Slut gets DPed by two guys with big cocks

Slut gets DPed by two guys with big cocks
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It was nearly 2pm when Amanda's car drove into the driveway, I felt somewhat relieved they were home though I had no reason to think anything might have happened, a few moments later Amanda and Susan came into the house carrying bottles of wine and booze and I knew right away that all was not well, Susan acknowledged my cheery hello but in a subdued manner and Amanda just said nothing but stormed past me into the kitchen, I looked at Susan who whispered "I will tell you later but she is really pissed with me for last night" I said nothing in return at that time but later got the story from Susan it seems that in the morning Amanda had confronted Susan after she had gone to the toilet and insisted that she collected her things as she was taking her home, Amanda felt that Susan had betrayed her by sleeping with me and more probably by seeming to have enjoyed being with me.

Susan continued by saying that Amanda in spite of all her own betrayals with Jerry still seemed to think of me as hers alone, Susan had pointed out that it was Amanda's idea that She should "Try me out", Susan finished by adding that perhaps Amanda thought that She would have humiliated me and this had been the whole point of the exercise.

I asked Susan what Amanda had planned for the evening but all she knew was that after a few drinks most of the guests would be going home but several would be staying over and "things would develop" Amanda had initially invited Susan as she had been complaining of being horny and not having had any sex since her boyfriend had split, but had been sworn to secrecy as Amanda did not want affair with Jerry to become company gossip, in fact according to Susan, Amanda found Jerry to be a "pretentious twat" but was addicted to his dick and had said that his leaving was probably a good thing as office romances were too difficult to keep quiet, other than that she knew nothing of the evenings plans.

As for Susan being shipped off home that morning apparently in the car Amanda had torn into Susan accusing her of not being a true friend and had backstabbed her, Susan had only been allowed to return after she had promised not to have any further sexual contact with me "I am sorry about that" she added "but I am looking forward to tonight, perhaps we can see what happens in the future" but I knew her loyalties were with Amanda and that was that.

The rest of the day was spent more or less in silence but as the time wore on Amanda's mood lightened she and Susan were speaking as normal and even a few sniggers could be heard from the kitchen as the preparations continued, she even began talking to me even if it was only to tell me say nothing to anyone who was coming to the party about infidelities to which I agreed and Susan pecked my cheek and said "Good man".

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About 6pm Amanda and Susan began to get themselves ready and by 8pm were both looking and smelling great they had both changed into short dresses and were having their first drinks of the day The first guests began to arrive and as I opened the door to them and mentally undress each and every one of them wondering who knew what, who were going to be here for the full night, several of them seemed to be smirking at me but I simply smiled and welcomed them in, took the coats and poured the drinksover the next hour about 20 people arrived some in couples, a few single guys and a few pairs of females two of whom looked stunning and I thought well let's hope they are getting naked later.

It was nearly 9pm when the main man arrived, Jerry and two younger men one of which I was later to find out was his brother Tim and his friend Alan, as I welcomed them in Alan said "you must be Dave, I have heard a hell of a lot about YOU" Tim pushed him forward and away from me it was obvious they had been drinking so I said nothing in return, all in all I guess there would have been about 30 people in the house spread throughout the lounge, sitting room, kitchen and dining room.

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One man caught my attention as he looked so out of place his name was frank he was the husband of Jenny who headed up the accounts department, she was older than me and had abandoned frank to speak to a pair of young men in the kitchen, Frank it turned out having been made redundant from a bank and was now a "kept man" as it was only Jenny's income that kept them afloat to which he was constantly reminded or so he told me, I was still chatting to him when Jenny came up and told him to "pop off home now dear, I will call you in the morning" he said his goodbyes to me and quietly left and I heard Jenny say "thank god for that, I thought he might make a scene".

By now the crowd had thinned out and a few more were leaving and a few were getting politely ushered out, I looked around after the last had left and saw that apart from me we had Amanda, Susan, Jenny, a pretty blonde who I didn't know with a guy who might have arrived with her, another 2 young men were in the kitchen with Jerry, Tim and Alan that made 4 women and 7 men if you included me and somehow I doubted it would.


Amanda had started to speak so they all came into the living room to listen to her she made a few remarks about Jerry leaving and how she hoped it would be a night to remember she then asked for their cell phones to ensure no photographs started appearing in the future. After that she said "ok let's get up close and personal" and with that she began kissing Jerry, Susan was in a embrace with Alan swaying drunkenly to a song on the radio, Tim was feeling Jenny's ass and the blonde was getting led out of the room by 2 of the others this left one man who crashed down beside me "Hi I'm Carl" he said and with that I think he went to sleep, I looked around the room Susan's dress was off, Jenny was on her knees with Tim's cock in her mouth, Amanda was almost naked as was Jerry, I got up and went to the kitchen poured a large drink and climbed the stairs, through the open bedroom door the blonde was getting double ended, her round ass was in the air getting a hard fucking from behind as she slurped on what looked like a good sized cock, I stood for a while and took in the scene here was a girl probably about 20 getting shafted on my bed, they moved her around every so often, as one rested the other fucked her and then they changed again, I am not sure how long I had been watching, my cock was hard and I thought about joining in but I was interrupted by the sound of people coming up the stairs it was Susan and Alan they were naked Susan squealed as she ran past chased by Alan who's erection was flapping about, he caught her before she made it to the second bedroom and after a short kiss turned her to face the stairs, bent her over the handrails and slid his cock into the pussy that I had used the night before, she was biting her bottom lip as he slid it home and looked directly at me as he began to slowly shaft her, I had forgotten the blonde now and could only concentrate on Susan's body rocking in time to his thrusts "Oh fuck that is so good" she was saying over and over again as she looked at me.


