Seductive trans babe wanking outdoors

Seductive trans babe wanking outdoors
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Chapter 4 - Something sweet, something naughty Manny woke up bright and chipper, he usually woke up like that and he decided to see if today was going to be any different than any other day and ask out Naomi, Luke gave him her number and they had been texting a few times last night. "Morning mum, morning Jay" Manny sang, as he made himself a cup of coffee and sat down at the table, where Andy the nanny had put out chicken pancakes. "Eat up mini boss, this is my mothers special recipe and it will blow your mind" Andy the nanny told him, Manny smelled the pancakes and his stomach growled, he was very hungry and he dug in.

Gloria and Jay were doing something with Joe, Manny didn't mind, he was old enough not to over think stuff now, except when it came to girls.or his clothes. "Well if you're not going to help me learn some new dance moves, I'll ask Luke. Phil said he was taking dance classes and is do you say.manuel?" Gloria suggested, she didn't know a lot of the english words and she was struggling, since the post baby brain, even if it was 8 months since she had baby Joe. "Natural.

The word is natural" Jay emphasised, rocking Joe in his arms to try and burp him and doing a horrible job at it.

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"Luke has been taking dance classes?" Manny was a little shocked by learning this, but also scanning his phone to see if Naomi replied, which she didn't.

"Fine, you and Luke have fun dancing, Manny nanny will help with Joe and I. Manny I don't know what you're going to do, so do whatever" Jay told him, he was being nice and Manny knew he was doing his best, even if he was gruff about it. "Lots today Jay. Manny the breakfast was amazing" Manny told Andy the nanny as he got up to go and get dressed. Haley was coming home from work, she only had a half day and really wanted a shower and to put a new streak of colour in her hair to make herself feel better.

Haley turned the corner in her street and she noticed Manny was making his way to her house and he looked upset. "Hey Manny, what are you doing?" Haley stopped the car and rolled the window down to talk to her uncle, she thought that term for someone his age was a little creepy, but she got over it.

" know, thinking about my life, why no girl will go out with me.

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I may not be the best looking but I have a lot to offer" Manny explained, his eyes were red from crying and Haley felt bad for him. "Listen, want to go for a drive somewhere? Just to get away and let it out?" Haley had an idea, that would help the both of them. "Sure, would be good" Manny tried to smile but it was weak and he went around and got into the car.

Manny was quiet as Haley drove them up the coast a little and to the beach, it was just the two of them when she pulled up and parked the car. "So who was the girl?" Haley broke the silence, she undid her seat belt and turned to look at him. ".Naomi, my height and a blonde." Manny told her, he sighed heavily and looked at her, smiled weakly, then back at his hands and twiddled his thumbs. "Close your eyes" Haley told him.

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Manny didn't know what she was going to do, but he closed his eyes. Haley took her shirt off, and undid her bra, her 32-B cup bounce and was perky, she took her pants off and kept her pink g-string on. "Open them" Haley spoke softly, she knew Manny wanted her years ago, but being he was jumping from girl to girl, she wasn't sure. ".Wha.Why?.WOW." Manny stuttered, he was turned on and confused, his cock was waking up and he stared at her amazing figure.

"Oh good. I love hearing a wow when I'm naked. Want to take out your rejection on me?" Haley asked, she rubbed her nipples and felt her pussy leak a little. ".I do.wait can I?" Manny wasn't thinking with the right head and he was excited, his cock, all 7 and a half inches, was fully erect and he was trying to get comfortable.

"Sure can. Get in the back and get naked and laid down." Haley told him and giggled as he moved as fast as he could.

Manny took his pants off and his boxers, his cock sprang out and Haley licked her lips, he took his shirt off and laid down on the back seat. "You better be ready, I need a good fucking" Haley growled, she moved to the back and removed her panties, Manny saw how perfect her pussy was, it was dripping and shaven, no trace of hair at all.

Manny put his hands on her hips and he helped Haley guide down onto him, her pussy puckered and Haley let out a moan and bit her bottom lip as she engulfed his cock to the hilt.

