Attractive peach is flaunting her spread spread fuckbox in close up

Attractive peach is flaunting her spread spread fuckbox in close up
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My boss Naomi. This is a fantasy story of mine about my boss Naomi. She is a gorgeous girl with sexy eyes, smooth skin, tight bum, and breasts just the right size… If you like it a lot I might post part two… Chapter 1 I work in the hospital as a doctor, most of my time is spent in A&E so work very odd hours and have little time to myself, and when I do it is at really strange hours.

But I enjoy my job and the people I work with. Recently my boss retired, and was replaced with a sexy young lady, Naomi. I was stunned into silence when I first was introduced. Normally I am pretty confident with meeting people, but she took my breath away and made me look like a little teenager with a crush. After my failed attempt to leave a good first impression, I tried to make up ground, but she surely thought I was just a sad doctor with no life. After some time, Naomi called me into her office to formally take over the role of managing my workload and timescales.

As I entered her office, she seemed surprised to see me and quickly shuffled some paperwork on her desk. I put this down to nervousness about being new to this position… We discussed all the parts of my job, and the role I had within the department, boring stuff really.

I found myself staring at her deep cleavage, clearly visible with the top three buttons of her well fitted shirt undone. I'm sure she noticed long before I did, but she carried on without stopping. I had to fight the urge to be drawn into that fabulous valley… The meeting ended far too soon, and she dismissed me.

She got up and walked round her desk. Her fine bum in those tight trousers wiggling hypnotically as she walked to the door and opened it for me… She extended her delicate hand and shook mine… It felt like it was an electric shock through my body, and I noticed she seemed to gasp as we touched for the first time… I went back to my duties, my mind still back upstairs in her office. For the next week, I was on late shift, so my hours didn't line up with Naomi's.

Probably a good thing as, for some reason, I couldn't stop thinking about her! The next week I was on early shift. And on the first morning, I had a note in my pigeon hole that Naomi wanted to see me. I knew I had a large round to do from the weekend intake, so it wouldn't be until late morning.

I phone up to Naomi and got her secretary, she told me she would pass the message on, and not to worry as she didn't think it was too important. I finished my rounds and had a quick tea break and went upstairs. Naomi's secretary said she wasn't busy and to go right in. I knocked once and walked in… Naomi looked shocked, then embarrassed, drew her chair close to her desk and with a flushed face told me that I had made her jump!

I apologised and sat in the chair in front of her. "You wanted to see me?" I asked. "Um" she muttered "Err" stumbling over her words, "Yeah, um" she muttered, I frowned, "Yes" she said, seeming to pull herself together, "I wanted to talk to you about the amount of hours you are putting in." I thought to myself "Huh?" but remained silent, to let her continue.

"I don't want to let my staff burn themselves out" I was relieved, I thought this was going to be about not putting enough in, not the other way round!

"Oh?" I queried. She told me, that I seemed to put many hours in that were over my allotted shift times. I told her that this was normal, and that I had done this all the time I worked here. Naomi told me that I should make time to relax and chill out.

I told her that I do, and said I enjoy coming to work, at the same time thinking 'Even more so now I have a sexy boss!' She then asked me: "What do you do to chill out?" Now it was my turn to be mumbling "Err" I stalled.

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"Well" Not doing too well at thinking on the spot, for what should be an easy answer! Naomi tilted her head and raised her eyes to me. I was struggling to keep calm as it was! "I, err, play badminton, well, I try to!" I said trying to delay the conversation by making her laugh. It failed. "And, err, occasionally go rock climbing" I was failing this terribly. "Right" she said, almost sarcastically "Does your girlfriend go with you?" She asked.

This question caught me of guard, "My what? Oh, no, I mean, I don't have one" Naomi raised her eyebrows in response, she looked surprised yet her mouth betrayed she was pleased. From here on, Naomi's body language changed. She leant forward over her desk. I had to stop myself from getting lost in the cleavage valley again. She started to play with her hair, and her eyes started to twinkle like there was a raging fire behind them. "Oh" was all she said. Next was the longest pause. Finally Naomi broke the silence, "Well, I had better let you get back to work, I don't want you staying here all night!" She smiled a wicked grin, and her eyes told me a different story… What had I stumbled on here?

