British milf fingers and gets pussylicked

British milf fingers and gets pussylicked
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It was Saturday Night at 7:15 when my wife got home she went straight into the shower. At right at 8 she was standing at my side saying she is ready.


As every Saturday night we went out for supper at the local sports pub, they had the best steak dinner in town. When we got there I was told that there was a small $10 race to three pool tournament tonight. I consider myself a fairly good pool player so I entered the tourny. My wife said she was tired tonight and didn't want to stay for the tourny so she would call Sue to come get her after supper.

We had a few drinks with our supper, then when it was time for me to play she called Sue to come get her. I was in my second game when Sue arrived after my shot was done Sharon bought two 12 packs of beer, kissed me and left with Sue and Mindy. The tourny had started at 9 so at 11:15 Frank and I was on the last game. I broke made the 8 but scratched so I lost the match on the hill. I ended up getting $35 for finishing 2nd. I finished my last drink and headed home. So I will tell you what was happening at home while I was at the pub.

I learned this the next time I talked to Sue in private. Note to reader in my state 18 is legal beer drinking age. As the girls got home they started having a few beers and watching a movie that Sue had rented earlier this evening. By now Sharon was feeling no pain as she has never been a big drinker. She was slurring a tad and giggling a lot. When a scene of the movie was two lesbians getting raunchy in bed. Sharon looked at it and said you know I have always been curious about doing that.

I always figured it would be great because its like only a woman knows what a woman likes. Sue turned to Sharon and said Mom it is great Mindy and I have had sex with each other and we love it.

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Sharon's mouth dropped open and she just looked at Mindy as Mindy shook her head yes and smiled. Sharon still just sat there and stared so Sue took the first step and said Mom just watch. Sue stood up started stripping then told Mindy to take her clothes off also. Sharon sat there and watched as these to beautiful young ladies was taking their clothes off.

After they was naked Sue stepped to Mindy and they started kissing. As the kissing got hotter they started caressing each others bodies.

After a couple of minutes of this Sue broke apart from Mindy then reached down and moved the coffee table to the side of the room.

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Mindy knew why she had done this and laid down on the floor where the table had been. Sue now returned to Mindy and laid down beside her and they started kissing and fondling again. Sharon had now leaned over with her elbows on her knees and stared at what was happening on the floor in front of her. After a minute of the kissing and touching Sue pulled away from Mindy's face and lowered her head down to Mindy's tits and started sucking one.

She had done this for a while then she sat up and told Sharon "reach down here and squeeze Mindy's other tit as I am working this one over". Sharon was in a trance and just did as her daughter had told her to do. She reached down with a shaking hand and when it hit Mindy's hard nipple she yanked back a bit. Sue reached out grabbed her Mom's hand and put it on Mindy's tit and held it there. After a few seconds Sue could feel her Mother's hand start to massage the warm flesh it was holding.

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Sue then released Sharon's hand and started sucking the other tit again. Mindy was moaning with pleasure as both of her milk mounds were being tended.

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After a little while of this Sue started slipping her fingers into Mindy's dripping wet cunt. Sue slid 2 fingers in and in no time had 3 buried into her best friend hot pussy. Sharon was now really kneading Mindy's nipple making so big and hard it looked like it would explode.

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Sue took her face away from the tit she was sucking and told Sharon to get on the floor beside her and if or when she was ready she could start sucking the 1 she was massaging. Sue had just started sucking the tit she had been on when she seen Sharon lean forward and touch the other nipple with her tongue, She just held it there at first.

As she got more courage she started sucking and nibbling on it, just like she liked being done to her own. Sue then took her soaking wet hand away from Mindy's love tunnel and smeared the juice onto the nipple she has been sucking. Sharon watched as Sue then took the nipple back into her mouth. Sue then reached over and touched her wet fingers to the nipple her Mom was just sucking. This time Sharon didn't need no encouragement she just dove right in and took the wet nipple into her mouth.

As she was sucking the sweet pussy juice from the nipple she then slipped her hand down with Sue's and started playing with Mindy's slick slit. With the double feature Mindy was receiving she started to cum violently shaking, shuddering and screaming.

After she came down from her sexual high she just experienced she just laid there in ecstasy. Sue sat straight up and told Sharon to take off her clothes. By now Sharon was just like a sex slave she would do anything she was told.

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~~~~Sharon stood and started removing her clothes as she was told. After she was naked Sue helped her to lay down in the spot that Mindy had just be in. Sue just leaned down beside her Mother as Mindy went right to Sharon's waiting love hole.