"Wow.Oh fuck.I." Manny blabbered, he was pulling her closer into him, thrusting as he did so. "Yes.Oh.Oh.You fit perfectly in my cunt.much better than Dylan" Haley moaned at him, she grabbed his hands and put them on her tits, he squeezed and her heart pounded in her chest.

Manny leaned up and kissed Haley, sliding his tongue in and feeling her moan in his mouth as she was bouncing up and down on his cock. Haley squealed with delight and leaned back, her head leaning on the window, breaking the kiss and shivered as Manny kissed down her chest, sucking on each nipple softly, till it was an erect nub. Manny's back was sticking to the seats of the car, but he didn't care, he put his hands back on her hips and raised his right knee up to get a better and deeper angle.

"Right there.oh dear god.right there" Haley screamed, her whole body was shaking and she felt she was on the verge of cumming. "I'm cum" Manny told her, sweat was coming off his head and he could see sweat was dripping down her head and down her chest, resting on her tits before it fell on him. " too.fuck.oh god." Haley leaned down and kissed him, her tongue went into his mouth and she swirled it around, they moaned into each other.

"I'M CUMMING" "ME TOO.FUCK" Manny and Haley held each other tight, her nails dug into his shoulders and she gasped as his hands held her hips tight and his cock shot all his load in her. (MEANWHILE) Gloria picked Luke up from his house and they drove to a small hotel, she felt a little bad about what she was doing to Jay, but she loved his young vitality and wanted more of it, Luke had a goofy grin on his face the whole time there.

"So what is the plan? Shall we order room service and have some food?" Luke was a little slow on the ball, but Gloria was hungry, being that it was around 11am. "You may get food, but what I plan to do is, tie you up and fuck your brains out till you can't take any more" Gloria purred heavily in her accent, sending shiveres down Luke's arms, his cock instantly got hard as he imagined how that was going to play out. "Here is your room service. Enjoy" Gloria smiled at the girl who gave them their cart of food and she closed the door and Luke came into the bedroom wearing a robe and nothing else.

"Get on the bed and close your eyes" Gloria demanded, Luke did as he was told, the bed was soft and he placed his head on the pillow and got comfortable. Gloria pulled some sexy ties out of her purse and began tying Luke up, she made sure they were on him firmly, so he couldn't wiggle out of them. Once Gloria had Luke bound where she wanted him, she giggled and stripped her clothes off, she was only wearing a dress and a yellow pair of panties, her tits bounced as she bent over and fixed herself.

"Wow.I can wait to fuck you again" Luke beamed, his cock was erect and waving around, making Gloria lick her lips and her pussy to get wetter. "Good. Now suck on these tits" Gloria demanded, she got onto Luke's chest and pushed her tits in his face. Luke sucked on Gloria's tits, making them into perky little nubs, they were rough on his tongue, but he sucked and moaned as he did.

Gloria's skin was soft and smooth, Luke moved his mouth from her right tit, to the left one, he noticed that her left one was bigger, but to Luke, tits were tits.

"Oh!!" Gloria whispered, she closed her eyes and felt her pussy trickle, Luke felt his chest get wet and he was loving it.

Gloria pulled away and fixed her hair. "Aww no fair" Luke pouted, his hands waving around trying to grope Gloria, but he was tied up too well. Gloria laughed and kissed him quickly, before getting off him and going to the tray of food. The room service gave them a steak with mushroom sauce, carrots and corn and a huge bowl of ice cream, Gloria smiled at the sight of all that food and she got some carrots and went back over to Luke, who was shaking he was so horny.

"Open your mouth and hold it in your mouth, don't eat it" Gloria informed him, Luke did as he was told and Gloria put the carrots in his mouth and held them in place. "Nnnw wht?" Luke mumbled through his teeth. Gloria again didn't answer him and she pulled her panties off and got on top of Luke, standing over him, she lowered herself slowly down and Luke got the idea.

Luke wiggled the carrots, so they tickled her pussy, the carrots parted her pussy lips and Luke saw her dribble her juices down the carrot, making it glisten in the light. "Ohhh I like that" Gloria moaned, she felt the carrot poke her clit and she had to hold onto the head board of the bed to not lose her balance.