Again she got up and walked over to the door, and I'm sure she walked slower and swayed her hips even more this time, that tight bum was hypnotic! And when she took my hand this time she held it gently and held onto it for far longer than needed, I'm sure we didn't even need to shake hands! "See you later she said"… 'Oh I wish' I thought silently to myself!

I finished my shift again, walked home. All night I dreamt of those eyes, that valley, and that amazing bum… I woke up with a problem, had a shower and made the problem go away, it didn't take long. I dried off and made breakfast, sat down and stared into my cereal. It had been a long time since I had a girlfriend, the last one had such a low sex drive, that she couldn't keep up with me.

We went our separate ways after a while… And now I had my career on path, I hadn't found time to start looking again, but maybe I didn't need to look too far… I shook myself out of it as I felt myself warming up again.

Swung my coat on and left for work. Another long day, no note in my pigeon hole either, not that I needed any help in thinking about her! The end of the shift came, and I still had paperwork to do. I put the kettle on for a hot water and went to my office to start on the mountain.

Just as I started, Naomi popped her head round the door. "What are you still doing here?" She glared at me, fortunately I could tell she was joking! "Paperwork" I replied. "Oh", she said as she walked in, "I just…" She started. My phone rang. Naomi nodded toward it. I sighed and picked it up, I looked up at Naomi with raised eyes! She turned round and perched he fine bum on the edge of my desk… I had trouble keeping track of the guy on the phone asking me questions about a patient from last week!

Her trousers fitted perfectly round her bum, I could see the faint hint of a thong through the tight material. She knew I could, she kept looking over her shoulder at me, catching me gawping! She smiled, every time. I put the phone down, and she leant forward pushing herself off the desk, far more forward than required, bending at her waist to show how tight those trousers were.

I almost exploded!

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"Where did we get to" she asked. "Um" I replied, hoping I didn't have to stand up anytime soon! "Ah yes", she said, "I was going to tell you off for staying late again!" "Right, what's the punishment?" I asked, thinking all sorts of naughty thoughts of ways she could punish me. Her eyes blazed with the fire beneath. I think she was enjoying this as much as I was!


All she said was "Hmm…". "Anyway" I said, "you'll be late home for your boyfriend at this rate!" She sighed, "I wish!" I raised my eyebrows at her, now it was my turn! "I can't find the right man" she said "maybe I will soon though?" She was staring at me, deep into my eyes.

The second longest pause ever. She broke out of it, "I got to go." She stumbled. With that, she leant over my desk. Oh that valley again… And extended her hand to shake mine. I don't know why, but I took it and held it to my lips to kiss it. Never done that before! She went bright red, and spun round ad quickly walked out. As she went through the door, she looked back and said "Don't stay too late!" I stayed late, got the work done, my mind was completely elsewhere.

I got home, had a quick dinner and had a long bath. I got out, and went straight to bed, dreaming of all the punishments I would let Naomi do to me… The next day was another long one, Naomi found every excuse to come downstairs and would make sure I noticed. It was becoming difficult to hide my problem in my scrubs.

I'm sure she noticed! The shift end came again, back to the paperwork. Naomi came in again on her way out. "Still trying to impress me?" she asked. "Do I need to?" I asked. "Hmm" was the only answer I got. She walked in and perched on the edge of my desk.

"Hard day?" she asked. She didn't know the half of it! And I knew exactly what she meant! "It's harder now you are in charge" I replied. "Good" was all she said. I smiled.

She leant forward to stand up. "Right, off to my imaginary boyfriend". As she leant forward she lifted her arms, her top lifted at the back, and I noticed handwriting on her lower back. 'Wanna Fuck?' I stared, not sure if I was seeing things. She turned her head, making sure I had seen it. Then walked straight out the door, turning back to say: "Don't stay up all night!" I knew exactly what she meant! I almost came!