As Mindy got to the gaping hole she could smell Sharon's musky sex smell and see her juices flowing down between her legs.

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Sharon clinched her eyes closed as she felt Mindy's hot breath on her tender pussy. When Mindy entered Sharon's gap with her tongue, Sharon went into a orgasm. As she was screaming she felt a mouth on her tit she opened her eyes and there was her very own daughter sucking her nipple like there was no tomorrow.

That made Sharon orgasm again even harder than the first one. After calming some Sharon spoke up and said" I want to eat a pussy right now".


With that Sue sat up crawled up beside her Mother's head and straddled her face then set her wet eager pussy onto her Mother's mouth. As soon as the pussy was close Sharon stuck her tongue into the opening as far as she could. As she entered the love canal with her tongue Sue's pent up juice flooded Sharon's mouth as and ran down her face. Mindy had now given Sharon her third orgasm in as many minutes.

As she felt Sharon's body bucking under her she reached her first orgasm and spilled even more love juice into her Mother's mouth. Just then is when I walked in the house. Now back in my own words as I am now home. As I walk through the door I am floored at the sight before my eyes.

There on the floor is my wife getting her sweet pussy licked and sucked by my step daughters best friend. On my wifes face sets her daughter feeding her dripping pussy to her Mother. I stripped my clothes off and my hardening cock sprung out of my boxers.

I then walked over to where the 3 girls was I reached down and pulled Mindy's sweet ass up into the air, crawled forword and crammed every inch of my cock into her wet steamy hot pussy.

I was pounding her so hard that her face was banging into my wife's pussy like a hammer. When Sharon felt this she pushed Sue up some so she could see why Mindy was doing this. As Sharon looked me in the eyes she just smiled and pulled Sue back down on her face. I was fucking Mindy as hard and deep as I could.

She was moaning into Sharon's pussy, which in turn made Sharon moan into Sue's pussy. That then made Sue moan and groan as she was riding her Mom's sexy face. Then Sue said lets change. We all sat up and started moving around. It ended up with Sue on the floor Mindy setting on her face and Sharon bent down eating her Daughter's hot cunt from a new angle. I just eased forward and crammed my hard cock into Sharon's wide open pussy. We all started rocking and moaning.

Sharon was so wet and sloppy that every stroke I was giving her was making a sloshing sound. By now all three girls was having another orgasm. There was moaning and screaming all through the room. I then had a great idea I stood and left the room. I returned and I had a fuck partner. Brutis needed no prodding as he headed straight for Mindy's backside as she was bent over Sue's face.

I then jumped right back on Sharon. Brutis had hit the mark and was slamming into Mindy's pussy as Sue licked his thrusting cock as it went in and pout of the hole he was fucking.

Mindy let out a long wailing cry as sheer bliss over took her body. I then started feeling my nuts tightening up in preparation of their release.

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I stopped before cumming pulled out of Sharon's pussy then moved Sharon to the side. As I done this I entered Sue's pussy and started stroking as hard and fast as I could. After a few strokes I started blowing my load of cum deep inside her. I was sending volley after volley of hot cum into her hole. As I was shooting her pussy was milking every last drop it could get.

Just as I felt I had unloaded all there was to give Sharon reached under my ass and squeezed my nuts and shook them, that made 2 more volleys explode inside this fuck tunnel.

After I was done and my shriveling cock plopped out of Sue's pussy Sharon pushed her way back to the bowl of honey that was Sue's cum filled cunt. Sharon didn't miss any as she licked all that was running down Sue's ass. She then put her face into the pussy and sucked every drop she could get out and swallowed it greedily. I now just set back and watched as Brutis pounded Mindy's pussy like a runaway train. I could see that he had inserted his knot into her and was just starting to fill this young cunt with his prize of doggy cum.

After a couple of twitches I could see dog cum running out and into Sue's waiting mouth. By now Sue's face was covered in juices both from Brutis and Mindy. Brutis stayed tied with Mindy for about 5 minutes before he finally got pulled out. When he pulled it Sue reached up and stuck her hand over Mindy's gaping cunt.

She then rolled Mindy onto her back and motioned for her Mom to join her at Mindy's fresh fucked pussy. Both women dove face first into the doggy cum filled pussy before them. They was slopping around for about 2 minutes when finally they all rolled onto their backs and just lay there gasping. I stood and took Brutis back out back then returned sat down and it was a long time before anyone said a word.