Unfathomable pounding delights for two charming young beauties

Unfathomable pounding delights for two charming young beauties
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DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the "Harry Potter" characters. These stories are strictly for 'entertainment' purposes. Don't sue me, I have no money. WARNING: These stories are just fantasies but we'll be dealing with mind-control, non-consent, public sex, and whatever else I want to right.

Heed any warnings I put up. I'll try to make each story in the series a stand-alone so if you don't like something happening in it, you can just go to the next series. I will be altering facts to suit my purpose. This is Hermione's 7th year. Book 7 hasn't happened. So they're all at the school.

McGonagall is headmistress, Snape teaches DADA and was never seen killing Dumbledore, etc, etc, etc. Hermione is 17 years old in this and she'll always be with older men, Lucius, teachers, etc. If that's not what you're looking for, this isn't the story for you. Coupling: Hermione/Greyback, Hermione/Hagrid Monster: Werewolf NOTE: This is out of order. It came into my head and I just had to write it.

Enjoy. I'm reposting this story after rewriting it. I'm sure there are still some errors to the story, but this is a hobby.

The first time I posted it, I was in a hurry. I hope it's better now. ~*~ It was the first Hogsmeade weekend of the year and Hermione grabbed her cloak and hurried down to the front of the castle. Filch was in his usual position by the front doors, checking permission slips. She'd avoided him as much as possible the past few weeks but he had a true knack for finding her. Now she had to willingly walk up to him and hand him her permission slip.

His hand slipped across her large breasts ever so slightly as he gave her a lusty leer, running his tongue along his yellowing teeth. "I'll be searching you for Weasley's jokes extra well tonight." He said it like a promise. Leaning in, he added in a soft whisper.

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"Little slut." The words made her pussy tingle and her cheeks flare. Not meeting his eyes, she fled the castle. There was no help for her there. Anytime she tried to find help, either they took advantage of her condition, fucking her at every opportunity, or Filch got to them with that dreaded orchid before anything could be done, turning them into the lustying bimbos she'd become. As soon as she hit the boarder that separated Hogwarts from the rest of the world, Hermione ducked into the woods.

Turning swiftly, she apperated to the Leaky Cauldron. When none of the books have proven fruitful at the library, Hermione realized that her only hope probably lay in the dark arts. A place like Knockturn Alley was probably where the orchid had been purchased in the first place so Knockturn Alley was exactly where she would go. Pulling her hood up over her curly brown hair, she kept her face ducked low as she hurried from the Leaky Cauldron, through Daigon Alley and to the forbidding darkness that was Knockturn.

It was already growing dark there. It'd taken her longer to get out of the castle then she thought it would. That's what happened when you were trying to avoid men. Even then, the Weasley Twins had double teamed her before she'd made it to the doors, waylaying her for hours. The memory of sucking one twin off while the other took her from behind made her pussy wet. The plants power kept her at a heightened state of arousal and already she craved a dick again. Even as the thought passed through her mind, a sharp-nailed hand wrapped around her throat, pulling her back against a hard chest.

The rough hand moved from her throat to her mouth, stifling her scream. A deep growl escaped her captor's chest as he breathed in her scent. "If it isn't Hermione Granger," the familiar voice of Fenrir Greyback growled in her ear. "Does no good for you to scream here. You're far away from the protection of Hogwarts." He sniffed the air again, his breath moving her hair.

Heart pounding in her ears, Hermione felt his dick hardening against her back. The hand around her mouth slipped back around her throat. "That excites you, doesn't it, muggle whore?" he demanded. "I smell your arousal." The hand that had been holding her against him moved lower, slipping under her skirt, his sharp nails ripping away her panties easily. "Feel how wet you are," he said, his fingertips slowly playing with her clit. His cock jumped against her back. His voice was deepening.

"Please, let me go," she said, hating how small her voice sounded and hating even more how good his fingers felt.

How much she wanted him to touch her more. The vile man who'd killed so many. His chuckle was deep and rumbling, she felt it through her entire being. "Do you know what tonight is?" He asked.

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Turning, she saw the wicked gleam in his animalistic eyes. As he flashed her a grin, she saw his teeth sharpening as black hair spread over his face. "The full moon," she gasped. "Have you ever been fucked by a werewolf after he's turned?" Fenrir growled.


"No!" Hermione screamed, the duel meaning of the word lost on her as she struggling in his iron-grip. She'd have never gotten free on her own. He let her go. Running, she spared only a small glance back to see Fenrir was fully transforming into a wolf-like man, his large claws ripping his clothes. She made it out of the alley and started pushing through a group of hags when Greyback bound out of the alley. He let out a loud howl, startling everyone in Knockturn who shots off in all directions, fleeing the wolf.