Once Naomi had gone, I calmed myself down. I was still wondering if this was just me still dreaming. I had to reply. I knew the answer but needed to send her the message. I went up to her office, it was still open as the night porter had not locked it yet, I took a post-it note and wrote 'YES!' and put it under the phone receiver.

I left her office and went home, the paperwork left unfinished, there was no way I could concentrate on that tonight! The next day, I didn't see Naomi at all. I hoped I didn't mess up and she didn't get the reply. At the end of the day, still no sign of Naomi. Not even to flirt on her way out. I finished off the overdue paperwork, and left my office. On the way out I checked the pigeon hole for any later post. One envelope, unmarked, I opened it in one swift movement, a key fell into my hand.

With a post-it attached, it had an address on it, with "Well, surprise me late tonight…" I'm glad no-one was around, I staggered out of the building with a big problem in my trousers. I looked at my watch when I got home. 10:30. I had a meal, a shower, got dressed back into my scrubs and left my place by Midnight. It was a short walk over to the address, I found it easily and let myself quietly in. The lounge light was on, with a post-it note on the door.

'In here first.' I walked in, on the table was a piece of paper with a printed photo on it, underneath in handwriting: 'If you found me like this how naughty would you be?' The photo was of Naomi asleep with a blindfold on, face down with a short nightgown on. I twitched in my trousers in anticipation. Beside the paper was an empty bottle of wine, a bottle of baby oil, and two sets of soft cuffs. My imagination went wild. My boss was kinky! And I loved the idea… I collected the stuff and slowly and quietly made my way upstairs, following the post-it notes: 'Come and get me' 'This way to fuck me' 'Horny yet?' 'Tease me' 'Fuck me' 'I'm up for anything' 'Wanna stick your dick in me?' 'Any hole' 'I'm all yours tonight' The bedroom door was open I walked in, there was enough light from the bedside lamp to see.

The room was tidy, in the middle was a large bed, and around the room were small pieces of furniture, a dresser, chair, computer table, and wardrobe. On the bed, lying on satin sheets was Naomi, face down on the bed, still in her work suit, although today she was in a skirt.

Different to the photo, but still with the blindfold. I stirred in my trousers. I slowly moved over to bed, hardly daring to breathe in case I woke her.

On the bedside table was an almost empty wine glass, and on the floor a book of naughty stories.

I smiled, she wanted this badly! I knelt down beside the bed, and took the cuffs, slowly moving her hands to behind her back.

Gently I linked them together. I did the same to her feet. Naomi stirred in her sleep, but didn't wake. I gently moved the hair off her face, and kissed her softly on her forehead. Again she stirred and rolled onto her side. Her hair fell all over her face again, so I carefully pushed it back again. Her chest was heaving in a deep sleep, from this position I could see right down her top, no bra, my penis pulsed. I gently traced the edge of her top round her breasts.

No response, I ran a finger-nail over where her nipples were starting to show. The bumps became harder. Whether she was awake or not, her body liked this! I moved my fingertips down to the exposed skin of her tummy. It was soft and silky smooth to touch, I dragged my fingernails over the tight skin, again Naomi stirred, and soon, she would wake. I slipped my little finger below the waistband of her skirt, running it along the outline of her hips, she sighed.

Now I was certain she was awake, but she made no sound. Sliding lower, my finger touched the top of her knickers, I traced the top until I couldn't move any further under her.

I pressed my finger into her soft flesh and slid slowly beneath the line. I heard Naomi exhale deeply like she had been holding her breath. Definitely awake now! I move back across her waist line again, feeling her silky smooth skin under my fingers, I moved back and forth, slowly going lower and lower.

Feeling her smooth skin under her silk knickers was amazing. Naomi was breathing deeply now. On my next move across, I felt the very top of her pussy, Naomi inhaled sharply, I continued on my motion, but on the return I removed my hand, Naomi groaned in disappointment.

I reached out my hand and laid it gently on Naomi's leg, I smiled as I discovered she was wearing silk stockings. Slowly I traced a line with my nail up the back of her leg, over the back of her knee, and slowly up the back of her thigh, at the edge of her skirt I didn't stop, over the top of the stocking I stopped, paused and then traced the edge of the stocking inward between her thighs. Naomi squirmed on the bed as she tried to open her legs but found she couldn't.

