Volvendo de la playa cachonda

Volvendo de la playa cachonda
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It was about 7:30am Sunday morning, and Karla and Vicky were still at it. The night before, Jaysin had brought them to this small arena in Rockville where they had filmed various different sex acts with fifty old black men ranging from 40 to about 70 years old. It had been truly a unique evening, one that neither girl had experienced before. After almost five hours of filming and fucking where they had both taken long old black cocks deep into all their holes, the girls had returned to the court after a quick shower and had realized that the older guys had long left.

Jaysin, at that point had informed them that they were now required to do some 'overtime'. The Rockville Rockets basketball team was on their way, and the two girls were to take care of them all for the rest of the night. That was around midnight.

Ever since the twelve young players of the Rockets had arrived, they had been taking turns fucking the two girls that had been hired to 'lift their spirits' for their upcoming championship game. At 7:30, things were starting to finish up. Karla was on a mattress in the center of the court being sandwiched in her ass and pussy by Jimmie Williams and Craig Hixon.

She was exhausted and sore, and drained internally from her night's multiple orgasms. Her moans of pleasure were echoing off the walls of the empty area. Under one of the baskets, Vicky was being impaled reverse cowgirl style on Ronnie Simpson's 9 and a half-inch pole.

As she hopped up and down on his thick black bone, she was alternately blowing both Randy Richards and Bobby Millis. The other boys had hit the showers and the girls were finishing off those that were still in the mood. Both girls were stunningly beautiful, white, and in their mid twenties. Karla, a 5'7" 113lb. stunner with long legs and long brown hair, and her best friend Vicky, a 5'5" 135lb. bombshell with 36dd titties and longer and even darker hair than her taller friend.

Jaysin had begun their transformation into black cock whores who were quickly starting to make money for him with his 'clients' and friends around his predominantly black neighborhood.

Neither girl had been forced into this, in fact Karla had asked for it and then talked her best friend into it a day later. This was Karla's fourth black cock gangbang in four nights, two of which had occurred this very same night back to back.

Karla had been curious about having interracial sex all her life. A few weeks ago she saw Jaysin, a young handsome black man on the train while going to work one day.

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The images of taking a black cock began to consume her thoughts until she finally had decided to look for Jaysin on the train again, which finally happened four days ago. When she finally saw him again and approached him and told him of her desires, Jaysin agreed to a date for later in the day a meeting at her apartment.

The only catch was he was bringing others and since then Jaysin has had her being fucked by more black dicks then she could ever have imagined. Karla's curiosity had netted her a lot more than she had expected or even had dreamed of, so she had tearfully asked her good friend Vicky to help her with the next night's already planned activities. Vicky, who was cautious at first, eventually decided to help her girlfriend and ended up taking to the taste of black dick faster and quicker than Karla.

She was even developing an unhealthy addiction to it. This brings us back to the early morning hours of Sunday morning. Randy and Bobby finally blew their loads into Vicky's mouth and hit the showers. Vicky then turned herself around on Ronnie and road him for the next 5 minutes until he squirted his load deep into her pussy.

At center court, Jimmy and Craig pulled themselves out of Karla. A few minutes of dick sucking later and they both simultaneously painted her face with their hot sticky dick snot. All the guys were now finally finished and gone from the court. The girls were alone again.


Vicky walked over to Karla and plopped herself down next to her on the mattress. They were sexually exhausted, fucked sore, and nervous about what could be coming next for them. Karla: "I'm so numb. I've had more sex in the past few days to last me forever. I don't know how much more of this I can take." Vicky: "Are you saying you don't want it anymore?" Karla: "No, I didn't say that!

Taking black cock has been the best sexual satisfaction I have ever had. I don't think I could stop now. I won't stop now. I'm just saying it's too much at once. He doesn't give us time to heal and rest before he has us at it all again. And last night…we were fucked by a shit load of old guys, followed by 12 more guys that were far younger. Talk about extremes. I have no clue what he has in store for us next!

We definitely need some help." Vicky: "Well, like I said last night, I think there is someone I could call." Karla: "You do? Would she want to do this? I mean…could you really talk her into it?" Vicky: "I could try. It's this girl I know from work. Her name is Olivia. A different guy is always picking her up from work on Friday nights every week so I know she has a lot of sex, or at least dates a lot.

