Sexsachen für frauen

Sexsachen für frauen
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The stranger was still fucking Kaitlyn's pussy with the candle while Alan snapped a few last pictures. "We have a whole night in store for you, you little horny slut, and it's not even 11. I can't wait to leave these pictures in random places all over the town.the bus, maybe the mall." Alan taunted as he placed the pictures in his jacket and laid the camera down." The stranger laughed as he started turning the candle stick in a circular motion, "Oh, she'll love that.she's such a little attention whore." He withdrew the candle stick and Kaitlyn saw it was thickly covered in her cum.

He rose it to her mouth, "Suck it off, slut". Kaitlyn paused for not even a second and he roughly slapped one of her nipples with the cum covered candle. "Fucking now, you fucking toy." She immediately opened her mouth and sucked and licked her salty cream off the candle stick while she felt both her nipples hardening.

"Now I'm going to stick it up your ass." "No, please! I've never done anal or anything even close.please don't!" Kaitlyn pleaded, wild with fear. "Shut up, whore. We came all the over to your stupid little apartment so you could have the pleasure of us playing with your dirty slut self.the least you owe us is all of your holes." With that he pressed it up against her tight asshole and then twisted it in.


Kaitlyn could feel herself contracting and spasming in strange ways. She cried out in pain and the stranger swiftly answered by slapping her pussy hard. He then grabbed another candle stick and shoved it into her pussy. Before she really realized what was happening he grabbed a lighter out of pocket and lit both candles. Kaitlyn started sobbing and was for a moment grateful that her legs were tied so far apart.

Alan, who had just been watching for awhile, drew close to side of the table and placed a clothespin on one of her nipples.

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The pain was much more sharp and constant than Kaitlyn expected from the small clothespin, and she began to whimper. He got another from his pocket and placed it on her other nipple. "Alright.I got one more clothespin.hmm, where should I put it?" Kaitlyn just continued to whimper and tried not to look at either of them. "Of course I know where you want it, Kaitlyn.well, at least I think so.

You're going to have to tell me Kaitlyn." Alan grabbed her face and forced her to look him in the eye, " Come on, whore, beg me to clamp it on your little clit." He shook her face with his hand. "Please.put it on my clit."Kaitlyn whimpered in barely a whisper. "hm.not very convincing." He said he began twisting one of the clothespins on her nipples.

"PLEASE, please, oh please, put the clothespin on my clit.I need it." The pain was so sharp that she really did want it on her clit. "Come on, show me how you want it. Don't be shy." He started twisting the pin more vehemently. Kaitlyn started loudly pleading, "Please pinch my clit!" And started bucking her hips and raising her candle filled pussy and ass in the air. She could feel and hear little wax droplets falling and hitting and table and felt the slight heat from the candles.

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The stranger tore open her pussy lips and Alan clamped the clothespin right on her somewhat engorged clit. It was somewhat uncomfortable at first, but she mostly just felt a strange pressure.not like the stinging at her nipples.

Alan once again grabbed the camera and started taking up close pictures of in between her legs and then a couple entire body shots of her laying spread eagle.

"Alright, let's take a break while this horny little bitch enjoys herself." Alan said to the stranger. They both started searching her cabinets and refridgerator. After helping themselves to a couple beers, they walked into the living area to watch some TV.


Since the apartment was very open, she could clearly see them and vice versa since they were practically in one room. Kaitlyn laid on the table nervously panting, trying to ignore the pain on her nipples, and tried to raide her head enough to see how low the candles were burning down.

After awhile she felt a droplet of hot wax leak down the candle and onto pussy.and then another, and then another onto her asshole. She started gasping and heard the two men snicker. Despite the small stings that were starting to get more steady her clit was becoming larger and the clothespin was standing straight up.

Her breasts felt really hot and heavy, the nipples sore and very hard. Finally the heat from the wax became over bearing and Kaitlyn started moaning and whimpering.

At this point, both men got up with their beers walked over to her. They each pulled out one of the candles and held on over her pussy, and one over her tits. "ow.please, don't.please.ow.stop, please." Kaitlyn sobbed. "Shut up, bitch" Alan said, but they both threw their candles in the sink. Kaitlyn could feel the wax cool and then hardening. forming a scattered crust over her pussy, asshole, stomach and tits.

Alan suddenly and brutally slapped one of the clothespins over her nipples and she let out a tiny scream.

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Her nipple was throbbing with pain and he just smiled down at her. "Now, you hit the other clothespin off.go on." Knowing not to stall, Kaitlyn brought her hand to the clothespin and half-heartedly slapped it.

Instead of flying off and onto the floor it just pulled and hurt even more. "You'll have to try a little harder than that, you stupid slut." She brought her hand up once more and forcefully smacked the clothespin downward.the pin flew to the floor and Kaitlyn shrieked at the pain.

Both strangers laughed as they gazed at her red, hard, and extremely erect nipples. Kaitlyn had never seen her nipples look so big and hard.

"This bitch needs to loosen up and have more fun." The stranger said as Alan smiled knowingly. The stranger grabbed his beer bottle and began twisting it up Kaitlyn's asshole. She immediately stiffened but knew know that saying anything would only maker things worse. He tilted the bottle upwards and Kaitlyn could feel the cold liquid entering her asshole.

When the bottled emptied the stranger ordered her to tighten her asshole up so that none of the liquid could escape and with some difficulty Kaitlyn obeyed. Alan then undid her leg bindings and ordered her to sit up, get on her forearms and knees, and stick her ass in the air. She did this hurriedly hoping not to draw punishment while clamping her ass tight. Alan poured some of his beer onto the table and demanded that she start licking it up.

As Kaitlyn started lapping beer of the table, the stranger opened a new beer and again stuck the neck into her asshole and held it upright. So much more liquid, and colder too, filled her asshole and her stomach started to feel odd. When the bottle emptied he once again ordered that she keep her asshole shut tight and ripped the bottle out. She had nearly lapped up all the beer and they told her to remain with her ass up in the air and that she better not let a drop of beer spill out from her ass.

Alan finally reached under her and removed the last clothespin from her now incredibly swollen clit. He gently prodded it with his finger and she found it was more sensitive then ever.

Then he suddenly smacked it hard with the palm of his hand and in surprise she almost released the beer, but caught herself quickly. "Good, girl."Alan said as he continued to rub her clit and damp slit. He then reached into the bag that had contained the polaroid and brought out a small vibrator.

He clicked it on and held it to her clit. Kaitlyn gasped and without wanting to, started rubbing up against the vibrator and moaning. "God, what a whore. She fucking can't get enough." The stranger said as her started flicking her still sore nipples.

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"You better not cum though, bitch, or you'll be punished for real." At hearing this, Kaitlyn made an effort to stop rubbing up against the vibrator but it just felt to good. And once he pressed hard down her clit with the toy she felt herself begin to orgasm.she moaned, half with pleasure and half in dismay.

Unwilling during the orgasm, as her whole body shuddered, she felt the stream of beer start gushing out of her. She felt it squirt onto to the table and floor and also dripping down her legs.

The release felt so good and she also noticed she felt warmer and less alert.the alcohol was entering her bloodstream and she was becoming drunk.

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"Oh, you really did it now, you greedy little slut." To be continued.