.

He gives her a nod and she returns it as they start heading up the stairs. Elsewhere in the stairwell Jay trips and falls. The out of shape 55 year old man breathes heavy and sweats profusely, he sits down on the step for a while before he can clearly hear more footsteps approaching quickly. FUCK!!!! he says loudly by mistake and covers his mouth as he stands up and starts running for his life again.

Headed for the roof of his skyscraper for helicopter evacuation. He throws off his suit blazer and runs as fast as he can (which isn't very fast). Josh can hear Jay's heavy footsteps ahead of him and Ashley. We're catching up, hurry! he says as he starts to run even faster. Ashley has her pistol out and ready as she also follows as fast as she can.

Elsewhere Jay slams through the door to the roof, falling down as he does and smacking the pavement. AHHHHH! he grabs his side in pain.

All he can hear below the 100 floors building is explosions and gunfire as a war is being fought between his men and the resistance led by that piece of shit Josh.

Jay grits his teeth at the thought of Josh. He stands up and pulls a radio out of his pocket. WHERES MY CHOPPER DAMMIT!? He yells into the radio but he gets no response.

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Stepping over to the ledge of the building. YOU WON'T BE NEEDING IT WHERE YOU'RE GOING YOU SON OF A BITCH! Jay slowly looks back to see Josh and Ashley standing behind him pointing their guns at him. Jay grabs the ledge and starts to breathe heavy again. Josh steps forward, watch the door babe!

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He says to Ashley who shakes her head yes. Jay knows he's caught as he looks at Josh approaching him. You're dictatorship ends today! Josh yells at him. Jay practically growls FUCK YOU!!!!!

Josh looks at the fat old man in disgust. Pulls his gun up and points it at him. Holding for a second. Gunfire and smoke from the explosions in the air.

It ends today.He says softly. BAM!!!! Jay has his eyes closed and winces but realizes that he hasnt been shot. He opens his eyes and sees a big hole in Joshs neck gushing out blood. Jay smiles. Josh grabs the hole up front and drops to his knees, turning his head to see Ashley holding her gun up with smoke coming out of it. He chokes on blood as he is in total shock.

Jay straightens up his tie and steps towards Josh with a huge grin on his face. Did you really think it would be that easy!?

He laughs and kicks Josh over to his side. Josh stares at Jay in disbelief. How could this happen!? Jay watches Ashley as she steps forward, he then embraces her and plants a sloppy kiss on her right in front of Josh. Reaching down and grabbing her tight ass, he laughs and looks at Josh.

Guess the cats out of the bag ahahahaha! Jays grin ear to ear. My dear would you like to do the honors? He asks Ashley. She puts her foot down on Joshs hand as it holds his throat trying to stop the blood flow. It'd be my pleasure sweetheart.

She says, as she pushes her foot down more into Joshs throat. Josh has a tear in his eye as she points her gun at him. Ashley gives a wicked grin as she pulls the trigger and suddenly all Josh see's is black. They lost.They lost. ( Universe 2) Josh wakes up in bed looking forward, seeing Ashley walking into the bedroom in her towel with her hair wet.

He smiles as she drops the towel showing off her tight butt. He slowly slides the sheets off of him and sneaks up behind her wrapping his arms around her, kissing up her neck.

She smiles as she feels his lips on her neck kissing softly, biting her lip a bit. Josh slides her towel off and reaches up groping her nice B cup breasts. She turns around kisses him softly on the lips. Aren't you supposed to be getting ready for work?

She says with a grin, he returns the grin and pushes her to her knees. Her face slides across his erection in his underwear. Josh smiles, I don't know am I? He slides his 8 inch cock out and slaps her across the face with it, almost by instinct she has his cock in her hand and starts stroking it and licking around the head. Ohhhhh.he says as she smiles up at him and slides it into her mouth. Working her tongue all around it as she takes in about 6 inches of it, not taking her eyes off of him.

Oooohhhh.he says as he grabs her hair tightly. Ashley strokes his shaft with one hand while playing with his balls with the other as she now begins to take his entire 8 inches into her mouth.

UGHHHH! Josh's body twitches. Ready to go now Josh pulls her to her feet and bends her over the bed, smacking her ass hard. Ooooohhhhh.Ashley bites her lip again, Josh licks his fingers and rubs the head of his cock before pushing the head towards lips.

As he begins to slide his thick cock inside of her slowly. OOohhhhh! Her body twitches as she feels her man entering her, Josh see's her body twitch and goes through the rest of the tightness and starts slamming into her, smacking off of her tight ass as he does.

Ooooohhhhh! He makes faces as he fucks his wifes wet pussy. Smacking her ass repeatedly and leaving his handprint. Ashleys juices all over his cock, her pussy gets super wet every time she fucks Josh.

No one had ever been even able to compare. Josh slams into her for another 15 minutes before he grunts. Ahhhhh Ohhhhhh baby im gonna cum! She looks back at him and licks her lips. Josh takes the hint and pulls out, she drops to her knees and takes him back into her mouth. Sucking him fast. AHHHHHH he moans out as he blows a huge load into her mouth.