She's got to be open to something crazy like this." Karla: "Gee I hope so. Were any of those guys black?" Vicky: "Well…no. I mean I never saw a black guy so I really don't know. I'll call her and tell her to come over to your house when we get back." Just then a car could be heard outside the arena.

The girls stopped talking and waited for their 'pimp' to return to the court. Jaysin then appeared carrying t-shirts and shorts.

Jaysin: "Well…you all look like hell. Here, no time for showers, put these on gather your shit and wash the cum from your faces and I'll drive you home. Wow the brothers really wore you out! I hope you sent them home happy." The girls nodded and quickly put on the clothes that Jaysin had brought them and they all left the building and piled into Jaysin's car. Karla slept the whole way in the back seat, while Vicky lost the chance to sleep because she was instructed to blow Jaysin until he came which basically took the majority of the ride.

About five minutes after filling Vicky's tired mouth with his hot seed, Jaysin pulled up in front of Karla's apartment. Jaysin: "Alright. You two got tonight and tomorrow night to rest up, you dig? Be ready on Tuesday at around 6pm. We aren't going anywhere so there won't be any point of dressing up.

In fact…fuck the clothes just be naked and ready. Oh yeah, I want no hair on those pussies. No landing strips, no Hitler mustaches, just shave all that shit off. Are we clear?" The girls nodded and exited the car and stood there watching as Jaysin drove off. Once inside, Karla took a shower while Vicky called her friend Olivia and asked her to come to Karla's house for later that night without telling her why. Olivia liked Vicky, and always wanted to hang out with her.

Vicky figured that she and Karla could talk to her together and maybe have a better chance of persuading her to join their big black cock fuck faction.

Vicky then joined Karla in the shower and afterwards they both fell into a deep sleep together in the same bed again. Olivia was a tall lean girl, about 5'9" 127lbs. with shoulder length natural red hair that she usually wore in a ponytail.

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Her skin was very white as most redheads' skin was and she had the most beautiful green colored eyes. She worked in the same office building that Vicky did. Olivia loved to wear skirts, short ones that went about half way up her thighs and basic sexy pumps. Her body was very lean, and her boobs were small, but she had a very sexy look about her.

She was 31 years old and very sexually active. She had dated a lot of different guys in the past few years, but never had interracial sex. Olivia too, just like Karla, had fantasized from time to time about what it would be like fucking a black man. She had no clue that her co-worker that had just called her was planning to help her fulfill those desires and fantasies and in overload proportions. Olivia got ready and drove to Karla's apartment with the directions Vicky had given her around 8pm that night.

She had never met Karla, but Vicky had spoke about her good friend on numerous occasions around the office. When Olivia arrived, the girls were just then getting up from their daylong sleep. Both still looked very exhausted. The three of them assembled together in the living room with some coffee and that's when Vicky began her sales pitch with Karla affirming everything that was being said.

Olivia looked on with surprise but intrigue as Vicky explained the past few days of events.


Her stomach felt like it had butterflies in it and her pussy was getting very wet listening to the sizes and the quantities of big black cock that the girls were telling her that they had experienced.

It took close to an hour and a half of persuasion, but Olivia was game to join them in the next scheduled fuck fest.

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She liked the idea of full-filling a fantasy that she never had a chance to. Olivia went home and returned the next morning and the three girls began planning their next night's event. They prepped and primped their bodies to nearly perfection. They all shaved their legs, and then removed all of the pubic hair from between their legs too.

The other two even talked Karla into dying her long brown hair blonde. The reasoning was so they could be three different choices, a blonde, a redhead, and a brunette. By the time bedtime had arrived, both Karla and Vicky were starting to go into black cock withdrawals. To alleviate their aching pussies they toyed themselves with the black dildos that they had bought a few days before.

Olivia watched on with excitement but she started to think these two girls were crazy about sex. She just didn't know that she would become the same way, and that the insatiable aching itch for a huge black cock between her legs would be a hell she would grow to hate to experience.

