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Babe is pussy ravaged in sweaty action
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Voldemort's Revenge Harry was standing in a dimly lit room with Voldemort and Malfoy (Drako) standing in front of him. Malfoy was naked against the wall with chains holding his arms into the air. Another two chains on either side spread his feet apart.

Harry looked around and noticed he was in a sort of dungeon used for tortures. "You failed me Drako. If it had not been for Snape," Voldemort nodded at Harry, "Dumbledore would still be alive. Although you did find a way for my death eaters to get into the castle.

For that I will not kill you but, I do have to set an example out of you." Harry realized at once that he was inside of Snape's head. Harry found this odd considering Snape was great at Occlumency. Harry put this out of his mind and paid close attention to Voldemort.

Voldemort then seemed to pull a nine-tail whip out of nowhere. He raised it above his head and brought it down across Malfoy's chest. Malfoy looked as though he was going to scream out but he held it in. Voldemort raised the whip again brought it down in the other direction.

The two whips left a cross on Malfoy's chest. Harry started felling sorry for him then remembered Malfoy was the main reason Dumbledore was dead.

A third time the whip was brought down, then a fourth. Voldemort then laid down his whip and took out his wand. Harry then saw Malfoy drop to the ground as the chains released him. Voldemort lead Malfoy over to a table in the middle of the room. Malfoy was made to lie on top of it face down. Chains sprang up out of nowhere and held Malfoy into place.

There was one around his waist, another around the top of his back and a third one holding his legs down. Harry/Snape mover around to the front of Malfoy and took his dick out and shoved it into Malfoy's mouth.

He opened his mouth willingly because he knew his master was watching him. Voldemort took his wand and shoved it into Malfoy's ass and left most of it sit inside. Without any words, Harry figured he did it nvbl., the wand started spinning around in his ass.

Malfoy sucked harder on the cock in his mouth, probably trying not to scream. Snape felt a build up in his balls and grabbed the back of Malfoy's head and shot his load deep into his throat. Voldemort then pulled his wand out of Malfoy's ass and gave it a real wipe down before releasing him. Malfoy just laid there as Harry and Voldemort walked into the other room talking. "So is everything set at Hogwarts for my arrival?" Voldemort asked Harry.

Harry Felt himself responds but it was not his words being spoken, "Yes my lord. Your spy had no problems getting in and I am receiving regular reports. Harry Potter showed up but, I have been informed he and his troublesome friends are set to leave tomorrow for Godrics Hallow. So he should not be any trouble for you." After Voldemort turned and left with a smile on his face, a death eater Harry did not recognize walked in.

His cock was still hanging out in the open from earlier and she just dropped to her knees and stuck it in her mouth. He felt the same sensation her felt with Ginny but this was better, much better. She seemed to know what she was doing because his cock grew faster and harder than before. Harry rocked his hips in and out of her mouth as he grabbed a hold of her head and gently fucked her face. With each stroke he made it deeper and deeper down her throat until he felt her nose come in contact with his hair.

She picked up speed and drank his entire cock each time. He reached down and cupped her breasts in his hand careful not to interrupt her. She had nice big round breasts with hard nipples sticking up so he took each on in between his fingers and gave them a gentle squeeze.

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She stood up and placed her ass on top of the cool, metal table with a little surprised jump. He walked in between her legs and positioned his cock at the opening.

He pushed as hard and fast as he could in and out of her pussy. Her back made a squeaking noise, along with the metal sliding on the stone floor, there was noise bouncing off every wall with echoes. He knew some one could hear him but he did not care so he pushed harder and faster.


He grabbed her hips and slammed into her as hard as he could spilling his cum into her womb. He pulled out and walked away leaving her there like nothing had happened. He walked into a room across from the old one and went over to the sink. He looked down at the water basin and splashed a little water on his face before looking up.

There was a mirror staring him in the face but, it was not his face it was Snape's.

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"Enjoy your self Harry? Now get out." Snape said to the mirror. Harry woke with a jerk which made his cock slide out of Ginny. Harry thought that there would be no reason to go to Godrics Hallow, there would probably be an ambush waiting there for him.

He fell asleep to the thought of what he was to do now. Should he stay at Hogwarts and wait for Voldemort to come to him or should he seek out Voldemort and kill him before he had a chance to get to the school. He would have to discuss it with Ron and Hermione in the morning.