I turned and went down the stairs as I passed below Susan I looked up between her legs and saw her pussy and Alan's cock plunging in and out his balls were soaked with her juices, I continued back to the kitchen and refilled my drink, I wandered back into the lounge and to my surprise Amanda was on one sofa with Tim and Jerry was getting his cock sucked on the other by jenny, "Where have you been, I hope you have been behaving" Amanda asked, Tim's cock stood out from his body with Amanda's hand gently cupping his balls, it was as impressive as his brothers but looked even larger as the hair had been trimmed and I think he must have shaved his balls as they looked hairless " I didn't want to start without you, you know it really is no fun without you" she then added "It's that look on your face that I love it's a kind of mixture of lust and loathing and that gets me off, and of course the cock in my pussy helps, and that in turn gets you off doesn't it, we really do have the perfect sex life don't we?" I said nothing but picked up the scattered clothes and put them to one side then settled into the leather armchair, the lights had been dimmed but I could still see clearly "come on baby, let's get you comfortable" Amanda came over to me and loosened my shirt buttons and gently removed it, she the unbuttoned my jeans and also removed then along with my under ware and socks, she leaned into me and her breast brushed against my chest and as she ran her hand over my cock she whispered "I do love you, really I do" and she turned back to Tim before adding "we have decided on a change tonight, hope you don't mind" she knelt down with her ass pointing to me, she spread her legs as her fingers ran over her pussy lips, I could see how wet she was, then returned her attention to Tim's cock and though her body hid it from my sight I could see her arms working as she winked his dick.

My attention now switched to the other sofa as Jenny was now getting a finger fuck from jerry, his thick fingers were working well into her pussy and she looked like she had taken four of them, her pussy was making the most obscene sounds and she was asking to be fisted as her pussy needed it this lasted several minutes then Jerry pushed her onto her back, raised her legs and slipped his cock home, she was loving it her nails were raking across his ass cheeks and her ass was rising and falling off the sofa as she tried to maximise his entry.

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"Babe don't get distracted will you" I heard Amanda say and as I turned to face her I saw that she had straddled Tim with her back to his face, she was facing me but with Tim's cock lying upright against her belly "look at this, it goes way past my belly button" she said, her hand was now stroking its head and I could see that she could barely close her hand around its girth "go on baby give me that look, it's time to give me that look" I felt sick to my stomach, I looked her directly in the eyes and I felt my cock harden further "that's it baby" she said and raised her ass into the air then tucked his cock into her hole and sank down she smiled the sweetest smile as it entered her which changed into a look of lust as it filled her hole completely, she rested briefly then rested her hands on his knees and began to ride him hard, her pert tits were bobbing up and down her mouth was hanging open and she was grunting with every stroke but she never once broke eye contact with me, I could see her pussy lips clinging to his pole as she fucked as if her life depended on it again I cannot be sure how long passed before she came but when she did she screamed "YES fuckin' YES, YES, fill me you big cocked bastard" and he did.

My attention returned to Jerry and Jenny who had also finished, she was mopping her pussy with some tissues and Jerry was looking at Tim and Amanda with a look similar to mine I would guess, I have seen many porno movies over the years but I can honestly say I have never seen anything as erotic as that fuck, my cock was rock hard and leaking pre cum, I couldn't believe I had not even touched it during Amanda's fuck, she was still sitting on Tim's dick, her thigh muscles were still spasming, "Oh fuck that was good" she eventually said as she lifted herself off and the flood of cum ran out of her swollen pussy and down both legs, Jenny thrust a hand full of tissues into her hand and she began to mop up the mess, she left the room and I heard her enter the downstairs loo.

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Tim was struggling into a sitting position his dick was red and looked sore, "Hell man, I have never been fucked like that before, does she always ride like that" he said to no-one in particular, both Jerry and I answered together "No", Tim and Jerry both Laughed but I didn't. Tim and Jerry had gotten up and wandered into the kitchen I guess to get a drink, Jenny was still sitting next to the passed out Carl but looked over to me and asked "is that cock booked by anyone"? I looked down and saw that I was still rock hard and to my eye it looked much bigger that it had ever done before "you had better ask Amanda" I replied "it got me into trouble with her before" I added.

I took a closer look at Jenny now and for her age she looked in really good shape, she had a nice figure and nice tits above a still trim waist, I couldn't check out her ass as she was still sitting but I thought of her husband Frank and wondered just how much he knew of tonight's activities, I couldn't help but wonder if in another 5 years or so my life would be the same as his, it was then that I vowed to make sure it didn't.

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Just at that Amanda returned to the room and came to me and kissed me tenderly and I kissed her back, my stiff cock was aching for some attention but all she said was "Hell I need a drink" then I heard Jenny ask "he says it's up to you, If I can have his body for a while", "is that ok with you"?

"sure" she replied as she left the room "just don't break it" Jenny was on me in a flash she slid me forward in my chair and straddled my legs and sank her sopping wet pussy onto my cock, her hole felt enormous and I doubted she could feel much either so I slipped one hand between her legs to play with her clit and the other around her ass and finger fucked her butt hole, I could feel the remaining cum from jerry running over my balls and it felt good to tell the truth, I dipped my head and sucked on her nipples one after another and pressed my fingers deeper into her ass after some time I felt my orgasm building and I told her so, I was surprised when she slipped off me and finished me with her mouth which she swallowed, "come on its drink time" and she led me out by the hand.

The party was to continue the rest of the night and I will tell you more in the next episode.