But Greyback had eyes for only one magical morsel this evening. Hermione was jostled left and right as she tried to make her way through the panicked crowd. She just needed to make it into a shop and she'd be okay. She'd be safe. From the werewolf at least. "Move!" one man shouted, pushing her hard. Stumbling on the cobblestones, Hermione landed on all fours.


Wincing as she tried to crawl away but another howl issued through the night air. Large, beast-like hands grabbed her waste, pulling her back. She felt warm fur at her ass. "No!" she cried, "Somebody help!" But the other witches and wizards and whatever other creatures lurked in Knockturn had already fled. Looking back, she saw Greyback was now covered in thick black fur.

A mixture of wolf and man, loomed over her larger than ever. One hand held her back, keeping her from escaping while his canine nose sniffed the air, working its way down to her exposed pussy. "No," Hermione said, struggling to get away. His long tongue gave her a long lick and her protest quickly turned into a moan.

On all fours, she was revolted as the werewolf began to lick at her pussy, his rough tongue creasing her clit. Her body shuttered in pleasure. How could she be enjoying this?

As his inhumane tongue began to work in and out of her cunt, Hermione's hips began to buck against his face, wanting that tongue deeper, harder. "No," she moaned, protesting against what was being done to her and the fact that she was enjoying it. Greyback growled as he worked his tongue in and out of her tight hole.

His large, black cock growing to full length. He was going to make this little witch his bitch.

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He was going to tear up that pussy as only a werewolf could. When he shifted away from her cunt, Hermione actually groaned in protest. She'd been so close to cumming on that amazing tongue. But then he was on top of her and she felt his large dick seeking out her pussy.


"No," She groaned again, but his large hands clamped down on her shoulders, forcing her face onto the ground and making it impossible for her to move away. His dick found home, sliding deep into her cunt, spreading her pussy lips.

In a shop window, she could see a few wizards watching them, their dicks out as they jacked off to her being fucked by a werewolf. The window reflected the act. Of Greyback holding her down and humping her. He'd started out slow but now he sped up, fucking her hard and fast, his monster cock pounding her with no mercy. He howled his possessiveness as he fucked her. God help her, she enjoyed it.

She enjoyed being fucked by a werewolf. She enjoyed the men watching her, jacking off at the sight. She enjoyed her reflection in the mirror, the helpless girl being savaged by the beast.

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Greyback's hands moved from her shoulders to her hips, holding her still as he slammed his hard cock into her wet pussy for all he was worth. With a growl of triumph, he unleashed his load, sending ropes of thick hot cum deep into her cunt. Hermione screamed as she came with him, her pussy milking his cock for every drop of cum.

She wanted more. Needed more. Suddenly, a flash of red light shot past her and Greyback collapsed on top of her. Struggling under the weight of the passed out werewolf, she was released when someone lifted him off her. Looking up she saw Hagrid standing there, pink umbrella in hand.

He looked at her for a moment before picking her up. "Hagrid, thank you," she said gratefully as he held her in his arms. She felt his thick thumb slip between her pussy lips. "Hagrid, careful." Her body shuttered as the pad of his thumb caught her clit and he began messaging it as he carried her into a dark alley.

"Ye like that, don't ye, ya little 'ore," he growled, his words taking her by surprise as his thumb rammed into her cunt. She moaned despite herself.

"Hagrid, what…?" "I saw ye cum for that werewolf," he said, his tone harsh as his thumb fucked her cunt. "Saw ye watchin' those men wank off to ye. You liked it. Liked being fucked by a beast." Pressing her against the wall, he easily held her with one hand as he unleashed his monster cock with the other. It was the largest dick she'd ever seen.

Thick and long. A giant's cock.

"Look how hard ye got me?" Hagrid demanded. There was no way she could miss that dick. Removing his thumb, he lined her cunt with his cock. "Hagrid, what are you doing? Stop it. You're my friend," Hermione protested, struggling in his iron grip.

He slammed his cock home. If Greyback hadn't prepared her, she might have been ripped in two.

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"I got some more beasts to show you," Hagrid said, moving her body up and down his massive dick. She was little more than a fuck toy in his hands. We're going to have lots of fun, 'ermione," he said, groaning in pleasure. "Watching that wolf fuck you, watching how you enjoyed it, oh yes. We're going to have lost of fun." He growled on that last word as he came in her.

He had a particular fetish, Hagrid did.

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He loved watching hot young girls getting fucked by his beast. And with Hermione's new tits and sweet ass, there was none hotter than her. His problem was… which beasts should be first? ~*~ Do you have any requests for Hagrid's pets you'd like to see her fuck? What about people? Let me know in the comments what you like and if I like it, I'll write it.