Ficken bis es blutet

Ficken bis es blutet
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I've always had this fantasy about my boss at work. Now I'm going to share it with you. But first let me give you a little information on how he really is. His name is Joseph. Forty-two and really skinny. A sort of stuck up man. He owns a restaurant in the small town I live near by. He has a bitch of a wife and eight kids. Yea eight. He never compliments me or any of his employees. The few times he ever really talks to me is when he lectures me.

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He's Mormon. So he'd never cheat on his wife. But that doesn't mean i can't fantasize. Now a little of my story. For some odd reason I'm really attracted to him.

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His power over me, turns me on. The fact that he he barely acknowledge my existence, makes my heart race. He'd never do this, but I've given some thought about what I want to happen.

So on to the fantasy. * * * I'm at work. I'm working really hard cooking order after order.

He's right beside me as usual.


We finally beat the lunch rush and begin to clean up the mess in stock. Most of our boxes and lids are stored upstairs and from time to time we have to go up there and grab a bunch of stuff to restock.

"Elaine, we need eight by eights. Will you go upstairs and get them please?" I of coarse do as told. I run upstairs and turned on the storage lights. After searching for a bit I found what I was looking for and turned around to turn the light off, but was face to face will Joseph.

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A little shocked I stuttered, " I'm sorry. Was I up here to long?" He didn't say a word. Staring at each other for a minute I finally began to try to get out of the room. But as I tried to get passed him he pushed me back. I tried again only a little harder. He grabbed my hips. Then with a hard push, knocked me down and pinned me to the floor.

I was so confused and scared I didn't know what to say. "I know you want this. I can see it in your eyes. Well, I know i do. I want to fuck you hard." I was shocked by his words but he was right. I did want it. He started to kiss me passionately.

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I eagerly kissed him back. I ripped his shirt off. I heard his many buttons fly everywhere. I kissed his chest. In my mind I imagine it hard and muscular. Then completely remove the torn remains off. He pulled my shirt off exposing my pump breasts.

I could feels his eyes enjoying there firmness. He began to squeeze them then kissed the exposed skin. Then back to my lips. He lifted me up enough to undo my bra and then pinned me back down. I could feel my panties get wet. His mouth devour my hardened nipples. Kissing and sucking one at a time. He lifted his body up then undid his pants.

I knew instantly what to do. I grabbed out his throbbing cock and starting sucking. I also imagine it to be around eight inches. With every soft stroke of my mouth I get just a little deeper and he gets a little harder. Finally I get his full length in my mouth. I start pounding his cock against my face. He lets off loud moans.

I go faster and faster and then feel his sweet cum in my throat.


He pulls my head close to his body with every shot of come. I lay back down. Impressed with my good sucking. But Joseph wasn't done. " I said I was going to fuck you hard." With a hard jerk and twist he had me up on my knees. He rapidly undid my pants and pulled down my drenched panties. Without hesitation he pushed in his still hard cock.


His first thrust was really hard. But after only three thrusts he sent me to an extreme orgasm. I tried hard not to scream. He pulled on my hair and used it to keep his balance while his other hand slapped my ass. He moaned and breathed hard but fucked me harder and harder with every thrust. He moved his hand from my hair down to my swollen clit. Then sent me to a second orgasm. He pinched my clit and then pulled his hand up to where his cock was. I felt a finger with his cock inside of me.

Then two, then three.

So afraid I was going to scream, I covered my mouth. He took his fingers out. " OH fuck I'm going to come." He pulled his cock out of my satisfied pussy and sprayed his come all over my ass then watched me rub it all over myself. He slapped his cock on my ass a few times and let it rest there.

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Then got a huge grin on his face. How about a good ass fucking? I've never been in to that but I for some reason wanted him to. He covers his once again hard cock with saliva and slowly inserts himself in. I imagine it to feel really good. He starts slow then gets harder and faster. He puts two of his fingers inside of my well fucked pussy. Sliding in and out of it as he fucks my ass.

He puts in three fingers. Then Four. Then slowly he has his whole hand inside of me. I came again. My juices keeping me lubricated and his hand able to move. He starts to ram my ass and I feel his cock jerk. He moans louder and with four long and harder thrusts, comes in my ass.

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He pulls out and watches me put my clothes back on. Then I head home knowing if this keeps up I'll get a raise.