Harry also wondered why Snape had allowed Harry into his mind. Was this part of the whole plan or what? The next thing Harry felt was Ginny getting off his lap and he heard catcalls from other students. Harry had left his glasses on when he fell asleep so he just had to open his eyes. He saw students walk past staring at him and exiting through the door.

Ron and Hermione jumped up and quickly ran to the dorm room while Harry and Ginny did it slowly. After getting dressed they all met down in the common room. "Who is head of Gryffindor now that McGonagall was now head mistress?" Harry asked Hermione because she was the only one who actually listened. "Her name is prof. Watson and she is the new defense against the dark arts teacher. A prof. Radcliff will be taking over Transfiguration." Hermione told him.

Harry just lowered his head in acknowledgment and told them that he wanted to miss breakfast and head out to the black lake because he had something to discuss with them. They headed out the front door and down to the lake where Harry explained to them what he had dreamt.

Hermione spoke up first, "It has to be a trick. Why would Snape show that to you? That has got to be their plan to keep you here so you don't go looking for them." Ron looked at her for a second and responded, "But what if it's not a trick what if that was their plan and there is someone here at Hogwarts helping out Voldemort." Both Ron and Hermione had gotten used to saying Voldemort without much fear.

"He can't be that powerful if you can keep defeating him, no offence." Ron had told him over the summer . They all sat there contemplating on what to do next.

After a while, Ginny spoke up, "I think you all should stay here and," Hermione interrupted her in mid sentence, "Yeah we all know what you want already" Ginny gave he a dirty look then started again, "Like I was saying, I think you should stay here and protect the school.

What if it was real and they plan to attack the school now that Dumbledore is gone. Granted we do have all these teachers here but, the prophecy did say only Harry could defeat him. Plus we don't know who the spy is so we have to really watch the new teachers." Harry thought Ginny had made some very good points and agreed with her. In the end, they had all agreed to stay at Hogwarts. Just then, Harry noticed a person walking out to the lake.

Harry stood up and put his hand in his robe and wrapped it tightly around his wand. He then released it when he saw that it was Prof. McGonagall. "Harry Potter I need you to follow me to my office. There's some important items we have to discuss." she told him. She then handed Hermione, Ron and Ginny their schedules after checking Ginny's o.w.l results.

Ginny had also decided to become an auror. Harry then followed prof. McGonagall up to the castle and into her office, which had been changed from the likes of Dumbledore.

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Dumbledore's Will Harry walked into the room and sat down in his regular chair. Harry looked up and saw Dumbledore's portrait staring down at him. The portrait gave him a little smile and a wink. Prof. McGonagall went around to the back of the desk and sat down. After rummaging around for something, she pulled out a piece of parchment. "We have found Dumbledore's will and you were mentioned in It." she began.

After a moments pause she continued, "He left you a few of his belongings including the sword, pensive with a few bottles and this locked box. He stated in his will that you would be the only one able to open it." Harry thought this a little weird because Dumbledore did not tell him anything about opening a box.

He just stared at it with a puzzled look on his face. After a few seconds of thought and examining the box McGonagall spoke up again.

"Now Harry I know that Dumbledore told you not to tell anyone about where you went that night." McGonagall got up and walked around the desk to Harry.

She stopped in front of Harry and bent over putting a hand on each of the arms of the chair. Harry could see straight down her robes. Her breasts were small and perky and if Harry looked hard, he could see some sparse, dark hair down by her pussy. She seemed to notice where his eyes were but just stayed there. Harry cleared his throat. "That's right prof. there is only a couple of people that know and Dumbledore told me that they had the right to know but I should tell no one else." Harry said with a little dryness in his voice.

McGonagall stood up and pulled her shoulders out of her robes. She then let the robes fall to the ground. Now for being 70, she the body of a 20 year old. A skinny, small breasted, light-tanned 20 year old but never the less. She then bent over and pulled Harry's robes up past his cock, which was now as hard as it could get.

"Are you sure you can't tell me?" she said but before Harry could give her a response she took it into her mouth.

Her mouth was nice and warm. She started moving her tongue around the head. Harry grabbed the back of her head and pushed her down onto his pelvis. He could feel her nose tickle the hair above his dick. Harry moved her head up and down as fast as he could get her to go.