I used my other hand to trace the same pattern on her other leg, meeting my hand in the middle. Naomi was breathing deeply now, squirming at every touch. I stopped. Removed my hands and held my breath. All was quiet. After about 30 seconds Naomi moved, I used the noise to cover my taking another breath. Naomi lay still, listening for me to make a sound.

Again she moved, rolling on her side, I stood up while she moved. Again she went quiet. She swung her legs off the bed suddenly, I moved just in time to avoid being kicked. She stood up, and again went quiet. I'm sure her mind was racing with questions! Suddenly I pushed her back on one shoulder so she spun and landed face down on the bed, legs collapsing on the floor off the bed.

She squealed, probably in delight, knowing now I hadn't left her! I pushed my hand up under her skirt, and rubbed against her knickers, Naomi's pussy was on fire, I could feel the dampness of her cum already seeping through the silk material. I guess she was enjoying this then! I took my hand out and ran it up over her bum-cheeksup under her top and along her sides, then back under to firmly grope her breasts.

They were better that I had imagined, firm, yet soft, with rock hard erect nipples. I pinched them to make sure, and Naomi groaned.

I ran my hands back over her breasts and then ran my hands back down to her hips, holding firmly pulled her away from the bed so only her shoulders and head were resting on the satin sheets. I pushed her top back up, letting her breasts hang freely, giving them a good squeeze to remind myself how good they were.

I unclipped the leg cuffs and adjusted them so Naomi's left hand was joined to the left foot, and the same on the other side. This moved her body to completely expose her bum lifting her skirt up out of the way, and spread her legs wide giving me full access to her hot pussy.

I rubbed my hand over it again to make sure it was still hot, the dampness had increased. I started to peel the tight knickers over her sexy bum, sliding them down at a painfully slow speed. Naomi was wiggling, trying to get me to speed up, but I wasn't playing. As I lowered it further Naomi had another surprise for me, waiting in her bum was a toy, no wonder her pussy was so hot, she had left her butt plug inside for me to find. My penis pulsed in my scrubs, and a wet spot appeared.

Naomi was even naughtier than I first hoped or imagined! I didn't stop lowering the knickers, dragging them to halfway down her thighs was enough for the access I needed.

I lowered my head to take my first look at her wet pussy. I gasped as I saw how beautiful it was, it looked tight, with full lips gently hanging down, glistening in cum leaking from the pulsing opening. I now needed to change my plans of what I was going to do having seen the toy nestled tightly in her bum.

I looked around and saw what I needed, reached out and grabbed it. If this girl wanted naughty, she was going to like this! I reached back up Naomi's smooth tummy and groped her breasts hard. She sighed, and then gasped as I pinched her nipples hard again, then squealed as I clipped a peg on her left nipple, then in quick succession one on the right.

I watched as her body shuddered in orgasm. I thought Naomi would like that. After pausing for a moment to let her recover, I stroked my hands down the back of her thighs over her stockings to her knees, I pushed her knees apart slightly making her hips roll forward pushing her pussy further back towards me.

I leant forward and lightly blew over her pussy lips, she squirmed and pulsed at the cool air tingling her pussy. Without warning I pegged another two pegs to her pussy lips.


Naomi grunted into the bed and her pussy twitched squeezing white cum out of her hot hole. I let her calm down while I grabbed two satin covered pillows off the bed and laid them behind her. I then gently and carefully lifted Naomi back into a kneeling up position, and then lowered her so she could lie back on the soft pillows.

She sighed contently as she relaxed back into the pillows. I began to trace my fingers over her body again, teasing her near the pegs, never quite touching her how she wanted. I kept my fingers moving slowly without any set pattern, then without warning I touched my tongue to her clitoris. Naomi jumped a mile, gasping for breath, both my hands moved to her pussy, replacing my tongue, teasing her clitoris, masturbating her hard.