Her eyes widen at the amount of cum he shoots. Finally after a minute or so he stops cumming and she lets his cock out of her mouth making a popping sound. Josh has a huge smile on his face.

Well I hope you're happy because now i'm going to have to shower again! she says with a smile. He smiles back down at her, all part of my plan baby!

As he lifts her up over his shoulder taking her back into the bathroom as she giggles. Josh stands in his suit and straightens his blazer out a bit as he looks at himself in the mirror by the front door. Ashley sneaks up behind him and helps him as he turns to her. She hands him his holstered gun and his detective badge. Better not for get these. She smiles. Josh grabs them and puts them away. Smiling at the love of his life and gives her a kiss. She returns the kiss and looks into his eyes, have a good day at work.

she smiles. He returns the smile and kisses her one more time before stepping out the front door and heading over to his car. Ashley stands in the doorway and waves bye to him as he leaves. Josh is a few blocks down the road just listening to some stupid talk show on the radio when he feels a an earthquake maybe?

Before he can really react he feels a more violent shake. Suddenly its like his car speeds up and all he can see is random colors everywhere, the street and neighborhood are gone!

He keeps going faster.faster, he lets out a scream as he sees a blinding white light and thats all he remembers. (Universe 1) Josh awakes his airbag had exploded in his face and he has blood coming out of his nose. Ahhhhhh. as he opens his door and falls out to the ground. Theres glass all over the ground, he breathes heavy. His vision a little fuzzy as he hears sirens in the distance coming towards him.

He stands up to see that he has driven into building! His vision no longer fuzzy he looks around. He's in a very nice lobby with marble walls and little water fountains in it. Suddenly he hears doors slam and sees black SUV'S pulling up. Men in body armor get out of all of them and surround him pointing machine guns. Josh puts his hands up.

I.I don;t understand.what's going.H'e interrupted by one of the men as the man yells HE HAS A WEAPON, DROP IT! Josh looks at the man. I'm a cop just like you! this is all a big misunderstanding! He says but then another man yells at him now, DROP YOUR WEAPON OR WE WILL OPEN FIRE! Josh doesn't understand.what the fuck was going on!?

He starts to sweat when suddenly a familiar voice snaps him out of it.'re DEAD!!!


He turns to see Ashley.? Standing in a tight fitted black dress showing off her beautiful athletic body and wearing black heels. He smiles and takes a step towards her. Ashley.whats going on.I dont understand! He reaches towards her but immediately stops when she pulls out a nice glock pistol and points it at him. He takes a step back, Ashley.what are you doing.?

Josh can't believe what he's seeing, nor did he even know where the fuck he was!? All he knew was that his wife was pointing a pistol at him and about dozen more men behind him were pointing machine guns at him. He looks at Ashley and notices she looks a little different. Her hair longer and jet black instead of brown and she has red highlights in it, she also has a tiger tattoo on her right thigh.

Babe.your hair and that tattoo, you hate did you.? He takes a step towards her. She cocks the gun back and he stops. Josh can feel the cold night air hitting his back from where his car had apparently drove through a huge glass window and into the lobby. Ashley is so angry that she's shaking, she grins, guess i'll just have to fucking kill you again! But before she can pull the trigger the lights go out!

Josh hears gunfire and drops to the floor, the armed men behind him screaming he begins to crawl away but feels a hard hit to the back of his head and everything goes black. The lights come back on and Ashley is standing in the lobby totally confused.

All of her men are dead on the floor except two.


They are both shaking, she feels rage run through her body at losing Josh and out of anger points her gun at the last two men. Both men in unison scream, NO MAM PLEASE! BAM! BAM! Both men drop with holes in their heads as Ashley grits her teeth and turns around heading for an elevator.

Josh wakes up on a cold floor, he can feel eyes on him as he looks up he has 3 women staring at him one a brunette with long hair and a tan, another one short with red hair and a tall skinny girl with black and green hair. The 2 men, one with long hair and another with mid length hair and a beard.

He sits up, thinking they may be against him just like the last people he reaches for his gun but its not there. Sorry pal had to take that for safety reasons, the man with longer hair says has he steps up and extends his hand.

Names AJ, welcome to shitville U.S.A. Josh looks at his hand and takes it as he is helped up. The tan brunette steps up and speaks in a beautiful accent, Italian maybe? I know you have many questions and we will answer them all but first allow us to introduce ourselves she says. Josh looks at her, he doesnt understand whats going on at all.

Where the fuck was he? The beautiful Italian woman speaks up, my name is Alona she says with a smile and then points at the redhead first and the tall girl with green hair second.

That's Nora and Emily, the bigger guy with the beard steps up. Names DJ, i'm AJ's brother nice to meet ya, we're members of The Resistance. He extends his hand. Josh stares at him and then looks around at what he can only describe as crap surroundings. He's in a smaller room that looks to be in an old warehouse. Forgive me for my rudeness but does one of you wanna tell me where the fuck I am or wait!