McGonagall released his cock and turned around sticking her ass in Harry's face. Harry grabbed a hold of her hips and shoved his face between her cheeks. He drove his tongue into her hole and got a moan in response. Harry had a decision to make should he stick it in her ass or her pussy. He felt her pussy juices drip onto his chin and decided he wanted the pussy. He grabbed her hips and brought he down and impaled as much as he could into her pussy. She started rotating her hips in a circle and was moaning loudly.

This had caught the attention of the portraits, which were now staring at them. Harry heard a couple of comments like "Wow I wish I could have gotten away with that when I was in charge." and even "Hey Dumbledore, he's lasting more than you." Harry thought this comment was a little weird but now McGonagall was sliding back and forth along his cock. Harry could not stand it anymore and wanted to pound this pussy raw.

He stood up and with out coming out of her pussy, he pushed her face down onto the desk.

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Harry grabbed her hips and pulled his dick most of the way out and pushed it as fast and as hard as he could. He moved him hips as fast as he could sliding his cock in and out of her pussy. She was drying out so Harry pulled his cock out to the edge of her pussy and spit onto his cock.

He pushed back in which was a lot slicker than before. Harry could fell the pressure building up in his balls. Harry then picked up speed and started pushing harder into her.

They were pushing the desk into the back of the room and every other thrust they had to take a step. This felt so good to Harry that he did not want to stop moving but he knew that he was about spent. Harry grabbed her hips and held her still as he unloaded his cum stream after stream into her, "Sorry prof. but I still can't tell you." Harry gathered up his newfound positions and left back to the dorm room.

He entered to it being deserted because of classes going on at the time. He sat the pensive down and realized he did not know how to use it. He had always been pulled out whenever he finished. He searched through the box of memories and he came upon a note at the bottom that stated, "To return from whence you came, jump to the stars and things will be the same." He thought it a little weird be he kept that in mind.

He started picking up bottles of silver liquid, which had been labeled, and read each of them. "Prophecy, Bob Ogden, Horcruxes (Slughorn) and one bottle labeled Minerva." Harry knew the later one was prof. McGonagall's first name. There were other bottles here but most of them Harry did not recognize the names on them.

He took the locked box into his hand and examined it. There were two side-by-side circles on the top with inscription right below it. It was in a language he did not understand. He just sat there staring at it when the door opened and Ron, Ginny and Hermione walked in and sat down next to him.

"So what did prof. McGonagall what with you?" Hermione asked him Harry told her about the will and everything that was left to him. "So he said only you could open the box?" Hermione asked. Harry told her, "That's what the will said anyways." Hermione just sat there thinking about what it could mean.

Harry showed her the inscription on the top of the box and she did not know either. However, she did promise him that she would find out for him. Hermione stowed the box into her bag and set off for the library before her next class. Ron followed her to help her look in books. Harry and Ginny meanwhile went through the rest of the bottles of memories when they heard the bell ring for the next classes.

Ginny helped carry everything up to Harry's bed and they went back down to their classes. Harry had different classes than Ginny so they went off into different directions.

Harry took off for his D.A.D.A class. Ron was sitting toward the front of the room and flagged him down. Harry took his set right next to Ron. He looked around the classroom and it looked about half-full as usual.

Harry heard the door close behind them and before he could turn around a hand was on his shoulder and the new teacher was standing there looking at him. "This is you final year here at Hogwarts." said prof. Watson as she continued to the front of the room "This year we shall be getting you ready for the outside as best as possible. Now I know some of you are heading off to auror training." she gave Harry a little nod "and some will be heading other places.

I hope each of you is a real tribute to where ever you end up. Now This will be your toughest year yet. We will be studying advanced magic and even some dark magic. Now for some practical magic. First off I will be teaching you how to repel Dementors." With this Harry, Ron and two other people snickered. Harry turned around and saw Cho and Neville sitting at opposite ends at the back of the room. Two of the several Dumbledore's Army left in school. Either the rest passed through school or their parents decided it was to dangerous to send them back.

Harry knew what they were laughing about; he had taught them the Patronus in their fifth year at school. "And may I ask what is funny about Dementors?" prof. Watson asked them. Harry figured since he was the one who taught them he decided to stand up.