The next day, the girls enjoyed each other's company as they waited for the 6pm fun. Olivia grew more nervous at each passing hour, and her stomach was doing flip-flops again. She wondered just how everything was going to happen and she played out different scenarios in her mind. She wondered if the other girls were exaggerating. She pondered how many men would be arriving, and if she could seriously handle the sizes of penis that she was being told that they all would possess.

At around 4pm they started to get themselves ready. Olivia took her shower last and came out of the bathroom fully dressed in a sexy skirt and blouse and was surprised to see the other two girls still walking around naked. Karla: "Oh no Liv, we were told that we shouldn't wear any clothes." Olivia: "No clothes?" Vicky: "That's right.

It's what Jaysin wants. And to tell the truth, he doesn't even know that you're gonna be here so&hellip." Suddenly Olivia felt nervous again. She began removing her clothes until she was completely naked and then joined the other two girls on the couch in the living room. She started to question herself again, and if she had what it would take to go through with it.

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Who was this Jaysin and what was he capable of? Why did he have such a hold on the other two girls? She didn't realize that she too would fall under this spell by the time the night had come to an end. The clock ticked slowly as it reached 5:30pm. Then about 10 minutes of 6, they heard some laughter in the hallway. Both Karla and Vicky perked up in anticipation because they knew what was beyond the door. Jaysin entered the unlocked door and then closed it quickly behind him like he had done before.

He smiled when he notice that there was another girl in the room. Jaysin: "Dayum! You bitches multiply! What is in all of that nigga cum? Fertilizer? Hey Karla, I like the hair! Blonde bitches make some good money! Now who in the fuck is this? And don't give me any shit about another blow job specialist!" Vicky: "She's my friend Olivia.

We told her about what we've been doing and she said she wanted to join us." Jaysin: "Weeellll&hellip.

looks like ol' Jaysin's stable of white bitches is growin'! All right, she's in! This shit actually works out numerically because this time I only have six brothers with me. You see they are African students. Fresh off the boat and can barely speak any English. All six of these motherfuckers are about 6'5" or better, and they all have the largest fucking peckers I've ever seen. All that fucking you bitches been doing?

Nothing compared to how you'll be stretched out tonight! New girl, you about to get broken in the hard way! So get your Asses ready now!" Jaysin went back to the hallway.

Neither of the girls moved from where they were standing in the middle of the living room floor. Olivia was the most nervous that she'd ever been in her life. Moments later, Jaysin returned to the apartment with six very huge black men.

They all dwarfed even Jaysin. The girls then all looked on in fear as they started to undress and one by one they revealed the biggest schlongs either of them had ever seen. They were all semi-erect, but still looked to be like 9 or 10 inches each. Karla wondered how big they would actually get once they were fully hard. Vicky was amazed and Olivia was just terrified. Jaysin: "All right guys special deal.

You all paid big money for two girls and 6 holes, I'm throwing in a third girl with 3 more holes for free! Go easy on the redhead though…she got that new bitch smell! Ha! Ha!


Girls, take care of these boys. I'm out!" Jaysin then quickly left. The Africans smiled, as they all were watching the girls' eyes, which had not left the vicinity of their giant peckers since they had been revealed. The men then walked towards the girls by twos with each duo taking one of the girls by the hand to a different area of the large living room floor. The two behemoths with Vicky started to kiss and suck on her breasts.

The guy sucking her left boob stuck his middle finger sharply into her drenched pussy making Vicky moan in heavy pleasure. Karla was pushed down to her knees between the two men with her and one of their black semi-erect cocks was placed between her lips and the other into her right hand. Karla struggled to get her mouth around the monster, which was quickly getting bigger as she moved her hot mouth over it.

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The thought of taking either of these huge fuck sticks between her legs was very concerning to her, but she couldn't wait to try. On the complete other side of the room, Olivia was squealing in pleasure.

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One of her guys had lifted her up and had sat her on his shoulders with her pussy in his own face. He had his long tongue darting in and out of her now drenched hot box. The other guy then pulled the rest of her torso down to a horizontal position and jammed his tongue into her mouth, which muffled Olivia's moans of pleasure.

It was crazy. Olivia was being licked, kissed, and fondled over six feet above the floor. At this point Karla had been taken over to the couch. She was draped into a doggie position over the back of it and one of her suitors stuck his cock deep into her mouth again.