Gloria lowered herself, then raised up, for a couple of times, her pussy was getting hot from the action and Luke hadn't even touched her with his tongue or cock yet.

"Now eat them" Gloria moaned, as Luke was wiggling it around in her pussy, she got off him and watched him eat her pussy soaked carrots. "Mmm, I usually don't like carrots, but with your pussy on them, they taste amazing" Luke said with his mouthful. "Good, vegetables are good for you.


Don't hurt yourself when you get shocked" Gloria told him, Luke didn't understand, but he cried out in shock when he felt something cold drip onto his cock. Gloria had dripped the ice cream over Luke's cock and she could see goosebumps appear on him. "Holy crap that is cold" Luke shivered, but he stopped complaining, when Gloria put her hand around his freezing member and wrapped her lips on his cock and sucked the ice cream off.

"Mmm you already taste so good, but the flavour of strawberry works so goodly" Gloria purred, she poured more ice cream onto his cock and then put her lips on him again and jerked and sucked at the same time. "Uhhh.fuck yes Gloria.I'm.I'm.I'm cumming" Luke tried to hold on, but Gloria was a pro at sucking cock and he shot 2 hot loads in her mouth, mixing his cum with the ice cream.


"Wow.that tasted amazing. I hope you're ready for more pussy" Gloria purred at Luke, she giggled as she put some more ice cream on his cock and climbed on top of him, she lowered her dripping pussy on his cock and shivered herself. "Cold huh" Luke laughed, he raised his hips up and Gloria glared at him and sat down heavily on him, his cock entered her pussy all the way, hitting her pussy walls and sending shockwaves through her.

"Sweet holy fuck. Yes.yes" Gloria cried out in pleasure, she put one hand on his chest and the other on her own head and thrusted back and forth on his cock, riding him as hard as she could. Luke's hips buckled in time with her, Gloria was going faster and faster, her pussy was getting tighter as she felt herself on the verge of cumming. Gloria's hips were aching as she was going faster and Luke could feel his legs tighten, his hands were pulsating from being tied up.

"(spanish talk) Mother of fuck, my cunt is about to explode.

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Cum in me Luke, cum in MEEEEE" Gloria moaned, she couldn't hold on any longer and she came. Luke held on for a few more seconds, then he yelled out and came as well, his legs shook off the bed for a while, before falling back down on the bed and being stiff and sore.

"My lord, that was amazing. My heart is racing like a.that one on the track that you feed the carrots to?" Gloria looked down at Luke for help, she moved her tits from his mouth, she didn't know she was laying on him. ".Horse." Luke breathed, Gloria fixed his hands and they slunked to his side, before she fixed herself and he put them around her and pulled her close. Alex was finishing studying and she sighed and put her pj's on and got into bed and decided to read a book, Haley came into the room, as the basement sprung a leak and she was forced to move back into their room for a while.

Haley had a huge smile on her face and Alex noticed there was a weird glow to her. "You seem happy for someone who has to be in the same room with me again" Alex pointed out, trying to get a rise out of her sister mostly.

"Well, I had a really good day and the best sex I have ever had" Haley giggled, sitting down on the bed and taking her shoes off, she pulled her pants off and put on a pj top, she was sleeping in her panties and top, she did most nights. "Ew, I don't want to know about you and Dylan" Alex pretended to vomit.

"Wasn't Dylan. But it was someone you know" Haley replied, she wanted to tell her sister, but she wanted to make her work for it. "If not Dylan, then who?" Alex was curious.

"If I tell you, you can't tell anyone else." Haley said firmly. "Well.I had sex with someone too that you can't tell anyone either" Alex confessed and Haley jumped out of bed and sat on Alex's bed with wide eyes.

"On the count of 3 we say who we fucked" Alex nodded and her heart was racing. "1!" "2!" "3!" "Manny" "Dad" Alex's jaw dropped, as did Haley's. "You slept with dad?" "YOU slept with Manny?" To be continued

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