"Well prof. I taught Ron sitting here and Neville and Cho back there" Harry nodded to them. "the Patronus two years ago. I had set up a D.A.D.A class so I could prepare people for Voldemort," most people gasped at this and dropped quills "when we had a horrible teacher." Harry held up the back of his hand. She looked un-convinced with Harry's story so she told him to produce the Patronus. Harry pulled his wand out of his robe, put the thought of him and Ginny in the bathroom into his head, and said aloud, "Expecto Patronus" and a silver stag erupted from the end of his wand and did a couple laps around the room and disappeared.


Ron, Neville and Cho all stood up and produced their patronuses for the teacher. The rest of the classroom oohhed and awed at the site. Even the teacher looked impressed. "Well then you four can help out with the rest of the class." the prof.

told them. Considering there was only five other people to be taught they each took a partner. Harry got a Ravenclaw he had seen around school but never talked to. Neville was actually one of the first to be picked. A Hufflepuff with short red hair and was a foot taller than he was. Ron got a Gryffindor boy Harry had seen around in the common room and Cho got a tall stocky boy from Ravenclaw Harry had only seen a couple times. There was just one boy left and he was from Slytherin.

The teacher got him. After an hour, the teacher had called the class to a halt and told them all to practice. She then dismissed the class and asked Harry to stay behind for a second.

Harry nodded to Ron and told him that he would meat up with him at lunch. After the door was closed Emma (prof. Watson) asked Harry to enter her chambers. Harry followed closely behind her and could smell blue berries emanating off her. Harry entered and closed the door behind him. He then sat down in a chair in the middle of the room. Emily walked around her desk and removed her robe to hang it up.

She was wearing a white halter-top and a black skirt that went down slightly above her knees. "I asked you in here because I wanted to ask you what you taught your friends so I can make some arrangements." she told Harry but he had just noticed that he could see her nipples through her shirt.

Harry stared at her breasts while she gave him a puzzled look, followed his gaze and noticed her nipples plain as day. She looked back at Harry a notice he had built a tent inside his robe.

She grabbed the bottom her shirt and raised it above her head. She had tits that would make Pamela Anderson jealous. Each breast was the size of Harry's head. His jaw just dropped to the floor. Emma walked around the desk and shoved one of her breasts into Harry's open, awaiting mouth and Harry complied with her. He took her nipple into his mouth and tried to see if he could milk it. When he found it was dry Harry took his tongue and erected her nipple.

He took it in between his teeth and bit down hard enough to get a moan. He raised her skirt and rubbed her clit with his finger. She was really getting wet now. So he slipped two of his fingers into her pussy and curled them to try to find her g-spot but was un successful. Emma pushed all the items off her desk and hopped up.

Harry got down in between her legs and inserted three fingers. Even that did not seem to work until Emma grabbed his wrist and told him to ball up his fist. When he did, she shoved his hand deep into her pussy.

Harry pulled and pushed his hand inside of as if it were a cock. She leaned back across the desk and bent her knees up so she could position her feet onto the desk. "Faster! Show me why you are the chosen one." she yelled out as Harry picked up speed and shoved his hand into her until he hit a wall and then retracted.

After a minute or two, Emma grabbed his hand and held it still. Harry looked down between her legs and received a face full of cum.

Harry was shocked because he had no idea that that could even happen. Harry withdrew his hand and considered putting his dick into her. It was just that if his fist would fit in her and he probably would not feel much pleasure with his cock. Harry lifted her legs onto his shoulders and grabbed his cock, sliding it around her pussy to get it nice and wet. Harry positioned his cock at her ass hole and grabbed her hips.

Harry pushed as hard as he could and it plopped it in. He got a pleasant moan from his teacher as he pulled back. He drove it home again and Emma arched the small of her back. He continued to pound away into her for what seemed like hours. In reality, he had not been at it for more then five minutes.

Harry sent stream after stream into her ass. When Harry withdrew his cock, his semen just flowed out of her ass. He pulled his robe back down and sat back into the chair as his teacher got up and threw her robe on.

She walked around the desk, sat down and continued talking as if nothing had happened. Half an hour later he left her office, headed down to lunch, and sat next to Ginny. She then leaned over and gave him a kiss on the lips as she sniffed him. "What's that I smell?" She asked him and Harry got nervous because he figured she was smelling pussy on him. She continued, "It smells like blue berries." Harry felt relief and explained he was hit with some spray as he walked by a group of girls.

After lunch and a few classes in the after noon they all went to the library and sat down at one of the tables. They piled a stack of books in front of each of them with titles like, Ancient dialect and forgotten languages." but were un successful.