The other guy grabbed her ass cheeks and put his now erect eleven-inch penis at the lips of her throbbing pussy. He slowly pushed his cock head into her and Karla arched her back in pain. With each thrust of his large ebony pole he got himself a little deeper into her.

Karla yelped around the other dick that was being forced into her throat with each stab into her tight cunt.

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The pain was excruciating. It wasn't until the guy fucking her pussy got about 7 inches into her did the pain turn to pleasure. Karla was in heaven again. Olivia was still being licked and French kissed held high up between her two giants. She had already been brought to orgasm twice up there and was working on her third. The guy licking her pussy licked deeper with his tongue than any of her previous boyfriends had done with their small white dicks in her young sexual past.

It was almost like she was having intercourse with his long darting tongue. She was delirious. Vicky was told to lie on the floor. One of her men then sat behind her head and placed his cock in her mouth.

His big black balls tea bagged her eyes as he fed her his dark meat. He then moved his knees over each of her arms and pinned them both down. Grabbing her legs, he pulled them up and back to him and secured them both behind his arms, which spread them wide and raised Vicky's ass up considerably from the carpet. The guy did all this without taking his black prick from her sucking mouth.

Vicky didn't know why he was securing all of her limbs until she realized that the other guy was getting himself position at her asshole. She immediately was terrified. The guy spit into his hand and wet his cock down a bit then went to work prying her anus open with it. Vicky couldn't move. She couldn't even squirm. Screaming wasn't an option because her mouth was stuffed too. All she could do was cry and take it, and it's what she did for a while.

Every few seconds her body was jolted by either a slap to one of her large boobs or a hard spank to the side of her cock filled ass. Vicky was being skewered from both ends.

During all of this, Olivia was finally set down on one of the living room chairs. The guy that had been sucking her pussy up to that point was ready to fuck her. He got himself between her legs and started feeding his black monster into her in the missionary position. It was Olivia's turn now to experience the pain that came from a large black cock impaling her tight little white pussy.

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The guy was switching from short strokes to long deeper strokes until he had gotten most of it into her. Olivia was now bucking her body at him with each thrust and she came multiple times. The other guy had left them and joined the Karla party. Eventually, the now three guys with Karla were filling all of her holes at once with their big black meat-cicles.

At one point two of them had worked their cocks together into her pussy and Karla thought she was going to be split into two. This is how the night went on. The room was loud with pleasure, screams and the smell of extreme sex was thick in the air. The six giants moved about the room periodically from girl to girl. They had methodically gotten their large fuck sticks into all nine holes that the girls were offering on more than one or two occasions.

The fucking was intense. Each girl was filled with large creamy loads in all of their orifices. There was sticky cum everywhere. It was non-stop. They were fucked the whole night through and then late into the morning too. It wasn't until 11am when the guys all finally had their fill and left. A little after that Jaysin returned to check in on the girls. They were still naked and filled with cum just sitting around exhausted. Jaysin: "Heeey…how's my three little white bitches?

I told ya those guys would be wreckin' ya! So here's the deal, later tonight…it's show time again so clean yourselves up and get some rest. Karla, I got you working a bachelor party, and Vick? You got a date with some older guys again. Yeah them old guys just love them big ol' titties. So go on. Go clean up and rest up!" Karla and Vicky left the room as they were told. When they were gone, Olivia watched as Jaysin unzipped his fly, and pointed his hard black cock in her direction.

Jaysin: "You my dear, well, I haven't had the pleasure of having you yet. So get your little red ass over here and get to suckin'. I want you to suck my dick and swallow every drop that comes out of it. After that, I'm gonna fuck your pussy too!" Olivia got down on her knees in front of Jaysin and started sucking his dick. She was sucking him off like she hadn't had a black cock in months, yet it had merely been minutes that she had ended an all night long fuck fest by six giant ones.

Just like Karla and Vicky, Olivia was now addicted to big black dicks. That crazy week was two years ago. There have been plenty of weeks just like it since then. For you see, these three little white girls have been fucked by hundreds of black dicks since that time. They've become professionals at it. They've all long quit their jobs. This is what they do now. They are BBC whores, and it all started with Karla's curiosity. The End