Naomi started to pant, whimpering as I bought her toward her next orgasm. As she approached, I stopped.

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Naomi's tensed body collapsed in disappointment. But not for long, suddenly she feels stretched open as the empty wine bottle disappears into her soaking wet pussy, she groans in relief, loving the feeling of being filled up.

She starts to move her hips trying to fuck the bottle, her pussy pulling it deeper inside of her. I start to bring her back up to her orgasm again, pushing the bottle deep inside, pulling it back watching with intent as her pussy grips onto the bottle, not wanting to let it go. Naomi is getting close. The bottle is coming right out of her wet pussy, and plunging right back inside.

Naomi begins to whimper again, I pull the bottle out and plunge it back in, pull out, plunge, Naomi tenses up, I pull out, and stop. Again Naomi relaxes in despair. I wait for her to calm back down, then slowly insert the bottle neck back in.

Suddenly she feels something cold in her pussy, I poured a load of baby oil in the bottle, and it is now running down into Naomi's hot pussy. Suddenly her pussy becomes very sloppy and wet, oil is dripping out round the sides, even though her lips are gripping the bottle tight. It runs down over the butt plug onto the pillow below. Naomi is already whimpering again, tensing up. So again I stop.

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Again she sighs and relaxes, frustrated I won't let her come. I have gone quiet again, but soon she hears me, she can hear me breathing, I lower my lips to her mouth and kiss her deeply, she moans in appreciation, our first kiss. Then as we kiss deeper, my rock hard penis slides into her tight pussy, pushing deeper than the bottle in one motion, until my balls push against the butt plug.

Naomi groans into my mouth. We continue to kiss, as I slowly remove my penis, coved in her cum and baby oil. I slide back in, all the way in. Still kissing, I build up a rhythm, getting faster and harder, she starts whimpering again, tensing her body, her pussy clamping down on my penis.

The slopping sounds driving us both wild. I'm finding it difficult to still hold the kiss. Naomi's mouth opens as her pussy squeezes hard on my penis, her orgasm rockets through her body, shaking madly under me. I don't stop, and neither does she, still having an orgasm, we break our kiss, and I watch her face as she screws it up letting the orgasm run through her whole body.

I unclip the pegs on her breasts and she bucks wildly underneath me, almost forcing me out of her, I pull the other two off and still she moans in pleasure. She is still shaking as I reach down and pull the plug from her bum, she convulses wildly under me, still with my penis slopping in and out of her pussy.

Finally she starts to calm down, still twitching with every push of my penis. I pull out, close to orgasm myself, I masturbate over her body. Suddenly let myself go, squirting my cum further than I though possible. It lands on her tummy, breasts, neck, and some even as far as her mouth.

I let her go from the cuffs and she lies back with a massive smile on her face. She uses her first free hand to wipe the come on her mouth into her lips tasting the flavour, she smiles again.

I smile to myself, eating fruit really does work! She runs her fingers down over her neck collecting more of my cum, licking it off her fingers. Soon she has recovered almost all of it.

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I slide her knickers back up over her smooth pussy, pulling them up tight against her glistening mess. I then lift her up off the floor and lay her back on the bed, pulling the sheets up around her. I pick up the pillows from the floor, turn back to find she has already fallen back asleep. I tidy up all the stuff. Quietly leave the room.

I find the bathroom and clean up. I check she is still okay before quietly moving back downstairs putting the stuff back on the table as I found it. It was cold outside, I looked at my watch, 4:15! Wow! Luckily there was no-one to be seen on the way back to mine, the cum stain on my scrubs wasn't exactly discrete! I received a text from Naomi the next afternoon: 'Thank you, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did' I replied: 'What?

Did you mean to send that to me?' She said: 'Did I just dream it all then?' I said: 'Probably your mind is pretty naughty!' I was on late shift again after the weekend. I sat at my desk after the first night, opened my drawer to start the paperwork trawl. I found a pair of silk knickers with what looked like a big cum stain all over them, hooked onto the waistband was a key on a key-ring with a note: 'Help yourself, anytime' I plan to.