They set off for diner after dropping a few books off in their rooms. After diner how ever Harry was as tired as he had ever been and apologized to Ginny before heading up to bed. Ron stayed down stairs because he was still wide awake. After dressing and laying down he passed right out dreaming of Ginny and him in the bathroom.

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Pensive Adventure Life had gone on over the next couple of weeks. Harry and Ginny made a couple of trips to the prefects' bathroom and a couple of times invited Ron and Hermione to join them. They still had no success with finding out what the writing was or even how to open the box. About a month after arriving at school the four of them decided to take a trip down to the lake.

They all took their usual seats, Ginny and Hermione between Harry and Ron's legs, and was taking turns examining the box. All of a sudden, a snake came slithering out of the water towards them. None of them looked worried and Harry told the snake to go back to the water. Hermione had been holding the box and screamed, "Harry it glowed just now." Harry took the box from her and examined it carefully.

It just looked the same to Harry as he twirled it around. "It happened when you told the snake to go away so try talking in parseltongue to it." Hermione told him. Harry just shrugged and figured why not they had tried everything else.

Harry say it down and in parseltongue told it, "open says me" Harry figured he would be comical about it. However, there was nothing comical about it, the box glowed a deep purple color.

The writing on the box was now readable. It said, "yoU Seek rEvenge in The sHadows, fEel Love and yOu Could Kill voldEmorT" Hermione reached into her back and pulled out a quill and a piece of scrap parchment and jotted down the words before they disappeared. Hermione sat there, read, and reread it repeatedly before gasping. "Harry do you still have the locket you and Dumbledore thought was a Horcrux?" Harry told her it was up in his room.

She started crossing off letters until "USE THE LOCKET" were the only letters left. They all jumped up and ran up into the castle. It was right before curfew so they had not came across anyone.

"Dinglebit" they all said to the fat lady and climbed inside. Harry hurried up into his room and opened his truck to search for the locket. He had found it right next to the looking glass his godfather had given him.

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He hurried back down stair without putting anything back and sat next to Ginny. Harry opened the locket and tried putting it onto each of the circles on top.

The box popped open a crack, after a little jump from Ginny, Harry opened it up all the way. Inside was the actual locket, the ring Dumbledore wore last year and a piece of parchment rolled up. Harry grabbed the parchment and read it. After reading it, he decided to read it aloud after checking no one else was around. "Harry if you are reading this then that means my plan is going as planed. I left you the ring and locket, which were the only two Horcruxes I found.

Yes, I know you are thinking what that locket inside of the cave was. Regulas Black, Sirius's brother, left that locket. I knew he had taken it but I need to take you to the cave for my plan to work. I had to appear weakened for when the death eaters attack the school. Regulas had taken it shortly before he was killed. I found the Horcrux locket in Grimmuald after Serious died. I know also that you are mad at Snape right now but you need not be.

He killed me on my orders. He had made an unbreakable bond with Narcissa and if he had not killed me, he would have died. I made Snape promise me that he would carry it out if Draco could not do it.

He is more important than I am for your survival. Along with this box, I have left you the pensive and all the memories you need to find the other horcruxes. Three have been found already and four are left. One is in the Voldemort still walking around and Snape knows where the other three are.

I believe in you Harry and you can kill Voldemort. You are the only one you can. Please stay at school and the rest will come to you in the following days." Harry finished reading the letter and looked around at everyone to get their responses.

He could not see any; they just had blank expressions on their faces. Finally Hermione spoke up, "So Snape killed him because he told him to. That must be why he was pleading with Snape when he killed him. He was begging for death so that Snape could live." Harry just stared at her and started registering what she had said. Snape was actually still good but how could Dumbledore do that. He was more important to him than Snape was. Snape hated Harry for what his father and godfather did to him in school.

What had happened after school to make things change? Everyone went off to bed alone tonight to ponder what they just found out. Harry sat on his bed thinking and he noticed the pensive sitting on the foot. He had put it there when he was looking for the locket.

He pulled it close to him and peered inside. All he saw was water boiling on top. He reached off the bed and grabbed the box of memories. Harry started picking up each bottle and putting them to the side as he read them. "Tom asks for job, Harry recalling Voldemort's return, Snape's remorse" Harry stopped with this one still in his hand and read it over. He grabbed at the cork, pulled it off, dumped it into the pensive and watched it swirl around inside.