Even better, tell me why my fuckin wife just tried to kill me!? Joshs face turns red. Alona frowns and looks at the others, ushering for them to step out.

She then points at a chair as the others leave the room and close the door.'ll wanna sit down. She says to Josh. Yeah I think I'll stand if you don't mind.he looks at her still not trusting her.

God she sure was gorgeous though.He shakes his head and snaps out of it. Alona nods as she sits down. Josh do you believe in alternate universes? He looks at her and cocks an eyebrow up, what.what do you mean.? (Jay's office in his penthouse the next morning) Jay sits at his desk viewing pictures of his security cameras from the night before. He starts to sweat as he sees!

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He throws the pictures all over the floor, wipes sweat from his head with a handkerchief from his suit pocket. He hears a ding and see's the lage elevator doors at the front of his office open.

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Ashley steps off in a skin tight black and red dress with red heels. He relaxes a bit at the sight of her sexy body in the outfit, she steps towards him and speaks.

We have every available man searching for him.I don't know who the fuck he is but he can't be the same person.she says in an angry tone. He steps up and kicks his chair across the room, it slides into the nearest wall. Pushes his fingers through his balding gray hair. Sweat covering his face as he begans to cough loudly, covering his mouth.

Ashley walks to him quickly and grabs his shoulder, taking him over to a couch in his office to sit down. Jay looks up from the couch at Ashley as she is holding a glass of water and Jay's medication for his heart.

He takes them from her and takes the pill, he has a condition with his heart. Too much stress leaves him very open to the possibility of heart attacks. Ashley walks around the couch, her heels clicking on the marble floor as she stands behind Jay and reaches down and massages his shoulders.

The machine (more on that later).they had to have used it.thats how he's here. Hey says as he begins to calm down, Ashley continues to massage his shoulders. It doesn't matter, I killed him once and i'll do it again.she says as she walks around the couch and slides down inbetween Jay's legs and undoes his belt.

He smiles and lets her, she pulls at his pants and boxers and he lifts his ass up a little so she can get his cock out.

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It's hard as a rock, 6 inches long with a very round mushroom like head. Ashley takes him into her mouth with ease, licking around the head as she pulls it out and then sliding it all back in. Jay moans with his eyes closed as he pushes his fingers through her hair. Ooohhhhhh.mmmmmmm.he reaches down her dress top and plays with her nice breasts.

She lowers her dress straps and unhooks her strapless bra releasing her tits for him. He squeezes them and softly twists her nipples. OOhhhh you're so good to me baby.he says as Ashley continues to suck his cock. She lets it slide out of her mouth and stands up turning around hiking her skirt up, revealing a red lace thongas she moves her ass around in front of Jay's face.

He reaches out and grabs it, softly spanking it. She looks back and smiles as she takes his hand and leads him over to the desk.

Ashley lays on the desk on her back and pulls Jay into her wrapping her long legs around his fat body, he instantly pushes her thong to the side and slides his cock in her.

OOOOHHHHH! He moans out as he feels her tight wet pussy. He begins pumping into her rapidly shaking the desk as he puts his weight down on her. Leaning down taking one of her nips into his mouth and sucking on it. Ashley pushes her finegrs through his thinning gray hair and keeps pulling him into her more with her long legs.

Ugh.ugh ooohhhhh yes fuck me baby! She moans out as she looks up at the ceiling and sees her reflection from mirrors up on the ceiling. Jay speeds up, sweating profusely as he pumps into her amazing pussy. Oooohhhh god baby i'm gonna cum! Ohhhhhhh fuck!!!! AHHHHHHH! He shoots a big load of cum into her as he keeps pumping rapidly. Mmmmm thats it baby fill my pussy up! She smiles as he slows down to a complete stop.

She rubs his back for a minute, wondering why he hasn't got off of her yet. Then she hears snoring coming from the fat older man. You've got to be fucking kidding me.Ashley rolls her eyes.

(The Resistance Warehouse The Night Before) You're telling me that this Jay guy has a machine that can open the doors to other universes? Josh says as he tries to believe what he's been told. Alona sitting down in a ripped up office chair shakes her head. Yes.we have many informants working within Jay's organization. After your death we recieved word of the's still in the testing stages but.we knew that we couldn't win this war without you.

We had a few men sneak in last night and use the works as you can see.

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He gets angry as he hears the gorgeous Italian woman speak. So you pulled me from my universe!? My life!? He says as he steps to her and grabs her by her arms and yanks her up pinning her against the wall. She doesn't seem to be frightened at all as the much larger man holds her against the wall. Josh stares into her brown eyes for a minute and then he lets go.

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I.I'm sorry. He sits down holding his head. Alona frowns as he sits there sulking. She can hear that he's crying, feeling bad for everything now she slowly steps up to him and puts her hand on his shoulder. Josh.I know you're capable of being our leader.please help us end this war and I promise you.we'll get you back home. Josh looks up at her and wipes tears from his eyes.

Tell me about this Jay guy. Feedback!? What'd you guys think?