Harry then plunged his face into the cool liquid air. In and instant he was pulled inside and landed right next to Dumbledore. Harry felt a happiness come over him until he realized it was just a memory. Harry looked around and saw Snape sitting down across from them.

"If I had any idea what the prophecy meant I would never have told the dark lord. James and I have had our differences in the past but I did not want him dead. He saved my life and I must be grateful for that. Lily was the best person I knew, she always tried to befriend me when I was always so mean to her." Snape then broke into tears and continued, "Pleas forgive me Dumbledore.

I will do anything to make it up to Harry when he becomes of age. I am the reason he has to grow up without great parents." Dumbledore rose up and went over to Snape, he laid a hand onto his shoulder and told him, "I believe you have remorse for what you have done. Harry is going to need looking after until he comes to school.

I have already taken the means of having lookouts posted and he is covered by old magic for protection. I need you to come to my school and teach." Harry knew the memory was over and thought about what he read. He bent slightly at the knees and gave a little push upward. He landed back on his bed in front of the pensive. He looked around and noticed everyone was still asleep. Harry decided to take another trip into the pensive. He went through the bottles until he came across, "Teaching Susan" Harry pulled the cork out and poured the contents into the pensive.

Harry was standing next to Dumbledore behind his desk. There was a young girl of maybe 15 or 16 sitting across from them. "You wanted to see me prof." the girl said. She was pretty with strawberry hair and nice firm breast Harry could see poking out her white, Weird Sisters, shirt. She had two little dimples in her cheeks and wore wand shaped earrings in her ears.

Harry noticed a small mole sitting on her cheek, which just made her look better. It was like a beauty mark. Dumbledore spoke up; Harry had forgotten he was even there, "Yes I wanted to talk to you about your O.W.L.S. It seems here that you want to be an auror but you failed D.A.D.A. So I wanted to talk to you about taking a different career path." She started crying, "I wanted auror, its all I've ever wanted to do since I was a kid.

Everyone in my family are aurors and if I don't get in ill be the disappointment of the family. Is there anything I can do to fix this?" Dumbledore just sat there staring at her without speaking. She stood up and walked around his desk. Dumbledore rotated his chair se he was looking at her as she walked. She stopped jut short of the chair in between his legs.


She looked down and noticed a bulge underneath his robes. She slowly got down onto her knees and positioned her head above the bulge while pulling his robes up.

A 10 inch cock was sitting on his lap soft and lifeless. She took his cock into her hands and gently messaged it up and down the shaft. She stuck her tongue out and gave the head a little lick which got an immediate response. Now being half erect she took his cock into her mouth and sucked on the top half of it. Harry knew she could not take his entire length into her mouth. Just then she slid her head all the way down impaling his entire length down her throat.

There was a look of shock and amusement on both Harry and Dumbledore's face. Harry saw the entire cock disappear repeatedly into her mouth making sucking sounds with each stroke. After Dumbledore, now Harry, was completely hard she stood up and slowly let her robes fall to the floor. She turned around and reached in between her legs grabbing a hold of Dumbledore's cock and placing it into her pussy. Harry went around and got in between her legs to watch and see if it ripped her in two or not.

As she slowly lowered her body Harry could see the cock disappear without and problems. Her pussy stretched curved inward as the cock slid in. She was so wet Harry could see her juices rolling down Dumbledore's cock.

Before he knew it, the entire cock was gone inside her pussy. She slowly moved her hips up and down on top of his cock. She started screaming as Dumbledore grabbed her hips and forced her down harder and faster, "ouch it hurts but yet it feels soooo god, harder" Dumbledore wrapped his around her waist and stood up with his cock still impaled in her. He turned so her body was resting on top of his desk and her ass sticking in the air.

He grabbed her hips and slammed her into the desk With each thrust Harry could se and hear the desk moving with each thrust. He took his cock out of her pussy and Harry figured Dumbledore was done until he reached over to his desk and opened a drawer. He reached inside and pulled out a tube and squeezed some of its contents onto his cock and stroked it to spread the liquid around. He took his cock into his hand and placed it to her but hole.

He slowly pushed as Harry thought it was not going to fit when Dumbledore grabbed a hold of her around the waist and rammed it all the way in. "Ahhhh, shit" she screamed as he hit home Harry was astonished that she did not rip open right then. Harry looked at the expression on her face which looked like pain and pleasure at the same time. He could see a single tear running down her cheek but there was a smile all the same.

Dumbledore rammed his cock into her ass but it only took a few extra strokes before he pulled it out and squirted all over her back. When that happened she lowered her face onto the desk and gave a muffles yell as she had her own orgasm.

Dumbledore grabbed his wand and without speaking cleaned her up and she was dressed before she stood up and took her seat while he talked to her, "Well the only thing I can do is give you private lessons all year and have you retake the owls at the end of the year.

Now it will be hard" he gave her a little smile and wink before continuing, " and enjoyable at the same time but I think I can teach you some good things." She jumped up and ran over to him giving him a hug before leaving out through the doors.

Dumbledore just sat there and smiled. The memory ended and Harry was back on top of his bed looking around. Harry figured that once the memory ended it kicked you out.

He dipped the bottle into the pensive and extracted the memory. Harry was now horny as hell and did not know what to do. He figured he could just go down and take a cooling bath.

He picked up his invisibility cloak and map before leaving. Harry had thrown the cloak over himself before leaving the room in case someone was still in the common room. He crept down stairs and started for the portrait when he heard a noise in the corner.

Harry looked and saw a first year girl sitting in a chair. Harry crept over to her without making a sound. As he got closer the fire in the room made her glow in a reddish orange color.

Harry could tell she was a third year girl he had seen around he thought her name was Amber or something like that. When he got closer he could smell the sex she was emitting from her pussy. He looked down and noticed she was driving a wand in and out of her pussy moaning with each stroke. Sweat beads dripping down her forehead onto her cheek and ending on her chin.

Harry got down on his knees and looked in between her legs and witnessed a liquid foaming around her wand as she slid it out. Harry withdrew his cock and gently stroked it in his hand with the cloak getting in his way. She took the wand out and inserted it into her mouth and sucked all the juices off. Harry too this opportunity to extend his cock outside his cloak by lifting the bottom and wrapping up so just his cock was sitting there floating in mid air.

She had her head laid back moving her wand in and out of her mouth so Harry inched his floating cock closer to her pussy. He reached the opening and slid just his head inside when she froze and opened her eyes looking around. Harry froze there staring at her until she decided it was nothing and closed her eyes again. Harry took a chance and pushed with all of his might and plunged his entire cock into her.

She did not open her eyes this time, she only laid there moaning. "Fucking ghosts, get me every time I do this, it is probably headless Nick again." She said as Harry just stood on his knees with his cock buried in her. Harry, after a little giggle she could not hear, slid his cock in and out of her pussy with nice long strokes. She was more slick, wet and hot than anyone else he had fucked in the last two years.

Harry kept his strokes at a long steady pace so he could keep this sensation as long as he could. Harry, however, just witnessing the sex scene with Dumbledore was already primed with wanting to cum. He took one last stroke and exploded his hot cum into her womb where he hoped she would end up pregnant. After pulling out his cock and sitting for a seconds, she fell asleep afterwards, he got up and headed to his room.

As he reached the bottom of the stairs however he heard someone coming toward his from the stairs so he hid on the side of the door way so he would not get bumped. After a few second Neville came stumbling down the stairs in a half sleepy state and went over to the bathroom that was right next to the half naked girl but he did not seem to notice.

Harry started back up the stairs as he heard Neville finish. After a couple of steps he could not hear him coming and turned to look at Neville standing over the half naked girl with his cock in his hand lightly stroking it above her face.

When he put the head to her lips she separated her lips like she had been waiting for it. Harry turned and set off for his bed because he knew if he did not leave not he would never leave. Harry climbed into bed and closed his eyes thinking of the great day he had. Ginny was on her back completely naked and Harry was driving his cock in and out of her pussy.

Harry looked up and noticed they were fucking in the great hall on top on the teachers table and everyone else were sitting down at their tables cheering them on. Harry looked back at Ginny and noticed she now had a cock in side of her mouth.

Harry looked up and saw Snape standing there face fucking her. Snape withdrew his cock and sprayed his cum all over her face which turned Harry on and he let his load inside of her pussy. Snape finally spoke up, "Nice dreams Potter, now come with me." he said grabbing Harry by the arm as they both walked through the crowd they both tried putting their cocks away.